San Diego Restaurant Week is almost here (January 19-24th). I was invited to a sneak peek at Fogo De Chao, one of the restaurants participating in restaurant week.

As you may recall, we went to visit Fogo De Chao right after it first opened and was pretty impressed with the quality of meat at this all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse. We were thinking about visiting again during restaurant week and taking advantage of the reduced prices, so it was nice to check it out again now that they’ve had some time to settle in.

The format is very similar to other Brazilian steakhouses. There is an exquisite salad bar offering various raw and cooked vegetables, imported cheeses, and fruits. Eating a few bites of salad in between pieces of meat is key in being able to consume copious amounts of meat.

Beef with Broccoli is a popular Chinese stir-fry dish that is fairly simple to make in your own home. Unlike orange chicken, I actually grew up eating beef with broccoli and make it at least a few times a month.

I haven’t yet had a chance to visit Eclipse Chocolate since it moved into its new location last year and became a bar and bistro. After lunch at Buona Forchetta, CC and I had dessert at Eclipse. I really love the new the expanded space.

There’s still the artisan chocolate bars with unique flavor combinations you can purchase. At the counter there are some cookies and other desserts on display. There is also a full dining menu.

There are a couple of windows giving you a peek at what is happening in the kitchen.

Double Dark Cocoa Drinking Chocolate

I started out with some of their luxurious drinking chocolate, which came with some airy house-made marshmallows. The drinking chocolate is extremely thick and rich.
I love the way the marshmallows dissolved into the chocolate. I will have to take Mr. K here sometime for the hot chocolate.