These crispy baked wings are topped with a light tequila glaze.

I hope everyone had a good Labor Day weekend. We spent most of the weekend at the Los Angeles Times The Taste event. On Monday, we just wanted to relax and have a low-key day. I whipped up these crispy baked tequila wings to snack on while watching US Open tennis.

D&C Tofu House

I had a craving for tofu stew recently, so we went to check out D&C Tofu House.

The staff was very energetic and friendly in greeting us and soon we were seated with the paper menu.

After we ordered, we received our complimentary banchan. It was a good assortment though somewhat lackluster in taste. The only I really liked was the spicy squid.

Galbi Hot Stone Plate

This hot stone plate was massive–definitely the biggest stone plate I’ve seen used at a Korean restaurant. I should have put the tofu stew next to it for size comparison.

Whole Lemon Bars

If you’re looking for an amazing lemon bar recipe, this is it. These lemon bars are the best I’ve had. A thick and velvety custard that isn’t too sweet or too tart, with a great lemony flavor. What is really interesting is that it uses an entire lemon (minus the seeds).

As a result, you don’t need to zest or juice. You just puree the whole lemon in your food processor and it gives the lemon bars such a great flavor.