With pumpkin season upon us, I had to visit Trader Joe’s, which each year manages to top its previous year of pumpkin flavored goods. There’s a few non-pumpkin items in this post too!

Pumpkin Mochi

By far, my favorite of the pumpkin goodies this year, but then I really love mochi so I might be a little biased. The orange colored mochi skin is filled with a rich pumpkin spice ice cream. So good! I need to go back and get more.

Pumpkin Waffles

We really enjoyed this too. The waffles have a light pumpkin spice flavor.

Tsujita LA

Tsujita LA is known for their tsukemen, also known as dipping ramen because the cooked noodles are served separately from the concentrated broth and then manually dipped in as you are consuming them.

We fell in love with Tsujita’s version two years ago and haven’t yet experience any that even comes close. A lot has happened since our last visit. At the time they were only serving ramen during lunch. Now they serve it all day and opened a second location, Tsujita Annex, located literally across the street, which also serves their noodle dishes. We decided to stick to the original location for this revisit since we heard the food quality is more consistent.

Ajitama Tsukemen

This is my favorite item to get here. It’s their signature tsukemen accompanied by a soft yolk seasoned egg.

The noodles here are thick and a little wavy, which helps to catch the broth. They have a nice bounce to them too. The broth, of course, is the real star. It’s concentrated, rich, full of pork flavor with pieces of braised pork belly inside.

This mug cake is fluffy and moist and completely flourless.

I’m back to making mug cakes again! It’s been awhile. When you create 100 recipes for a book, you sort of run out of ideas after. Earlier this week, I successfully made mini flourless pumpkin peanut butter muffins, so of course I needed to try creating a mug cake version. It was fun to get back into creating mug cakes. My kitchen was littered with mugs, several sets of measuring spoons and ingredients. Of course washing the dishes after wasn’t very fun…