I love mug cakes. They are so easy to make and require very little clean-up.  It takes a few minutes to put together and only about 1 minute of cooking time. Whenever I’m craving a sweet treat for one, I turn to a mug cake.

The other day I experimented with some other flavor mug cakes. So far I’ve made nutella chocolate mug cake and chocolate mug cake. I set about trying to make a peanut butter chocolate one.

Truluck’s was recently voted by San Diego Magazine readers as best happy hour, best wine list, best seafood, best service and best of the best. I have passed by Truluck’s quite a few times and always see it when dining at Fleming’s happy hour, so I decided to check it out.

In addition to offering happy hour daily (4:30to 7pm), on Sundays they offer happy hour all night long. Inside, the bar lounge area has plenty of seating, though all tables are tall round ones that sit about four. The tables were a little small, so it was had for us to fit our food.

Browsing the menu, I could see why San Diegans enjoy the happy hour so much, especially if you’re there for a drink. While the typical happy hour might offer about 5 or 6 different drink options, Truluck’s offers 30+ drinks at half price. Full happy hour menu can be found here.

However, if you are at happy hour mainly for the food (as I usually am), I found the options a little limited. There were only about three items I really wanted to try. In addition to happy hour, they also serve the full menu at the bar as well.

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend filled with lots of good food. After I baked my Thanksgiving desserts (which I’ll share later), I took a much needed break from baking.

Last weekend though, during my crazy peanut butter baking weekend, I tried adding peanut butter to the three ingredient nutella cookies I previously made. I got the idea from a reader “Stephanie” who shared her variation of adding a little peanut butter to the nutella recipe.