We visited the Din Tin Fung that opened in South Coast Plaza when they first opened and have made a few return trips since then, including our most recent one where we did a post Lunar New Year’s dinner.

For those unfamiliar, Din Tai Fung is a popular dumpling chain originally from Taiwan. They have locations all over Asia and a few in the US. They are most famous for their Xiao Long Bao, which are little delicate dumplings traditionally filled with pork and soup, though the restaurant offers many dishes beyond just dumplings.

Shredded Pork Fried Noodles

While perusing yelp, I kept seeing photos of the fried noodles dish, something we haven’t tried before. We decided to order it to see if we were missing out. I thought that the dish tasted overwhelmingly of soy sauce. We were both pretty disappointed with this, as it’s something I can make at home and I prefer my own version.

Sauteed Garlic Green Beans

This preparation for green beans is fast becoming one of my favorites and we almost always order it when we see it on a menu. The beans are crisp and seasoned with a healthy dose of chopped garlic. We had no problems polishing off the entire plate.

Steamed Pork XLB

Thin mint cookies are covered in a layer of chewy brownie. If you love brownies and you love Thin Mints, you should definitely try these out!

Girl Scout cookie season is here! I get so excited when I see the first signs of Girl Scout cookies and I even make a special trip to the supermarket in the hopes of finding one of their cookie stands stationed in front. The only problem is that once I buy my cookies for the year, I really don’t want to run into them again because I hate saying “No” when they ask me to buy some cookies.

Then I find myself going to the grocery store at really odd hours or waiting for a bunch of people to walk out at the same time so that I can avoid them.

Trader Joe’s released a new Fearless Flyer recently, and so off I went to go pick up some of the featured items as well as some other things that caught my attention.

Coconut Creamer

I love trying all the new coconut items that Trader Joe’s keeps producing. This coconut creamer is super creamy and white, and it’s dairy free. On its own, you can taste the coconut flavor quite prominently. Once mixed with your coffee, it’s much more faint. I kind of wish it was a little stronger, but it’s still pretty enjoyable.

Chocolate Brooklyn Babka

I was searching for the Almond Danish featured in the FF, but they were out. However, this chocolate babka caught my eye. Look at the gorgeous swirls of chocolate. This pastry is extremely rich and chocolatey. I didn’t care for the artificial chocolate frosting on top, but otherwise, I enjoyed this. I also need to try making my own sometime…