These French Toast sticks are baked in the oven and make an easy and fun breakfast or brunch.

Food is more fun when you can eat it with your hands right? At least I think that’s true in the case of these French toast sticks. This easy baked recipe also allows you to make a large amount at once if you’re cooking for a group.

I hope everyone had a good weekend. On Friday night, someone ran our doorbell around 8:30 PM and we weren’t expecting anyone. We didn’t answer the door, and later on I learned it was a salesman for a security company. Seriously? Why would he think it’s a good idea to approach us at such a late hour? Do people still open the door when they aren’t expecting anyone anymore?

Bubbies is an ice cream and dessert chain in Hawaii, but their mochi ice cream products are now available at Whole Foods Del Mar, replacing the previous gelato station.

There is no real signage. When you enter, it’s on the far left part of the store, where you can also order drinks.

I was pretty excited to see so many flavors of mochi ice cream. And the shape of these mochi are just so cute.

Flavors available: chocolate espresso, strawberry, mango, lychee, guava, pistachio, blueberry, white chocolate raspberry, passionfruit.

Each one  is priced at $1.50, or if you order a Baker’s Dozen (13), it’s $15. As I was trying to decide which flavors to try, Mr. K suggested we just get them all. Yeah, this is why I married this guy.

Donuts halves are dipped in a custard batter to make French Toast Donuts.

Decisions Decisions. Do I want donuts for breakfast? Or French toast?  I’m usually good at narrowing my choices down to two and then I get stuck. So this recipe combines the best of both. I made these for breakfast last weekend and I’ll definitely be making them again.