The Bouchon Bakery has been on my mind lately. I’ve been making lists of food places I want to visit for trips I haven’t yet planned, but fully intend to accomplish within the next few years. My New York trip list includes a trip to Bouchon Bakery for the macarons, oreos and chocolate bouchon.

A few weekends ago, my siblings went to Vegas. I had hoped they could stop off at the Bouchon Bakery at The Venetian and bring me back some of Thomas Keller’s treats, but they found the walk too far (though they did bring me back some treats from Jean Philippe’s Patisserie).

I don’t know if I can replicate his famous macarons, but I thought I could try to bring Thomas Keller’s chocolate bouchons into my kitchen since I can’t go visit his. Bouchon means cork in French, and the rich dessert is baked to resemble the shape of the cork.

I finally found a great donut recipe. These donuts are soft, fluffy, and taste like bakery-style donuts.

I wasn’t planning on making donuts. It all came out of a failed attempt to get donuts this weekend. I’ve lived in California for most of my life now, but every once in a while, my days of living on the East Coast make an appearance. One of the things I had to adjust to when I first moved to California is the lack of fresh donuts available after the early morning hours because most Californians consider donuts only as a breakfast food.

I haven’t made jello shots since my college days…


I recently came across a flurry of posts making the cutest jello shots to look like watermelon slices by using lime peels and filling them with red jello mixed with vodka. I couldn’t get over the cuteness of it.

Staring at the limes, my first alcoholic beverage thought was definitely margaritas. I originally wanted to fill the lime peels with a yellow jello to reflect a regular margarita but then I didn’t think that the lemon flavor would resemble a margarita.