I’ve had this image in my mind for a while of donut holes with glaze and rolled in crushed oreos. It took me a while to make the picture in my mind a reality.

On my first attempt, I mixed oreo cookies into the dough batter. The problem was that when I fried them, the bits of oreo cookie touching the hot oil ended up burning so while the donuts had a nice cookies and cream taste, they also had a slight burnt taste from the crushed oreo pieces on the outside. I couldn’t figure out how to mix cookies and cream into the batter without it ending up on the outside of the donut as well, which would result in it burning slightly.

Recently I was provided with a set of OXO LockTop containers.

I was pretty excited. I’m a big fan of OXO kitchen gadgets and have various ones in my house like the apple divider, peeler, mango splitter, just to name a few. Basically when in doubt, I usually by OXO brand because I’ve been happy with the quality of their products.

What really intrigued me with these containers is that they are leak proof. I’ve tried dozens of different food storage containers: screw tops, airtight locking ones, etc. They always leak. Even a slight nanosecond tilt will lead to leakage. So I was eager to test these out.

And it works! They really are leak proof. I tested it out with some coffee. The little mini ones don’t hold much, but I used two to store my coffee for the day. I usually use a travel mug, but it always leaks if I walk to fast or if I’m juggling a bunch of stuff in my hands.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been on an avocado kick. I’ve made bacon egg avocado cups before and loved them. This time I thought of placing eggs directly into the avocado shell for another breakfast treat.

I liked how these looked. Warm avocado, egg, some salt and pepper for seasoning. You can scoop and eat it with a spoon.