San Diego Restaurant Week is back. Between September 21-26 (and some restaurants extend into a second week) select restaurants offer a a 2-course lunch (priced at $10, 15, 20) or a 3-course dinner (priced at $25, 35, 45). Last week, I was invited to preview Whisknladle’s restaurant week offerings.

I’ve dined at Whisknladle several times (the latest visit can be found here),  but this was my first time getting their restaurant week experience. I’ve actually always wanted to eat here during restaurant week because I think they have one of the best deals. While most restaurants offer a limited special menu with 3 choices, Whisknladle offers their entire regular menu to choose from. You choose an appetizer, entree and dessert for $45, and they even let you choose one of their large appetizers usually meant for sharing. To get an idea of the savings, I’ve included the regular menu prices for the items we chose.


Cutting Board | Chef’s Selection of House Cured Meats & Artisan Cheeses ($24)

The cutting board consists of a selection of house cured meats and cheeses. It’s something we always order when we come here. I love trying all the different items on the cutting board.

Baja Mussels | White Wine, Garlic Butter, Creme Fraiche, Herbs, Chili Oil & Bread Crumbs ($17)

This was my first time trying this dish and it has now become my favorite dish here. I really love mussels in white wine sauce and we order it a lot at various restaurants, but this is by far the best version I’ve had. The crunchy bread crumbs adds a bit of texture to the dish. The garlic butter cream sauce is swoon-worthy and gives such a great flavor to the tender mussels. I honestly wanted to just drink the broth. The waiter provided plenty of bread for soaking up every bit of the sauce.

This spicy, cheesy dip is a perfect “game day” TV viewing food.

Football season has started and while we don’t actually watch any games in our house except the Super Bowl, I have been in the mood for TV viewing snacks. This spicy buffalo chicken dip is a perfect choice. I made a sriracha buffalo sauce rather than using regular buffalo hot sauce. While I’m not quite sriracha obsessed, I do prefer it to other hot sauces because of the complexity of flavors.

Last week, we revisited Friend’s House Korean, a restaurant we haven’t been back to in years.

The interior looked just like how we remembered it from old visits: a homey feel with various knickknacks decorating the booths.

After we ordered, we were presented with 8 complimentary banchan dishes. I wish they weren’t all vegetable based ones. A seafood one would have been nice.

Dolsot Bibimbap

Mr. K ordered the hot stone pot. The rice got a very nice crunchy crust which I really enjoyed. I did feel though, that even with the rest of the ingredients mixed in, it was a little bland.