I haven’t been back to Up2yoü Cafe since it first opened. After reading several posts on other blogs, I really wanted to revisit. Mr. K and I have gotten into the habit of calling it “Up Yours” ever since he called it that on our first visit because that is what the cafe sign looks like from a distance.

The menu had changed somewhat since our initial trip. Gone is the snow ice. But they have added several items like crepes and waffles.

Honey Brick Toast with Matcha Ice Cream

They changed the cut of the toast they used since our first visit, which is why I wanted to revisit to begin with. The toast is now thicker cut, though also less wide. I like the thicker cut slices because it makes the toast look so tall.

I’ve been obsessed with trying to make an eggless brownie using avocado as a substitute. I’ve made ones that a little complicated, but I really wanted to make a super easy one because I get really lazy about making brownies from scratch.

Three attempts later and I finally have something that was satisfying. These brownies are quite fudgy as a result of the avocado. The recipe is also only four ingredients.

I’ve made this chocolate mousse a million times and it just fits with this summer theme so perfectly. The chocolate mousse does not involve any cooking. You simply blend the two ingredients and place it into the fridge to let it set.

In addition to chocolate, the second ingredient is tofu. It may sound weird and unappetizing, but it actually works. You don’t taste the tofu at all. It’s just there to create the mousse texture. You do need to make sure you use silken tofu. I’ve tried other ones and they are too firm and make the mousse too thick.