A good friend of mine is currently in Thailand and all his IG photos of the food he is eating has made me crave Thai food like crazy. So recently, Mr. K and I stopped in for a quick meal at our go-to spot, the Sab-E-Lee in Rancho Penasquitos. We prefer this location because of the larger seating area. We enjoy the variety of dishes offered here, especially the Isaan specialties, and the prices are reasonable.

We’ve worked our way through most of the menu and on this occasion, we went back to the default carb dishes.

Pad Thai

I’m pretty sure this is one of the most often ordered dishes here but I actually don’t really enjoy Sab-E-Lee’s version that much. The flavors were quite muted this time around. Also we requested a spice level 1 and there didn’t seem to be any spice. One gripe I have about this place is that the lack of consistency with the spice level. One day a level 1 can be extremely mild and on another day, a level 1 can mean extreme pain.

Pad Pak Boong (stir fried water spinach w/bean sauce)

I insisted we needed a green on the table and chose this one which I have not had before. I enjoyed the preparation. The bean sauce was not too heavy handed, instead adding a mild fermented flavor to the vegetable dish.

One pot + two main steps = delicious pepperoni and melted cheese pizza pasta.

I’ve been wanting to make a pepperoni pizza themed pasta for quite a while and here it is. I just love how the melted mozzarella cheese stretches over the noodles.

I thought of a story while I was making this to include in this blog post, but I can’t remember it anymore. Forgetfulness has plagued me a lot lately. I don’t know if it is age or what. I remember I used to be amused when I saw a kid go upstairs to fetch something and then completely forget what he was doing. And now I find myself doing the exact same thing. There have been so many moments the last few weeks where I run upstairs to grab something in my room, or I go get my phone from my purse, and then I can’t remember why I went to my room, needed my phone, etc.

While grocery shopping at Vons a few weeks ago, I passed by the bakery section and these glazed waffles in the donut section caught my attention. Against my better judgment, I grabbed one to try.

I assumed they were supposed to be waffle donuts, which was later confirmed by the recording playing over the speakers announcing sales and new products. In theory the idea sounds intriguing. Waffles are definitely a trending food this year, with waffle sandwiches and liege waffles constantly popping up on menus.