Mr. K and I were recently invited to check out the weekend brunch at La Fiesta. I’m always on the lookout for new brunch places. I was especially interested in La Fiesta because the menu consists of traditional American brunch items as well as classic Mexican dishes.

Mr. K grew up in an area with a high Mexican population, so he is often craving dishes like huevos ranchero or chilaquiles verde for brunch.

Rather than choose one dish a piece, we were served smaller portions of a variety of dishes so that we could sample as much of the brunch menu as possible.

La Fiesta Bloody Mary

We started out with the La Fiesta Blood Mary. I’ve ordered a lot of Blood Mary drinks during brunches and have seen some pretty elaborate and crazy ones, but this one had the best tasting Bloody Mary base I’ve had. The fresh chili peppers added quite a bit of heat and elevated the typical bloody mary mix.

Lobster Benedict

Lobster meat and a chipotle hollandaise sauce is served on toasted ciabatta bread, complete with a poached egg. I enjoyed the tender chunks of lobster meat and the spicy chipotle sauce. I would have liked the bread to be slightly crunchier but other than that, I enjoyed the benedict. The accompanying rancho potatoes could have been a bit crisper as well.


Crispy tortilla chips, salsa and chunks of cheese and meat. This was good and not too heavy.

Sugar & Scribe is a little bakery located in Pacific Beach. Despite its small space, it offers a wide range of goodies, including cupcakes, pies, brownies, scones, cookies, and pretty much any other dessert item. We recently discovered it and have already been back a few times.

We don’t travel a lot to the PB area, but Sugar & Scribe even has parking in the back, making it much more desirable to visit.

The baked goods are made from scratch and I enjoy the homey taste and familiarity of them.

After successfully making an eggless version of my Easiest Nutella cookies, I decided to also try experimenting with making an eggless version of my Easy Nutella Brownies.