Cauliflower replaces macaroni noodles and the creamy cheese sauce is lightened up as well, for this low carb and lighter macaroni and cheese-like dish.

I really love working with cauliflower and this is my latest creation. With the stormy weather we’ve been experiencing in San Diego, I’ve been craving warm comfort dishes like macaroni and cheese. We were warned months in advance of the El Nino storms, but it’s still pretty crazy to see. Flash flood alerts on my phone and even a tornado warning! In the 16 years I’ve lived in San Diego, I don’t recall there ever being a tornado warning issued.


AppeThai opened in San Diego a few months ago, replacing Yes! Pingo. I recently was able to grab lunch there with CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High.

Despite the quick opening, I was surprised to see an almost completely redesigned space. I could barely recognize that it used to be Yes! Pingo. It was quite dark inside the restaurant. The entire menu is written in chalk across the side wall of the restaurant. After ordering at the counter, we chose a table and waited for our food.

Larb Tod

We started with an order of larb tod, which are basically deep fried pork meatballs. We found the meatballs a little dry and in need of some dipping sauce. I could taste the lemongrass flavor in the pork, but really wished the meatballs were less dry.

This single serving cookies and cream cake is just 4 ingredients and less than 200 calories. It’s ready in less than 5 minutes!

Continuing on my attempts to start the year right, I’m concentrating on low calorie desserts because even when I’m trying to eat healthier, I can’t just give up on dessert. When I think skinny desserts, my go-to dessert is a mug cake. It’s quick and easy and even if I eat the entire thing, I don’t need to feel that guilty. My cookies and cream mug cake is one of my most popular mug cake recipes, so I decided to try making a skinny version.

It took quite a lot of tweaking. Oreo cookies are not very diet friendly. But finally, success! Of course it’s not as rich and sweet as the original, but it satisfied my craving for dessert while watching Netflix.