A few months ago I had a taste of Surati Farsan Mart’s menu. You can read about my first visit here. I’ve been wanting to revisit ever since to check out more dishes. Last week, I finally got a chance again, meeting up with CC of Pink Candles of Ridgemont High. You can read her recap here.

You order at the counter, where they have paper menus with English descriptions of all the items. After we ordered, we grabbed a table and waited for our number to be called. You can view the menu here and here.

I got a little lazy with the picture taking, which I tend to do when I’m eating with other people. I was more interested in chatting so sorry for some of the haphazard pictures.

Mysore Masala  Dosa- Triangular crepe made of rice flour and lentils, stuffed with spicy vegetables and served with a vegetable soup. You’re supposed to pour the soup over the crepe, but I sort of just dipped mine.

I liked the texture of the crepes. Thin, crispy outside, a soft fluffy inside. I’m not sure why, but I do prefer the long rolled up crepes like the Masala Dosa I got last time.

Pani Puri- Small fried whole wheat pastry shells stuffed with beans, potatoes, sweet and spicy sauces, served with spicy mint flavored water.

These were surprisingly sweet, almost crossing into dessert territory. But they are also quite spicy. Probably the spiciest item we ordered.  I would have liked a little less heat.

Chole Puri- Cooked garbanzo beans mixed with spices served with deep fried whole wheat bread

I love hasselback potatoes. They are easy to make, they taste great and they have a fun presentation. My mini hasselback potatoes can be found here.

I recently stumbled upon a recipe for scalloped hasselback potatoes, which combines the ingredients used for scalloped potatoes with the presentation of hasselback potatoes. Genius.

As you may recall, I have an obsession with collecting and tasting various Kit Kat flavors from Japan which offers hundreds of flavors, some specific to a certain region, some produced as limited edition ones, and a few new flavors that come out every year.

At the start of the New Year is when you’ll usually see a few new limited edition ones or new flavors. Some can be found at the various Japanese markets like Marukai (check Marukai Value if they are sold at at the Marukai supermarket), Mitsuwa, and Nijiya. Some sadly, can only be found in Japan.

I’ve recently tried out a few more new ones from frequent visits to the Japanese markets mentioned above and also order some direct from Japan through J-List.

Matcha Sakura

I got these very recently from Marukai Value (also saw them at Nijiya) after a tip from SDFoodTrucks who had visited after I gave them a tip about finding Strawberry Cake ones.

I’ve had matcha in the past, but I was curious of the addition of Sakura flavor. These were quite sweet and I honestly couldn’t taste the sakura blossoms. I do love the packaging though.

Strawberry Cake

I bought these a few weeks ago from Nijiya. And I have to say, they taste remarkably like strawberry cake. Not just like strawberries, but actually like a white cake batter mixed with strawberries.


These are limited edition ones from Japan which I bought from Jlist. A surprising flavor since cinnamon is rarely used in Asian cooking. These kit kats had little crunchy bits embedded inside, like cinnamon crystals. These did taste mildly of cinnamon, the brown kind, not the spicy one. I liked the crunch of the little crystals.