Much like last year, Hello Kitty is once again doing a limited time promotion with Yogurtland.

The promotion started July 10 and runs through August. During the promotion, the Yogurtland cups are decorated with Hello Kitty characters and a featured city, limited edition spoons are launched at different times and there are plush toys, keychains, wallets available for purchase.

A few years ago, chocolate covered bacon was introduced at the Fair. I remember searching everywhere for it.

When we finally purchased it and tried it, we were sorely disappointed. We couldn’t even finish the container we bought. At this year’s fair, my siblings tried the chocolate covered bacon too and also didn’t like it.

But it got me thinking…Why doesn’t it work? Almost everything taste good dipped in chocolate. And bacon makes everything better right? So I decided to try making my own version.

I’m sort of obsessed with pizza if you haven’t already noticed. And I’m always up for trying new variations on pizza even if the variations are pretty similar. I found the idea for pizza cones on Instructables though I didn’t follow the actually recipe.

I’ve done pizza rolls before and this is like that, except it’s pizza in a cone shape. I originally was trying to make the cone have indent on it like a waffle cone, but it didn’t quite work out. So instead, I wrapped the pizza dough around Cream Horn Molds