Have you ever made a recipe that comes out looking like crap but tastes really good? I had that experience with these cookies. After making flourless peanut butter cookies, I wondered if I could apply the same easy recipe with Nutella.

Well my first batch was a complete mess. Nutella spreads a lot more than peanut butter and the cookies all blended together into one giant sheet. They were an ugly mess. Yet addicting when I broke off a piece. The outside was super thin and crispy. The inside was chewy, almost like a hardened caramel. Not quite the texture of your average cookie. But they tasted really yummy.

I had some cheese leftover from all the mac and cheese recipes I was checking out. I thought it’d be fun to try making my own cheddar crackers.

I saw several recipes that looked really easy to make. And they were. Especially if you have a food processor because you just throw everything in and you end up with cheddar cracker dough in minutes.

I wasn’t really sure what sort of shapes I wanted to make. And then I remembered these Hello Kitty vegetable cutters I recently got. They were the perfect size.

After making those delicious chewy Nutella cookies, I had this sudden urge to make a Nutella sugar cookie because the chewy cookies looked a little bit like sugar cookies.

I played around with some sugar recipes. I wanted to make these chewier and flatter, so I used some brown sugar and a lot of Nutella.