The Nolen

The Nolen is a rootop bar offering a beautiful skyline view of downtown San Diego, and opened late last year. It is named after John Nolen, a city-planning pioneer for San Diego, and is located inside Courtyard by the Marriott San Diego Gaslamp, though the bar has its own separate street entrance.

I mainly was interested in checking out this venue for the view, and it did not disappoint. Here was the view from my table:

The bar offers a large selection of cocktails, including more than a dozen Nolen originals. They also offer some wines, beer, and bites.

It was pretty dark when we went, so I only took a few photos.

Ichiran Ramen

During our trip to Japan, we ate a lot of ramen, and one of our favorite bowls was from Ichiran Ramen, which many say is the best. This famous chain has many locations and is conveniently open 24 hours.

When you enter, you’re first greeted with the familiar sight of a vending machine to place your order. Ichiran Ramen specializes in tonkotsu ramen, which features a rich and creamy pork-based broth achieved through multiple hours of cooking. They don’t serve any other type of ramen so the options on the vending machine are really quite limited to just selecting the ramen itself, along with other side items and toppings.

Once inside, you’re greeted to an interesting set-up of individual booth seating. The dividers between the booths can be removed if you are dining with friends.

rose champagne gummy bearsThese rosé and sparkling wine flavored gummy bears are easy to make. They also make great gifts!

A few weeks ago, I finally tried Sugarfina’s champagne bears. They are so cute and they taste delicious too. Each box comes with ones a combination of clear (brut) and pink (rosé ) ones. My favorite are the rosé ones because they are pink. I love that slightly effervescent sensation you get as you chew on them. And immediately after trying them, I wanted to make my own.