The last few weeks of unusually warm March weather had us craving shaved ice, so we recently revisited our favorite spot for snow shaved ice in San Diego, Iceskimo.

Because this is a revisit post, it’ll be a little shorter. For a more thorough post on Iceskimo, read my original post here.

On this visit, there were eight flavors of snow ice to choose from. You can choose to build your own, similar to the frozen yogurt shops in town, or you can choose from one of the pre-designed snow ice creations which have some really fun names. Price is by weight of the cups.

One of the new toppings they recently added are “handmade mochi balls” which are basically the Chinese version of mochi. Made of glutinous rice flour, these chewy and subtly sweet rice balls are a very common shaved ice topping in Taiwan and one of my personal favorites, so I’m very excited they chose to add it to the menu.

We usually build our own, but on this visit, we chose to order from the Favorites section.

Coconut Paradise

This fluffy, single serving cake is made with creamy cookie butter spread.

Next to Nutella, my favorite spread is cookie butter. Made of speculoos cookies, a crunchy European spiced biscuit cookie, the spread is similar to peanut butter except flavored with speculoos cookies. There are several versions available in the US including a popular version created by Trade Joe’s, though I’m partial to the original Biscoff spread.

I ate a lot of cake this weekend. A lot. So it seems fitting that I’m sharing a cake recipe with you on this Monday morning.

These last few weeks I’ve been obsessed with working on our house. I guess it’s all the Spring cleaning fever in the air.

I’ve mainly set more goals of things I want to do, but I figure if I continue to update my progress on my blog, I might actually get some of them done.

Some of these goals include finally finishing unpacking everything in the garage and cleaning it up, getting a glass protector for our dining table, reorganizing the master bath closet, buying a display cabinet for the nice crystal we got as wedding presents, and planting new flowers in the front yard.

We’ve been quite busy this month, but I did manage to accomplish a few new improvements.

We finally hung up all the canvas prints for our living room wall.

I also bought a heavy duty storage shelf to organize all of my recipe photo props. All the different plates, serving boards, etc, are arranged in a way that I can easily see them all and choose what I want.

And of course, my mugs have their own dedicated shelf.

In the master bathroom, we upgraded our laundry hampers to these nice looking woven ones with lids.