Pork Belly seems to be on every restaurant menu these days. And whenever we see it, Mr. K immediately wants to order it.

So I thought it was time for me to try making my own pork belly. What I love most about pork belly is that super crunchy skin, so for my first attempt, I had to try making a crispy version.

I tried doing a Chinese-style roasted pork belly because that is what I grew up eating. Also, it’s a simple preparation and recipe.

During my last trip to Los Angeles, I visited yet another cute cafe.

In addition to latte art, this place also serves large macaron ice cream sandwiches.

Mr. K really liked this pattern on the menu and asked me to take a photo.

This is my latest chicken creation. Crispy baked chicken tenders with a honey mustard glaze.

Like a lot of my recent chicken creations, this is pretty easy to put together. These were ready in about 30 minutes.