Afuri is a popular ramen chain in Tokyo, known for their yuzu ramen. Yuzu is a citrus fruit often used in Japanese cuisine, similar to grapefruit in appearance and taste, but it is smaller in size with a very aromatic rind.

For our trip to Japan, I was very much looking forward to eating a lot of ramen and seeing how it compared to the ramen offered here in the US. I was also looking forward to the vending machine method of ordering which is quite common at ramen shops in Japan. Afuri was one of the top-rated ramen shops and was also where we experienced our first bowl of ramen in Japan.

Because of its popularity, the restaurant almost always has a line out the door. The inside is quite small, with about a 16 bar seats available. The restaurant was probably the easiest to find of all the places we ate at during our trip because the name of the restaurant is actually written out in English.

While waiting in line, you first place your order through a vending machine.

Iced tea is combined with sparkling water for a light and refreshing summer drink. You can try out different types of teas as well. I made green tea, black tea and pomegranate tea versions.

Cherries were on sale this past week, which is one of the first things I look forward to in the summer. So now my mind is completely in summer mode.

I recently made my monthly trip to Trader Joe’s to buy some of their new products and items featured in the Fearless Flyer. Here are some of the things I got:

Coffee Bean Blast Ice Cream

I really love Trader Joe’s super premium ice cream line. The pumpkin spice and cookie butter are two of my favorites, so I was really excited by their newest flavor. Like all the their other ice creams, this one is super creamy and rich. It had a pretty strong coffee flavor, though I actually expected something a little more intense. It’s still good though and I don’t think it’ll last long in our house.

Bacon Jam