We recently went to Restaurant Kaz for a lunch revisit. Now they actually have an official sign up, making it much easier to find.

The menu has also expanded and they still offer a lunch prix fixe menu which starts at $12. You choose a soup, salad and main course. It also comes with orange juice or coffee (no refills).

Complimentary Bread

Slices of fresh bread were accompanied by an oil and vinegar dipping sauce. I wish the bread had been warmer and crunchier.

Ceasar Salad (+$1)

I opted to pay $1 to upgrade from the House Salad to the Caesar. The dressing was a little on the watery side, but otherwise this was alright.

Marinated Vegetables (+$2)

My friend opted to upgrade to the marinated vegetables. He stated that these were delicious and he liked that they roasted the vegetables as well. I’ll have to try this option next time.

House Salad

DH opted for the base house salad. He seemed to enjoy it.

Corn Soup (+$1)

I’ve always enjoyed the Japanese style corn soup which is made of mashed corn in a cream broth, like a corn potage.

Baked Bacon Wrapped Eggs
I’ve seen a lot of bacon wrapped recipes lately and it got me thinking about the bacon eggs I’ve made previously. I’ve made many versions including a fried bacon eggs and bacon egg cups, but I’ve never just wrapped an egg in slices of bacon.

Baked Bacon Wrapped Eggs

I didn’t realize how small eggs are until I tried to wrap some bacon around them. It took a little effort, but I finally got the hang of it. I love how the eggs look wrapped in the red meat.

Sprinkles Ice Cream Beverly Hills
Because apparently cupcakes are not enough, Sprinkles has decided to venture into the ice cream making business. The first Sprinkles Ice Cream debuted in Beverly Hills, next door to its Sprinkles Cupcakes shop, and a second one just opened in Newport Beach.

At the San Diego cupcake store, there is no ice cream served, even though I constantly see little signs advertising the Sprinkles ice cream. I always find the sign annoying since they don’t actually carry any ice cream.

Anyhow, I was a little dubious about a Sprinkles Ice Cream. Los Angeles has so much good ice cream, would Sprinkles be as worthy of a competitor? Well after seeing how popular it’s been and the generally positive reviews, DH and I stopped in on our last Los Angeles road trip.
Sprinkles Ice Cream Beverly Hills

Sprinkles Ice Cream Beverly Hills

Sprinkles Ice Cream Beverly Hills

Luck was clearly on our side. The Beverly Hills area is notorious for traffic and sparse open parking spaces. Yet when we went, we found a spot right in front, with 50 minutes still in the meter! In addition, there was barely any line (only about 5 people in front of us) which I was surprised about because I’d read that there is constantly a long wait.

Well right after we got in line, people started to pile behind us. By the time we got our ice cream, the line was more than 20 people deep! We were definitely super lucky.

Sprinkles Ice Cream Beverly HillsSprinkles Ice Cream Beverly Hills

Sprinkles Ice Cream Beverly Hills