Marion Crepes is currently in San Diego at the Mitsuwa marketplace. They will be there until April 27.

Marion Crepes, which is from Japan, sets up a booth inside various Mitsuwa locations a few times a year. The make harajuku-style crepes, which are very popular in Japan. The thin crepes use a rice flour, giving them a slightly chewy texture. They are filled with fruits, ice cream, whipped cream, etc and eaten like an ice cream cone.

I’ve had harajuku-style crepes a few times. My favorite place to get them is at Harajuku Crepe in Los Angeles. Angels & Hearts in San Diego also makes them but I’m not fond of the texture or the very small amount of filling.

La Jolla Brewing Company recently opened, replacing the former La Jolla Brew House.

Under new ownership, the restaurant has been transformed, with a fresh interior, new menu and beer options.

I was recently invited to check out the new spot, and after perusing the food menu, I was definitely curious.

Since this is a brewery, the restaurant offers several house brews as well as other craft beer options.

They also offer a beer sampler flight for $10.

We shared a beer flight, which allowed the server to discuss which beers paired better with the various dishes we ordered.

Fries 3 Ways

We started with this from the appetizer section. The portion size was humongous and perfect for sharing. The thin-cut crispy fries are seasoned three different ways (truffle parmesan, garlic herb, old bay) and accompanied with three different dipping sauces (tomato marmalade, basil aioli, citrus aioli). The fries were delicious all three ways and we’d definitely order this again.

Have you ever wondered what a deep fried Cadbury egg tastes like?

Well I had that thought the other day, so I decided to find out.

Maybe it’s the sweet tooth talking, but these came out pretty freaking fantastic. I think I like eating cadbury eggs better this way than eating them plain. It basically tasted like a fried dough ball of goodness with chocolate and a melted creme center. I did a mix of mini and regular sized Cadbury eggs, which is why you see different sizes in my basket.