Aren’t these adorable?

I’m so excited that it’s almost summer. I don’t even know why since I just have work as usual. But my head is full of summer recipe ideas lately including these mini watermelon sorbet.

These are perfect for a party, bbq, or just a regular summer day.

The Paris Baguette inside Zion Market opened this weekend. We happened to be there to do some shopping and I was super excited when I saw signs of life for Paris Baguette. We also noticed some more additions to the new Zion market, like new food court restaurants.

First, Paris Baguette. It’s about the same size as the one located inside H Mart.

There were a lot of the same items: fully decorated cakes, croissants, other pastries and breads, sponge cakes, macarons and more.

My ice pop making obsession continues despite the June gloom hovering over San Diego. Normally I love the weather in San Diego, but not during June gloom. Last month we were enjoying sunny, mid 70s weather. Now it’s June and the skies are gray, the wind is kicking up and the temperatures have cooled considerably.

I’m still pretending it’s summer and warm by making lots and lots of popiscles. My latest idea was to create a blueberry swirl popsicle. I made them healthier by using fresh blueberries and fat free yogurt.