The last time some of our friends came to visit for a San Diego beer crawl, we found ourselves at Lolita’s taco shop again.

This time, I was actually around to eat everything we ordered, without having to dash off after a couple of bites.

Shrimp Quesadillas

My friends really love the shrimp quesadilla here. I liked the peppery seasoning of the shrimp but I was surprised by the use shredded iceberg lettuce which I thought made the quesadillas quite watery. I would have enjoyed these a lot more if they didn’t use lettuce.

Carne Asada Fries

I still love the crispy fries and the plenitude of other ingredients in this entree. My one complaint is that I think their carne asada meat is too salty.

Do you love dark chocolate? DH and I are both big fans. The darker the better. If you love dark chocolate, then you should try these cookies. They are definitely bittersweet, intense, and delicious.

I’m on a roll with these easy, no mixer necessary, 4 ingredients or less, cookies. After my success with the easiest Nutella cookies, I went through my kitchen cabinet to see what other variations I could make.

We’ve been shopping a lot at H Mart recently, which means many visits to Paris Baguette for their baked goods. One thing I find interesting is that every time I visit, there is some new item I haven’t seen before.

For example, on one trip we spotted canelé.

On another trip we spotted egg custards which don’t really seem Korean or French.

Here’s some goodies we’ve tried on our last few visits that didn’t get devoured in the car ride home and that I remembered to snap photos of.

Twisted Donut

Finally tried the donut, but I have to say I was a little disappointed. It didn’t taste all that special to me and the dough wasn’t quite fluffy enough for my preference. Given that it’s a little on the expensive side for a donut, I’ll pass on this one next time.


I love brioche bread, both the traditional buttery French version and also the non-traditional Asian version. This bread was soft and good and was more of the Asian-style. I actually prefer the 85C brioche though which this one closely resembled in taste and texture.

Tapioca Bread

These chewy breads can be found at a lot of bakeries now but Paris Baguette makes one of my favorite versions because theirs is always so big and the inside is airy and not overly dense.