I love scones. It’s one of my favorite baked goods. I’m not quite sure why. They aren’t very sweet, and they have are heavy on the flour, creating a texture that can be a little dry. But something about them is absolutely addicting to me.

I especially love cream scones because they tend to be more tender and are easy to make.

My brothers are obsessed with noodle soup places. A tip from mmm-yoso alerted me that Luong Hai Ky had once again reopened its location on Convoy, so this past weekend I took the family there.

I haven’t been inside since Luong Hai Ky closed and became Phat. When we went inside, everything looked exactly the same, down the the fishtanks and fish.

There is a special for the grand opening, where the pho is buy 2 get 1 free, but no one was interested in pho.

I ordered the duck noodle soup after my brothers had raved about it when they had it at the Mira Mesa location. There was a good amount of duck pieces in my soup, though I found the roasted duck to be a little salty. I got mine with egg noodles.

There was a lot of hovering when I was making these. Hovering by my brothers lured by the smell of something frying. Hovering by the FH, trying to grab them before I photographed them. And hovering by the dog as I passed them out to everyone.