It’s here! It’s here! With less than a month left until my book officially releases, I received my advanced copy a few days ago.

As you can imagine, I was ridiculously excited. I danced around with it, posed for some pictures, practiced my signature.

After all the months of hard work, it’s so momentous seeing the physical print, and it is even better than I had imagined.

So I thought I’d share a few photos of what I’m most excited about. (You can also read my initial post sharing some previews and book content here.)

Flexibound Cover

The book is listed as a “paperback” but the cover and binding is actually much nicer than what you would think of for traditional paperback.

While not as hard or heavy as a hardcover, the cover is sturdier and thicker than a paperback cover, and is bigger than the pages (similar to hardcover).

The flexibound binding means that you can actually keep the book open, making it much easier to make your recipes directly from the book.

Pizza Studio, a chain of customizable fast casual pizzas, has continued its plans to expand throughout San Diego. They recently opened their newest location in Kearny Mesa, in the same plaza as Ross, Staples and Mitsuwa.

We’ve been to the downtown location a few times and enjoyed it a lot, so we were curious to check out this one as well. Everything was pretty much the same in terms of set-up, prices, and ingredients offered.

One of the most unique aspects of Pizza Studio is that they offer five different flavors of crusts.

Once you are finished with your topping selection, they also have several finishing touches and seasonings you can add to kick things up a notch. Then the pizza goes into a conveyer belt oven and is ready in about 2 minutes.

A custom 11-inch pie with unlimited toppings will only set you back $7.99 and they also have a frequent rewards program you can sign up for. If you are really pressed for cash, they offer a few pre-designed “starving artist” pies priced around $5.99.

Hog Island Oyster Co. is a popular destination for oysters and seafood, located inside the Ferry Building in San Francisco.

Oyster platter

Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the menu or write down the oysters we had. There were about 9 different to choose from. We were hoping for Kumamoto ones but they weren’t on the menu that day. We ended up choosing four different kinds that we were told would have a sweeter finish.

I still feel like an amateur when it comes to eating oysters, but these were definitely the best we’ve had so far. I really do wish I wrote down the names. They all were fresh, and you could distinctively taste the finishes, from creamy, to crisp, to sweet.

Clam Chowder