Three words: Churros con chocolate. Last weekend we had some amazing churros at Churros Calientes during our Los Angeles trip.

The small cafe offers typical cafe foods like sandwiches, soups and salads, but it’s the churros they are most known for. They have filled churros, small churros, and most importantly churros con chocolate. Churros con chocolate are served with a cup of thick hot chocolate for dipping the churros. It’s a dish that is very famous in Madrid. (Mental note: When I finally get to visit Madrid, I’m going to eat these everyday.)

A friend of mine is planning a trip to Spain and I mentioned that he needed to put churros on his itinerary. He wasn’t interested at first–telling me he doesn’t like fried dough (I know, the horror!) A few days later, he seemed to change his tune, and suggested we check out Churros Calientes for dessert as it’s supposed to serve the best churros in LA. I immediately agreed, and everyone in our group really loved this place. My “I don’t eat fried dough” friend is now planning on making hotel reservations right next to San Ginés (the place in Madrid most famous for churros con chocolate) during his stay in Madrid so he can eat these everyday for breakfast.

Not only were the churros lovely, but the atmosphere was as well. The staff were so friendly and funny and really made our meal so much more enjoyable.

Since we had a large group, we decided to order a variety of different churros.

Churros con chocolate

A basket of petite, freshly fried churros comes out with a small cup of thick, rich hot chocolate. The churros were light and airy, though a tad firmer than churros I’ve had in the past. But I’ve never been to Spain, so perhaps this is how they are supposed to be. Once the churros are soaked, you don’t really notice the firmness. The best part, of course, was the dipping chocolate. The decadent sauce easily clung to the churros, creating a swoon-worthy treat.

Churros Grande filled with guava

These mini pumpkin donuts muffins are fluffy, light and adorable. They are baked in a mini muffin pan but taste like old fashioned donuts with a pumpkin twist.

One of the desserts I made for my house party last week were these mini pumpkin donut muffins. I had made cookies the night before, but the morning of, I suddenly felt the urge to add another dessert. After posting so many sweets on my blog, I couldn’t imagine having people over without some variety of desserts.

These grilled cheese sandwiches are filled with burrito ingredients: cheese, carne asada, guacamole, and French fries.

We’ve been eating a lot of burritos lately. We’ve had quite a few friends visiting from out of town, and I love introducing them to the California burrito, which is distinctly San Diegan. It’s basically a carne asada burrito with all the works, plus it adds French fries. French fries make everything better.