Smashburger (Downtown San Diego)

Burgers appear to be the new “it” food for 2011, judging by the expansion of burger chains this year. For example, Five Guys is expected to open two hundred locations in 2011. In addition,...


Three Ingredient Chocolate Cake

I love chocolate. I love simple recipes. So when I saw a recipe for a 3 ingredient chocolate cake, of course I had to check it out. Eggs, butter, and chocolate. That’s all you...


Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes

If a recipe is labeled “best,” “perfect” or “ultimate,” I feel compelled to test it out. I enjoy chocolate cupcakes and I make them quite often. But so far I haven’t found a favorite...


Mini Lattice Pies

I love pies, especially pies full of fresh fruit. The rest of my family is weird though. They don’t like pies. Yes, I know. The horror. So I don’t bake pies often because I...



I’ve heard many people raving about Korean fried chicken. The chicken is twice fried to create a very crispy skin. I love chicken wings and so I’ve wanted to try Korean fried chicken for...


Pull Apart Pizza Bread

Pull apart breads have been all over the food blogs lately. The ability to pull off the loaf piece by piece makes these breads fun to eat. Most of the pull apart bread recipes...


Pangea Bakery

At last. A Taiwanese bakery has finally made its way to San Diego.  Both Taiwan and Hong Kong are very well known for bread bakeries, which offer a huge variety of fresh baked, soft...


Cookies and Cream cookies

I found a new love. It doens’t have zero calories and it’s probably not very healthy for me, but it is delicious. 


Nutella lava cookies

I love lava cakes. For a while now I’ve had this idea playing in my mind to create lava cookies. I tried making nutella lava cookies before, but they didn’t come out exactly as...


Steamed Egg Custard

There are so many different ways to cook an egg. One of my favorites (and unfortunately not one of the choices when a breakfast place asks how you’d like your eggs cooked) is steamed...