Scoops is one of our favorite ice cream shops in LA, known for their infinite list of unique flavor pairings and generous scoop sizes.

On our last LA trip, we made an impromptu stop. We had already indulged in Sprinkles Ice Cream and Harajuku Crepe, but we were driving by, so I just had to make a quick visit.

One scoop (which is actually two large scoops) is only a mere $2.90. Every time we’ve visited, the 20 or so flavors offered are completely different from our previous visit. The only repeat we’ve seen is their brown brown bread ice cream, which is their most popular flavor and is always offered.

Some of the interesting flavors being offered on this occassion included cashew and hemp oil, maple and Oreo, chrysanthemum tea and rum, maple and butterfinger, peanut butter and strawberry, salty lavender and honey, pistachio and rose water, kabocha, and black currant and jasmine.

I love chocolate muffins and I love coffee. So I thought it only made sense to combine both into one muffin, perfect for a indulgent breakfast treat.

I used my absolute favorite chocolate breakfast muffin by King Arthur Flour. It’s moist and very chocolatey without crossing into dessert territory. They’ve actually tweaked their original recipe. I haven’t tried the tweaked version, maybe next time.

Following up on my baked bacon wrapped eggs, I tried making a fried version.

The nice thing about the fried version is that it’s quicker to cook than baking. These babies are ready in minutes though they don’t look nearly as pretty as the baked version.