I had a lot of fun making 3 Ingredient Butterfingers. And it made me start thinking of other easy homemade versions of popular chocolate bar recipes.

Chocolate crunch bars are super, super easy. You only need 2 ingredients!

Cocohodo opened recently inside Zion Market. I had been really curious about this cafe for months, mainly because of my sweet tooth. I’ve never visited any of the other locations, so I didn’t really know what to expect.

I had imagined a cafe selling various walnut pastries. However, it’s actually just one pastry. They also offer a limited drink menu.

Since it’s in the grand opening period, they were giving out plenty of samples.

I’m always trying to improve upon old recipes. Recently, I tackled my old pumpkin mug cake recipe.

I love how easy this is. I’m pretty much craving pumpkin the entire months of October and November so this allows me indulge whenever I want.