I’m excited to share this recipe for pumpkin fruit roll-ups.

Earlier this year, I learned how easy it was to make my own fruit leather/fruit roll-ups. While baking with some pumpkin puree, I suddenly got the idea to try to make fruit roll-ups with the puree. I wasn’t sure it would work as I’ve never seen pumpkin flavored fruit leather, but a few hours later and I had my fruit leather.

McDonald's Mighty Wings

For the football season, McDonald’s released a limited time menu item: Mighty Wings. The wings are deep fried and spicy, just the way I like my wings. Even though I had my doubts, I couldn’t resist heading over to my nearest McDonald’s to try them out.
McDonald's Mighty Wings 1
A 10-piece was priced at $8.99, so a little less than one dollar per wing. Mr. K thought the price was a little high, especially compared to KFC’s hot wings.

The wings were quite plump and didn’t look dry or dehydrated which can happen at some other fast food places if the wings have been sitting around too long.

Ice Blast, a Hawaiian-style shaved ice place, recently opened in San Diego. It’s located on Convoy Street, in the same plaza as Big Joy Family Bakery.

After perusing the menu, I was pleasantly surprised by how cheap the prices are. For whatever size shaved ice you choose, you can choose three flavors of syrup and get free toppings like condensed milk, sour spray, Hawaiian salt, and Ling Hing Mui powder.  You can also get additional toppings for $.75 each.