I’ve made breakfast cups before with toast, eggs and bacon. After making an easier version last week with egg and cheese, I thought I’d try it again, but this time I wrapped them with bacon!

Previously, the most time consuming part was cutting the toast, so this eliminates the toast portion. I didn’t really care for the toast in the cups anyway. I was always worried it would fall apart and I like my toast to be crunchy and hot straight out of the toaster oven.

Being in San Diego, I was one of the almost five million people that was left without power last Thursday. I’ve been quite curious to hear everyone’s blackout stories, so I thought I’d share mine and hope you will share yours.

I was at work when the outage occurred. At first, I thought the lights had simply been turned off, something that happens quite often at my office, especially when we are working late. When I realized my computer and office phone were also dead, I waited for the office administrator to contact the building manager to find out what was going on. Of course she couldn’t get through. A few minutes later, my coworker noticed that the traffic lights outside weren’t working. My first thought was that of excitement– this may be the closest I’ve ever come to a work “snow day.”

There’s very few circumstances that could cancel work, but losing power would definitely be one of them. Had it been a hurricane, blizzard, fire, we would probably still be required to come to work. Remember the fires we had a few years ago? The fires so bad that all schools were canceled, most businesses were closed, and the mayor told people to stay inside unless absolutely necessary because of the bad air quality? I had to go to work… I had three roommates back then who worked at three different areas of San Diego. No one else had to work in my house other than me. Boy was I pissed driving into a deserted downtown. Anyway, so this was my one chance at a “snow day.”

It wasn’t too long until we realized the extent of the outage. Text messages were coming in to various coworkers informing us of power outages reaching close to the border and as far north as Encinitas. We were shocked by the news. How could a power outage be so large? I was lucky enough to have my smartphone with Verizon connection so I stayed pretty much connected to the outside world for the entire outage. I couldn’t find news from any of the local stations on the subject, so I went onto twitter, which seems to be the fastest place for news these days. Sure enough, within a few minutes, SDG&E was giving updates and their official response via twitter.

A few minutes later, we were allowed to leave. Once downstairs, it took quite a while to get out of the parking garage. But luckily I had the air conditioning on in my car to keep me cool. I also had my phone car charger to keep my phone charged. It took me twice as long to get home as usual. It was especially bad on the surface streets because of the four-way stops. The freeways weren’t nearly as bad.

By the time I arrived home, it was no longer really like leaving early from work, but it was still something. My brothers were already home, and we started getting things ready for nightfall. One of the SD food trucks was to be stationed nearby that night, their usual Thursday ritual. But I figured it would be really crowded. Then I remembered that UTC had recently began a Farmers’ Market on Thursday nights, which I had been wanting to check out anyway. So we decided to head over while it was still light out.

I had pepperoni pizza puffs on my mind lately. I’ve made them before, but wanted to make them a little more pizza-like.

These are a tasty little bread treat that are super easy to make. The pepperoni and cheese gives them the flavors pizza, especially when you dip it in a side of marinara sauce. To make them taste even more like a pizza, I sprinkled some Italian seasoning on them this time.