The Book of Jonas

I mentioned previously that I signed up for the Blogher Book Club and will occasionally be presented with opportunities to read and review new books. I initially signed up because I love to read and liked the idea of being introduced to new books not necessarily on my radar.

The Book of Jonas was exactly the kind of experience I hoped for when I signed up for the book club. It’s a book I would not have thought to pick up, but one I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I couldn’t put it down all weekend, especially with the underlining mystery running through the entire book.

The Book of Jonas is the debut novel of Stephen Dau. Jonas is a Muslim war orphan whose family is killed in a US military operation. He is eventually rescued and with the help of a relief organization, he is sent to America, setup with a family, and slowly adapts to American life. Because of his troubled past, he is ordered to see a counselor who is unable to get Jonas to speak about the American soldier credited with saving Jonas’ life. As the book continues, bits and pieces of the story are revealed.

I found the book to be well written and thought provoking. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the ending. It definitely made me immediately want to discuss it with someone else. Luckily there is a whole Blogher discussion going on about the book so I can see what others thought of it. You can learn more about the book and discussions through Blogher’s campaign here. If you’re looking for a good fictional read, I definitely recommend this book.

Please note, I have been compensated from BlogHer Book Club for writing this writing a review about the book, but the opinions in the post are my own.


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