Corn on the cob is flavored with butter, cotjia cheese, chipotle powder and lime juice, for a flavorful summer side dish.

I’ve been obsessed with roasted and grilled corn this summer. This one is loosely based on Mexican-style corn, though it doesn’t use the traditional mayonnaise because I don’t like mayonnaise on my corn. I love how flavorful the corn becomes with a few simple ingredients. You can make the corn in the oven or on the grill.

We finally got our grill. Yes, summer is half over, but it’s here and I’m excited to get going on some grill recipes. Of course, it ended up being a big ordeal. We invested in a natural gas grill since we have a natural gas line hookup in the back of our house. After we purchased the grill, Mr. K went about putting it together. It was then that we discovered you can’t just simply hook the BBQ grill hose to the natural gas line–you need adapters, shut off valves, etc. According to the manual and our neighbor, we were supposed to get a contractor to do it for us.

But Mr. K did some research and decided to do it himself. I was definitely a little nervous…

We recently went for a revisit to Yu’s Garden. While it’s not the best Chinese food in San Diego, the 100+ choices and cheap prices (just about everything is under $9) have us coming back every once in a while.

You can do a combination plate from their already prepared dishes which sit at the front of the restaurant and/or you can also order off of the menu. We usually do a combination of both.

Green beans and tripe

We started with a combination plate of green beans and marinated tripe. The green beans were surprisingly good. Crisp, green, with a savory garlic sauce. I’d definitely get this one again. The tripe was okay, a bit too soft and mushy.

Seafood Noodle Soup

These pesto egg bacon cups are my take on “green eggs and ham.” They are easy, portable, and delicious.

Who doesn’t like the idea of eating green eggs and ham? It’s such a fun concept, putting to reality a book many of us grew up reading.

If you haven’t already noticed, I adore the color green (and purple). I tend to really like green foods like pesto and matcha green tea. I’m actually constantly having a chicken or the egg/which came first debate about my favorite foods. Am I drawn to pesto because it is bright green or do I just really enjoy the flavor?  I really don’t know the answer.

My garden bed has been blooming like crazy. I’m not really sure what happened. For a long while, I was struggling to keep it alive. I may have had to go to Home Depot several times to replace plants that kept dying on me. Then one day, all the plants just seemed to bloom overnight and now the herb garden bed is overflowing with luscious greens.