It seems everyone I know has done a juice cleanse of some sort. For the longest time, I had no interest in trying one, especially because I couldn’t imagine days of only drinking juice and not eating anything solid.

But after hearing positive experiences from several friends, I was curious. And after being sick nearly a month from what started out as a small cold, I thought it was time for a detox.

So when I was approached with an offer to try the Kaeng Raeng detox cleanse, I decided to give it a shot. What immediately appealed to me was that you are allowed to eat during the cleanse, it just has to be raw foods.

I was sent the beginnger’s 3 day detox plan. Freeze dried fruit smoothie pouches were delivered to me. To make the smoothie, you simply add water to it and blend it into a smoothie. You can add ice if you want it extra thick.

It comes in three different flavor packs: juu juu (blueberry blackberry banana), reunn (strawberry raspberry pineapple) and glai roong (mango peach pineapple).

Each pack is supposed to be consumed with at least 24 oz – 32 oz of water (3 to 4 cups). And one pack equals one meal supplement. The first thing that I noticed was that even though this is a fruit smoothie, each serving had a very low amount of sugar, which had been a big concern of mine. You can view the nutrition facts here.

As you may already know, Mr. K and I love afternoon tea. I recently learned that The Huntington Library serves tea in their Rose Garden Room. I was especially excited to learn that the tea is served in a buffet-type setting. As much as we love tea, the experience can be quite expensive for a small amount of food, so the buffet option really appealed to me.

You can’t visit the Rose Tea Room without paying the entrance fee to The Huntington, so I don’t recommend just visiting for the tea. But we had been wanting to visit The Huntington and all of its beautiful gardens anyway, so we made a whole day of it. Besides, after all that eating, the walking was good for us.

Reservations are required for the tea room and it’s priced at $29.95 per person. Once you are seated, you choose your tea (you can get both hot and cold teas) and are served a whole basket of piping hot mini scones. Pro tip: you can actually bring the scones home in a to-go bag, so don’t fill up and feel obligated to eat too many.

I’ve had this idea to make pretzel bread rolls filled with cheese and pepperoni, but I never got around to make it until now.

I love pretzel bread. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve been so happy to see more restaurants start to offer it, especially as a sandwich or burger bun.