Did you know Caesar salad dressing is really really easy to make? You just throw a bunch of ingredients into a blender and it’s ready to go.

I remember this one night during a summer home from college. Two of my close friends had invited our high school group to dinner at their apartment. They broiled salmon with fresh dill, tossed a salad with homemade dressing and made a cake for dessert. During dinner, the discussion of the best salad dressing recipes came up. I felt so unsophisticated. This was before my blog days. My idea of a homemade salad was washing and cutting some lettuce, adding some other vegetables, and pouring on some store bought Ranch dressing.

So I was pretty proud of myself when I made this dressing. I even made my own croutons!

Mr. K and I recently went to experience Beach Break Tuesdays at Islands and I’ve been given a opportunity to host a great giveaway package, including a $100 gift card to Islands. Details of all the giveaway items in the package is at the end of this post.

Islands has happy hour in the bar area every weekday, but on Tuesdays, they have a special Beach Break Tuesdays happy hour that starts at 4 and runs all night long. In addition to some super cheap cocktails and appetizers, what I really loved about my experience was the freebies! I love getting free stuff.

When we sat down, the tables were decorated with koozies and inside each one was a really nice metal keychain shaped like a sandal and it doubles as a bottle opener. There are a few different colors. After much contemplating, I went with the purple keychain and the green koozie.

In addition, while we were eating, employees passed out beach towels as well. So we went home with keychains, koozies, and beach towels. Horray for free stuff!

Of course there was cheap food and drink options too.

Chips & Salsa

Chips and salsa are free at the bar during happy hour. We opted to add the fresh made guacamole which costs an additional $2.45. The chips were warm and crunchy and we devoured the plate of chips and dip in a matter of minutes.


We had really enjoyed the poke on our last visit, so we got it again. It didn’t taste quite the same. This time there seemed to be a lot of black pepper added to it. I preferred the version we had last time but Mr. K preferred this one. He said it reminded him of spicy tuna rolls. I like that it’s served on fried wonton skins which have a lighter texture than tortilla chips.

This mug cake is super super easy. Just 3 ingredients and you end up with a fluffy chocolate chocolate chip cake.

Recently, a reader (Lara) posted a comment on one of my mug cake posts, providing me with an easy mug cake recipe she had come up with using ice cream as one of the ingredients. She asked me to try it out, and of course I had to!

The mug cake came out great, though it had more of a bread texture rather than a cake. Not that there is anything wrong with that. And it wasn’t too much of a surprise, especially since I’ve made a pumpkin quick bread before using just self rising flour and pumpkin ice cream.

Anyway, I was craving a cakey mug cake, so I thought I’d play around with the recipe. After a few tweaks, I ended up with this one. It’s light and fluffy like a cake, and so ridiculously easy to make when using ice cream as one of the ingredients.