These ice cream cones, made with Hong Kong style egg waffles (sometimes referred to as eggettes or egg puffs), are inspired by the Puffle Waffle Cones served at Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana.

I’ve already shared my love for egg waffles and my recipe for them. Making them into an ice cream cone is an ever more fun way to enjoy them. The sweet little egg shaped puffs are crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Not only does the shape look cool, but you can easily break them off and eat them one by one.

Last time I shared my recipe for egg waffles, I was still using the cast-aluminum pan from Nordic Ware sold at William Sonoma. Shortly after my post, I discovered that there is now an electric egg waffler maker, CucinaPro Bubble Waffler. The cast-aluminum pan was always a little tricky to use, so I was really excited by an electric version that would do all the work for me.

Tater tot nachos (aka Totchos) are made slightly healthier with the substitute of cauliflower tots.

One of my new favorite football game day foods is tater tot nachos which some people also refer to as totchos. I don’t actually follow much football, but I like eating the snacks associated with watching the games. I was craving totchos the other day, but was completely out of frozen tater tots. And that’s when I came up with the solution to use my cauliflower tots.

One of my favorite places to hang out is Holsem Coffee. With 17 coffee creations, various teas, and local baked goods, there is just so much to try. The high ceilings, marble counters and miniature succulents placed on every table also make it a very inviting space.

Here are some of the items we’ve had:

Egg, Prosciutto & Gruyere Tart, Baklava latte, L’Orange

The savory pastry stuffed with prosciutto and gruyère cheese and topped with an egg was one of my favorite breakfast items to eat here.