Recently we were invited to Wang’s North Park, an Asian fusion and Chinese restaurant.

From the outside, the restaurant seemed pretty ordinary. Once we stepped inside, I couldn’t believe how big the place is. It occupies a former JC Penney’s building and is a great space for large parties and banquets. I wish I had known about this place earlier, like when I was looking for a venue for my wedding rehearsal dinner.

Dumpling Sampler

We started with a dumpling sampler. They offer 5 different dumpling flavors and you can mix and match and make up a plate. We tried marinated pork, herbed edamame, rosemary-mint lamb and coconut shrimp. While I appreciated the nontraditional offerings, I found the dumplings to be just alright. None of the flavors really spoke to me and I found myself missing the traditional flavors.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

I really like chicken lettuce wraps. It’s one of those American Chinese dishes that I actually make all the time. This one consisted of minced chicken breast, water chestnuts, Thai basil, with a plum vinaigrette. The tangy vinaigrette was a refreshing change to the usual hoisin sauce and the water chestnuts added a nice crunch.

One thing we learned from our trip to New Orleans is that the locals really like their oysters. We had oysters in some way or form at nearly every meal: charbroiled oysters, oysters rockefeller, fried oysters, even the gumbo roux contained oysters.

In my research for my trip, I kept coming across Drago’s famous charbroiled oysters, so I made sure we made the time to go try them.

When we first entered the restaurant, I was immediately wary of the setting. It looked like a seafood tourist trap-type restaurant, like many of the ones in San Diego that I would not normally ever step foot in.

Shrimp Étouffée

We started with the Shrimp Étouffée, which unfortunately, was not very good. It was quite salty and the light brown roux tasted like a bean puree.

Charbroiled Oysters

Next, we had the legendary charbroiled oysters. The large platter arrived, with two giant French bread rolls. I removed the rolls so you could see the oysters better. We ordered a dozen and wondered if it would be too many for just the two of us, but we had absolutely no problems finishing these.

This chicken pasta is tossed in an addicting orange bang bang sauce.

A few weeks ago, I tasted bang bang sauce for the first time and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’ve already gone through a whole bottle of sweet Thai chili sauce because I’ve made it so many times. I previously made Bang Bang Cauliflower. Now, I’m sharing my Bang Bang Chicken Pasta.

I’m still trying to figure out where bang bang sauce came from. I’ve been researching on the internet and haven’t found anything. All I know is that I really love it and am totally addicted to it right now.