Here is one more New Year’s Eve recipe idea: champagne flavored mug cakes cooked directly in champagne flutes. You  can top them with a light champagne cream frosting and some silver sprinkles.

It’s back to normal life in San Diego for me. I am missing my family and my dog though. I am especially sad that my dog refused to say bye to me. Does this happen to anyone else? She gets mad that I’m leaving her, so she refuses to acknowledge or look at me and when I try to hug her bye– she turns her head away. It makes me feel even sadder!

How can I say no to this face?

Donut Panic is a bakery offering a variety of donuts, but has become especially well known for their vegan donuts. After reading and hearing good things, I had to make sure to visit before the end of the year.

The outside signage still says Sunshine Donuts, which is the former occupant.

Once inside, you’ll find all the traditional donuts on the right side of the display case  and about a dozen different flavors of vegan donuts on the left of the display case. The vegan donuts include unique flavors like earl grey, rose cardamom, and lemon lavender, inspired by the owner’s father’s Iranian background.

Lemon Lavender

What immediately struck me about these donuts is the texture. It has a crispness to it that I really enjoyed, and they felt very light. They didn’t taste like traditional yeast donuts, which contain eggs and cow’s milk. However, they are in good in their own unique way. I also liked how well they maintained their form, tasting just as crisp and chewy the next day.

The lemon lavender had a light floral flavor. Mr. K was using this occasion to perfect how to bite into the donut so you can see the inside but without it looking unappetizing. He was quite pleased with his bites for the photos.

Sweet Tea Mimosas

If you’re looking for a New Year’s Eve drink idea, here is my recipe for Sweet Tea Champagne Cocktails, or Sweet Tea Mimosas, as I like to call them.

When we were in Nashville, one of the local signature drinks was sweet fruit tea. It’s basically the Southern-style sweet tea with fruit juice added, usually orange. We really loved it because it cut back some of that sugary sweetness. This cocktail combines sweet tea, orange juice and champagne. It couldn’t be simpler and it’s tasty and festive looking too.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We had a really good time with family and friends and even managed to see both sides of the family on Christmas day. I’m not sure if we will attempt it again though because all the stress we had traveling on Christmas day.

On Christmas Eve, Mr. K’s parents came over and I cooked a big dinner for everyone. They stayed through Christmas morning brunch before leaving. Then we headed off to the airport. Because we didn’t anticipate as much traffic at the airport, we didn’t leave as super early as we usually do. Things of course, started going wrong from there.