This low carb zucchini crust pizza is crispy, delicious and a great way to add more vegetables to your diet.

Next to cauliflower, the vegetable I’ve enjoyed experimenting with most is zucchini. I already previously made a successful cauliflower pizza crust which my husband loves, so I thought, why not zucchini? With summer just around the corner, I love how this crust manages to stay a bright green. I can imagine added slices of tomatoes from my garden for a colorful garden pizza.

Popbar is a chain of ice cream shops specializing in gelato on a stick. Handcrafted gelato, sorbetto and yogurt are frozen on sticks and then customized with your choice of various chocolate dips and toppings.

We recently checked out the location inside Anaheim Packing District. It was our first time to Anaheim Packing District and I loved it! I’ll share more photos from Anaheim Packing District later, but it’s such a beautiful space with dozens of restaurants to try. The only issue I had is that they don’t allow any cameras. Cell phone photos only and they are quite strict. I haven’t seen so many security guards since my last visit to the airport.

These hanging succulents were one of my favorite things here.

There are quite a few pop flavors to choose from. Once you choose your flavor, you have several dip options like white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, etc. You can also choose to have your popbar completely dipped, half dipped or drizzled with chocolate. Then you also more than half a dozen toppings to choose from like waffle cone bits, shredded coconut, crushed nuts.

I recently purchased a few of Trader Joe’s new products and wanted to share my finds.

The Fearless Flyer for March was smaller than the previous Trader Joe’s flyers. And I didn’t find myself getting nearly as excited as I usually do when I read through, but once at the store, there were of course several items that piqued my interest.

Sweet Plantain Chips

I’ve had various plantain chip offerings from Trader Joe’s, but this may be my new favorite. I loved that the chips were oversized and crunchy and each of them have a wonderfully natural sweet finish.

Pretzel Croissants

I had originally planned on getting the new individual pretzel bread sticks featured in the Fearless Flyer, but then I found these pretzel croissants sitting next to them and they were so pretty that I ended up getting these instead.