Okay I’m not really good at coming up with creative names for desserts. Everything I thought of for these just sounded super cheesy.

But whatever I should have called them, these cookies are really good. The two cookies I’ve been craving the most lately are Nutella cookies and Cookies and Cream cookies. So I decided to combine them, satisfying both cravings at once. It was definitely the right decision.

Okay so this post doesn’t really have much to do with food. Well it does indirectly because in Lost and Found, the author Geneen Roth does make comparisons of her how she got into her situation to problems of food and overeating.

I love to read. I mean really love. As a kid my favorite place was the library. So when I found out that Blogher has a book club that selects certain bloggers to participate in a book campaign where they get a free copy of the book and a small compensation for reviewing the book, I jumped at the opportunity. I thought it would be great to save some money on buying books and also would introduce me to some new reading material.

Lost and Found is the story of author Geneen Roth and how she and her husband experience the devastating loss of their life savings in the Bernard Madoff scandal, the life lessons she learned in the aftermath, and how she rebuilt her life.

Class 302 has remained my favorite place for Taiwanese snow shaved ice. When I found out that they were opening a location in Irvine, I was ecstatic. As a quick review, snow ice is different from traditional shaved ice because the ice is frozen with condensed milk. As a result, it takes longer to melt, and once shaved through a special machine, it comes out in sheets that are lighter and fluffier than just plain old shaved ice, and tastes more like ice cream.

A few places in Irvine offer snow ice but I’ve found them to be really disappointing. To the point where I’d rather drive the extra forty minutes to enjoy it in Rowland Heights.

For whatever reason, the Irvine location decided to open its doors before it had the equipment to make snow ice. So for about a month after it opened, they only served drinks and Taiwanese dishes. This led to a slew of really bad reviews on Yelp. I’m not surprised since Class 302′s food and drink have always been just mediocre. Their fame lies in the snow ice.

So I waited patiently, and as soon as the snow ice was finally being served, I went to check it out. The bad reviews obviously had not deterred people from coming because their was a long line when I arrived. The Irvine store is a lot bigger than the Rowland Heights location, and has the ability to seat about twice as many people. And while it also still has the Taiwanese classroom setting and decor, the desks customers sit at seem to be a little bit bigger, which is a nice change.