Coop’s BBQ

Even though I’ve had a lot of southern BBQ the last few months, I still can’t seem to get enough of it. So we recently went to Coop’s, which is still our go-to spot in San Diego for BBQ. The Texas-style smoked brisket and ribs are some of the best we’ve eaten.

Rib Tips Plate

The special of the day was the rib tips plate. Our tray was piled high with pork rib tip pieces, corn bread, and our two side choices of collard greens and red beans & rice.

You can see the pink ring from the smoking. The pork ribs were tender and came off the bone easily. You could taste the dry rub and smokiness in each bite, so no need to smother the meat in sauce.

These mimosa ice pops are perfect for a party.

I have brunch on my mind. And Spring. So I present to you, mimosa popsicles. These are so easy to make. And they come out so colorful, festive and fun.

Bahn Thai

I had a meeting last week and not surprisingly, the discussion turned to food at some point. The person I was meeting with asked if I had ever been to Bahn Thai for their pad thai and I had not. She then excitedly described the pad thai she had there, and she was so convincing that I wanted to hop in my car immediately to go try it.

A few days later, Mr. K and I went to go check it out. There was quite a long line of people waiting for their food, even though it was a Monday evening. This is obviously a popular spot. You order at the front and you can either dine at one of the handful of tables or take your food to-go. Even if you are eating there, food is served on paper plates. We chose to get our food to-go, and I later dished them out to take a few quick photos.

Pad Thai (with half shrimp, half chicken)

This was the dish that was recommended to me and I ordered it exactly as instructed.

I was pretty pleased with the portion size–this was enough to feed two. A lot of the pad thai I’ve had in San Diego suffers from overcooked mushy noodles. Here, the noodles were cooked just right, maintaining their chew and bounce. The sauce, I felt, was a little too sweet, but overall, this was a pretty good.

Drunken Noodles