Lately, I’ve developed a habit of trying to recreate dishes at home that I have eaten from restaurants that did not do a good job.

I had fried pickles at a burger place a few months ago. DH and I did not like them at all. Super salty and kind of soggy. So we decided to try recreating them at home. We like our version much better.

Recently I discovered new food favorites and was reunited with some of my old favorites. The song, “My favorite things” keeps playing in my head when I think about them.

479° Black Truffle and White Cheddar Popcorn

I discovered 479° Popcorn a few years back and my absolute flavor is the black truffle cheddar. It tastes good, has speckles of black truffle, and it’s pretty low in calories, fat and carbohydrates too, making it a pretty guilt-free snack. 479° is based in San Francisco, so I previously was only able to get it on their website or at some stores in Northern California like Whole Foods.

Recently I found it at my local Bristol Farms in San Diego and when I checked online, they have really expanded their locations. You can find a list of all stores that carry 479 popcorn here.

Gevalia Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee

I love flavored coffees, but a lot of them always smell great when they are brewing but don’t end up tasting like the flavor it’s supposed to. I’ve tried many many chocolate flavored coffees, and the best one I’ve come across is Gevalia Chocolate Truffle. I was so surprised at how chocolatey my coffee tasted, I immediately went online to make sure this wasn’t one of those coffees packed with sugar, cream, etc. But no, this is just a normal coffee flavored with chocolate so the calories are still negligible. I just added a little bit of sweetened creamer to mine and no additional sugar and have really been enjoying this. I also love the packaging.

I’ve tried a few other flavors too. So far all of them do have the flavor they are supposed to and I’ve sampled irish cream, vanilla, and creme brulee. My favorite one after the chocolate truffle is the vanilla. You can buy them online or find them in many grocery stores, though I’ve only found the flavored ones online.

Chi Chocolat is an artisan chocolate shop tucked inside Liberty Station. It’s a little hard to spot, but it’s across the street from the complex that houses Slater’s 50/50 and Con Pane Cafe.

My friend CC gave me the tip to come visit, so I made sure to stop by on my last trip to the area. The front advertises the best mocha, but we were too stuffed to try.

Inside, the shop is quite tiny, but they have an array of desserts, including beautiful handmade chocolates with some interesting flavors, around $2 a piece.

We opted for three different ones.