Whether you’re married to, dating, good friends with, related to, or just spend a lot of time with a food blogger, here are some of the things you may have encountered. This list is brought to you by Mr. K. =)

1. When you’re at a restaurant and the server puts down a dish, don’t eat it! Food must be first photographed for a blog post, instagram, etc. Don’t start eating until your food blogger gives you the “ok.” Sometimes you can sneak a few fries off a plate before it’s photographed, but that’s about it.

1a. (added after being reminded in the comments) Never order the same thing as your food blogger. He/she needs a variety for the post, so you are always expected to order something different.

1b. Always be ready to share at least half of what you ordered because your food blogger wants to taste everything. Having your food blogger eat off your plate or switching plates in the middle of your meal if your food blogger likes your food more than his/hers will become a routine.

2. Your vacations will revolve around food. And not just one or two restaurants, but a crazy itinerary with 8-10 food stops a day planned. Landmarks are only incorporated into vacations if they happen to be along the way.

Beautiful view of London:

Made possible because she wanted to eat at Duck & Waffle:

3. Your vacation photos are 90% food and 10% people, monuments, landscape, etc.

4. Your hands and fingernails should be clean at all times. You never know when they’ll end up being a hand model in a photo.

5. Your house has a ridiculous amount of incomplete and mismatched tableware. Despite their plain appearance, they will be treated like fine china. They are only used on photograph days and for eating off of immediately after. They are then cleaned and stored away so that you don’t accidentally use one and break it.

Little Caesars recently debuted a Soft Pretzel Crust Pepperoni Pizza. I usually see a lot of advertisements before these new items come out, but I surprisingly didn’t hear anything about this one until I started seeing reviews.

The reviews I read were pretty positive and at only $6 a pie, I thought it was worth a try.

When I first opened my box, I was disappointed in the appearance. With a quick glance, it does look like a soft pretzel crust, but it was quite flat, with the crust edges barely rising above the rest of the pizza. I imagined something puffier.

My crust was also uneven in appearance. One side looked very much like a soft pretzel, but the other half of the pizza had a much more wrinkled crust that didn’t look anything like a soft pretzel.

These chicken pieces are coated in a panko bread crumb and Parmesan cheese mix and baked until crunchy. They are a tasty bite, especially when dipped into a side of marinara sauce.