Jimmy Carter’s Mexican Cafe, owned and named after native San Diegan Jimmy Carter, has been around for more than twenty years.

This past weekend, I spent some time with my cousin who was in town for a visit. I asked her what she was craving, and having previously lived in San Diego while attending college, she promptly responded with “Mexican.” I came up with a few suggestions and she picked Jimmy Carter’s.

I previously had some bites from Jimmy Carter’s years ago and have wanted to go back ever since for a full meal. When we walked in, I was surprised that the place was quite empty. During our initial visit, the restaurant had been completely packed.

The menu has quite a selection of breakfast and lunch items as well as even more specials written on a board.

Complimentary chips and salsa

Homemade Tamal

This Matcha flavored cake has a strong green tea flavor and beautiful dark green color.

I’ve received a couple of requests for a green tea mug cake, so here it is! I really love the color.

This cake is light and fluffy and mildly sweet, letting the matcha flavor really shine through.

One of the British traditions I was most looking forward to exploring during my trip to London was Afternoon Tea.

This can range anywhere from a very casual cup of tea with a pastry to a very formal, full-service (and pricey) experience. We opted to experience the full grand affair.

There were so many options but we didn’t have many free afternoons in London, making it a little hard to squeeze in Afternoon Tea, but we managed to fit in Fortnum & Mason into our schedule.

Fortnum & Mason is a high end gourmet department store, specializing in teas, jams and other goodies. In addition to shopping, they also have a Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon, opened in honor of the Queen. It was originally St. James’ restaurant but after being refurnished, it was opened on March 1, 2012 by Her Majesty the Queen accompanied by Their Royal Highnesses the Duchess of Cornwalland the Duchess of Cambridge, and renamed The Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon

The Fortnum & Mason’s tea experience is definitely a formal and grand affair. One of the main reasons I was so excited though, was that you could get unlimited refills on the food.