I’m obsessed with “secret drink options” at Starbucks. Last year, I shared some Starbucks Secret Menu drinks I tried. Since then, I’ve been compiling a new list, so this is Part 2. There are no repeats in this new list so be sure to check out Part 1 where I tried out some of the most popular ones.

Please note, the Starbucks Secret Menu consists of unofficial drink combinations that have been created by baristas and customers. If you want to order these drinks, do not ask for them by name because the employees won’t know. Instead, you order it like any other drink you are modifying. My experience is that the employees are very happy to customize your drink as long as you tell them exactly what it is you want. For all of these drinks, I’ve listed what is added to them and how to order them. Again, DON’T ask for them by name because the employees will not be helpful if you do.

Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Latte
How to order: order a pumpkin spice latte and add mocha syrup (1 pump for tall, 2 for grande, 3 for venti)

My thoughts: I’m a chocoholic so this really elevated one of my favorite seasonal drinks to a new level. This is how I’ve been ordering my pumpkin lattes ever since.

Chocolate Pumpkin Chai Latte
How to order: order a chai tea latte and add pumps of pumpkin spice syrup and mocha syrup (1 pumpkin spice and 1 mocha for tall, 2 of each for grande, 3 of each for venti)

My thoughts: This year I discovered pumpkin chai latte. And once I discovered chocolate pumpkin, I made a chocolate pumpkin chai version that was really tasty. Sorry no photo, but it looks almost identical to the one above.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Frappuccino
How to order: order a strawberries and cream frappuccino, add java chips, and top with whipped cream and mocha drizzle

My thoughts: While this did taste like chocolate and strawberries, I didn’t really love this one. But it’s mainly because I don’t really enjoy the strawberries and cream frappuccino, which taste a little too artificial and overly sweet.

Four words: Self Serve Boba Drinks. What is it? Imagine Yogurtland (or another self-serve frozen yogurt shop), but for boba drinks. You get a cup, you choose from more than a dozen different toppings, a dozen different tea flavors, and about a dozen different slushy drinks. You can mix and match as much as you want, creating your own ultimate combination.

Class 302, a Taiwanese cafe with several locations in Southern California that is known for their snow ice and classroom-themed setting, recently opened a new location in Irvine Marketplace. This one not only serves meals and their popular Taiwanese snow ice, but they also offer self-serve boba drinks.

It’s the first I’ve seen in the US and it’s brilliant (I’m guessing the idea already exists in Taiwan, since most of the trends you see at the Taiwanese cafes here usually come from Taiwan).

First, you choose a cup size (small or large) and pay for it. The “small” is actually really big. The cup is extremely wide (doesn’t fit in your car cup holder) and we were commenting that we couldn’t fathom people getting a large because we were barely able to handle the small. Two of my friends actually split one small.

They give you the cup and then you go off to to make your drink.

Toppings are at a counter (about 16 options), soda fountain dispensers are filled with popular milk and flavored teas (about 13), and frozen yogurt machines are churning out flavored slushes (about 12). It’s basically an entire boba tea menu at your disposal.

This single serving microwave cookie is ready in just a few minutes. As an added bonus, it’s also egg free! You mix everything in a mug, put it on a plate, and cook it for less than 1 minute for a soft pumpkin spice cookie. You can leave it in the mug too, but I like to hold and eat my cookies the traditional way.

I’ve had really low energy lately. I think it’s the change in the weather. The shorter days, gloomier and colder weather, etc. So I haven’t had much desire for full-on baking projects, which is why my mug cakes come in so handy.