It’s lychee season!!!

As you can tell I’m super excited. Every summer I eagerly anticipate the arrival of many fruits, but the two most in particular that I love are cherries and lychees.  Lychees are generally available around here in San Diego in late July through mid August.

Lychee tend to look slightly different depending on what country they are imported from. These ones I photoed, I purchased from Ranch 99, and they were imported from Taiwan. I absolutely love the red hue of the skin.

For those unfamiliar with lychee, it’s a tropical fruit (originally from China) that is usually a little bigger than the size of a cherry (around 1 1/2 times bigger). It has an exterior shell which you must peel off. The flesh is translucent. When you bite into it, juices will immediately squirt out. The juice of the lychee is syrupy sweet so it’s almost like eating candy rather than eating fruit.

Ever since FH and I tried Coop’s BBQ during the BBQ Crawl, FH has been hounding me non-stop to go back. FH usually isn’t so passionate about wanting to eat somewhere, so we went back this past weekend to satisfy his cravings.

Because Coop’s closes early on the weekends, we decided to order food to go. They were so busy that it took us a while to get through on the phone. They were taking the phone off the hook temporarily for short periods of time when the restaurant was overwhelmed with orders. We finally got through after about three tries and I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t want to think what would happen if FH didn’t get his bbq.

We had loved the ribs and the brisket last time we went. We had four people eating so we decided to get two slabs of ribs. One slab or ribs is plenty of meat, and completely packs a take out container. Rip tips are included in the slabs, giving you extra meat.

I had my No Bake Dessert Party this past weekend, and one of my favorite desserts coming out of it was this No Bake Oreo Cheesecake that I wanted to share a few more pictures of.

In some ways, the No Bake version is a little bit fussier than the baked version of a cheesecake because you need to let it firm up in the fridge for at least 6 hours. But I really enjoyed the taste and I was surprised that I didn’t miss the eggs and other ingredients that go in a baked cheesecake.