I love the spring green color of this cake.

I made this a few months ago, but forgot to post about it until now. Being a big fan of avocados, I was excited when I came across this avocado loaf cake recipe on Table for 2…or more. I was immediately attracted to the color of the cake.

The cake was fairly easy to make and came out moist, with a texture similar to a pound cake. I was surprised by how strongt the avocado flavor was. I had expected something lighter.

Wich Addiction is the brick and mortar restaurant recently opened by the owners of the Devilicious food truck.

I’ve had Devilicious a few times and like their crab sandwich and of course rooted from them on The Great Food Truck Race. I was happy to hear they’ve had enough success in San Diego to open a brick and mortar location.

When we arrived the truck was parked outside. The restaurant space is pretty small and very casual. Truth be told, it was almost like an extension of the food truck experience rather than a true sit-down restaurant experience. The restaurant had several tables and you simply grab a free table. You order at the counter where you can see the food being made in the kitchen, much like when you order on the food truck. They actually had the doors on all sides of the restaurant opened while we were there so it was also quite cold and it felt like we were dining outside on some spare tables.

Of course, it’s nice to have a table to sit down at instead of having to take your food somewhere else, which is usually what happens when you order on a food truck. And Wich Addiction offers quite a few dishes that are not offered on the food truck menu.

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, but I actually forgot to bring memory for my camera. However, I really wanted pictures of the food so we relied on FH’s camera phone.

Deviled Eggs

Creamy, good, but they pretty much stuck to the classic recipe and there wasn’t anything particularly special about their version.

After all the Nutella creations I’ve made, you knew these were coming right? These came out great. Moist, Nutella-y, not too sweet. Great for a weekend breakfast treat.

I stress the words weekend and treat because even though I adore Nutella, I’m in no way endorsing this as an everyday breakfast meal. A while ago I kept seeing this commercial for Nutella spread, where the voiceover discussed Nutella as a healthy spread to serve kids for breakfast. Every time I saw the commercial it would piss me off. Nutella is full of chocolate and sugar. It’s a treat. Not a healthy breakfast. I would get annoyed and complain to the FH that some ignorant mother is going to watch it and feed her kids Nutella everyday for breakfast.