Biscoff Banana Bread

How cute are these mini paper loaf pans? I saw them a long time ago at Surfas, but when I visited recently, they were no longer stocking them. I had my heart set on baking mini loaves of bread for the holidays, so I hunted them down and eventually found some reasonably priced ones on Amazon.

You can bake the breads directly into the pans and then tie on some ribbons and gift them.

Biscoff banana bread has been on my to-do list. I waited until almost the end of the year, but I finally got around to making it. The Biscoff cookie spread smell was surprisingly strong while these were baking in the oven.

Over the holidays, DH and I spent time revisiting a lot of our favorite places in San Diego. Okan has always been one of our favorites and we haven’t been able to dine their during lunch in quite some time.

The lunch menu has expanded more since our last visit. It’s still pretty much under $10 and completely different from the dinner menu, but there are a lot more lunch choices.

Most of the lunch options come with rice, miso soup, and three different small vegetable dishes.

Japanese style chow mein

This was DH’s choice and one of their new items. We both thought this was just alright. Nothing really special.

Japanese meatloaf

DH and I spent part of our New Year’s day making these amazing crispy wings. Last year, I tried Kyochon’s Korean Fried Chicken (“KFC”) wings  for the first time and fell in love. Their twice fried wings were the crispiest I had ever tasted.

Unlike a lot of other recipes where the crispiness comes from the batter and the skin of the wings still remains soft, Kyochon fry their wings in a way that renders the fat of of the skin and leaves it translucent thin and crispy. It’s then brushed with different sauces depending on what flavor you choose.