As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been on an avocado kick. I’ve made bacon egg avocado cups before and loved them. This time I thought of placing eggs directly into the avocado shell for another breakfast treat.

I liked how these looked. Warm avocado, egg, some salt and pepper for seasoning. You can scoop and eat it with a spoon.

The second stop on the Chula Vista food crawl was Pozoleria Dona Maria.

Thick crunchy tostada chips were served while we waited for our food. I love crunching on these.

Tostadas de Pata

Pink Candles at Ridgemont High wanted to try this, which is basically jellied cubes of chopped pork foot served on crunchy tostada chips. I think we all had mixed reactions, some liking it and some not. I’ve eaten pigs’ feet  before, as it’s a common chinese dish but I’ve never been particularly fond of it, whereas my siblings love it. I thought I might prefer it more chopped up but felt the taste too strong. I only managed to eat about three cubes.

After successfully baking up a batch of chewy Nutella blondies, I was excited to try other flavors. Blondie recipes are versatile and you can put different mix-ins. So this time I added crushed Oreos to make cookies and cream blondies.