There was no Fearless Flyer in my mail this month. I know they don’t come every month, but after getting so many consecutive ones in a row, it felt like such a let down.

Also, how was I supposed to know what to buy??

Anyway, I made up some excuse for making a trip. Something about needing more gruyere cheese. So DH and I stopped by after a night dining out and while we were there I had to do some exploring of course.

Dried Green mangoes

I’m obsessed with dried fruit and I’m always checking to see if TJ has new offerings. I hadn’t yet seen these before and neither had my cashier. I was afraid they would be too tart for me, but they are sweetened, so it was a really good balance of tart and sweet. I really enjoyed them.


Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Finally! Everytime I go, these seem to be out. But they were there on my latest trip. While I’ve learned to make my own, it was still great to eat TJ’s version. Love the thick crunchy chips they use.


Pineapple Chips

Like dried banana chips but with pineapple! I loved these as well. They are crispy and basically taste like banana chips except for that tart pineapple finish.

Continuing on my Super Bowl recipe ideas, over the last several months I’ve made these bulgogi sliders quite a few times and people always seem to enjoy them.

Bulgogi sliders, made with Korean-style marinated meat, have been really popular at Korean fusion restaurants but they are easy to replicate at home too.  I love the small size and bold flavors, making it a perfect Super Bowl appetizer that isn’t your typical Game Day food.

Finally, DH and I have found a pizza place serving wood fire oven pizzas that taste as good as the ones we ate in Italy.

We had heard good things about Pizzeria Mozza and so it had been on my “to do” list, especially since they have a location in Newport Beach. Pizzeria Mozza is the joint collaboration of Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich. We previously dined at the more formal Osteria and thought the meal enjoyable but unmemorable. Pizzeria Mozza is a much more casual establishment.

The seating is a little bit crowded. The tables are decorated with interesting placemats. I forgot to take pictures but they kept us entertained. Mine showed all the inventions I could thank Italians for. DH’s was teaching him various Italian words.

Upon being seated, we were provided with breadsticks completely wrapped up in brown paper. I don’t know why but I loved the idea of eating crunchy breadsticks while waiting for my food.

There were so many appetizers I wanted to try, but only two of us, so we only chose one to share.

Prosciutto di Parma & mozzarella di bufala

Since this doesn’t come with any accompaniments, we also ordered some garlic bread.

There was plenty of proscuitto on our plate and the Mozza group is known for their delicious fresh cheeses. I enjoyed this combination but next time I’ll opt for a warm appetizer. It seemed a little plain to just being eating these two items alone.

The garlic bread we ordered was absolutely massive. I like thick toast, but this was maybe a little too much. We basically had to break off little pieces at a time. There was no way to really pile proscuitto and cheese on top and eat it together.