During my family’s visit, they were craving Korean tofu stew, so I took them to Do Re Mi House.

Do Re Mi House used to be one of my favorite restaurants for Korean food. I especially like large amount of complimentary banchan dishes and that they automatically refill them.

We were presented with 10 different banchan dishes and a steamed egg. There’s no picture of the bubbling egg. My parents dug in before I could take a photo! You can get refills on the banchan dishes but not on the egg. Given that there were seven of us, it would have been nice to be given at least one extra steamed egg.

Pork Galbi

This was my brother’s choice and my favorite of all the dishes we had. The thick slices of pork weren’t too fatty and had a good flavor.

Dolsot Bibimbap

I used to love the version here, but on this visit it was extremely disappointing. The rice was too moist and never developed the crusty exterior that makes this dish so special.

This Chinese dish consists of a bed of crispy noodles, topped with stir fried vegetables, shrimp, chicken, and flavored with a thick gravy-like sauce.

One of my favorite dishes has always been crispy pan fried noodles. To my delight, after introducing Mr. K to it a few years ago, it became one of his favorites too. I never thought to attempt it at home, but a step by step tutorial on Serious Eats made it seem fairly easy, so I decided to give it a try.

Lucha Libre is a popular taco shop in San Diego and has even been featured on shows like Man v. Food.

My parents requested something distinctly San Diegan during their visit, so of course California burritos popped in my mind and one of my favorite places to get a California burrito these days is Lucha Libre.

The colorfully decorated shop is constantly busy, offering an array of burritos, tacos, quesadillas and hot dogs.

I especially love that the food comes with complimentary chips and salsa. The chips are thick-cut, crunchy, and warm– my ideal characteristics for a tortilla chip. The free salsa bar comes with 9 different varieties. My favorites are the spinach dip, verde salsa, and mango salsa.