Normally I would not think about eating pho during a trip to Orange County when there are so many other delicious eats I have on my list and there are already some solid pho options in San Diego.

But when I heard that Pho Lu in Garden Grove offers an oxtail pho, I made an exception. I haven’t yet seen oxtail pho in San Diego, and I love oxtail.

We went in the late afternoon. I’m not quite sure what meal we were having. Mid-afternoon snack? The menu was quite varied, offering various pho soups, bun, broken rice dishes, and stir fry noodle dishes.

FH ordered a Thai Iced Tea

Herbs for the pho:

Oxtail pho:

I always have a box of Bisquick in my pantry. It’s great for whipping up pancakes in the morning when I don’t have time to make them from scratch or for experimenting with various pancake related creations like my bacon egg pancake cups or mini pancake muffins.

While browsing pinterest, I came across Bisquick chocolate chip cookies on Plain Chicken and I was pretty intrigued. I never would have thought to use Bisquick to make chocolate chip cookies.

I gave it a whirl. It was pretty easy to make but I encountered a few problems.

I’ve had this image in my mind for a while of donut holes with glaze and rolled in crushed oreos. It took me a while to make the picture in my mind a reality.

On my first attempt, I mixed oreo cookies into the dough batter. The problem was that when I fried them, the bits of oreo cookie touching the hot oil ended up burning so while the donuts had a nice cookies and cream taste, they also had a slight burnt taste from the crushed oreo pieces on the outside. I couldn’t figure out how to mix cookies and cream into the batter without it ending up on the outside of the donut as well, which would result in it burning slightly.