After discovering Con Pane late last year, it’s become my “go to” place for Artisan bread. We recently had a few visits, stopping by for some sweet treats and a quick meal.

Almost Grilled Cheese

I’ve heard really good things about their almost grilled cheese sandwich. On a recent trip, we got a half order with mocha, a chocolate chip cookie, and a chocolate bread roll as an afternoon “snack.”

The cheese sandwich was pretty good, filled with gorgonzola and creamy brie cheese and served on freshly baked and toasted rosemary bread. Unlike a traditional grilled cheese sandwich, the exterior is not pan fried with butter, but the warm melted cheese gives it an almost grilled cheese sensation.

I had been really excited to try the chocolate chip cookie, but it didn’t quite taste as good as I had imagined. I found the texture a tad too soft and the chocolate flavor not bold enough.

Pearl Sugar Brioche

On a recent visit with CC, I discovered these individual sized sweet brioche rolls topped with sugar pearls.

The other day, Mr. K casually asked me how many bananas it takes to make banana bread. I told him three. The next day he presented me with three bananas.

Mr. K’s favorite baked good is probably banana bread. He gets so excited when he sees it at potluck parties. I love banana bread too, though probably not nearly as much as him.

I’ve made banana bread so many times. Sometimes I get bored, so I wanted to make a variation on the classic banana nut bread. I’ve done many variations before: nutella, chocolate, biscoff, blueberry. This time I decided to try adding some mangoes, especially since I had so many fresh mangoes in the house.

It seems everyone I know has done a juice cleanse of some sort. For the longest time, I had no interest in trying one, especially because I couldn’t imagine days of only drinking juice and not eating anything solid.

But after hearing positive experiences from several friends, I was curious. And after being sick nearly a month from what started out as a small cold, I thought it was time for a detox.

So when I was approached with an offer to try the Kaeng Raeng detox cleanse, I decided to give it a shot. What immediately appealed to me was that you are allowed to eat during the cleanse, it just has to be raw foods.

I was sent the beginnger’s 3 day detox plan. Freeze dried fruit smoothie pouches were delivered to me. To make the smoothie, you simply add water to it and blend it into a smoothie. You can add ice if you want it extra thick.

It comes in three different flavor packs: juu juu (blueberry blackberry banana), reunn (strawberry raspberry pineapple) and glai roong (mango peach pineapple).

Each pack is supposed to be consumed with at least 24 oz – 32 oz of water (3 to 4 cups). And one pack equals one meal supplement. The first thing that I noticed was that even though this is a fruit smoothie, each serving had a very low amount of sugar, which had been a big concern of mine. You can view the nutrition facts here.