Thank goodness it’s Friday. This week seems to have taken forever. I’m celebrating the end of the week with this amazingly easy chocolate truffle lava cake.

Chocolate truffles are decadent and rich. So you can imagine how a cake made with chocolate truffles tastes right? And ready in about 5 minutes? This may be one of my most dangerous creations yet.

Urban Bar & Grill

We were recently invited to check out Urban Bar & Grill located in downtown San Diego. It serves contemporary American Cuisine and has an atmosphere perfect for date night or a dinner with friends.

Bread sticks

Our dinner started out with some complimentary bread sticks. Soft, not too buttery, these were a good beginning to the meal.

Mussels and Pomme Frites

We shared an appetizer of mussels and pomme frites. We both really enjoyed this. The thin-cut fries were crunchy with a good douse of truffle oil. The mussels were cooked in a light wine sauce. The portion size was quite generous.

I already made snow skin mooncakes, but I also wanted to tackle the traditional ones again before the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Like the snow skin mooncakes, these are actually quite easy to make. The dough is just a few ingredients that you mix together by hand. Then you add the filling, put it through the mooncake molds to shape them, and then bake them for a few minutes. I’ve included a few step by step photos.