Category: Chinese Restaurants

French Concession

Mission Chinese Food and ordering almost the entire menu

Chengdu Taste

Savory Buffet

Din Tai Fung Glendale Truffle Dumplings

Truffle Dumplings at Din Tai Fung (Glendale)

E & Drink- Toast Dynasty

Chef Zhu

Four Sea Restaurant

East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant and Lobster Special

Fu An Garden

Snow Ice at Yes! Pingo

Anniversary Dinner

Snow Shaved Ice at E & Drink

Szechuan Chef

Yes! Pingo

Wang Xing Ji

Little Sheep Deluxe Special

Tea Garden

Shanghai No. 1

Din Tai Fung


Chin’s Miramar

Chef Hung


Wok Creekside

E & Drink