The Good Stuff Cookie Co. specializes in stuffed cookies. The small shop has some fun decor and shares a space with apparel boutique 5 & A Dime.

Upon entering, you won’t see any cookies on display. The cookies are kept in the fridge because of the perishable fillings. Since it was our first time here, the person managing the store was more than happy to give us a few sample bites to try out.

This easy pasta dish combines all the best ingredients in lasagna, but is made much faster with just one skillet over the stove.

I thought I was handling the winter weather well this year. And then it suddenly got very cold for San Diego standards. Cold enough that I had to cover up my fruit trees so they won’t freeze overnight. And cold enough that I just want to stay huddled in bed all day. And eat steaming hot foods, like this easy skillet lasagna.

Peppermint candy cane is mixed with cookies and cream for a wintery, holiday mug cake.

I finally finished designing my holiday cards over the weekend. And I’m determined not to put it off until the last minute next year because I ended up paying three times as much for my cards this year. Ugh. I also realized that I really need to take more¬†couple photos of Mr. K and me. I went through an entire year’s worth of photos and 95% of them were of food. Of the small percentage that were non-food, less than ten were of us together. Yikes.