Bloody Mary Ice Pops

These Blood Mary ice pops turns the classic cocktail into a fun and refreshing treat.

Over the long weekend we were in Los Angeles where temperatures were in the 90s. During the LA Times The Taste event, we had these Bloody Mary popsicles, which really hit the spot in the scorching heat. I’ve always enjoyed the cocktail and I liked it in ice pop form even more.

This recipe is just 2 ingredients and it produces a rich, decadent, individual-sized, flourless Nutella cake.

Last week my first cookbook released! I am overwhelmed by all the support of family, friends and readers who purchased the book. To celebrate the book release, I am sharing my absolute favorite recipe from the book.

Two years ago, I created a 2 Ingredient Nutella Flourless Cake. The recipe went viral on the internet and I’ve seen it shared (sometimes without credit -_-) on numerous blogs, publications, youtube videos, etc. To date, it remains the most read post on my blog and it’s definitely a recipe I’m quite proud of.

The original recipe is unbelievable. An absolutely delicious cake with just the use of Nutella and eggs. For months, I tried to figure out a way to make a mug cake version, and I finally was able to produce an equally delicious version with far less work for my new book.

Punjabi Tandoor recently opened a second San Diego location in Mira Mesa. The original location is a hole-in-the-wall space that is extremely popular.

I was really curious about the second location. Occupying the former Hon Sushi, the exterior was a little amusing. Inside, there is plenty of dining space, a welcome contrast to the very limited seating of the original location.

We went during lunch hours, so they were offering various lunch combinations from the food sitting on the steam trays. Much like the original location, the scoops of food that went into our box were quite plentiful.

All combinations come with naan and kheer

The naan here has never been a favorite of  mine. The last time I got it at the Miramar location and it was burnt. While this one was not, it has a fermented sour dough flavor I don’t really like and the texture was also somewhat gummy.