Boiling Passion is a new restaurant that recently opened on Convoy Street, offering individual hot pots.

Individual hot pots are quite popular in Taiwan and I’m always on the hunt for a good one. I’ve been pretty disappointed with most of the offerings in San Diego but was eager to give this one a shot after reading through Kirk’s visits.

There are 10 hot pot broth flavors to choose from and I was pleasantly surprised by the wide range including a milk base, which is really popular in Taiwan, but not one I see often in in the US. Milk sounds a little odd, but when done right, it is like a lighter version of a cream soup. The pots are $12.99-$13.99 for lunch and $13.99-$14.99 for dinner. Both lunch and dinner come with a choice of rice, silk noodles (glass noodles), or noodles. Lunch also comes with iced red or green tea.

The interior of the restaurant is quite dark, even if you go during lunch.

Green Tea and Red Tea

Duke’s La Jolla

Duke’s La Jolla recently opened. This San Diego branch is one of several Duke’s restaurants, named after Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku, an Olympic swimming and water polo medalist and the father of modern surfing.

Last month, we were invited in to check out the new restaurant and menu. Taking over the former Top of the Cove venue, the two story restaurant boasts an amazing view of the ocean. We’ve dined at quite a few restaurants on the same street, but Duke’s, in my opinion, has the most unobstructed view of the ocean, especially if you score a seat on the patio. I felt like a tourist as I oohed and ahhed over the view. Unfortunately, we visited back in February, so it was already quite dark when we arrived. We definitely plan on coming back for brunch and happy hour to enjoy the view even more.

The interior of the restaurant is also quite beautiful. It’s sleek and modern, fitting of its location, but also still maintaining a casual and friendly surfer vibe, with surfboards placed throughout the restaurant.

Lavender Colada and Mai Tai

Roasted asparagus is seasoned with a from-scratch dry ranch seasoning mix made up of common pantry herbs and spices. It’s a tasty and easy side dish.

Asparagus seems to be on sale everywhere now. I’m always trying to find clever ways to eat it because I’m not much of a fan of asparagus. But I do love ranch seasoning and I used a similar technique on my Ranch Roasted Carrots so I thought I’d give it a try with asparagus.