With the cold weather, DH and I have been constantly craving ramen and tsukemen. We recently stopped by RakiRaki again and I thought it was time for an updated post since there have been so many additions to the menu.

The tables now include a chili infused vinegar.

In addition to the chicken ramen, RakiRaki now also offers a pork tonkotsu ramen. I haven’t yet tried it and have heard mixed reviews about it. Since I haven’t been a fan of the chicken ramen, I’ve been hesitant to try the pork tonkotsu.

They’ve also expanded on their tsukemen selection, adding a pork tonkotsu tsukemen and a spicy miso tonkostu tsukemen.

Spicy Miso Tonkotsu Tsukemen

I had been planning on trying the tonkotsu tsukemen, which resembles the tsukemen broth at Tsujita in appearance, though not nearly as rich or flavorful in taste. The server messed up my order or misheard me and gave me a spicy miso one instead. I’m not a big miso fan so I didn’t really like this one. I’ll have to order the regular tonkotsu tsukemen next time to really get a sense of their tonkotsu tsukemen broth.

I also opted for an upgrade on toppings to include the flame blistered prime XO underbelly chasiu. Unfortunately, I found the meat to be too dry and the XO sauce barely detectible.

I’m always obsessed with finding new and quick recipes. I recently came across a savory sour cream quick bread recipe which looked promising and also allowed me to lighten up the recipe by using Greek strained yogurt instead of sour cream.

This bread is very simple to make. You just need one bowl and you stir everything by hand. It reminded me of making a quick beer bread though there’s no beer in this recipe.

The Original Sab-E-Lee recently opened a new location in Rancho Penasquitos.

After Kirk first reported of a new Sab-E-Lee was opening, I was really excited to check it out. I’ve always enjoyed the original one, but the location is so tiny that we rarely dine in. The newer location is a little bigger so you can actually bring a bigger group of people to go eat.

This weekend, DH and I got to try it out with some great company: CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High, Carol of CAB Cooks and Jinxi of Jinxi Eats.

The menu is very similar to the original location.

Duck larb

I’ve been a fan of the beef larb so it was interesting to try the duck one. It was a little on the spicy side, but enjoyable.

Thai Sausage Fried Rice

I liked the fried rice itself, but wished there were more pieces of sausage. I usually get the sausage by itself and think next time I’ll do that again and then order a different fried rice.

Crab noodles

This was a first for me. I thought the noodles were a little too soft and mushy. Also even though we ordered the same level of spice for all the dishes, this one barely had any spice.