The other day I was really craving mochi. I was too lazy to make an entire mochi cake, so I decided to make a quick and easy mochi mug cake. After I finished mixing the batter in my mug,  instead of cooking it in a mug, I cooked it into donut shapes, inspired by my recent trip to Mochi Cream.


A Teavana location opened up inside the UTC mall last week. We had seen the store sign shortly after UTC mall debuted its remodel, but it’s taken quite some time to finally open.

We have never been to the other locations, but Mr. K was really interested in checking it out because he really loves tea.

The store sells a wide variety of gourmet loose leaf teas, prepared tea drinks, and all sorts of tea related equipment from teapots to tea thermoses.

We sampled a few brewed teas while inside the store and ended up buying a few gifts for friends. There is a large wall lined with canisters of tea flavors.

One thing that really bothered us, was how hard the employees were trying to make a sell.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve visited King’s Hawaiian Bakery. On my last trip to Torrance, we stopped by so I could grab some rainbow bread, guava chiffon cake and more.

There are two locations, but I prefer the King Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant which has a bigger section of the King’s Hawaiian products. Here, you’ll find King’s Hawaiian specialty breads not available at the markets as well as their famous Paradise cake and other pastries and baked goods.

Not much had changed since our last visit a few years ago, except that the prices went up a little. But it has been a few years so that was expected.

The bread selection includes specialty items like coconut macadamia bread, jalapeno bread and their famous rainbow bread.

I love how colorful the rainbow bread is though I’ve never understood why they don’t have a sweet bread option, only a butter bread which works better for sandwiches. The colors make it seem like it will be a dessert bread or at least taste like the King Hawaiian rolls.

They also have a large selection of shortbread:

King Hawaiian is also famous for their Paradise cake, which consists of three different flavored chiffon cakes. You can buy whole Paradise cakes, or if you don’t like all the flavors, you cna get a cake with just one flavor. And if you are really looking for a bargain and don’t care for frosting, you can actually buy unfrosted cakes for much cheaper.