I did a short post on the renovated AMC La Jolla back in August when it was still finishing up. I recently went back and got to see the finished product and wanted to do an updated post sharing all the new features.

AMC Amazing is what they are calling the theaters that are renovated. According to the website, it looks like AMC La Jolla (which is the one I went to) and AMC Otay Ranch 12 are the ones in San Diego that have the AMC Amazing label so far.

I also noticed while exploring the AMC website that they have now have drive-in theaters as well, though currently none in San Diego. So here are some of the highlights:

Reserved Seats

The first biggest improvement I noticed on this recent trip is that they now have reserved seats. This had been the main reason why I started going to Arclight, so I was so excited to find out they have it at the new AMC theater. This allows you to buy your tickets in advance and choose your seats so you don’t have to get to the theater early. AMC La Jolla is such a popular theater because it’s near UCSD so when a new release comes out, you used to have to buy your tickets early in the day and come several hours before showing time to get decent seats.
Amc Amazing Theater
You can purchase tickets online, at the teller, and they also have several automated machines set up now too, which really helps to alleviate long lines.

AMC amazing theater

Also like Arclight, alcohol is now served. They have a big bar area when you first enter the complex. There is also a smaller station once inside.

Microwave cheesecake

Ten minutes is all the time you’ll need to prep and cook this individual serving of cheesecake.

Look how pretty it is!
microwave cheesecake -1
I don’t usually ever have an entire cheesecake in the house and I rarely make it. My brothers and Mr. K used to always ask for it and then it was like pulling teeth to get them to finish it once I did. And I can never eat more than one slice.

microwave cheesecake - 2

That is why this one serving treat is so perfect.

wendy's pretzel pub chicken sandwich 1
Recently Wendy’s came out with a premium Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich. I am a fan of Wendy’s first pretzel product, the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, so I was definitely curious to try out the newest pretzel offering.

Appearance: My first impression out of the box was that this sandwich didn’t look as pretty as the pretzel burger. It wasn’t as well put together and the pretzel bun looked a little dehydrated. Here’s the bacon pretzel cheeseburger for comparison:

Bun: Luckily, the bun was just fine. Thick, soft and not at all dry. It was as good as the previous pretzel buns I’ve had from Wendy’s pretzel burgers.