Kula Revolving Sushi Bar soft opened its San Diego location last week.  Kula has several locations in LA, but according to Eater, this is the first US location to have the multi-tiered technology of the Japanese branches.

I’ve been so excited for this one. I love the concept of conveyor belt sushi and visited the Kula location in Irvine years ago. But the San Diego one is so much more impressive!

In addition to the constantly moving conveyor belt carrying plates of sushi, the San Diego branch also features a second tier belt where food you order from a touch screen is automatically delivered right to you. When your order is ready, you get a little bell notification and then a cheerful Japanese voice speaks and your food comes whooshing your way and promptly stops right in front of you. It all happens so fast that it seems like magic.

There is also a chute at each table for you to dispose of your empty plates and it then counts your plates for you, which you can keep track of through the touch screen. After every 5 plates, your screen will play a little video. When you reach 15 plates, you get a prize from the bikkura-pon game stationed above the touch screen.

I am so excited to share these mini flourless peanut butter muffins with you today. These mini muffins are just five easy ingredients and prepped in one bowl with no mixer required.

I’ve shared flourless peanut butter muffins on the blog before. But they’ve always required the use of pumpkin or bananas. These don’t! They are just pure peanut butter bliss.

And with their fluffy texture, you can’t even tell they are flourless!

We didn’t spend too much time trying out the restaurants in Disneyworld, but one place I really wanted to dine at was Be Our Guest, which replicates the enchanted castle from Beauty and the Beast.

For breakfast and lunch, it’s quick service and then they have a more formal sit-down dinner experience. We chose to go there for lunch.

It’s actually quite dark inside, so please excuse the graininess of the photos. There are three rooms you can dine in: Grand Ballroom, West Wing, or The Castle Gallery (Belle’s library).

Once inside, I instantly felt like I was stepping inside my favorite Disney movie.


West Wing with the mystical rose: