I’m in love with these easy muffins. I made them Sunday morning and was popping them in my mouth all day. Until there were none left. Oops.

I know minis are supposed to be better because they are smaller and less guilt, but that doesn’t really work for me. I end up eating way too many because they are so small.

These muffins are so ridiculously easy. When I finished making the batter, I had to double check that I didn’t leave something out because the batter just didn’t look ready.

Din Tai Fung opened it’s third Los Angeles branch last week, located at The Americana in Glendale.

One thing that made this opening particularly exciting is the offering of truffle dumplings, the only Din Tai Fung location in the US currently offering them.

In addition to offering truffle dumplings, this location also has a bar area and specialty cocktail drinks. This DTF definitely strives to make its restaurant more “American friendly.” Unlike the Arcadia locations, the restaurant is staffed predominantly with Caucasian servers. The interior also has a more sleek and modern look, rather than the simpler, no-frills appearances of the two Arcadia branches.

The menu prices are also slightly higher than the Arcadia prices (about $.50 higher).

Pork Chop Fried Brown Rice

We started with one of our favorites. This was on par with the quality we’ve had in Arcadia and in Taiwan. The pork pieces are tender, moist and well-seasoned. It’s a popular entree at DTF.

Truffle Dumplings

At $22.50 for 5 pieces, it’s definitely on the pricey side. Truffle dumplings first appeared at the Taiwan DTF locations a few years ago.

Pumpkin bread pudding mug cake

Bread pudding is best served warm, which is why this easy, quick, one serving microwave mug version is so great.

No long prep time. No making custard on the stove. No waiting around for a full-sized bread pudding to bake.
Pumpkin bread Pudding Mug Cake 1