Since opening last summer, Breakfast Republic has become one of the most popular brunch places in San Diego. We recently visited over the holidays, braved the long lines, and completely fell in love with this brunch spot.

Mimosas! Because no great story started with someone eating a salad. 

Reading over the menu, I could barely contain my excitement. I honestly wanted to try nearly every single item listed and have never seen so many of my  favorite brunch items all offered in one spot. Coffee flight, pancake flights, French toast flights, beer and sausage samplers, benedicts, scrambles, breakfast mac n cheese, chicken wing bowl, are just some of the mouth-watering items you have to choose from.

Caffeine Overdose

We started their coffee flight, with 4 oz samplers of their latte, mocha and mexican mocha. The mini drinks were quite cute and were a fun way to start our meal.


Bestia, a modern Italian restaurant, is one of the hottest restaurants in Los Angeles and one of the hardest to snag a weekend reservation. Thanks to a very, very nice friend of mine, he was able to get us a Saturday reservation without having to try months in advance. We dined there a few months ago, but I’m only getting around to writing up about it now.

One thing that surprised me when we entered the restaurant was how loud it was. We nearly had to shout all throughout dinner to be heard.

Grilled Calamari heirloom beans, avocado cream, orange zest, tumeric cucumbers, cherry tomato

This was a beautiful way to start off our meal. The dish had a lightness and freshness to it, like eating from a garden.

Spaghetti Rustichella lobster, sea urchin, garlic, calabrian chilies, squid ink bottarga, breadcrumbs

The restaurant is probably best known for its pasta dishes, so we had to try a few. This was my favorite dish of the night, incorporating so many rich seafood elements like lobster, sea urchin and squid ink into the sauce. The fresh noodles were perfectly al dente.

Homemade Dog Treats

These healthy, homemade dog biscuit treats are just four ingredients and easy to make. My dog loved them and I think yours will too.

Right before Christmas, I was baking up a storm, trying to get all of my cookies done to bring back to family and friends. And of course, I didn’t want to leave out my family’s little dog, Mochi. So I baked her some treats too.