It’s been a while since I wrote about The Secret Cookie Service, a late night cookie delivery service in San Diego with “secret cookie service agents” dressed in suits and donning dark shades, delivering cookies to your door.

(As a reminder, I do know the owner on a personal level. This isn’t a “sponsored post” but I just wanted to give full disclosure. My original post can be found here.)

Since my posts two years ago, The Secret Cookie Service (“SCS”) has continued to expand. They are active across all the San Diego college campuses, they’ve been featured on the local news multiple times, and their cookies can be found at various local San Diego businesses. They offer dozens of cookie flavors and the team of delivery agents has greatly increased as well (I love that there are female agents too!).

Now, having conquered college campuses, the SCS is starting their next big venture: a physical cookie stand in Mission Beach, adding another option to the late-night eating scene. Whether you’re hungry after a day at the beach with your family and friends, or have the late-night munchies after a night out, the Secret Cookie Service Stand is available from 6pm until they sell out (usually around midnight) Thursdays through Saturdays.

This Mexican “Fried” Ice Cream doesn’t require any frying, but the crunchy cinnamon coating gives the sensation of a fried dessert.
Mexican "Fried" Ice Cream from Kirbie's Cravings
Summer is here and the Fair is in full effect in San Diego. This is something I briefly forgot about when driving to meet a friend for lunch and getting stuck in standstill traffic since the restaurant was located off of the same exit as the fair.

It did remind me that I haven’t yet done my annual DIY Fair Food recipes round-up. Whether you’re trying to save money, won’t be attending the fair, or have no fair event nearby, I’ve compiled some common fair food recipes I’ve made in my own home.
Mexican "Fried" Ice Cream from Kirbie's Cravings
But first, let’s get back to this ice cream. I’ve had real fried ice cream before, but honestly it tastes pretty much the same as this non-fried version since you really can’t fry the ice cream for long without it melting. The ice cream is coated in cinnamon dusted crushed cornflakes, giving the ice cream exterior a crunchy coating, as if it were fried. It’s a delicious and ridiculously easy summer treat.


Bruxie, the popular Orange County chain famous for their waffle sandwiches, recently opened their first San Diego location.

I was extremely excited by this opening, having tried one of the Orange County locations previously. The restaurant is located right next to SDSU. In fact, they even accept SDSU meal plans according to the signs in the store (lucky students!). Originally the restaurant was set to open inside The Headquarters, but that somehow fell through. This new location seems to be a perfect spot.

The restaurant offers savory waffle sandwiches, sweet waffle creations, custards, shakes and liege waffles.

Bruxie Burger

On my visit last year to the OC location, I tried two of the most popular sandwiches, the buttermilk fried chicken & waffle and Carolina bbq pulled pork. This time, we wanted to try some other ones, so I chose the Bruxie burger.

What really stands out at Bruxie is the waffle itself. The Belgian-style waffle is perfectly crisp, light, airy, and like no other waffle I’ve ever had before. I wish there was an option to just order a big stack of these because I just want to munch on the waffles plain.

I’m still searching for the best waffle sandwich combination. I’ve enjoyed everything I tried, but none of the fillings have quite yet wowed me enough for a second try. The burger was pretty good, with a lightly seasoned patty and a pink medium center. I think next time I want to try one of the breakfast waffle combinations.