One of the best meals we’ve had this year was our visit to Dinner.

While not as well known as Heston Blumenthal’s other restaurant, Fat Duck (a 3 Michelin star restaurant), I was more interested in trying out Dinner (which has 2 Michelin stars). Everything from the simple name, to the concept, to the famed meat fruit had me enchanted with this place. Dinner was also recently ranked No. 5 on the World’s 50 Best.

All the dishes on the menu are inspired by historical British dishes, which are referenced in greater detail on the backs of the menu pages.

Meat Fruit

This signature dish was the one I was anticipating most and it did not disappoint. Chicken liver & foie gras mousse is delicately encased in a orange gelee. The resemblance to an actual mandarin orange is remarkable, down to the last dimple. Even with a close-up examination, I would never have guessed it wasn’t a real orange. I was a little surprised that the green leaf was inedible though.

It was almost too pretty to eat but after much admiring, we finally sliced it open. Inside was the silkiest, creamiest foie gras mousse I’ve ever tasted. It has just a hint of citrus sweetness from the outer orange gelee. We thoroughly savored this, spread out on grilled toast.

This homemade version of Starbucks Frappuccino is made even better with Nutella.

A few weeks ago, I saw an Instagram photo of bottled Nutella coffee. Mind Blown. Unfortunately the photo was for a product in Europe. I’ve never seen bottled Nutella coffee in the US and I immediately wanted to make it.

Instead of making a hot version, I decided to do a cold frappuccino version. It’s quite easy to make– you just need a strong blender that can easily crush the ice. I topped it with whipped cream, mainly so that I could also add a drizzle of melted Nutella.

During a recent trip to LA, I met up with some friends at Bull Demon King Cafe, a small Taiwanese restaurant specializing in beef noodle soup. They even have a contest for a super spicy “hell” version, where you get your picture up on the wall and a tshirt if you can finish under an allotted time. I tried hard to convince someone to take on the challenge, but alas, there were no takers.

This short week has me all out of sorts. Does anyone else feel this way? I’m happy it’s already Thursday, but it has also caught me by surprise. I’ve been meaning to post about this visit for quite a while, but I kept forgetting. After quite a few reminders, here it is.

Beef and Beef Tendon Noodle Soup

Since they are known for their beef noodle soup, most of us stuck to ordering some variation of that. You have a choice of thick or thin noodles and a choice of beef, beef tendon, and tripe. Two of my friends chose a half/half combination of beef and tendons. They liked how tender and flavorful the marinated beef tendon was.

Beef and Beef Tripe Noodle Soup

Mr. K and I both got a half/half combination with beef and tripe. I enjoyed the bouncy, thick, homemade noodles.