Kettner Exchange recently opened in Little Italy.

I have been eagerly following this new restaurant project since it was announced a year ago. The restaurant has two levels, with both indoor and outdoor seating. The setting is impressive, with a fun mix of decor. The first level has a more traditional design, with booths and tables, and a bar and lounge area. Upstairs, you’ll find a more casual and playful environment. There’s a telescope to gaze through, gazebos for beach-like dining, and more.

Of course, I was most excited for the food. The executive chef is Brian Redzikowski, who was formerly the head chef at Flavor Del Mar, which used to be one of our favorite restaurants before it suddenly closed its doors due to landlord rent rate disputes. Chef Redzikowski has quite an impressive resume before his days at Flavor Del Mar, including being sous chef for Joel Rubuchon at the Mansion in Las Vegas.

We started our meal with some complimentary popcorn.

Big Eye Tuna Pizza

Thinly sliced tuna is layered onto a paper-thin cracker, and finished with truffle oil. This was a pleasant start to our meal.

I’m pretty excited that the Giants won the World Series, so I’m sharing with you this delicious 7-layer pizza dip. It’s the perfect party/tv watching/game day food.

You can customize the dip however you like, incorporating your favorite pizza toppings. You do want to stay away from ingredients that will produce a lot of water when heated, like mushrooms and peppers.

Froissants™, or fried croissants, is the newest item at Extraordinary Desserts.

Last week, I saw these delicious looking fried croissants all over my Instagram feed, and I immediately wanted to try them. When I was in London last Spring, I had the most amazing fried croissant with jam filling from Albion. I’ve been thinking about it ever since and wishing I brought a dozen home with me. So you can imagine my excitement when Extraordinary Desserts decided to come out with their own version.

I’ve always been pretty happy with the quality of desserts at Extraordinary and they are so beautiful to look at. It’s a great place to take out of town visitors. So on Saturday morning, we made sure to be there right when the doors opened.

Here are my two fried Froissants™ ($4.95 each)

The Froissants™ have a vanilla custard filling, are dusted with sugar and topped with a strawberry.

Here is the cross section. A very generous amount of vanilla custard filling.