There was a lot of hovering when I was making these. Hovering by my brothers lured by the smell of something frying. Hovering by the FH, trying to grab them before I photographed them. And hovering by the dog as I passed them out to everyone.

Last week, one of Baby Brother’s coworkers brought a bunch of herbs to work to share with her coworkers. I came home to the aroma of fresh rosemary, chives and oregano.

Since then I’ve been cooking with them like crazy. I love the intoxicating  smells and the flavors they add to food. I especially adore the rosemary which I’ve been using on roasts, in my baking, etc. One of the things I baked were these rosemary bread knots. Basically garlic knots, except with rosemary instead.

For the last few weeks, FH has been going through a milkshake phase. Every day he wants a milkshake and he has been buying them like crazy.

I enjoy milkshakes, but once in a while is enough for me. The shakes are so thick, that I find it hard to finish one.

To save him some money, I decided to make him one. At first I was going to do a cookies n’ cream one, which is his favorite. But he’s been buying that one everyday, so I thought I’d do something different. And then I suddenly though of trying to do a Nutella one. Because I’m obsessed with putting Nutella in everything.