It’s been almost two months since my birthday, but I’m only now getting around to posting about my cakes.

Given my penchant for sweets, cake is of course a must for my birthday. Last year I ended up with three cakes! Way too many. So this year, to make sure I didn’t end up with too much cake, instead of following my tradition of having Jenny of Jenny Wenny Cakes make me an entire cake, I ordered cupcakes from her instead.

Cupcakes are so convenient and it also allowed me to choose multiple flavors and distribute them to friends and family celebrating my birthday.

Last year, I had Jenny make a me a cherry blossom themed cake. I love cherry blossoms and it was the prettiest birthday cake I’ve ever had. I couldn’t think of any design to top that so I decided to stick with cherry blossoms again, but on the cupcakes.

For the flavors I chose hummingbird, banana chocolate chip and chocolate mud. Her hummingbird and chocolate mud are two of my favorites. The hummingbird has a tropical feel, it has banana, pineapple, walnuts, etc. The chocolate mud has a very rich chocolate flavor, perfect for chocoholics. The banana one was tasty too, full of chocolate chips.

The cupcakes came out so pretty! I still squeal a little inside every time I look at the photos.

Here’s the cherry blossom cake from last year. The inside was filled with her chocolate mud, interspersed with layers of chocolate mousse.

Mr. K also bought me a cake from 85 C bakery.

With the weather warming up, I’m happy to see more of my favorite fruits come into season.

We’ve been enjoying very sweet mangoes, and I used some to make more easy homemade fruit leather. The mango version is my favorite version yet.

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Have you seen the commercials for IHOP’s brioche French toast? I’ve seen the commercials several times and each time they’ve made me hungry for French toast. Brioche bread is always my top choice for French toast so I definitely had high hopes for IHOP’s version using brioche bread.

The other morning, I had the tv on while getting ready for work when IHOP’s commercial came on. Having not had breakfast, I really wanted to try the brioche french toast. I made a mental note that Mr. K and I needed to go soon. Then during a break at work, I checked my email, and there was an invitation for me to try out IHOP’s brioche french toast and to do a giveaway on my blog so a lucky reader could try it too.

As soon as I received my gift card in the mail, Mr. K and I went to our local IHOP try it. Since IHOP is 24 hours, I didn’t have to wait for breakfast hour. And who doesn’t love eating breakfast for dinner? After eating at so many nice brunch places lately, I’ve forgotten how cheap the prices are at IHOP.

The solo brioche French toast is $4.99 a plate. You can get it with eggs, hashbrown and sausage or bacon for only $5.99. There are various other combinations too, all for less than $9.

They offer three flavors of the brioche toast: berry berry, peaches and cream, and banana foster.

Berry Berry

This looked so visually appealing on the menu and I was happy to see a similar looking plate before me. Lots of blueberries and strawberries over a strawberry syrup. The brioche French toast was just how I imagined: fluffy, soft bread, lightly coated in egg. It was a little heavy on the syrup and next time I might ask for it to be on the side instead, but the French toast itself was delicious. I have to say it was even better than I expected. I thought it was as good as some of the brunch places I’ve been going to that charge $9-10 a plate.

I added the combo, which came with hash browns, two sausage links and eggs. Not bad for $5.99.