This Vietnamese-style inspired coffee combines concentrated cold-brewed coffee with ice and condensed milk, for a cold and refreshing drink.

Traditionally Vietnamese iced coffee is made with a stainless steel metal filter. I know this is not that. But it does also have a concentrated brew coffee and condensed milk.

I’ve discussed how much we love cold brew coffee. The lower acidity level is better for my stomach and since it’s summer, cold drinks are definitely preferred.

It’s been so hot this summer I don’t think I’ve been thinking straight, which has led to me being very accident prone lately. It all started last week when I went for my annual physical and they also gave me some booster shots. As the medical assistant placed a Band-Aid on me, it occurred to me that I haven’t needed one in over a year. I’m pretty sure about the timing too because I got these adorable Hello Kitty bandages and I haven’t had any chances to use them.

Welk Resorts

Last month, we were invited to Welk Resorts San Diego for a special dinner celebrating the launch of Welk Resorts’ new craft beer and wine partnership with local Iron Fist Brewing Co. and Belle Marie winery. We also got to spend the night there as well.

Located in Escondido, Welk Resorts is founded by Lawrence Welk, an American radio and tv personality and host of The Lawrence Welk Show. Truthfully, I was unaware of the existence of the resort until my visit, so it was nice to explore something new.

Dinner was held outside underneath the vineyards. The set-up was just beautiful.

French toast is dipped in an egg custard batter and then covered in panko bread crumbs, giving it a super crunchy finish. This dish is inspired by the famous Crunchy French Toast from Blu Jam Cafe in Los Angeles.

This creation idea is, again, brought to you by my brother. Last week, I made Baked Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches after seeing my brother make his version (inspired by the ones from Churros Borough). After I showed him my version, he then showed me his photos of Crunchy French Toast inspired by the ones from Blu Jame Cafe and told me to make it. So I did.