Breakfast in a cookie form? Yes please!

Recently I was given some samples of belVita Breakfast Biscuits to try.

What immediately appealed to me was the form. Crunchy Biscuit cookies. So far all the on-the-go breakfast choices I’ve seen come in some sort of bar form. I’m not much of a fan of breakfast bars, especially the soft ones. But crunchy cookies on the other hand..

I’ve never seen an entire cake that is Nutella flavored. I’ve seen various cakes swirled with Nutella, and I’ve made a Nutella mug cake. So I figured, why not a regular bundt cake only with Nutella flavor?

This cake came out a pretty dark brown. I wasn’t sure really how to decorate it and didn’t want to mess with the almost shiny surface. I think the best way to decorate it maybe is with a Nutella frosting. But I’m still hesitant to decorate my Bundt cakes. I’ve tried it a few times and messed up horribly.

So in the end I just did a powdered sugar dusting.

A trip to Las Vegas is never complete without feasting on the buffets. I especially love doing the Sunday brunch before we jet back to reality.

There were a few buffets I was considering, but then I came across Wicked Spoon, located inside The Cosmopolitan.  Several yelpers describe it as a buffet for “foodies” because it offers nontraditional items like bone marrow, truffle risotto, as well as a gelato station

Brunch was $29 per person, which wasn’t too bad considering how high the prices have gotten at the newer hotels. In addition, the line wasn’t long either. We waited maybe 15 minutes before being seated.

One of the cool features of the Wicked Spoon is that almost all the food is served in small individual servings. Fried chicken in a tiny fried chicken basket, pasta served in mini pans, etc.

Here’s what we ate: