Chicken Charlie’s, the popular Southern California Fair vendor known for its deep fried creations including items like fried Kool-Aid, fried Oreos, and Krispy Kreme chicken sandwiches, opened its first brick and mortar location in San Diego a few days ago.

As you might imagine, the lines were quite long during the weekend. Chicken Charlie’s has always been the first vendor I visit every year when I attend the fair, so I was definitely curious to see what their restaurant menu would be like.

The menu, surprisingly, only offers a fraction of the deep fried fair foods. As its name suggests, the menu is a mix of BBQ and fried, with items like baby back ribs, rotisserie and fried chicken, etc. It’s my understanding that this restaurant will also serve up new fair food ideas before they hit the fair in the summer.  The restaurant also has several beers on tap.

We grabbed a seat at one of the counters, and I loved that inside the glass counter was charcoal, running with the BBQ theme.

Despite the hard working staff, the food took awhile to arrive–more than half an hour. Also they ran out of our original order (baby back ribs and chicken) and we had to instead change it to deep fried ribs and chicken.

Fried Avocados

This is actually the very first item I ever ate at Chicken Charlie’s at the fair and I’ve been in love with fried avocados ever since. The price on the menu is the same as at the fair, which had me a little concerned, but luckily the portions were bigger at the restaurant, and the avocados were served on a bed of fries. The fries here are surprisingly bland and extremely starchy. Given how well they execute other fried items, I don’t quite understand why the fries are subpar.

The avocados though, were as good as I remembered. Lightly breaded and fried until golden. They taste best with some ranch dipping sauce.

These matcha green tea cookies are crispy and chewy, with pieces of mochi sprinkled throughout.

As you know, I love mochi. I especially like it when they are bite-sized and multi-colored. I previously made frozen yogurt ice pops with mochi, and now I’ve made delicious cookies with them.

Weekend Things

1. My obsession with cute Korean cosmetics continues. I previously showed you some of the Tonymoly items I bought. After purchasing those, I found the adorable Etude House line of owl hand creams. They come in four different scents/colors. I wanted apple, but couldn’t find that one. Instead I bought the pink cherry one from a third party seller on Amazon. These tiny little containers are small enough to carry in your purse and I like the mild scent.

2. Perhaps because the weather was unusually warm this summer, my garden seems to be having a second bloom. Both my fig tree and blackberries have produced a second batch of fruit. My tiny tomato trees which just didn’t seem to want to grow, produced one lone tomato finally. And my passion fruit tree is finally flowering.