Mr. K and I have had a really busy schedule these last few months. We’ve been to weddings, bridal showers, graduation parties, etc. I took so many photos that I wanted to take a moment to share the highlights of some of what we’ve been up to.

1. Sonoma Valley Wedding. We attended a wedding in Sonoma Valley. I was a member of the bridal party so I also got to experience staying in a house in Sonoma Valley that we rented for the weekend. The weekend started with a rehearsal dinner complete with a roasted pig.

Unfortunately because of the cooking style, the skin was inedible.

I’ve never experienced renting a house for a weekend, but I thought it was quite neat. It’s like being in your own house and everything is provided: towels and toothpaste (sealed travel sized ones) in the bathroom, tea bags and pots and utensils in the kitchen, dvds for the tv, etc. The house we stayed at was quite interestingly decorated. A lot of people who came for the rehearsal dinner were having fun just checking out the maze of a house which included these naked statutes and really enormous shower and tubs.

My favorite part though, was waking up to the deer grazing on the lawn.


Alright, this isn’t a restaurant. But it’s a shop full of cuteness and I just had to share.

I recently came across the JapanLA store and really wanted to visit. They have a physical location in Los Angeles, though there are items you can purchase online as well.

They even encourage you to take photos and share, so I did just that.

Some of my favorite items included these mini Rilakkuma sets. I have the Hello Kitty line and I was so tempted to get these as well.

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Even though I adore the mini watermelon sorbet in lime shells I made a few weeks ago, this is another great way to serve watermelon sorbet that takes much less effort.

With summer here, this is a perfect thirst quencher and light dessert.