Venissimo Cheese

Venissimo Cheese just recently opened its newest location in The Headquarters at Seaport District. And this shop is actually openmuch later than its other San Diego locations.

Mr. K and I are both cheese lovers, so we love visiting Venissimo, which offers a huge variety of cheese from around the world.

In addition, the shop also offers some other cheese accompaniments for purchase such as chocolates, crackers, etc.

In addition to the sweets I brought to Thanksgiving, I also baked some Brazilian Cheese Breads.

I am so in love with these breads, which are called Pão De Queijo. They are savory cheesy balls with a chewy interior. They are best eaten warm.

They are actually super easy to make, but it’s best eaten the day of, so it’s not a dish to make ahead or to make too much of.

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a safe and delicious Thanksgiving. This year, Mr. K and I spent Thanksgiving Day with his side of the extended family, which meant quite a layout of food.

I was hoping to arrive early enough to snap pictures of all the food before people began eating. But one thing led to another and we ended up leaving the house later than planned and then we got stuck in some crappy holiday traffic. So by the time we arrived, people had already began eating.

I did try to take a few pictures, but I had to be really really quick, since everyone was enjoying the food.

Like a lot of the gatherings, it was mainly a mix of American and Filipino food. There was of course a turkey, and many side dishes which I did not get the name of. There were also the classic American sides like mashed potatoes, creamed corn, macaroni and cheese.

There was an entire table dedicated to vegetarian and fruit dishes.