These indulgent sandwiches are stuffed with pasta, marinara sauce and gooey melted mozzarella. The mozzarella cheese helps the pasta stay in place, making this one delicious sandwich.

Earlier this week, I had my annual physical. I was trying to be good the few days leading up to the physical and then when it was over, I immediately made these sandwiches which had been consuming my mind!

Herb & Wood is the most recent restaurant of Chef Brian Malarkey (Top Chef, The Taste, and other TV shows), opening a few months ago to very positive reviews. It’s located just a few steps away from Juniper & Ivy, transforming a massive warehouse space into an elegant and modern restaurant.

Weekend reservations are hard to obtain, but I finally managed to snag us an early seating on a Saturday night a few weeks in advance. I also spotted Chef Malarkey shortly after we were seated, moving around the room with his boundless energy and making sure everything was running smoothly in the kitchen.

While not explicitly stated, it’s clear after reading through the menu that it is divided into small sections: toasts, salads, raw seafood, pasta, vegetables, main entrees, pizzas, etc. I immediately wanted to try an item from each section. Luckily, my two dining companions were in agreement.

This fluffy cake is flavored with rosé champagne and cooks in the microwave in just 1 minute. You can even cook it directly in the champagne glass!

I’ve been enamored with sparkling rosé, brut rosé and rosé champagnes this summer. The lovely blush pink color is just so pretty. So obviously I had to make a mug cake! I’ve been wanting to bake desserts but the hot weather is just too much. I just can’t bring myself to turn on the oven and sweat in the kitchen. Luckily, mug cakes are made in the microwave, allowing me to satisfying my dessert craving in minutes.