These mini muffins are moist and fluffy and you won’t believe there’s no flour involved.

I’ve been baking long enough now that I can usually hold off and wait until something has cooled before “taste testing.” But I was unable to hold back my excitement after coming up with this idea the other day and then having it turn out just as I wanted.

QT Pot

QT Pot recently opened, replacing Best Taste of China. They offer a variety of individual hot pots as well as skewers, snacks, and some cooked entrees.

I first read about the opening on Faye’s Fork. I love individual hot pots and have been hoping for other options in San Diego other than E & Drink. We weren’t much fans of Best Taste of China, especially the poor customer service, and Mr. K was a little worried this restaurant be the same owner. But once we entered, we knew this wasn’t the case. The service was extremely attentive and friendly and the restaurant was quite clean.

A lot of the customers seem to be ordering cooked dishes but we decided to stick to the hot pots for this initial visit. One thing I noticed was the big price difference between lunch and dinner for the “premium” hot pots. $4 difference! We came for dinner, but I think next time we’ll come for lunch instead.

Each pot also comes with a choice of rice or noodles and hot or cold tea.

House Special Pot

This is one of three premium hot pots and seems to have a little bit of everything (you can view the menu photos at the bottom for the full ingredient description).

These buffalo cauliflower bites are a delicious and healthier substitute to traditional buffalo wings. They are so flavorful that I didn’t even miss the chicken!

I’ve seen quite a few buffalo cauliflower recipes but I didn’t really understand the fuss. Then I tried them myself and I’m in love. These are creamy and tasty and I’m definitely adding this to my game day snacks.

These aren’t just pieces of cauliflower brushed with buffalo sauce. Instead, they are first coated in a yogurt flour slurry, which makes the cauliflower very tender and creates a light layer of creaminess over the cauliflower. The creamy, tangy coating really elevates these beyond just a roasted vegetable and makes these super addicting.

Growing up, cauliflower and I were not friends.