These baked churro ice cream sandwiches are easy to make and are a fun summer treat. The baked churros are shaped into spiral cookies and stay crunchy and light. The combination of sugary churros and ice cream is almost magical.

The Churro Borough in Los Angeles made the churro ice cream sandwich a popular item this year. I have yet to try the original, but I am really enjoying this homemade version.

Churros are already pretty easy to whip up, with just a handful of basic ingredients. But to make them even easier, I made a baked version. Not only is it less effort and healthier, but it’s much easier to control the spiral shape.

Bushfire Kitchen is a fast casual restaurant offering an array of healthy dishes and comfort food. We were recently invited in to check out the restaurant.

Most of the dishes served are gluten-free, organic and local. Everything is made in-house. The owners are from South Africa and Australia but the menu is very classic American, with a few touches of South African in seasonings and sauces.

While we’ve seen many fast casual concepts like this pop up the last few years, what really appealed to me was the diversity of the menu. You can come in for a healthy salad, or enjoy homestyle dishes like mashed potatoes, mac n’ cheese, chicken, tri-tip, and ribs.

Tri-tip, brown rice, sweet potato fries

These cauliflower tortillas are flourless, gluten-free, and perfect for anyone looking for a low carb substitute. They have a similar texture to regular tortillas and work great as a wrapper for tacos.

I’m always on the search for new ways to use cauliflower. About a year ago, I came across some recipes for cauliflower tortillas, but I was too lazy to try making them.

However, I managed to simplify the process and I’m really excited with how these turned out.