So I have some good news and some bad news about this recipe. I got this idea to make homemade avocado chips. I’ve made homemade potato chips and I’ve seen homemade chips made from other fruits and vegetables.

The good news: They actually crisped up; I was afraid they would be too moist and buttery to turn into chips, but they do. They also kept their bright green. And I even managed to avoid turning on the oven for hours by using the microwave as a shortcut.

Now for the bad.

Wufenpu (Taiwan)

It’s getting close to a year since my trip to Taiwan and I’m determined to finally finish posting the highlights of my trip. One of the must stops when we visit is a trip to Wufenpu (δΊ”εˆ†εŸ”), a shopping heaven for women who like getting cheap deals on clothes.

Taiwan is full of day and night markets where you can get bargain clothes, shoes, and accessories, but all those vendors actually get their clothing supply from the suppliers located at Wufenpu, a wholesale garment market which is the largest clothing market in Taiwan.

The open market is full of hundreds of vendors and encompasses several streets. I’ve spent hours there on each trip but never been able to walk the entire market. After a while it does get repetitive because many of the vendors carry the same merchandise.

It’s especially great for women, as most of the vendors carry women’s clothing. I’ve found skirts, shirts, and dresses in the past (ranging from $3-8), many of which I still wear. You’ll see a lot of racks with clothes priced at 100NT which is about $3.

Like any market, there’s good food too.

Steamed Squid

This is one of our favorites. Freshly steamed hot squid pieces are served with a spicy dipping sauce. It’s so simple yet really delicious, even on a hot day.

Yes it’s another microwave mug cake. It’s hard to do anything else with the current heat wave we are having but I’m definitely itching to turn on the oven. Maybe I will have a chance to this weekend as it is supposed to cool down.

I love the color of this cake. Such a bright spring green from the avocado. I previously made an avocado brownie cake which was very chocolatey and fudgy and completely masked the avocado flavor. This time around, I wanted the avocado to shine.