The popular Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens just opened a second location in Liberty Station. I was so excited when I found out because I’m always too lazy to drive to the original Escondido location.

I’ve always enjoyed Stone mainly for the beer variety, but we decided to have lunch during our visit. I highly recommend making reservations because they were pretty booked and were turning away walk-ins who wanted a table in the dining room.

Arrogant Bastard, Monkey Paw Sweet Georgia

Of course no visit to Stone is complete without some beers.

Bruschetta BLT Sandwich

The menu actually had quite a variety, with a lot of Asian influenced dishes. However, we’ve never been too impressed with the food and we took a peek at some of the entrees at other tables and thought they looked small for the price, so I stuck with a simple sandwich.

This was disappointing. It felt like biting into a giant lettuce filled salad without any dressing. The sandwich was made up mainly of raw lettuce, tomatoes marinated in oil and vinegar, and a few strips of bacon. It was really bland and I didn’t really care for the bread either.

This may be the streusel talking, but I am totally in love with this mug cake.

I’ve been trying to make mug cakes outside of the traditional ones. So the last few weeks I worked on this blueberry muffin one. And no muffin is complete without streusel.

I love blueberry muffins. And I love that now I can make myself a single serving one for breakfast instead of making a dozen of them and then trying to eat a dozen of them in 2-3 days.

A few months ago I read about Häagen-Dazs’ new gelato line. I immediately started looking for them whenever I went grocery shopping, but no luck. Then last week I saw commercials on TV, and knew they must have reached the stores. And sure enough, they were at my local Vons and Ralphs. So I bought every flavor I could get my hands on in order to try them all. I also have tried some other newish ice cream flavors that I wanted to share.

Sea Salt Caramel

The gelatos come in both pint sizes and the tiny one serving cups. I got the sea salt caramel in the one serving cup but now I wish I got a full pint because this was really good. It’s a caramel ice cream with swirls of sea salt caramel.


Swirls of coffee and sweat cream ice cream. I love how this looked and it really did taste like a cappuccino in gelato form.


This is always Mr. K’s favorite gelato flavor. It’s similar to chocolate chip except the chocolate pieces are much smaller and there’s a lot more of them.

Dark Chocolate Chip

I’m usually not much of a chocolate ice cream person but this was pretty good. I could definitely taste the higher quality chocolate used.