This past weekend, the popular 85ºC Bakery and Cafe chain opened its first location in San Diego to record breaking crowds waiting for the fresh breads, drinks and cakes that the bakery offers.

As much as I wanted to stay away, I couldn’t resist. I actually ended up visiting twice: once during the soft opening Thursday night and again on Saturday evening. They had a few deals during the grand opening weekend that I couldn’t resist!

I’ve posted about 85C before, having visited several of their other locations in Southern California. For those unfamiliar, it’s a chain originally from Taiwan that opened its first US location in Irvine a few years ago. Since then, the chain has expanded throughout California, with several stores opening in Los Angeles and in Northern California.

Here is another Thanksgiving recipe idea: Roasted Brussels Sprouts on the stalk. This one is prepared with bacon and a honey sriracha glaze.

This weekend, I spent some more time recipe testing for Thanksgiving. I love finding Brussels Sprouts on the stalk this time of year and almost always have one in my fridge. I’ve wanted to experiment with roasting the whole thing while still on the stalk and I finally got around to trying it.

I usually buy my stalks from Trader Joe’s, but this one I bought at Whole Foods because their stalks are a little shorter, so that I can fit it into my oven and on my baking pan.

This easy mug cake tastes just like melted Reese’s peanut butter cups in cake form.

Over the weekend, I shared my new love for Reese’s chocolate peanut butter spread on Instagram. Have you tried it yet? If you love peanut butter cups, I highly recommend you go and get yourself this spread. It’s available at Walmart and it tastes just like melted peanut butter cups. And I mean it really tastes like the melted candy, rather than just chocolate and peanut butter. I’ve had chocolate peanut butter spread but it’s not the same. The Reese’spread even has a slight graininess from the peanut butter cup filling that is in the candy.