These colorful bites are perfect for summer. Crunchy baguette slices, lemon cheese spread, fresh sweet fruit and a drizzle of honey. They are also very easy to make. So easy, my husband made them all by himself!

This recipe comes courtesy of the ALDI Test Kitchen. As you may recall, I previously posted about ALDI opening in Southern California. Since then, I’ve already been to the market three times! The San Diego location is actually a little farther out than I usually travel to for grocery store shopping, but the savings have made it worth the drive.

This strawberry version of the original raindrop cake makes a fun and light dessert.
After successfully making the raindrop cake (read my original post for more background information on the raindrop cake), I’ve been wanting to make one with a fresh strawberry in the middle. I came across this variation when I was researching how to make raindrop cakes. Unfortunately, because I’m in the US, I couldn’t find the cool agar which the Japanese use to have a crystal clear raindrop.

Boba Bar and Desserts is now serving the puffle cone! As you may recall, the puffle cone started at Cauldron Ice Cream in Orange County. It’s a Hong Kong-style egg waffle wrapped like a cone.

I woke up Sunday morning and saw Boba Bar and Desserts’ announcement on Instagram that they’d be offering the puffle cone as a weekend special and quickly made my way over to try it. I guess their test-run was quite successful because they’ve since announced that they will be serving it at their location inside Zion Market until their second location opens– at which point it’ll be an exclusive item at the second location.