Rolled Up

Rolled Up is a new fast-casual restaurant that just opened, serving fusion sushi burritos. The restaurant is founded by James Markham, who also helped create the cuztomizeable pizza chains MOD Pizza, Pieology and Project Pie. Rolled Up is actually located two doors down from Project Pie (Hillcrest).

(Is it me, or does every new restaurant seem to have a lighted marquee “Eat” sign now?”)

While sushi burritos has been popping up in a few restaurants in San Diego after the popularity of Sushirrito in San Francisco, this is the first restaurant in San Diego that is set up to focus on sushi burritos. The restaurant boasts a slick machine that flattens the rice evenly across the seaweed wrapper. From there, your made-to-order roll then goes through an assembly line of workers assigned to different steps in the sushi burrito making process.

They have several pre-set rolls to choose from, priced between $10-11. For the indecisive, you can choose two halves for $12.

I’m starting a new monthly series where I summarize my favorite dishes that I recently consumed. Every year I do a Best Bites round-up and it’s one of my favorite things to write. However, it’s hard to choose just a few dishes from a year’s worth of consumption and I think these monthly segments will allow me to highlight more great dishes and in a timely fashion as it sometimes takes me quite a long time to get around to writing about certain meals–especially ones from my travels.

Hokkaido Cheese Tarts from 85°C Bakery Cafe

A few months ago, 85°C debuted Hokkaido Cheese Tarts which are like mini versions of the fluffy Japanese souffle cheesecake. The small tarts are the perfect individual serving and I love the buttery tart crust too.

Brick House from The Crack Shack

I just can’t get enough of this place and it’s really hard for me to choose a favorite dish. So far, all of the fried chicken sandwiches have been solid. On our most recent visit, we tried the Brick House and it’s now my new favorite. The brick name is very fitting as I can barely take a full bite of the sandwich. The epic-sized chicken breast manages to stay very juicy and packs some heat as well. You can check out my full post here.

Country Ham & Egg doughnut from Sidecar Doughnuts

Theorem is a coffee bar concept by the owners of Portola Coffee Lab. Located next to the Portola Coffee Lab branch in Costa Mesa, the walk-up bar features a playful and creative rotation of coffee drinks. We’ve visited a few times now and each time, it was a completely different menu.

Most of the drinks are in the $7 range, which is a little pricey, since none of the drinks contain alcohol. However, they are quite fun to try.

During one visit, we went with some friends and had the Whiskey Sour, Martini, Old Fashioned, an off-the-menu drink (sorry I didn’t order it and don’t remember what it was) and a Hot Toddy.