It’s like banana bread wrapped into a cookie.

The idea to make these suddenly hit me after a weekend of watching girls munch on fresh bananas for energy. Of course instead of thinking healthy, my mind went to cookies…

I love quick breads because they are so easy to make. I’m not sure why I never thought to make a Nutella quick bread, until now. I got the idea after seeing a Biscoff quick bread.

This bread was easy to make. And even thought it is a quick bread, it does have a a texture that resembles a bread. Just a really delicate bread. It wasn’t too sweet, which is usually what you want for a bread, but it just seemed odd to have Nutella and not be very sweet.

So I baked a version with a swirl of Nutella in the middle to give it some extra sweetness and Nutella flavor. (Though unfortunately most of the swirl stuck to the top of the bread.)

I was going through my computer files and came across a file of pictures of this pumpkin coffee cake that I made a while back but completely forgot to post about.

Pumpkin, streusel, cake. So good. Everyone in my family loved this cake.

The actual cake slices ended up having a bunch of holes. I’m not quite sure what happened. It wasn’t pretty to look at but since we just ate it at home it didn’t matter too much. It still tasted really good though. This was one dessert that was gone within two days. I’ll have to make it again later to see if I can get rid of all the holes.