This cold and refreshing cucumber salad is easy to prep and ready in minutes.

One of my favorite ways to eat cucumbers is Chinese-style cucumber salad. Crisp cucumber pieces are seasoned with just a few simple spices to create a crunchy and flavorful dish.

During a recent trip home, my mom prepared the cucumber salad a little differently from her usual recipe. I was surprised at its simplicity and how much I enjoyed it. Her recipe cuts out about half of the spices, but without affecting the taste.

We’ve been craving the smoked tuna fries from TJ Oyster Bar 2 ever since our first visit last month, so we made our way back. This time we went with friends, letting us a try a greater variety of items.


My friend started out with a refreshing glass of horchata. I love the mason jar mug used. She said it was a little on the watery side though.

Smoked Tuna Fries

Of course we had to order the popular smoked tuna fries. The fries were a little paler than our first visit and as a result, weren’t as crunchy. This was still good though and topped with a generous serving of smoked tuna.

Octopus tacos

One of my friends recommended this to me, so I made sure to order it. I really liked it. The octopus was chewy and flavorful.

This summer tart is light and not overly sweet. It’s topped with fresh sweet mango slices and makes a beautiful dessert centerpiece.

Mango Mousse Tart

As you may recall, after my mango coconut tart post, I’ve been wanting to try again with the mango slice arrangement. I liked my first attempt, but wanted to clean up the sides and also cover the entire surface with mangoes.

Well with manila mangoes on sale, I took the opportunity to make a new tart, perfect for our July 4th BBQ festivities. I also changed the filling to a mango mousse. I liked how uniform the color is on the tart.