Last year I made some bunny buns for Easter. I loved how they came out and I wanted to make something similar this year. Rather than use the same recipe, I tried modifying a 30 minute yeast roll recipe. I also wanted to see if I could fix the ears of my bunnies so that they didn’t stick up so much.

Last year’s sour cream bunny buns

I kept coming across this image for what I thought were bunny shaped breads. After some research, I realized they were actually Japanese manju. The pastry dough doesn’t rise as much, making it easier to shape the ears.

Spring is in the air! I love how the sun is setting later, giving us more daytime hours. It’s given me more energy and a renewed effort to start working out and eat healthier. Here’s my latest edition of healthy snacks and food items I’ve tried and love.

Chobani Bite

Chobani recently came out with a line of mini dessert yogurts. They are smaller than the average yogurt cup (each one is 3.5 oz), but it’s just enough to be filling. Each cup has about 1g of fat and 12g of carbohydrates. I saw three flavors at my local grocery store: coffee and chocolate, raspberry and chocolate, and caramel and pineapple.

I got the first two. I love that the yogurt contains bits of shaved chocolate. I liked both the coffee one and the raspberry one. They are just enough to satisfy my sweet cravings and keep me away from scarfing down chocolate bars and bags of candy. I’ve found them at my local Vons grocery store and they have been on sale: $2.50 for a pack of four the last few times I checked.

Fiber One Chocolate

I like eating Fiber One cereal to help ensure I get my daily dose of fiber. I’ve tried most of their line of cereals. I initially really enjoyed the clusters one until I read the nutrition facts and saw how much sugar was in them. Then I switched to the plain old basic ones that look like rabbit food. Recently, they came out with a chocolate flavored one. Not only does the chocolate taste good, but it’s only 80 calories per serving and it doesn’t have much sugar (5g per serving and 25g of carbohydrates overall) even though it still tastes sweet. This is now my go-to Fiber One Cereal.

This week, I spent a very quick 24 hours in Ohio. Most of those hours were already accounted for so I didn’t have much time to explore, but I knew I could manage one quick stop and I was determined to make that stop Jeni’s Ice Cream.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is one of the most well known creameries in the country. They are famous for their creamy consistency and wild flavor combinations. For those not in Ohio, they do ship their ice creams across the country and about 700 stores carry Jeni’s ice cream. For those of you in San Diego, I discovered that recently Bristol Farms in La Jolla began carrying certain flavors. There is also a best selling cookbook.

Despite wearing double layers, a thick winter coat, scarf and hat, this San Diego gal was not prepared for Ohio’s chilly weather. Every moment outside felt like being inside a large freezer with constant blasts of tornado-like winds. But that did not stop me from wanting ice cream.

According to the locals, ice cream is very big in Ohio. You can’t walk more than two blocks without finding a premium ice cream shop, which would explain why Ohio is the home of both nationally known Graeter’s and Jeni’s.

I was delighted to find that there was a Jeni’s shop only about a mile from my hotel and was all set on a late night visit after my dinner plans ended. However, during dinner, Jeni’s came into the conversation and the locals highly recommended that our out-of-town group make this unscheduled stop, especially since it was right across the street from the restaurant we were dining at.

Luckily, Jeni’s is open until 11pm. So off we went. We braved the cold for the quick brisk walk across the street, which seemed much longer when walking against the strong chilly winds, and then were engulfed in warmth upon entering. Once inside, there was a dizzying array of flavors to choose from. The employees were patient, letting us sample spoonfuls of whatever flavors we were curious about before finally settling on a flavor or two.

There were a ridiculous amount of flavors I had never heard of or would never had dreamed of like absinthe + meringues, goat cheese with red cherries, banana cajeta, cherry lambic sorbet, savannah buttermint, just to name a few.