We recently visited Afters Ice Cream, an ice cream joint in Fountain Valley that has become quite popular because of their “Milky Bun” a fresh donut stuffed with ice cream. The sign made it a little hard to spot.

We were extremely lucky to arrive when there was no line. After we left, the line seemed endless. The shop offers quite a few unique ice cream flavors like Jasmine milk tea, cookie butter, milk & cereal, and more. One thing I didn’t really like was their liberal use of food coloring. For example, the jasmine milk tea was a purple color, and the cookie monster is a bright blue.

We all chose to order the Milky Bun. You start by choosing a donut (glazed or unglazed), an ice cream flavor, and toppings. The ice cream donut is then sealed before it is presented to you.

Jasmine Milk Tea ice cream, Mochi topping, Glazed Donut

These tofu fries are grilled until crisp and then brushed with BBQ sauce, making for a healthy summer treat. I also have a summer giveaway at the end of this post!

We’ve been continuing to cook and practice with our grill. It’s often hard to get Mr. K to eat healthy, but one thing he really enjoys is baked or grilled tofu fries. The tofu is cooked until the exterior is golden and crisp. I’ve done it several times in the oven and on my George Foreman grill, but this time we put it on our BBQ grill outside.

These oversized cookies and cream cookies are chewy and full of crushed Oreo pieces. This is one of my all-time favorite cookie recipes and I’ve made them a few dozen times with great success.

I posted the original recipe two years ago, so I thought I’d do an updated post. The biggest change is that I made these oversized rather than regular cookies

This past weekend we went to a friend’s BBQ party and I baked two kinds of cookies: the famous New York Times Chocolate Chips Cookies and my chewy cookies and cream cookies. Because the NY Times cookies are so big, I made my cookies and cream cookies bigger to match (Also it was almost 2 am and I was tired and didn’t want to bake several extra batches of regular sized cookies). The cookies seemed to go over well as there were no leftovers for me to take home.