Kit Kat Cake

Kit Kat Cake


I’ve done so much baking over the years, but this is the first time I’ve fully decorated a whole cake. Of course, using kit kats makes it much easier but it also looks pretty cool too doesn’t it?
Kit Kat Cake
I’ve been toying with doing a whole cake, completely with layers and decoration for a while. I was going to make one for DH’s birthday, but he asked for a very minimalist birthday this year. He wanted a weekend of doing nothing. No running errands, no making a mess in the kitchen. He wanted to sleep in, play his computer game, hang out and watch TV. Our downtime is usually quite busy, so I could understand why he wanted this break.

After our initial visit to the Rancho Penosquitos Sab-E-Lee location, DH and I really wanted to make our way back.

We finally got a chance to a few weeks ago, enjoying a pleasant but also tongue-numbing spicy meal.

We arrived during the early dinner hours to find the place already completely packed and quite a few people waiting for tables. We ended up waiting a good 30 minutes before finally being seated.
Sab-E-Lee Rancho Penosquitos
By the time we were seated, we were starving and ordered quite a bit for our party of three. Last time I had been here, we had ordered a spice level of 3 and it seemed manageable. So we went that route again. Unfortunately, this time it was much too hot. I know that they are heavy handed on their spice level, but I wish they would be more consistent.

Beef Salad
Sab-E-Lee Rancho Penosquitos
Having always gotten the papaya salad, we decided to mix it up and try the beef salad. This ended up being the least spicy of our dishes and I kept coming back to it for some relief.

I love how the beef arrives barely cooked, and the spices and acid actually finish cooking the beef. I still prefer their papaya salad thought.

Salted Fish Fried Rice
Sab-E-Lee Rancho Penosquitos
I really enjoyed this one. The entire dish had a strong flavor of the fermented fish. DH didn’t particularly care for salted fish so he didn’t really enjoy this one. Unfortunately, this was also one of the spiciest ones, so I had trouble eating a lot of it.

Drunken Noodles
Sab-E-Lee Rancho Penosquitos
This is always one of my favorites and the wide flat noodles were cooked just right. It was also one of the spiciest dishes of the night so I couldn’t take more than two bites without turning to my water.

Nutella Custard Magic Pie

After successfully making a magic custard pie and Nutella magic cake bars, of course I had to try making a Nutella custard pie.

Magic pie and magic bars are not quite the same. The custard pie only has two layers whereas the magic cake bars have three layers. Both recipes work in a similar fashion, where the dessert magically forms layers during the baking. The pie isn’t as cool looking, but it’s super super easy to make.
Nutella Magic Custard Cake
It takes less than five minute to assemble the batter and it’s ready to go in the oven.