These lemon ice pops are creamy and use an entire lemon (including skin and rind) for an ultra lemony flavor. They are the perfect summer treat.

I’ve been a walking kitchen disaster lately. Like most people, I sometimes have a bad kitchen day where nothing is going right and the smart decision is to just step away and try again another day. But I just went through a week long phase of kitchen mishaps, including 4 complete recipe fails and a shattered penguin shaped salt shaker (sob).

Today, I’m sharing my mom’s recipe for creamy vegetable soup. This is a dish she made for dinner often when we were growing up. The key ingredient is adding milk at the end. The slightly creamy addition makes the soup so much tastier. I was inspired to share this family recipe with you now after reading through the newly released The Dairy Good Cookbook. This is such a gorgeous cookbook with 113 recipes and mouth-watering photos. There’s a chance to win a copy of the book along with a $75 gift card at the end of the post. I was so excited to receive an advanced copy of this cookbook. During my childhood, my mom really emphasized the importance of getting enough dairy in our diet. We had to drink milk at every meal. We also ate yogurt and cheese during snacktime. As if that wasn’t enough, my mom was always trying to find other ways to incorporate more dairy into dishes she cooked for us. 

It’s been a while since we revisited RakiRaki. Recently my cousins requested ramen for dinner so we took them to RakiRaki.

One thing I look forward to on visits to RakiRaki is that there always seems to be new editions to the menu to try out. I haven’t been a fan of the sushi creations or the ramen burger, but it’s still nice to see new menu items pop up.

Original Tonkotsu Ramen with Flame blistered X.O. underbelly chasiu

How pretty does that blistered underbelly look?

I previously felt the tonkotsu broth at RakiRaki was a little too weak, but the recipe seems to have improved. The broth we were served that day was quite hearty and rich, almost a tad too rich. I was also happy to see that the flame blistered underbelly was not overcooked as it has been in the past for us.

Miso Tonkotsu Ramen