Tofu Ka

Tofu Ka opened last year, replacing Fuze.

It’s been particularly cold in San Diego lately, and steaming tofu stew seemed like a good answer.

ka tofu edit

After we placed our orders, out came some complimentary banchan dishes and a basket of raw eggs for the tofu stew. There was also a bottle of fruit infused water.

Crispy Tofu

Right now they are running a deal where you can get a free order of crispy tofu appetizer if you check in on yelp. The silken tofu had a delicate crispy batter. I did feel the flavor was a little bland and needed a lot of soy sauce, but otherwise, it was a decent way to start the meal.

This is the creamiest macaroni and cheese I’ve made yet. And I just can’t get enough of it!

Inspiration comes at random moments. I was staring at a half carton of heavy cream left in my fridge and I thought about how heavy cream can make so many things taste better, richer, and creamier. And then a little light bulb went off and I wondered what heavy cream could do to a cheese sauce for macaroni and cheese.

Do you ever feel like once you think or hear of something, you have to do it now—like absolutely this second? I feel like that all the time. I seem to have no patience. See something cool, must buy it right now. Learn something new, must apply it right now or must go out and buy the tools so I can try it right now. Think of some new recipe idea, must do it right now.

On my  last trip to Los Angeles, my friends took me to a secret, no-name taco stand that has gotten quite popular through word of mouth. They set themselves up in front of a tire shop at night, and make fresh Tijuana-style street tacos for about $1.25 each.

It’s a little hard to find, especially since there is another taco stand set up nearby. I took a few photos of the tire store sign, Llantas Usadas El Jarocho, and building so you can make sure you go to the right one if you decide to try them out. When we arrived there was already a lengthy line, signaling we were in the right place.

As you wait, you can watch the tacos being made. Meat is on the grill, fresh tortilla dough is being kneaded, rolled and then cooked. I was mesmerized by the tortillas and watching them puff up.