Sang Deuan

Sang Deuan is a new Thai and Lao restaurant that recently opened on Convoy street. It is also the sister restaurant of Sang Dao.

My cousins were in the mood for Thai, so we decided to check it out. Before arriving, I made sure to re-read Kirk’s post to have a better idea of what to order. The menu consisted mainly of the standard Thai dishes with a few Lao specialties sprinkled in. We decided to each choose a dish and share them family-style.

Papaya Salad (Lao style)

We started with this salad, which you could choose between a Thai preparation or Lao preparation. Shredded fresh papaya is tossed in a mixture of chili, garlic, lime juice, shrimp paste, and fish sauce. We originally requested a medium level of spicy but our server recommended we dial it down to a heat level of 3.

I ended up wishing it had a little more heat, but I did enjoy this.

Beef Pad See Ew

This stir fried flat rice noodle dish is usually one of my favorites. I thought the noodles here were a little overcooked as they were soft with no bounce.

Crispy baked cauliflower bites are drizzled with a healthier, nearly fat free version of Bang Bang sauce. It’s just as tasty but without all the guilt!

So my love affair for Bang Bang sauce has not diminished. I’ve been experimenting with putting it on just about everything. And then, I decided to play around with the sauce itself. When I posted my Bang Bang Pasta, a reader “MChew” left a comment inquiring if there would be a way to make the recipe a little healthier, like with Greek yogurt. So I tested it out.

Myung In Dumplings recently opened in San Diego.

It’s a popular Los Angeles based chain, even earning a visit from Anthony Bourdain, and specializes in handmade Chinese-Korean dumplings. A reader, Lilly, actually tipped me off about this spot, and given my love for dumplings, I went to check it out the very next day (Thanks Lilly!).

Meals come with complimentary cold barley tea and a trio of banchan dishes.

King Steamed Dumpling (wang man du)

Of course, we had to order their signature king steamed buns. These oversized buns came out white as snow, fluffy as a cloud, and brimming with ground pork, chives and glass noodles. Each one barely fit into the palm of my hand and this really brought me back to my childhood.