I’ve had a huge craving for lettuce wraps lately. With the extra day off this weekend, it gave me some time to rest and cook.

Chinese-style lettuce wraps are really easy to make, with only a few key ingredients.

Love To Go is a cafe located in the San Gabriel Mission District that specializes in 3D latte art.

I love cute latte art, which seems to be trending in Los Angeles (hopefully we’ll see it soon in San Diego), but this was my first experience with 3D latte art. I’ve seen it in photos on the internet but have never been to a cafe that actually offers it.

The drinks with the 3D latte art aren’t cheap ($5.98), but you’re paying for the unique factor. They also offer decorated marshmallows, sodas, and waffza creations.

Hazelnut Espresso Latte

I ordered a hazelnut latte. They made this adorable puppy that looks like it is jumping out. They told me this was actually the first time they had done this design and I was pretty honored to be the first customer to get the charming creation.

The espresso drink itself was nothing to write home about. It was decent, but I wouldn’t come to this cafe if I was just seeking out a regular espresso drink.

I’ve been wanting to make a cookies and cream blondie that is actually thick and chewy rather than cakey and I finally was able to this weekend.

These are super easy to make. You throw a few ingredients into your mixer and then it’s ready to bake.