I’ve had this idea to make pretzel bread rolls filled with cheese and pepperoni, but I never got around to make it until now.

I love pretzel bread. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve been so happy to see more restaurants start to offer it, especially as a sandwich or burger bun.

The San Diego County Fair is back!

Mr. K and I have gone almost every year. It’s become a tradition we really look forward to. Last year we had to miss it due to wedding madness.

I was really sad about having to miss it. Normally we wait a few weeks in to visit, but we found ourselves going opening day because I simply could not wait any longer.

Every year there is a different theme and this year’s theme is Game On. I loved the display at the front, especially with the Jenga and Donkey Kong.

Once inside, we were immediately engulfed with all the food stands. We were armed and ready with the food map showing vendors and the highlighted new fair foods.

Chicken Charlie

Chicken Charlie is arguably the most popular food vendor at the fair. They are known for bringing crazy new concoctions to the fair every year and they never seem to drop any of their creations, so the menu gets bigger and bigger. This year, their new items including fried cookie dough, krispy kreme sloppy joe sandwich, waffle dog, and deep fried bacon wrapped pickles.

The krispy kreme sloppy joe sandwich has been getting a lot of buzz but we couldn’t bring ourselves to try it because we were pretty sure we wouldn’t like it. Instead we tried the fried cookie dough and waffle dog.

Fried Cookie Dough

This was pretty much how I expected it would taste, like chocolate chip flavored fried dough. The cookie dough gets pretty melted inside and sort of blends into the fried dough. These were okay but not something I plan on repeating next year.

Waffle Dog

I loved the look of the waffle dog, but found the batter rather soft. Unlike the majority of Chicken Charlie’s items, the waffle is actually baked instead of fried and for once I wish it was fried since the waffle really lacked crispness.

Red Velvet Funnel Cake- Funnel Cake Express

This mango mousse is super easy. Only three ingredients, no gelatin or cooking needed.

Manila mangoes have been on sale lately and they are so sweet. I keep buying them by the box.

My latest mango creation is this mango mousse. I was trying to replicate a mango mousse dessert I had before at an Indian restaurant, and this was pretty similar. I topped it with some coconut whipped cream instead of regular whipped cream to really give it a tropical feel.