This fluffy mug cake is scented with lime zest for a light and citrusy finish. It’s not too sweet and ready in less than five minutes.

I had a really fun weekend with some good friends visiting, but I didn’t have much time for baking. I couldn’t imagine ending the weekend without a baked good, so this 5 minute mug cake was the perfect solution.

M&M Donuts is a popular donut shop in Anaheim, famous for their blueberry donuts.

We’ve been wanting to visit since I discovered them two years ago. The odd hours (9:00 pm-2:00 am and 5:00 am-12:00 pm) make it hard for us to stop by. On our first attempt, we arrived around 9:00pm to find the wait over an hour long. We tried again once early in the morning last year, only to find they were out of donuts.

The shop is quite tiny and you can drive right up to order. I took a few photos from my failed visits but I can’t seem to find them anymore.

Last month, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit, and they brought me an entire box of M&M donuts!

I’ve tried quite a few blueberry donuts at the various donut shops in San Diego, and I couldn’t wait to compare.

This summery mug cake has a sweet cream cake base and is studded with bright red strawberry pieces.

Between Wimbledon and the World Cup, our TV has pretty much permanently been on ESPN. I always crave strawberries and cream this time of year, the signature dish at Wimbledon. One day, I hope to attend a match and enjoy some of those famed strawberries and cream.

This isn’t a new recipe, but I wanted to take a new set of photos. It’s one of my favorite mug cake recipes and is included in my upcoming book. The cake is flavored with sweet cream, with fresh strawberry pieces mixed in.