Yes that’s right. I creates a brownie mug cake that takes only one minute to make in the microwave. I have to confess, I’m pretty thrilled. This is my favorite mug cake creation yet. And it is still super easy to make.

It’s super chocolatey, like a brownie should be. This is more like the cake-type brownies rather than the chewy brownies, but it’s still so good. When it first came out of the oven, the brownie was quite fluffy, like a really good chocolate cake. After a minute or so, the batter turns denser, much more like a brownie because of the minimal amount of flour.

A lot of blogs have been publishing posts on Holiday gift ideas. I’ve actually found them super useful for things to add to my Christmas list.

I know it’s pretty late, but hopefully not too late, especially with a lot of places offering expedited shipping. This weekend I perused through my kitchen to see which of my kitchen gadgets and cake pans I love and use the most and wanted to share them with you. Perhaps they will be ideas for a gift for someone, or for yourself. Hopefully next year I’ll get my act together sooner and publish a more extensive list, including cutesy gifts, etc.

My Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Escali Promo Digital Scale

So many recipes I come across give ingredient measurements in weight. This scale has been a lifesaver and costs less than $20. It’s hard to find conversions sometimes for a recipe you want to check out and it’s much easier to just buy a scale. As an added bonus, this is great for weighing packages you need to ship out too.

Catskill Pastry Board

If you’re working with dough, this pastry board is so very helpful. Not only is it a sturdy block of wood, but it also has measurements on the board, so you know exactly how much to roll out your dough, etc. I love my board and use it all the time.

Please note: the giveaway is now closed. Foodbuzz will be choosing the winner in January. Good luck to those who entered!

This last week has been a lot of holiday eating. A lot of holiday eating. The other night, FH and I went with some friends to Kous Kous, a Moroccan restaurant we’ve always enjoyed.

Not only was this a good chance to enjoy a meal before the holidays with friends, but it also gave me a chance to check about American Express’ new Serve program, which I’ll detail more at the end of this post. In addition, one person commenting on this post will win $100 American Express’/Serve credit, find out more at the end of this post. You can do anything you want with the money: use it to pay for dinner, transfer it back into your bank account, etc.

Once we arrived, we noticed some different items on the menu and also the addition of a cocktail menu. You can view the full menu here.

The left is a Moroccan Kiss (champagne, pomegranate juice, orange blossom, St. Germain liquor).

The right is a Sit Sin (Citrus & Cinnamon ~ Mandarin Absolut, Citron Absolut, orange juice, cinnamon schnapps, cream)

For our starter we chose the vegetarian platter:

Zaalouk, My Ratatouille, Endive Pockets, Moroccan Potato Salad