So I’ve spent a good majority of January sharing Super Bowl recipe ideas and hopefully people have found them useful. I wanted to provide a complete round-up of all the recipes I’ve made and posted on this blog that I think would be great Game Day eats.

My favorite thing about Super Bowl is always the food, followed by the commercials, and yeah I do watch the game too. This year I’m a little more invested in the game, being from the Bay Area. Anyway, here is my Game Day recipes round-up:

I’ve been a busy bee since the holidays have been over. Busy with work, busy getting sick and busy with a project I’ll talk a little more about in another post which has required me to be in Orange County for quite a few weekends this last month.

All the trips to Orange County have given me a chance to re-visit favorite restaurants and try ones for the first time that have been on my to-do list for far too long, like Lawry’s. We’ve dined at the fancier Lawry’s in Beverly Hills quite a few times, but this was our first visit to the more casual carvery located inside the super upscale South Coast Plaza.

I have a lot of fond memories of Lawry’s. They serve high quality prime rib, they introduced me to a love for creamed corn. It’s one of the first fine dining restaurants I ever dined at and I remember visibly gulping when I saw the prices.

This location offers the famed prime rib, but also offers a more casual menu of steak sandwiches, salads, which are also much cheaper too, so you can dine at Lawry’s without serious damage to your wallet. You can also view the menu online.

8 oz prime rib plate, with coleslaw and creamed corn

For the prime rib plates, it comes with their signature coleslaw and a side of your choice. My favorite side has always been the creamed corn, which I’ve made a few times following their recipe, but it never tastes quite the same.

The prime rib was as good as I remember, though I still feel it’s a bit overpriced. It’s thick-cut, good quality, cooked a medium rare ensuring the meat is tender, juicy and not too dry or chewy.

I wasn’t a fan of the coleslaw salad, mainly because of the addition of peanuts.

The creamed corn was actually not as good as I remembered. Perhaps I’ve over-glorified it in my mind after all these years. It was a little on the watery side and more peppery than I remember.

Red Velvet Brownies

Hello February! My January was ridiculously busy and full of more lows than highs. So I’m relieved to see a change in the calendar and hoping for a better month.

February also brings those hearts and flowers and lots of pink for a certain holiday…

I’ve been wanting to make red velvet brownies for the occasion, but I’ve been lazy. Then I realized I could make cake mix red velvet brownies after successfully making my funfetti brownies, and suddenly I wasn’t too tired.