These cauliflower tortillas are flourless, gluten-free, and perfect for anyone looking for a low carb substitute. They have a similar texture to regular tortillas and work great as a wrapper for tacos.

I’m always on the search for new ways to use cauliflower. About a year ago, I came across some recipes for cauliflower tortillas, but I was too lazy to try making them.

However, I managed to simplify the process and I’m really excited with how these turned out.

iDessert, a new customized dessert concept by world-renowned Pasty Chef Jean-Philippe Maury recently opened in San Diego. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you’re likely familiar with Chef Jean-Philippe Maury, from his famous chocolate fountain to the breathtaking dessert creations offered at the Bellagio and ARIA hotels.

Chef Jean-Philippe moved to San Diego a few years ago and chose San Diego as the place to launch his new concept. Upon first glace when you enter, you might think you’ve walked into a frozen yogurt shop, with the soft serve machines and counter of toppings. But it’s not. It’s a more casual concept compared to the fancy offerings in Las Vegas, but still executed with the flare and quality you’d expect from an esteemed chef. The focus is on soft serve gelato, with options for customized shakes and sundaes.

However, the main attraction are the customized desserts. Ordered through ipads, they start at $4.95. For this base price, you get to choose a a meringue shell flavor, ice cream flavor and sauce. Then there are other things you can add, such as cake, toppings, other sauces, and dry ice. If you don’t want to design your own, there are several fully loaded chef’s favorites.

These iced tea mojitos combine brewed tea and mojito cocktails into one refreshing, thirst quenching summer beverage. As an added bonus, you’re consuming all the health benefits found in green tea, mint and lime juice.

Sometimes I have these moments where I think in my head “you know you’re a food blogger when….” As I was preparing these fun cocktails, I had such a moment because it was still pretty early in the day. Yes, you know you’re a food blogger when you’re making cocktails at ten in the morning and no one around you is concerned.