I originally posted and visited Liang’s Kitchen the first week after it opened. Now that it has had some time to settle down, I thought I’d pay it another visit.

The first thing I noticed was that they have raised several of the menu prices (sorry I didn’t take a picture). Not a huge mark-up, but items like their signature beef rolls are now more than $7 a plate, which I think is kind of steep for the dish.

They also have several new drink offerings, including Beijing yogurt. I’ve never had Beijing yogurt but I read about it on mmm-yoso and have been really curious.

We ordered the honey Beijing yogurt. We received a container of yogurt with a straw. The yogurt was quite thick, closer to the consistency of the spoon-eaten yogurt rather than a yogurt drink.

We started our meal with the three item stewed appetizer. It came with bean curd, pig ears, and beef tripe. The dish was slightly spicy but I really liked this.

One pumpkin recipe I knew I had to make this year are these pumpkin garlic knots. I love the softness and sweetness the pumpkin brings to these bread rolls.

I made a version last year that I enjoyed, but I wanted to try another recipe out this year. I liked these also. The knots came out soft and fluffy and a little bit sweet. You can taste the pumpkin flavor though it is subtle. The outside is coated with garlic and oil, adding a little savoriness to the rolls.


Update: This giveaway is now closed. Random.org chose comments #1 and #9. Congrats to Ada and Regina!

Are you one of the lucky people to have Friday off? Or are you like me and stuck at work? Well to help ease the day for those of us miserable at work, I thought I’d start Friday off with a giveaway!

With the holidays approaching, I have a few giveaways lined up. So stayed tuned for more. Today, I’m giving away two copies of the book “My Two-Year-Old Eats Octopus: Raising Children Who Love to Eat Everything”