I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but I tried Vons’ version of Cronuts last month, which are labeled “donut croissant.”

I kept seeing them when I was shopping and curiosity got the better of me.

The cronut copycats are not in the fresh donut section, but rather in the other bakery area with pre-packaged cakes, muffins, croissants, cookies, etc. They come in glazed or sugar coated and are packaged in boxes of four. I chose glazed as my favorite donuts are glazed ones.

I’ve been on a mission to make a Brussels spouts dish that Mr. K will eat.

Last year, Mr. K and I had a really good Brussels sprouts dish at Uptown Tavern. The sprouts were charred to the point of losing any bit of bitterness and cooked with various seasoning and spices. Mr. K loved the dish. I got really excited and began buying Brussels sprouts. But he wouldn’t touch the dishes I made, claiming them “too healthy” tasting and the sprouts too bitter.

So I decided to roast the brussel sprouts until they are no longer bitter. And I added bacon…lots of bacon and bacon fat. I’ve had a lot of brussel sprouts and bacon dishes and they’ve always tasted pretty good.

We don’t make our way over to San Marcos often, so when we were in the area last time, I tried to maximize our visit by stopping by the Phil’s BBQ location in San Marcos.

This was our first time visiting this location, and I was surprised to find that the wait time was not nearly as long as the Point Loma one. There were only a few people waiting to dine-in. There was a separate entrance for take-out orders and I did not have to wait long for my food.

Inside, there is a big dining area and a separate bar area.