This is the easiest ice cream recipe ever. Just 3 ingredients, no ice cream maker needed, and virtually no work. The result is a super creamy gelato.

I haven’t made any ice cream yet this summer. I’m not sure why, but I just haven’t really had the time and patience to wait for the ice cream maker, freeze, wash all those dishes, etc. Then I came across this ridiculously easy 3 ingredient ice cream recipe.

I had my doubts, but I tried it, and it works! The consistency is like gelato. You won’t believe this wasn’t made in a machine.

For the month of August, The Baked Bear’s special is an ice cream donut sandwich, which I had to go try out.

The Baked Bear, which opened last year, specializes in custom ice cream sandwiches. It’s our favorite place to get cookie and brownie ice cream sandwiches in San Diego, with so many flavor combinations to choose from and the huge amount of ice cream they pack into each sandwich. I always find myself having trouble finishing an entire one.

Doughnuts and ice cream are two of my favorite things and I’ve been on a mission to find a place that offers a good donut ice cream sandwich. I’m surprised doughnut shops don’t offer it, especially in the summer.

Lemon Blondies

These simple lemon cake bars are sweet and tart and perfect for people who love lemony desserts.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was filled with activities, from delicious meals, to ice cream donut sandwiches, seeing good friends, and getting a new haircut. What is it about a haircut, that your hair looks so shimmery and new after, but you can never quite replicate the look again no matter what you do? I’ve tried taking notes, buying the same products and tools as my hairstylist and nada. It never again looks as bouncy and pretty as the first day right after the salon.