This is a simple snack, appetizer, or party idea, but it’s oh so good.

I’ve always thought Nutella pairs extremely well with strawberries or bananas. I’ve already done Nutella stuffed strawberries, so now here are my Nutella stuffed bananas.

Flaming Spice

After attending the Totoro themed birthday party, we had plans to dine at Flaming Spice in LA, an all you can eat hot pot restaurant, with Kung Food Panda, Pinoy Panda, The Roaming Belly and RB’s husband. We haven’t had a chance to go back since our initial visit, which we had really enjoyed.

Since Flaming Spice is all you can eat, we didn’t do our usual massive LA eating. Instead we passed the time hanging out with KFP and PinoyPanda, including a visit to the Hsi Lai Temple, considered the largest Buddhist temple in the US. More details about that in a future post.

Things have changed a bit from our first visit. Instead of the dim sum carts being pushed around with all the raw ingredients, we ordered from a menu of ingredients and then they would bring out everything to us in a metal cart. Of course you can always add more to your order. I noticed right away that the raw ingredient options had increased and even included some thing I haven’t yet found outside of Taiwan, like black tripe! We also ordered some items I don’t normally order, like pig brains…

Like before, there’s quite a few hot pot broths to choose from. See pictures of the menu at the end of the post. We opted for oxtail and beer duck. We really loved the oxtail which had pieces of oxtail inside too. The beer duck was spicy and you couldn’t taste that it was duck or beer or anything. All I tasted was spice. I think from now on I’ll just stick to the oxtail.

There is an array of cooked dishes to go along with your hot pot. Since the restaurant was pretty empty when I arrived, I decided to take pictures of all the cooked foods.  I was a fan of the spicy fish, the seaweed appetizer, and the steamed egg. DH liked the spicy wontons.

Lamb potstickers, spicy wontons, spicy fish, seaweed salad

Sesame glutinous rice ball, fried bun, seaweed salad, green onion pancake

Steamed egg, Spicy wontons

Spicy wontons

A while back, Trader Joe’s was selling chocolate covered potato chips. After seeing it in their flyer, I immediately went to go get it, only to find they were all sold out.

I remember checking back a few more times and not finding it. I don’t know why I thought of it the other day. And it made me think. Why did I keep looking for it? Why not make my own? It’s just potato chips and chocolate.

So I did. I’m really starting to enjoy making things on my own rather than buying these days. I like having the control of the ingredients I use and being able to make variations I can’t find in store.