TJ Oyster Bar has become quite popular in San Diego, especially since the opening of their new location. While the original location is a casual taco shop, the new location is a sit-down restaurant with a full bar.

After a good friend of mine highly recommended the restaurant, I had to go check it out. I actually went to both locations. This post will document the newer location and I’ll be writing about the original location (which is just down the road), in a future post.

I immediately liked the space of the new location, which has a large bar area as well.

The newer location has a bigger menu selection, though the prices are also slightly higher.

Smoked tuna taco

Out of all the tacos I’ve tried, the smoked tuna one is my favorite. The jerky-style shredded tuna has just the right amount of smokiness. I’ve had other version which are far too salty, but that wasn’t a problem here.

Smoked tuna fries

Tender bites of chicken are coated in this flavorful honey sriracha sauce; perfect for a weeknight meal.

One of my favorite chicken variations has been the honey sriracha chicken I made a few months ago. I try not to make it too often because the chicken is fried, making the dish quite unhealthy.

So I decided to try making a healthier version. I used boneless chicken thighs for the most flavorful meat and chose not to fry the chicken. I also made some tweaks to the sauce to make it a little healthier.

The new and improved version is only 275 calories per serving.

T-Pop Desserts & More is a new dessert and boba tea shop that opened a few weeks ago. I was drawn in after seeing pictures of their honey brick toast.

The decor is interesting, with different themes and styles for various spaces in the store. There are board games, couches, whimsical tables, etc.