These traditional British scones differ from American scones. They use less butter, have a tender crumb, and just a hint of sweetness.

I tasted my first scone from a coffee cart during my freshmen year of college and the attraction was instant. As you may recall, in April I experienced traditional English Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason and completely and utterly fell in love with the Afternoon Tea tradition and British scones. British scones are not the same as American scones. The differences are discussed in great detail in this article from Cook’s Illustrated.

I completely floured myself and my kitchen while making these scones. Last week, I had to undo hours of unpacking because our pantry shelves were starting to pull apart from the walls and needed to be fixed. I haven’t had a chance to put everything back yet, so my kitchen ingredients have been sitting in boxes, much like when we first moved in.

Well, the flour container on my kitchen island was nearly empty, so I went to refill it. We buy the Costco sized bags of flour since I bake so much and of course Mr. K had buried it underneath everything else in a really tall box. So when I reached to grab it out, the top opened … you can imagine the rest. It was like I had walked through a snowstorm.

I’ve been trying to satisfy my Bruxie waffle sandwich cravings before the students come back to SDSU. My initial visit to the San Diego location can be found here.

I previously discussed my love for the light and airy waffles, but had not been able to find the a sandwich combination that was worth a repeat. But I finally found some favorites on this trip.

Green Eggs & Ham
Grilled Ham, Tillamook Cheddar, Jumbo Egg, Mayo & Arugula Pesto

While this is a breakfast waffle, it’s served all day. Perhaps it’s my pesto obsession, but this was just a great combination of flavors. My one wish was that they had kept the egg yolk runny.

This sweet tequila lime glaze is coated over crispy, oven baked chicken. It’s a delicious combination of flavors.

Do you ever have some random phrase pop into your mind and you have no idea where it came from? Last week while making various tequila recipes, I kept thinking about a tequila lime chicken. I’ve never had tequila lime chicken nor did I come across any related recipes lately, but those three words just kept repeating in my mind. Tequila lime chicken. Tequila lime chicken.

The flavors just seemed like they would be amazing. Since I’m still obsessed with crunchy baked chicken, I decided to make a tequila lime glaze. This pale golden colored sauce is perfect. It’s even better than I had dreamed. It’s just the right balance of sweetness and you can definitely taste the tequila and the lime juice. I couldn’t get enough of this. I’m definitely going to be making this one again and using this sauce in other dishes as well.