Sea & Smoke, the newest restaurant by Chef Matt Gordon (Urban Solace, Solace & the Moonlight Lounge) recently opened and I just couldn’t wait to check it out. I was especially excited for this place because of the emphasis on seafood. It’s located in the Flower Hill plaza of Del Mar, near the Whole Foods that opened a few months ago.

After perusing the menu, we wanted to try almost everything. The dishes are designed to be shared family style, so we selected a variety of appetizers and main entrees to share. Luckily, we went with some pretty adventurous company.

Smoke Dip (cold smoked oysters, crème fraîche clam dip, squid ink crackers)

I loved the cold smoked oysters and the squid ink crackers. I wish there were a few more oysters and a little more sea taste in the crème fraîche clam dip, as I couldn’t taste any clam in the dip. I could nibble on those crackers all day.

Blackened Yellowtail Crudo (jalapeño ash, fresh lime, jicama, compressed watermelon)

This was light and refreshing, though none of the flavors really popped for me. I did enjoy the very sweet compressed watermelon.

Meat and Cheese Plate (venison-berkshire, duck prosciutto, black truffle wild boar, honeybee cheese)

Sea & Smoke offers a variety of artisan meats and cheeses and allows you to make your own combination board. We were really interested in the meat selection and it was tempting to get all meats. We decided to show some slight restraint, ordering a four item board, consisting of three meats and one cheese. It also comes with some grapes, candied pecans, bread.

You know the “Put the Lime in the Coconut” song? (Officially its title is “Coconut” by Harry Nilsson.) Mr. K loves singing that song, except he only knows one verse. So for the last few weeks he’s been singing/repeating “Put the lime in the coconut.” Then, while watching a marathon of the tv show Bones, it was sung during the end of one episode, so we finally both got to hear all the lyrics.

Well I’ve had the song stuck in my head, inspiring me to want to make something with limes and coconuts. I’ve come up with a few ideas, but I decided to start with this easy mug cake.

Today marks the end of my Lite and Refreshing recipe series with Smooth 98.1. It’s been a lot of fun getting a taste of the radio business and it’s such a thrill getting emails from various readers who hear the promo for the series. For the finale, I really wanted something that screamed summer. And what better than a tropical sorbet?

After making the sorbet, I placed them in empty lemon shells. The coconut milk gives this sorbet a nice creamy texture and the lemon keeps it light and refreshing.