DH and I both really love pomegranates. A few years ago, after being frustrated with how long it was taking us to open one, I did some research on finding a faster method.

I found a method I loved and was much less time consuming. It only takes me about 10-15 minutes to completely de-seed an extra large pomegranate now. I was thinking about writing this post for awhile, but wasn’t sure if anyone was interested. Then recently, I’ve come across a few people asking about the best way to open one, so I thought I’d share my method and a delicious recipe for pomegranate frozen yogurt.

Out of all the Bouchon Bakeries I have visited, my favorite is the one in Yountville. It’s only slightly bigger than the locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, but it offers many more sweet treats that the other locations don’t.

My last visit was over the holidays, and it was fun to see all the holiday themed desserts and decorations. In particular, I was fascinated with a very tall Eiffel Tower, which upon closer inspection, is actually made of gingerbread.

I was also overcome with cuteness at the sight of these red velvet snowmen cupcakes. I thought long and hard about getting one, but in the end, saved myself a few bucks. The thought process went something like this:

Me: Should I get it? It’s so cute!

DH: Will you actually eat it or will you just stare at it because it’s so cute and then decide you can’t eat it because it’s too cute so you just let it sit there until it goes bad?

Me: The latter…

DH: Okay, then you shouldn’t get one.

We did end up with boxes of treats though. First, we loaded up on croissants. I’ve always loved the croissants at Bouchon Bakery and decided to buy enough for my family to enjoy as well.

Well I’m not sure what happened that day. Perhaps the baker was distracted by the holidays or something, but there was definitely something wrong with all the croissants. We purchased regular croissants, chocolate croissants and almond chocolate croissants. All the croissants lacked flakiness and rich butteriness. Instead, they were dry, the layers were rubbery. The chocolate bars inside the chocolate ones were hard as a rock instead of melted inside. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize the issue until we got home. My family couldn’t understand why I would like these croissants, though I assured them they don’t usually taste this way. With the croissants priced close to $4/piece, that was close to $40 down the drain.

At least the rest of my purchases turned out better.

My latest obsession has been making my own flavored popcorn. It’s easy to do and the possibilities are endless. You can make sweet ones like caramel, chocolate or savory ones like truffle and curry.

Recently I made a cookies and cream one. There are crushed Oreo cookies and white chocolate drizzled over the freshly popped popcorn. The cold weather has made me want to sit indoors and cozy up with movies. These are a perfect snack.