Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken

Tender, slow cooked chicken simmering in a honey garlic sauce. This is an easy and delicious meal. These last few days my kitchen has smelled wonderful because I’ve been making pot after pot of...


Breakfast Republic (Liberty Station)

The very popular San Diego brunch spot, Breakfast Republic, recently opened a second location in Liberty Station. I was quite excited to hear the news. I’ve enjoyed my visits to the original location but always...


Flourless Peanut Butter Sandwich Bread

This flourless, gluten free, one bowl, peanut butter bread recipe is perfect for making sandwiches, toast, etc. The batter comes together in minutes, for an easy-stress free bread making experience. We just came back...


Bing Haus

Bing Haus opened last week, offering coffee and Thai-style ice cream rolls. This trendy dessert is originally from Thailand and offered in many parts of Asia. It recently was introduced to the US market, first...


Popcorn Cauliflower

Crunchy baked pieces of cauliflower make a fun snack, side dish, or mini meal. This is a healthier version of popcorn chicken that still tastes delicious.


Mochi Ice Cream

Japanese mochi ice cream can be made in your own home. You can customize with your favorite flavors of ice cream and keep them stored in the freezer for a fun and delicious treat. I...



Ambrogio15 opened last month, serving Milanese-style pizza. The trio of owners are all originally from Milan. Ambrogio is patron saint of Milan and the name of a church in their hometown and 15 refers to the diameter...


Broccoli Crust Pizza

This broccoli crust is low carb, gluten free, flourless, and a healthier alternative to regular pizza crust. I’ve made cauliflower pizza crust and zucchini pizza crust. Now I bring you broccoli pizza crust!


Great Wow

Great Wow soft opened a few weeks ago in San Diego, specializing in Northern Chinese-style dumplings. There really aren’t any places in San Diego where I enjoy getting dumplings, so I didn’t initially have high...


Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan

One of the highlights of my trip to Japan was a visit to the Tokyo outpost of Dominique Ansel Bakery. I visited the original New York location a few years and became completely smitten with...