We first visited RakiRaki during its soft opening last month and wanted to check it out again after the grand opening. As I previously mentioned, RakiRaki is a ramen chain originally from Japan that uses alkaline water to cook its ramen, offers complimentary alkaline water to its customers, and specializes in a chicken based ramen.

The menu and signs during the soft opening had stated that the Grand Opening was to be October 25th, but when we went this weekend, it wasn’t clear if they had really had their grand opening. The menus passed out still said soft opening and there weren’t any grand opening signs. One thing was clear though, word has gotten out, and this place was really packed.

We did see additional menu items, including some “Tasting Kitchen” options and Sushi rolls which weren’t previously offered.


Last time we had ordered the original and found it to be a little too salty with very little chicken flavor. This time we tried the premium one which is supposed to be rich and bold. The chicken broth flavor was definitely more concentrated and more what I had been expecting from the original, but we also felt it was still a little too salty for our tastes. However, we really enjoyed the chicken chasiu. I thought I’d miss the fattier pork one (which you can also choose instead), but the lean chicken was incredible moist and soft and I didn’t miss the regular pork one at all.

Chicken karaage

We chose this from the Tasting Kitchen section of the menu. Large chunks of chicken were lightly breaded and fried and served on top of a small salad. I did wish that the pieces would be smaller as I found the cuts to be way too tall and wide to easily eat. The chicken wasn’t very crispy, but they used cuts of dark meat which was very moist and tender, much like the chasiu.

Yes it’s possible to make a tasty, Fall spice bread with just two ingredients: ice cream and self-rising flour.

I went to Trader Joe’s this weekend to stock up on their pumpkin themed goods including their premium pumpkin ice cream. I’d forgotten how rich and creamy and good this ice cream is.

I immediately knew I had to make ice cream bread, something I discovered awhile back.

Sometimes I build recipes up in my head and they aren’t nearly as good as I remember when I make them again. This was not one of those recipes. The bread is so delicious and easy to make. You just stir your two ingredients together and it’s ready to go in the oven.

Angels & Hearts is a new dessert place that serves Harajuku-style crepes, a popular item in Japan. I noticed Angels & Hearts when I first visited Raki Raki because the two stores are actually connected, but the neon pink sign didn’t really appeal to me. Also, I don’t particularly care for dessert crepes. But after learning that these were Harajuku-style crepes, I was much more interested in trying it out.

Harajuku-style dessert crepes are wrapped up in a cone and filled with fresh fruit,  ice cream and other sweets. There are also savory versions as well.

At Angels & Hearts, you start with a base crepe ($3), then you can choose from various fruits, ice cream, and sauces, with each topping being an additional cost. The final total is around $5.

We chose strawberries, vanilla ice cream and mango sauce.