Another Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer came in my mailbox, which of course meant another trip to get some featured items.

I’m quite proud that I showed more self-control than usual. Mostly because I’ve been spending much more than normal due to the holidays. But I did pick up a few items I wanted to share.

Cheddar Chocolate Cheese

I actually first heard about this cheese from my friend CC when she tried it the first time they had it available. She alerted me right away that Trader Joe’s had it again even before the flyer came out, but I didn’t get a chance to visit Trader Joe’s until now.

According to their flyer, Trader Joe’s originally introduced this limited item for Valentine’s Day and now have decided to bring it back for this holiday season.

It’s a mild cheddar cheese with actual thin chocolate curls mixed inside. The taste was quite interesting. It has the sharpness of the cheddar followed by a very light sweetness. At first, I couldn’t quite taste the chocolate. I just tasted something sweet in the cheese. It took me a few bites to adjust to the flavor, but I liked it.

Italian Truffle Cheese

DH and I love anything with truffle. We had some truffle cheese during one of our fancy meals that included a cheese station and really enjoyed it so I was really excited to see it being offered at Trader Joe’s for a pretty reasonable price.

Now this is a brick toast.

I only wish other places made their brick toast as massive and delicious looking. It’s literally a giant cube of toast that is filled with smaller cut-up pieces stacked liked bricks and then topped with ice cream, fruit, and other toppings.

I saw brick toast like this in Taiwan, but this is the first time I’ve seen it outside of Taiwan. Unfortunately for my fellow San Diegans, it’s back in the Bay Area and not in San Diego.

DH and I stopped by this new cafe on our last trip to my parents. I’m not so crazy about the name which seems like a typo. But I am definitely loving their brick toast.

The Taiwanese cafe also offers various drinks including snowfall teas and silky milk.

Yup, it’s another giveaway. This one is for an upcoming San Diego event. For those of you not living in San Diego, I also have two other giveaways still happening and both involve a $100 giftcard which you can enter here and here.

The 4th Annual Hillcrest Taste N’ Tinis Event is happening on Thursday, December 13th from 5PM-9PM. DH and I went last year and it was a lot of fun. It’s similar to other taste events in San Diego, though this one also involves alcohol and shopping.

Various restaurants and retailers in Hillcrest will be participating, offering either food or cocktails. It’s always fun to walk around and sample various restaurants and you can also get some shopping done too while sipping on cocktails. There will also be complimentary gift wrapping offered at the will-call booth.