These individual coddled eggs are cooked over a puree of garlic mashed potatoes. It sounds so fancy, but it’s actually not too hard to make. It tastes heavenly on its own or you can serve it with toasted bread.

Doesn’t this yolk just look dreamy?

I’ve heard of coddled eggs before, but never realized how easy it was to make at home. Last week, Mr. K and I had an amazing opportunity when we were invited to attend a cooking class with Top Chef Finalist Brooke Williamson (Top Chef Season 10). I was rooting for Brooke and Kristen during Season 10 and Brooke has remained one of my favorites overall, so the opportunity to be taught to cook by her was ridiculously exciting.

Ever since 85C Bakery opened a branch in San Diego, we’ve been there nearly every weekend.

I honestly didn’t think we would visit as much as we have. After all, we were barely visiting the LA and Irvine locations when we were in the area. But we find ourselves in that area a lot on the weekends, and I can never resist the urge to drive by to see if there is a line. If there is no line, we go in!

The bakery has continued to remain very popular, and the best-selling items, the brioche loaf and the marble taro, have yet to be on the shelves during any of my visits. However, they do produce them as fast as possible, giving priority to those in line. And if there’s not any coming out anytime soon, you can place an order when you pay at the register.

Here are some of the breads we’ve gotten over our last few visits.

Taiwanese Suncake

This is a popular Taiwanese pastry. The inside is filled with maltose (a condensed malt sugar), and the outside is a soft and flaky.

Brioche, suncake, boroh danish, cheese toast


Back in December of last year, we had a very memorable meal with our friends at Ink. The restaurant is owned by Michael Voltaggio (Top Chef Season Six winner) and has received numerous accolades, including being named by GQ in 2013 as the Best New Restaurant in America. The current Season 12 Top Chef finalist, Mei Lin (I’m totally rooting for her!), trained as a sous chef at Ink until joining the show.

The interior is quite dark. We were seated at a long table with black metal chairs. It was not the most comfortable setting, but that was soon forgotten once the food came out.

The restaurant menu is Chef Voltaggio’s take on “modern L.A. cuisine,” focusing on small shareable plates that show off his creativity and use of new cooking techniques.

Some cocktails to start our evening.

corn, housemade ranch “foritos,” nori, green onion

Our first dish was a bed of corn mash, topped with two giant corn tortilla chips dusted with nori. While the corn tortilla chips is their take on Doritos, it didn’t really remind me of Doritos. They were enjoyable though and I liked the strong seaweed flavor, evoking fond memories from my childhood when I used to consume copious amounts of roasted nori as a snack. I did find the corn mash to be a tad too sweet.

lollipop kale, crème fraîche, pig ears, togarashi