Trinitea recently opened a location in Hillcrest. The boba tea cafe has another location in San Carlos, which I have not visited before.

We randomly stumbled upon the new store when we saw their soft opening signs advertising 50% off all drinks (which ended 12/13). I was intrigued by a boba tea cafe in Hillcrest and Mr. K is obsessed with milk tea drinks, so we went to check it out.

In addition to the usual flavored teas, milk teas and ice slushes, they also offer a holiday drink list.

Pumpkin Milk Tea and Hot Taro Tea

Located in Hillcrest, R Gang Eatery is a restaurant owned by former Top Chef contestant Rich Sweeney. The restaurant is open for brunch and dinner and is most known for its house-made tater tots.

The restaurant been on my to-do list for nearly a year, and with the end of 2014 approaching, I finally made my way over.

R Gang Bloody Mary

It’s not often that we have time for a relaxing brunch, so we made the most of it. I love Bloody Mary drinks that include a mini meal, so I just had to order this. The cocktail had quite the spicy kick to it, though it was a little weak on the alcohol. My favorite part was the meat and cheese on the stick, which they call “R Meal on a stick” and it can be added to their other Bloody Mary variations for an additional $2.

Cheddar & Chive Tots

My main focus of this visit was the famous house-made tots so I made sure we ordered some. These arrived piping hot, crunchy, and filled with melted cheese mixed with potato bits and chives. They were served with a chipotle ranch dipping sauce. We quite enjoyed the flavor of the tots and since most brunch places do not make their own tater tots, it makes R Gang’s version more special.

These cookies and cream cookies stay soft and fluffy for days, making them a perfect gift for the holidays.

For my holiday baking, I like to make cookie recipes that store well, especially since many of my friends and family won’t receive the cookies right away.

For years, I’ve made these soft chocolate chip cookies that use pudding mix to help maintain a fluffy texture. My siblings like to joke that the cookies will never go hard and if we were to bury them and dig them up a decade later they would still be soft.