I’ve heard a lot of good things about Peterson’s Donut Corner, including their super sized donuts, plentiful selection, and most recently: their addition of cronuts.

So this weekend, Mr. K and I finally made the trip over to Escondido to try out the donuts.

The donut store is open 24 hours and has a wide selection. I immediately liked that they had so many donuts still available when we went at 11 am, since most popular donut shops in San Diego are already out of donuts by this time.

You can’t enter the shop to view the donuts. Instead, you can walk around and peer through the glass windows to get an idea of what is available. Once you’re ready, you go to one of the windows and place your order.

First, the Cronuts. I got three different ones: chocolate, strawberry and maple bacon.

Let’s start with the good. Peterson’s offers 6 flavors of cronuts: chocolate, maple, maple bacon, glazed, strawberry, cinnamon sugar. They are priced at $2.95 which is a little lower than the average price I’ve been seeing. They are probably the easiest cronuts to come by. Not only are they usually available in the mornings, but you can place an order the day before. There’s no restriction on how many you want to reserve. The man I spoke to was really nice and even asked how I wanted the chocolate and strawberry ones decorated.

This was the first cronut I’ve had that is actually squared shaped rather than round. There’s no pastry cream in the middle like the original version, just frosting on top to differentiate the flavors. The donuts were quite crisp and flaky when we first got them, though they tasted mainly of croissant rather than a hybrid of croissant and donuts.

Now onto the bad.

Last year I came across a recipe for Homemade Butterfingers with just three ingredients. Halloween had just ended, so I bookmarked the recipe to make for the following year.

Somehow I managed to remember. So now with Halloween around the corner, I’ve been on a mission to make a few homemade versions of popular candies.

Over the summer, my youngest brother was lucky enough to travel for 2 months in Asia. He went all over China and spent some time in Vietnam and Taiwan as well. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the pictures of his trip and wanted to share a few.

But first, the snacks he brought me back from Taiwan. I asked for instant cup of noodles, as my supply was running dangerously low. My mom never understands why I’m obsessed with the ramen cups in Taiwan. But I like them a lot better than what is offered in the US. What I really love about them is in the ingredients inside. For example, if one is labeled beef noodle soup, they actually have beef slices inside. They are preserved in a vacuum sealed pack.  They also usually have several different packets to make up the soup base, to make it taste much more authentic and less like sodium and msg.

(I couldn’t find my photos, but here is an example I found on a now defunct Taiwan beef Noodle soup facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Taiwan-Beef-Noodles/211774702172168)

My favorites are usually the beef and the tripe ones but we don’t usually bring them back because of the US restrictions on bringing such food items. So I asked him to bring me the mini ones, which have genuine pieces of fish cake. He brought me back these adorable ones where the fish cakes have little pig faces.

Now onto some highlights from his trip.


He spent a good amount of his trip in Sichuan. While there, he visited the Bi Feng Xia Panda Center.

Of course there were lots of giant pandas to observe.

I had no idea pandas could hang out in trees!

Here are some of the food items he enjoyed: