These biscuits are just two ingredients. They come out tender and moist and you won’t believe how easy they are.

I’ve got yet another super simple recipe to share with you today. I’ve already shared the 3 ingredient buttermilk biscuit recipe I created and absolutely love. But I am always open to trying other easy versions. I follow King Arthur Flour on Instagram and for a few weeks they were teasing of a 2 ingredient biscuit recipe they were testing out.

I love King Arthur Flour recipes, so I had faith in their 2 ingredient biscuits. All you need are self rising flour and heavy cream. No need to add in cold butter, roll out the dough, or cut out biscuits. This came together extremely fast.

We recently had a wonderful meal at Juniper & Ivy. This was our first chance to circle back since our initial visit shortly after the restaurant first opened. After our last meal, we left with regrets of dishes not ordered, but not this time. On this night we made sure we tried everything on the menu we had been wanting to.

It was particularly fun to watch the first episode of Top Chef Duels last week, which featured Richard Blais, having just recently been to Juniper & Ivy. I spent most of the episode exclaiming “Hey we had that burger!” or “We had that dessert” and “Look, those are the plates from Juniper & Ivy.

First things first. When we made our reservations, we requested Chef’s Counter seats, which are arguably the best seats in the house. You sit right up next to the massive kitchen and get to see everything in action. You can have a group of up to four at the Chef’s counter. For larger groups, they have two Chef’s tables that are situated very close to the kitchen and provide an unobstructed view.

(Chef Blais overseeing the kitchen action.)

(Chef de Cuisine Jon Sloan hard at work.)

Our favorites from our first meal came from the snacks, raw, and toast portion of the menu, so we again focused in on those items, which are great for sharing.

Cheese Gougères

We were first served an amuse bouche. Gougères are basically French cheese puffs, which I’ve made on this blog before.


Fresh oysters were accompanied by horseradish pearls and melon mignonette. The melon added a pleasant summery sweetness to the oysters, and this was a great way to start the meal.


This is the easiest ice cream recipe ever. Just 3 ingredients, no ice cream maker needed, and virtually no work. The result is a super creamy gelato.

I haven’t made any ice cream yet this summer. I’m not sure why, but I just haven’t really had the time and patience to wait for the ice cream maker, freeze, wash all those dishes, etc. Then I came across this ridiculously easy 3 ingredient ice cream recipe.

I had my doubts, but I tried it, and it works! The consistency is like gelato. You won’t believe this wasn’t made in a machine.