Gooey and chewy chocolate chip pumpkin bars. Need I say more?

I saw this recipe and immediately had to make it.

A lot of pumpkin bars end up being cakey but this recipe eliminates any rising agent, which allows the pumpkin bars to be dense, rich and gooey. I love the melted chocolate chips inside.

I recently had a small cocktail party with Daily’s Cocktails and invited a few of my closest girlfriends. I am also hosting a giveaway for a $100 gift card, details at the end of this post.

I love spending time with Mr. K, but sometimes I just need some “girls only” time. Time to hang out with your closest girlfriends and discuss girl stuff.

Normally when you think cocktail party, it’s a fancy affair. I wanted the complete opposite with a sleepover atmosphere. I told my friends to wear their most comfortable clothing and we sipped cocktails, ate unhealthy snacks and watched girlie movies all night. We ended the night with a do-it-yourself ice cream sundae bar.

Daily’s Cocktails are ready-to-drink cocktail pouches. All you have to do is freeze them, then squeeze them into a glass to enjoy. No need for a blender, mixer, and you don’t need to add alcohol. There are currently 13 flavors available and I was sent 7 to try: Peach Daiquiri, Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Hurricane, Blue Hawaiian, Bahama Mama, and Piña Colada. You can learn more about Daily’s Cocktails here.

I loved the variety and all the different colors. I put each of the flavors in different glasses so that my guests could choose and sample whichever they wanted. I made sure to try each one and I enjoyed them all. There wasn’t a single I didn’t like and it was hard to choose a favorite, but I slightly favored the Peach Daiquiri and the Bahama Mama. Daily’s actually started as a juice company so all of the cocktails use natural fruit juices, which is probably why they taste so good.

Sweet potato fries have been a big trend the last few years, which made me think, why not pumpkin fries?

Mr. K was really skeptical, but these came out great. I chose to bake them rather than fry to make them healthier.  They came out crunchy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside, and taste very similar to sweet potato fries –but more pumpkiny.