This single serving microwave cookie is ready in just a few minutes. As an added bonus, it’s also egg free! You mix everything in a mug, put it on a plate, and cook it for less than 1 minute for a soft pumpkin spice cookie. You can leave it in the mug too, but I like to hold and eat my cookies the traditional way.

I’ve had really low energy lately. I think it’s the change in the weather. The shorter days, gloomier and colder weather, etc. So I haven’t had much desire for full-on baking projects, which is why my mug cakes come in so handy.

Iceskimo, a Taiwanese-style snow ice shop, opened its permanent location this past weekend.

As you recall, I posted about Iceskimo when it was a pop-up inside Pangea Bakery over the summer. I’ve been really looking forward to the store opening, since it’s my favorite spot for snow ice in San Diego.

The new store has a slightly different concept. Instead of choosing from a preset menu or creating your own by ordering toppings and ice flavors, the toppings bar is self-serve and the final ice cup is priced by weight, similar to the self-serve frozen yogurt method.

First step is choosing your ice flavor. They will then shave it into a cup for you, and then you take the cup and choose your toppings and syrups. When you’re finished, the final product is weighed. Each of ours were between $4-5.

These individual apple pies baked in apples are the perfect Fall dessert. As soon as I saw the first crop of apples come into the markets, I knew I wanted to try these.

Aren’t they just adorable?