I’ve felt a little bit like Martha Stewart lately. Normally, we eat out on weekends, but recently we’ve been staying in more and I’ve been cooking. Then I started making my own fruit leather. And now I’ve made my own energy bars.

I found a recipe for 3 ingredient energy bars and it was so simple, I just had to try it out.

The recipe is very easy. You use a food processor to mix together your energy bar ingredients, press it into a pan, chill, and it’s ready to go.

Happy Easter everyone! I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

My Hello Kitty collection grew recently, with the addition of the Hello Kitty dressed as a bunny. She didn’t come with the basket; I just stuffed her in there because she was the perfect size.

This Easter Sunday was one I was particularly really looking forward to because it also signified the end of Lent.

Until this year, for me, Lent was just this period of time before Easter where some of my Christian friends would stop eating meat on Fridays and would declare they weren’t using Facebook until the end of Lent. I’ve mentioned before that DH is Catholic. Since I’ve known him, he’s only practiced seafood Fridays during Lent.

However, last year, we made friends with someone who is Catholic and always gives up something significant for Lent. Last year, he gave up all social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc), which was pretty huge because he’s on there all the time, documenting everything he eats, etc. This year, he took it a step further. Not only did he again give up social media, but he also gave up eating out, even though he normally eats out almost every day.

Inspired by our friend’s commitment, DH announced he would give up computer games. Computer games is one addiction DH has had since we’ve met and always been a particular sore issue for us when he gets very immersed into a game. So I was so shocked when he announced his decision. Somewhere along the line, DH suggested I give up something for Lent even though I’m not Catholic.

I dismissed the notion at first, but eventually agreed. And at DH’s suggestion, I gave up snacking. He made the suggestion because I’m constantly feeling guilty about how much I snack and my lack of self control. DH tends to only eat when he’s hungry, but I’ll snack all day and especially late at night. Chips, fruit snacks, chocolate bars, gummy candies, are all part of my nightly ritual. I love snacking while watching tv and movies and while writing posts.

Easter is just about here, so I thought I’d share a round up of recipe ideas from my past recipe posts. I also have a few more new recipes to share like these chocolate covered peeps.

Since I like covering things in chocolate, I thought I’d make some chocolate covered peeps. They were pretty easy to make, though a tad messy. Next time I might stick them on something before dipping them.

The idea came out of one of this year’s new candy items: peeps inside chocolate eggs.

Next year, I think I’ll make these with different colored white chocolates to make them a little more festive. Recipe is at the end of the post. Here are the rest of my Easter recipes:


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