Donut Bar recently opened its Waffle Lounge, located in the upstairs section of Donut Bar. In addition to being a place to hang out and enjoy your donuts, it also serves waffles.

We went to check it out this past weekend. After you enter the Donut Bar shop you can head upstairs to get to the lounge. Once upstairs, there is a counter where you can order your waffle and/or donuts.

The lounge has a variety of chairs and tables to choose from. I especially like the large chalkboards where customers can write messages, donut flavors ideas, etc. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the lounge. It was relaxing, well-lit, a perfect place to hang out with some friends or maybe even get some work done.

House Waffle (bacon waffles, topped with Nutella and bananas)

The waffle was very light and stuffed with bits of bacon. A lot of the bacon waffles I’ve encountered have been heavy and dense, but this was not. It was crisp, light and a good balance of salty and sweet. I could have easily just eaten it by itself. The warmed Nutella and bananas were a good accompaniment. We had no problems polishing off this waffle and are eager to try some of the other ones offered.

We also couldn’t resist getting a few donuts.

Orange Creamsicle, Strawberries and Cream, Buttermilk Bar

I had all these baking ideas planned for this weekend. They basically went out the window with the heat wave we had. I spent most of the weekend trying to stay cool, eating lots of fruit, ice pops, ice cream, and making ice pops.

These mango ice pops came out great. I originally wanted to make them with heavy cream or milk, so it would be similar to a mango ice cream, but at the last minute I decided to use yogurt instead, making these both delicious and healthy.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. And for those experiencing very hot weather, I hope you are surviving the heat and finding ways to stay cool! On hot summer days I tend to crave fruits, vegetables, sorbets, yogurts. The last two days, we indulged on Fruttate bars to help stay cool, a new product we tried out for the first time last week.

Fruttare Fruit Bars is a new fruit ice bar product that offers two kinds of flavors: ones with fruit and milk and ones with just fruit.

I was given a coupon to redeem for one free box. But there were so many flavors I wanted to try. So I went back to the grocery store again and bought two more (they are on sale too since it’s a new product).

I enjoyed them all so far. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I plan on getting some more while they are on sale.

Peaches and Milk

This reminded me of peach yogurt but without the tartness of yogurt. I like that the milk makes these fruit bars creamier, but without being as heavy as ice cream. I’m not crazy about the shape though. They remind me of otter pops and don’t really seem to look as good as they taste.