Continuing on my quest to put nutella in just about everything, I recently made these nutella rice krispies treats. I got the idea after making my nutella crack brownies because the top layer of rice cereal reminded me of rice krispies treats.

I love watching tennis and always watch the grand slams. A few weeks ago, Wimbledon took place. If you are a tennis fan, you know that strawberries and cream is a classic treat for fans attending Wimbledon.

Inspired by the images of strawberries and cream, I decided to create a strawberries and cream cupcake.

I love fried rice. Stir fried with soy sauce or salt and mixed with some vegetables, the bland starch is transformed into a tasty dish.

So what could be better than eating fried rice on it’s own? How about actually frying it?

These make a really tasty appetizer and I think I might actually like them better than the fried mac and cheese balls I made recently.