DH and I both really enjoy milk tea and never seem to get sick of it. This weekend, we checked out the new Infini Tea, which we found out about after reading Jinxi’s post.

It’s located in the same plaza as Spicy City. I was immediately drawn to the adorable illustrations of boba people.

The cafe offers both drinks and food.

Ice Milk Drink and Pudding Honey Boba

I was really interested in trying out this drink. Our favorite place to get tea drinks is the Half & Half chain in Los Angeles, which makes really good honey boba and one of their signature drinks is an ice milk drink with pudding and honey boba.

I asked for half sugar but the drink was still quite sweet.

The milk portion was full of crushed ice. Not sure if this was intentional or not. The honey boba were super sweet, swimming in a puddle of honey syrup. You could taste the honey but it was too much syrup in the actual drink. This was disappointing. I was hoping for a substitute for Half & Half, but this didn’t work for me.

I can’t believe the weekend is already over. Losing one hour seemed to make such a huge difference for me today. While I’m not happy with the loss of time, I was happy to see so much extra daylight. It gave me enough time to make and photo these cookies this afternoon.

I’m normally not a huge mint fan, but I make an exception for St. Patrick’s Day themed foods. I had purchased some mint Oreo cookies and wasn’t sure what to do with them and then I realized I could make a mint version of my cookies and cream cookies.

I really like these. They taste chewy and sweet with just a small hint of mint. I like that the green color from the Oreos can be seen in the finished cookie as well.

1. More Japanese Kit Kat Flavors

One of my biggest obsessions is trying out as many Kit Kat flavors as possible. In Japan, there are probably close to a hundred different flavors, with new ones being produced each year. Many are region specific, some are limited editions ones, etc.

I’ve tried enough now that I’m starting to lose track of how many I’ve flavors I’ve gotten my hands on. Luckily though, my obsession started after my blog was created, so I’ve been documenting them all on my blog.

From time to time, the Japanese stores in San Diego will carry a few of the Japanese flavors. The selection varies. Green tea, which used to be quite scarce, seems to now be a staple on the shelves. Previously, there were always some new ones that came out shortly after the new year. I checked back several times to all three markets (Nijiya, Mistuwa and Marukai) earlier this year, but found nothing new.

So finally, I went to another source: Japanese sellers on Ebay. I’ve checked on Ebay before but found slim pickings. However, since it’s early on in the year when a lot of new flavors were recently released, there are quite a few sellers selling various flavors on Ebay. So here’s what I got:

Purple Yam

I have been wanting to try this one for years, mainly because it is purple in color and I do like purple yams. I’ve never seen it available before, so I was so excited that sellers in Japan were selling boxes of them on Ebay.

I enjoyed these. You could taste the yam flavor and they were a nice light purple color.

A few of the ebay sellers are making their own variety set, basically putting 12 different flavors in one of the flavor boxes so that you can sample 12 flavors instead of just buying an entire box of one flavor. So in order to properly sample more, and save some money, I went this route as well.

Some of these included repeats of ones I’ve tried before but the new to me flavors included: blueberry cheesecake, strawberry, apple, taste of yatsuhashi of Kyoto, and chili paste.