We recently tried out M.I. Tea Express, a new tea cafe that is currently in its soft opening stage. It’s located around the corner from Zion Market, across from Taegukgi BBQ House.

I really love how the relocation of Zion Market has brought about so much business to what was once a pretty empty and vacant plaza.

The store was pretty bare, but they were up and running. The helpful employee who took our order said that the name is pronounced “M.I.T” as in “Made in Taiwan.” I don’t think the owners are actually Taiwanese though. My thought is that it is supposed to be similar to a Taiwanese tea place.

The drink menu was a little confusing because they have a lot of drink names that are not the usual ones and there’s no description provided. Luckily, the employees described each of their top drinks in detail.

Ying Yang Icicles

This is a milk slushy drink with black sugar syrup. It was quite sweet, so next time we’ll have to ask for less sugar. Black sugar syrup is often used on Taiwanese desserts now because it’s supposedly healthier. I found the boba to be too soft in texture.

After successfully making a rich and velvety chocolate cake with just three ingredients (with ice cream being the secret ingredient), I was really curious whether I could make it work with frozen yogurt, which would be a healthier alternative.

I bought some fat free Greek blueberry frozen yogurt, which I thought would give the cake a nice light purple color and make the recipe much healthier. I also added in some fresh blueberries because the frozen yogurt didn’t have any blueberry pieces.

Today debuts the opening of the Terminal 2 Expansion at San Diego Airport, also known as the Green Build Project, a $907 million project. I’ve been following the progress pretty closely, especially after they announced a new food court and additions of local San Diego favorites like Phil’s BBQ and Stone Brewery.

I was lucky enough to be invited to tour the new Terminal 2 last week prior to it being open to the public. During the tour, we got to see new artwork, the new gates, and the Sunset Cove building which contains most of the new restaurant options. We also got to try sample a lot of the food too.

One of the biggest changes for Terminal 2 is the separation of departures and arrivals. Departures will now be in an upper level lanes complete with the San Diego view.

There’s a lot of new artwork including this ribbon of lights which is programmed to create animated images going across. It was emulating birds flying over when we viewed it.

Bathroom entrances now have tv screens. And there’s even a pet relief area. I couldn’t get a photo of the inside though because it seemed like every camera crew was trying to get a photo. It’s basically a small green area with a fake fire hydrant.

Of course, I was most excited for the food. Outside of the food court, the first place we encountered was Phil’s BBQ, which has become legendary in San Diego. Whenever I speak with people outside of San Diego, it seems like just about all of them have heard of Phil’s.

While there, we got to sample their most famous items: the fall-off-the-bone tender pork ribs and their enormous onion rings.