At the beginning of this month, Doritos came out with its latest product: Doritos Loaded. The product is only available at 7-Eleven.

I saw the campaign on Twitter and I was definitely curious, so a few days later, I found myself at 7-Eleven. There were several signs for the new product, though I didn’t actually see any in sight.

When I inquired about it at the register, I was told they did indeed have it, you just need to order them first and then they heat them up for you.

The Doritos Loaded come in packages of four, priced at $1.99 per box. After I placed my order, I watched an employee take out the orange triangles and place them in the toaster oven. I really like that they are heated to order.

These oven baked wings are crispy, with an addictive, sticky glaze.

I’m currently obsessed with chicken wings again. The weather got unexpectedly cooler these last few days, so I was able to turn on the oven again.

The wings are easy to prep, with the oven doing most of the work.


Iceskimo is a pop-up snow shaved ice spot that is spending this summer inside Pangea Bakery. It will have a permanent space on Convoy street in the Fall once its pop-up run is over.

I first learned about it from CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High and because of my snow ice obsession, I had to go check it out.

There are four flavors of snow ice to choose from, priced at $4.75. They also offer old school shaved ice, Belgian waffles and watermelon juice.

Original Snow (mangoes, strawberries, condensed milk)

I wish they served this on a plate rather than in a to-go bowl because the delicate layers of snow ice get crushed inside the bowl, so it’s not nearly as impressive to look at.

I was pleasantly surprised when I dug into the snow. Thinly layered sheets filled my bowl, just how snow ice should be. The ice was quite creamy. I’ve always enjoyed the original flavor snow ice at Class 302 but rarely order it in San Diego because even the snow ice shops seem to struggle with that particular basic flavor and it usually comes out very icy. Not so here. This was definitely the best texture of original flavored snow ice I’ve had in San Diego.

Things were off to good start, which is why our next order was such a surprise.