Bacon and avocado make a great combination, so you can imagine how these bacon wrapped avocado fries taste.

The other day, reader Ed left me a comment, pointing me to a recipe post for bacon wrapped sweet potato fries and asked me to do one with avocados. The fries looked amazing. And I love the idea of mixing the sweet and the salty. I might use them as a Thanksgiving side dish instead of the traditional roasted sweet potatoes.

But first, I experimented with trying bacon wrapped avocado fries. The tricky thing with avocados is that you don’t want to heat them up too long or they turn quite bitter. My first attempt, I used raw bacon.

Baskin Robbins recently launched an online cake ordering system. It allows you to customize and order a cake from your computer, picking and choosing from a variety of cake styles, ice cream flavors, etc.

I was sent a small gift card to try it out.

Daphne’s Greek Cafe is our most frequented spot for fast casual food. I especially love their 3 course dinner which is only $8.99 and includes an appetizer, main course with two sides, and dessert.

We enjoy eating here because we like the food and the reasonable prices. I’m especially a fan of the crunchy fries, kabobs, and gyro meat.

I thought I had better photos of our recent meals, but I seem to have misplaced them. Here’s some photos of our recent to-go order of the 3-course dinner.