Iceskimo has been our “go-to” spot for snow shaved ice this summer, a dessert originally from Taiwan that shaves blocks of ice made with water mixed with milk, cream or condensed milk to have a creamier texture (it’s like a cross between traditional shaved ice and ice cream). The pop-up store located inside Pangea will have its own physical store next month, located at 4609 Convoy Street.

The pop up offers various snow ice flavors, fresh watermelon juice and Belgian street waffles.

Cookie Monster (black sesame snow, crushed oreos, strawberries, condensed milk)

This is our favorite flavor. The black sesame is very creamy, with a deep sesame flavor and it’s not overly sweet. I could do without the Oreos and strawberries, but Mr. K really likes the toppings that come with it.

Bruce Lychee (lychee snow, mango pieces, lychee jelly, condensed milk)

These baked tomatoes are filled with tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese.

I purchased these beautiful tomatoes on the vine this weekend. As summer is winding down, I’m trying to buy and eat as much fresh produce as possible. For some reason though, when I saw these tomatoes, I immediately wanted to stuff and bake them. So I added some premade tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and baked them until cooked.

Two years ago, the 626 Night Market debuted in Los Angeles, inspired by the night markets found in Asia, and especially Taiwan. After great success, they’ve continued on, expanding to Orange County and downtown LA as well, and holding multiple sessions each summer. The main location is the Arcadia one.

We happened to be in LA visiting friends during one of the weekends they were holding the 626 Night Market in Arcadia, and I was very eager to check it out. One of the highlights from my trips to Taiwan have always been the night markets. (There is one more session in September for those interested in attending.)

The Arcadia one is held at Santa Anita Park. It’s a mere $3 to get in, and if you park in the back parking, there is no parking fee (it’s $6 if you park in the front). I was impressed with the number of vendors, which was much greater than I expected. The crowds were pretty heavy, but we also went during peak hours. If I have a chance to go again, I’d go earlier before the dinner crowd.

The food prices were pretty reasonable, especially compared to the horrible first night market that San Diego attempted last year. We actually had a pretty good time browsing all the vendors and trying out different foods. Since we had a large group, it made it nice for sharing. Here are some highlights:

I love bubble waffles (also known as egg waffles, egg puffs, eggettes). It’s a popular item in Hong Kong and I’ve had a hard time finding a decent rendition here, but the version at this vendor was surprisingly good. Crispy on the outside, sweet and fluffy on the inside. This is such a fun dessert to eat since you break off each little piece.