Fleming’s is one of my favorite places for steak in San Diego, so when I recently was alerted to their spring break promotion which includes filet mignon and lobster, I quickly made my reservation.

For $34.95 per person, you get to choose a starter (French onion soup or wedge salad), a side (green beans or mashed potatoes) and an entree of filet mignon and lobster tail. The promotion runs until April 7.

The offer is not on their regular menu, but you can make a reservation and state the promo in your reservation notes. You can also ask your server about the promotion once you are there.

We started with their complimentary parmesan bread which was accompanied with a tomato basil whipped butter and a chardonnay feta whipped butter.

The bread was slightly overbaked on one side as you can see by how dark it is, but still edible. Normally I don’t like spreading butter on my bread, but Fleming’s is the one exception. I love their infused butter spreads and their crusty parmesan bread. It’s one of my favorite parts of dining here.

French Onion Soup

FH chose the french onion soup, perfect for the rainy weather. It was served piping hot, with a lot of melted cheese. The broth had just the right balance. It wasn’t too salty and the caramelized onions weren’t too sweet.

In addition to my obsessions with mug cakes, Nutella, and bacon, I love peppperoni and pizza related creations.

I recently joined pinterest where I came across these pepperoni rolls. The original post makes rolls with bread. When I saw the picture on the post, my mind had immediately imagined pizza crust, mozzarella cheese and pepperoni, much like a regular pizza in an easy rolled up form.

Update: please note this giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Debbie (#26) who won the giveaway.

Happy Monday! Or not…Here’s my attempt to make Monday a little better with this giveaway.

I recently was provided with a few Tastefully Simple products to sample from their spring/summer line: 29 minute citrus marinade, shiitake terriyaki sauce, and bell pepper focaccia bread mix.

Images courtesy of Tastefully Simple®, Inc.  Used with permission.

I love trying out new sauces. The citrus marinade is easy to use. You just use it for about half an hour to marinate whatever you feel like. I decided to marinate some salmon before grilling.

I was most intrigued by the mushroom sauce. I was surprised to find the sauce chock full of mushroom pieces.