I finally got a chance to try out Harajuku Crepe in Beverly Hills this weekend and I already want to go back.

Harajuku crepes is a popular dessert in Japan. The crepes, which are not the traditional French crepes, are wrapped up into a cone shape and stuffed with various toppings such as ice cream, fresh fruit, whipped cream. There are savory ones as well.

I’d heard really good things about the shop in Beverly Hills but I don’t usually spend much time in Beverly Hills, especially since there is a lot of traffic getting there. But I was already in LA and determined and off we went. I was particularly intrigued by their use of mochi flour in the crepe batter and by the drool worthy post by Gastronomer.

The small simple storefront seems out of place in the expensive Beverly Hills shopping area and I was quite surprised by the very reasonable prices. DH wondered how they can afford to stay in business with the prices given how extraordinary rent must be there.

We previously had tried the harajuku-style crepes offered by Angels & Hearts in San Diego, but had been very disappointed. The crepe batter was too soft and gummy, the toppings quite minimal.

You start with your basic crepe (priced at $3), which you have five flavors to choose from: original, chocolate, green tea, earl grey, and buckwheat. Your main topping is $1.00 extra and any additional toppings and sauces are an additional $.50 each. Each of our crepes ended up being about $5.

Original crepe with Nutella, strawberries and vanilla ice cream

DH chose an original crepe which we filled with strawberries, Nutella and ice cream. The outside of the crepe was still nice and crisp and there was a good amount of toppings filling the inside. The crepe was thin, light, with a little bit of a chew from the use of mochi flour. The crepe texture is a little different from French crepes, but we both really liked this Japanese spin on crepes.

In December, I took my favorite cookies n’ cream cookies recipe and made a festive holiday version using the red cream holiday edition Oreo cookies.

I thought about doing something similar for Valentine’s Day when I found these pink berry burst flavored Oreos.

Unfortunately, the pink color is a bit light, so when mixed with the dough, it gets even more muddled down. I wasn’t quite happy with the color of the dough, but the cookies remain good. They are crisp on the outside, soft and chewy in the middle. The berry flavor was surprisingly strong.

The last time some of our friends came to visit for a San Diego beer crawl, we found ourselves at Lolita’s taco shop again.

This time, I was actually around to eat everything we ordered, without having to dash off after a couple of bites.

Shrimp Quesadillas

My friends really love the shrimp quesadilla here. I liked the peppery seasoning of the shrimp but I was surprised by the use shredded iceberg lettuce which I thought made the quesadillas quite watery. I would have enjoyed these a lot more if they didn’t use lettuce.

Carne Asada Fries

I still love the crispy fries and the plenitude of other ingredients in this entree. My one complaint is that I think their carne asada meat is too salty.