Creamy matcha flavored ice pops are mixed with chewy bits of mochi.

I absolutely love the Froyo Mochi Ice Pops I made a few weeks ago and have been making them non-stop. Recently I made a matcha version because I am obsessed with matcha flavored desserts (also the original ones I found on Thrillist that inspired my Froyo Mochi Pops are matcha flavored too).

For some reason I find matcha frozen yogurt a little too tangy, so I made these more of a matcha cream, with a little bit of yogurt to make them extra creamy.

A few weeks ago, Mr. K and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. Boy has time just flown by! Following with tradition, we revisited the spot where we had a our ceremony (La Jolla Cove) and also went to have a meal where we had our wedding reception banquet (Pearl Chinese Cuisine).

One issue with having a wedding date during such a popular time to get married is that it’s hard to revisit your wedding spots. Pearl’s was completely booked for the weekend we intended to celebrate, so we ended up having to make due with lunch instead of dinner. The clubhouse at the Cove was also booked for a private event, so we just walked around.

Last year, we attempted to order most of our wedding banquet dishes. This time, we didn’t go as crazy. For some reason, it just seemed too extravagant for lunch. But we still ordered a lot of food.

Crabmeat Soup

This tasted a lot like the version we had at our wedding. Last year, we tried another variation with vegetables that we didn’t really care for. We liked this one much better. I know you can’t really see it because of the thick soup, but there was actually plenty of crab meat chunks inside.

Tea Smoked Chilean Sea Bass

This was the most popular dish from our wedding banquet. We attempted to order it for our one year but were told it needs to be special ordered ahead of time. So this time, I made sure to call ahead. Unfortunately, as soon as it arrived it didn’t look right. This was way overcooked and the smoked flavor was too light. It just tasted like a regular sea bass and not worth the special order or the price ($32). There had been an option to order the full banquet size one, and I’m wondering if it would have tasted better had we done that instead. It’s too bad as we had really been looking forward to this one.

This chocolate mug cake has an intense chocolate flavor that will satisfy chocolate lovers. The light-as-air frosting and fresh raspberries add a little bit of extra bliss to each bite.

While writing my 5- Minute Mug Cake book, I completely reworked my chocolate cake recipe. When I first started making mug cakes, one of my first ones was a chocolate mug cake. It was good, but it had a lot of unnecessary ingredients. I had been working on altering it for a while but it wasn’t until I sat down and wrote my book that I really found the right combination.

This chocolate cake is only five ingredients and is eggless. The chocolate flavor is intense and decadent. The secret?