Top Ten Recipes 2015

There are a few more hours left in 2015, so I’m continuing my countdown. So far I’ve recapped my Best Bites in San Diego 2015, Sweetest Bites of 2015, and now I’m sharing the top ten most viewed recipes this year (I also shared my Best of Nine on Instagram). It’s always interesting to see what recipes ended up being the most popular. Looking at the results, I guess it was a year of mug cakes, cauliflower and bang bang sauce. Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting and providing inspiration. I hope to continue to make enjoyable recipes in 2016!

#10 Skinny Bang Bang Cauliflower

#9 Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Making these top lists is taking longer than I thought! If you missed it, yesterday I shared my Best Bites in San Diego 2015. Now I’m sharing my overall sweetest bites of 2015. Here goes:

#8 African Hot Chocolate from Angelina

The entire time I was walking through the Louvre, I couldn’t stop thinking about the world famous hot chocolate waiting for me at the end. It was worth the wait. This was the most luxurious cup of hot chocolate I’ve ever tasted.

#7 Chocolate Budino from Sidecar Doughnuts

Sidecar Doughnuts is a favorite of ours but I was especially impressed with their chocolate budino, which starts with a chocolate yeast based donut, something I’ve yet to see anywhere else. It’s then filled with chocolate budino, caramel sauce and finished with some cream and sea salt.

#6 Coconut Flan from Bracero

It’s that time of year again. The last week of the year, I love reviewing my year of eats and attempting to come up with some best lists. This year, I plan on doing Best Bites in San Diego 2015, Overall Top Ten Best Bites 2015, Best Sweets 2015, and Top Ten Recipes 2015.

For my San Diego list, I narrowed it down to my top ten favorite savory bites and top five desserts. It’s always so hard to narrow it down to just a few, but I gave it my best shot:

Top Ten Savory Bites for San Diego

#10 BBQ Beef Bánh Mì from Food Shop

We haven’t had a chance to revisit this spot since it first opened and the subsequent chef shuffle, but when we ordered this sandwich to-go earlier this summer, we were very pleased with this cheffed up version of the classic banh mi.

#9 Butashiso from Yakitori Taisho

This intimate yakitori spot opened late last year and we’ve enjoyed most of what we’ve eaten here but the butashiso is one of our favorites. The burst of flavors from the shiso paste adds a unique touch to the pork belly.

#8 Lobster Roll from Two for the Road

We’ve done a lot of research trying to find the best lobster roll in San Diego. While I’m not quite yet done with my search, my favorite so far has come from Two for the Road, one of the top food trucks in San Diego. Their very traditional rendition of the lobster roll is well executed and it’s the most generous serving of lobster I’ve had so far in my lobster roll search.