I created this recipe for “Pizza Cupcakes” a few years ago and I thought it was time for an updated post. They are really pizza muffins, flavored with mozzarella cheese, mini pepperoni and Italian seasoning. However, Mr. K called them pizza cupcakes the first time he saw them and the name stuck.

I actually briefly considered letting Mr. K name all my recipes, but then I thought better of it.

Speaking of things Mr. K has done, this weekend he (we) installed a new sink in the kitchen. It ended up being a much bigger ordeal than it should have been. Looking back, we could have accomplished it in about an hour. But because someone (him) did not read the instructions properly and kept ignoring vital parts provided in the box, it took quite a few tries and most of the afternoon for us to get it installed.

These biscuit beignets are fried fluffy squares of deliciousness. Not quite a donut and not quite a traditional beignet, but they make a great brunch item.

I tried biscuit beignets for the first earlier this year at Another Broken Yolk Cafe in Birmingham, Alabama. They were so delightful. Golden puffy pillows dusted with powdered sugar and served with a side of jam, I knew I had to recreate them. (Btw, the mug in the background is one I purchased from the restaurant. It was so cute, I couldn’t resist buying two!)

Mess Royale opened in San Diego last month, offering authentic Montreal-style poutine and bagels.

Until now, poutine with actual cheese curds and Montreal-style bagels have been pretty much nonexistent in San Diego. At Mess Royale, owner and Canadian-born Hugo Tassone, has cheese curds shipped in from Wisconsin and bagels brought in from St-Viateur Bagel in Montreal.

Upon entering, you’ll find the menu on the wall, with a TV screen playing hockey above it. There’s a whole list of poutine variations, bagel sandwiches, and more.

El Pancho Poutine