Homemade poke bowls are easy to make and customize to your liking for a light and refreshing meal that will make you feel like you’re in Hawaii

I’ve been a bit obsessed with poke bowls lately, especially with so many places opening in San Diego suddenly. Poke is a classic Hawaiian dish and this raw fish salad is a big restaurant trend right now. I’ve had several readers ask me for a poke recipe and so here it is! This is a really basic recipe which you can customize to your liking. You can use different types of fish, add more ingredients and toppings or a finishing sauce. There are so many possibilities!

Our first official meal in Japan was at Kaisen-don Ooedo (海鮮丼 大江戸), where we had sushi breakfast. One of the most visited attractions in Tokyo is Tsukiji Fish Market for their famous tuna auction. Surrounding the market are many shops and vendors, and small sushi restaurants. I’ll be covering Tsukiji Market and the other outer vendors in another post, but this one will focus on the sushi breakfast tradition. (It wasn’t possible to take a good photo of this stall as it was crowded with people.)

With the restaurants having just gotten their fish, it’s a tradition to eat at one of the nearby restaurants for sushi breakfast while the fish is still incredibly fresh. Many of the restaurants open as early as 5 AM. The two most popular ones in the area are Sushi Dai, followed by Daiwa Sushi. After much research and discussion with people who braved Sushi Dai’s line, I decided against trying it. People line up for an average of 4 hours, and it’s recommended you line up around 1 AM to eat there at 5 AM. And everyone I knew who had done it said it really wasn’t worth the wait– that the sushi was fresh but there was better sushi in Tokyo that didn’t require such a long wait.

If you’re looking for an easy recipe to make or bring to a party this long weekend, how about these bacon wrapped asparagus?

Thin asparagus are wrapped in bacon, making for a bacon fry of sorts. It’s easy to prepare and cook.