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On my last Little Tokyo trip, I had to of course stop by Mikawaya.  Last time my trip was pretty rushed.  I was in and out, but I had a chance to sample quite a few of the ice cream mochi flavors. You can read about my trip here.

After visiting Mochilato in Irvine, which is Mikawaya's sister location, I found that Mochilato seems to carry more ice cream mochi flavors and I like how the mochi skin is still chewy.

This time I decided to focus on the fresh mochi offerings.After much contemplating, I chose these ones:

This one wasn't really a mochi, but I loved how cute it was:

The purple one as taro flavored.  Even though I love taro flavored things, I'm not crazy about taro flavored mochi. Not quite sure why. I guess I like the traditional flavors best.

The green one was green tea flavored:

I liked the presentation of this one and how it was wrapped in a leaf:

My favorite is still the pink flower, with white bean filling, "pink gyuhi"

Mochilato has a selection of these mochi as well, but for some reason they wrap them really tightly in plastic wrap, so the mochi lose their shape.

While I was deciding on mochi, Boyfriend took some pictures of the ice cream and ice cream mochi. I didn't realize all the different ice cream flavors this location has. Next time, I want to get some ice cream.

There's quite a few locations of Mikawaya, but I usually go to the one in Japanese Village since there are so many other things around there that I'm visiting. I recently also found that the Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa sells the Mikawaya mochi. Writing this post has me craving these mochi again. Must make another trip to Little Tokyo!


4 Responses to “Mikawaya”

  1. Anh — April 13, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    Wow! I wish we had such a mochi shop in Australia. The stuff we have here is dead boring and uninspiring.

  2. caninecologne — April 13, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    hi kirbie
    ooh, that little bird mochi is so cute! so funny that we were there the same day!!! i was also attracted to the little purple taro mochi but we ended up only buying 2 ice cream filled mochis. your ice cream photos came out much better than mine. i have yet to post my miwakaya visit. japanese snacks are the cutest and they taste so good!

  3. Kirbie — April 14, 2010 at 9:11 am

    Really? No mochi shops in Australia? I have yet to visit, but I would have thought they’d have something with such a large asian population there.

  4. Kirbie — April 14, 2010 at 9:12 am

    I agree! I love japanese snacks. My friend just brought me back from cookies from japan and each of them were wrapped in adorable pretty wrapping. So lovely. I loved the little bird. I can’t believe we were there on the same day too!

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