This one pot pasta has a creamy tomato sauce. You won’t believe how simple it is. Another perfect weeknight dinner meal.

I’m still obsessed with one pot pastas. This latest rendition is my favorite yet. There’s ground meat and a creamy tomato sauce. If you recall the first one pot pasta I made, I thought the sauce was a little too simplistic. I wanted something saucier and this is definitely it.

Sage Cake Bakery is a Japanese French Bakery offering a variety of cakes.

After my lunch with CC, we decided to stop in for dessert. It’s been a very long time since I’ve visited. I used to frequent it for birthday cakes. The cakes are on the expensive side but they are generally quite delicious, and usually light and not overly sweet.


This was my choice. I was in the mood for something light and fruity and this hit the mark perfectly. Delicate layers of vanilla bean cake, with a strawberry mousse in the center. It was garnished with fresh fruit.

These wings are crispy, sticky, sweet and savory, with a hint of bourbon.

BBQ Season is here and with Memorial Weekend around the corner, my mind has definitely been on bbq recipes even though we actually have not yet bought a grill. We do plan on it soon though.

These wings can be grilled or made in the oven. The wings are cooked until the skin is super crispy. Then they are cooked again for a few minutes with a coke and bourbon glaze until it caramelizes on the skin. They are finished with an additional glaze of the sticky coke and bourbon sauce.