Welcome to another giveaway for this week of giveaways on the blog. Today I’m giving away some Free Eat cards to Rubio’s and providing some details about a fun event this weekend in San Diego. At the end of this post, you can find all the active giveaways in case you missed one!

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend and you’re in San Diego, May 10 is Rubio’s annual CoastFest celebration, designed to educate the community about ocean conservation. This event will included a beach cleanup hosted by Love a Clean San Diego. Last year the cleanup removed 350 pounds of trash!

Directly following the cleanup Rubio’s will hold a beach party full of free activities including food, live music and entertainment. Full details of the event can be found here.

Here’s a quick dining post for Wednesday because once again, time seems to have gotten away from me.

I shop at Nijiya Market about once a month and I’ve been wanting to try their Udon/Soba noodle station for over a year now. While meeting up with CC for a quick lunch, we decided to get food at Nijiya. She got some of their prepared prepackaged items and I finally got to try the Udon.

For only $3.50, you get a bowl of udon along with some complimentary toppings: seaweed, bonita flakes, green onion and fried wheat. You can also get some premium toppings for an additional cost. I was happy to see how they really piled on the toppings.

I’ve got a yummy giveaway today!

To help celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week, Tastefully Simple is giving away a My Mug Cake Set along with refills of the blueberry streusel and chocolate cake mixes.

The My Mug Cake set includes this adorable mug along with a packet of chocolate cake mix and a packet of blueberry streusel cake mix. Given my mug cake experience, I was a little wary about trying the mixes as I’ve had varied results with the mug cake mixes out there.

But these came out wonderful. I’ve always enjoyed Tastefully Simple products and this was no exception. Fluffy and light, these were the best mug cake mixes I’ve tried to date. I especially love that the cake rises just slightly above the rim but without overflowing. The mugs are exactly the right size for these cakes.