This naturally green colored avocado mug cake is light, fluffy and delicious.

Spring is here, which makes me so happy. I love seeing the progress in my garden. My flowers are blooming, my blueberries already have produced a few ripened berries, and this past weekend we added a second garden bed which I filled with various heirloom tomato plants. (I will try to share some photos later.)

We recently revisited Nomad Donuts. We’ve been really interested in all the new and unique flavor combinations they’ve come up with.

Much like our initial visit, donuts are displayed on books, which I find so endearing.

There are more than a dozen flavors offered per day, including a few vegan options too.

It was so hard to choose from the gorgeous rainbow of colors, but we finally settled on three.

Taro Ube Coconut

This was one of my favorites. The donut itself was light and fluffy, just like how a good yeast donut should be. It  was covered in a purple glaze that tasted very much of taro, ube and coconut.

These flourless gluten-free cookies are ultra chewy and just five ingredients. Even though they are flourless, they taste just like regular, thin and chewy chocolate chip cookies with a hint of almond.

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to make these. I’ve been missing out!  I love thin and chewy cookies and these definitely deliver.

I realized something this weekend as I was making these cookies and Mr. K was working in the garden. Unwashed dishes are like weeds. Every time you think you’re done, more pop up. We are always endlessly washing dishes. Mr. K jokes that I need an assistant whose sole job is to wash all the dishes from the messes I create when I cook or bake. That actually is a really nice idea because cleaning up is definitely my least favorite part.