Crunchy baked chicken pieces are coated in a honey garlic sauce. A perfect weeknight meal.

I’m currently obsessed with baking chicken in panko crumbs after making my baked orange chicken. The chicken comes out so crunchy that I don’t miss the deep frying at all.

One thing I learned recently is that not all panko bread crumbs are the same. I’ve been testing out various brands and I can’t believe the difference. Some brands make the crumbs way too big and they don’t coat well and don’t bake evenly, looking pale and unappetizing.

My current favorite brand is Kikkoman. The panko bread crumbs are very fine, so they cook and brown evenly. I also still need to try Progressive’s version because from the picture on the box, it looks pretty promising as well. Do you have a favorite brand?


Tacos Perla recently opened in North Park, serving gourmet tacos and cricket toppings.

Traditional tacos are priced at $3.95 and nontraditional tacos are $4.95 each. For an additional $.75 you can add chicharrones or cricket toppings.

They also have a complimentary salsa bar with six varieties of salsa to pair with your tacos.

Creamy matcha flavored ice pops are mixed with chewy bits of mochi.

I absolutely love the Froyo Mochi Ice Pops I made a few weeks ago and have been making them non-stop. Recently I made a matcha version because I am obsessed with matcha flavored desserts (also the original ones I found on Thrillist that inspired my Froyo Mochi Pops are matcha flavored too).

For some reason I find matcha frozen yogurt a little too tangy, so I made these more of a matcha cream, with a little bit of yogurt to make them extra creamy.