This recipe is inspired by a new favorite snack: cinnamon pecans.

I know, I know. Cinnamon pecans are nothing new. I’ve seen the them everywhere, especially during the holidays. But I’ve never had them until recently when Oh! Nuts offered to provide me some to bake with this holiday season. And they are so so addicting. Pecans coated with a crunchy cinnamon sugar. I couldn’t stop eating the bag.

So I decided to quickly make something them before devouring the entire bag. I had already been planning a two ingredient pecan ice cream bread using some pecan pie ice cream I had picked up from Trader Joe’s. The ice cream has sweetened pieces of pecan, cinnamon swirls and some spattering of shortbread crust, to resemble pecan pies. I thought it would be perfect for those two ingredient ice cream breads I’ve been making, which are just ice cream and self rising flour.

I’ve heard so much good buzz about Carnitas Snack Shack this year that I knew I had to try it before the year was over. I even blocked out a spot for it on my calendar.

The “shack” is set up like a small taco stand. You place your order in the front, and then walk around to the side where you can grab a seat on the patio. Carnitas Snack Shack specializes in slow cooked foods with an emphasis on pork. The name Carnitas comes from the owners’ mini pet pig bearing the same name.

The menu changes often and the menu of the day is written on the board. They also have a separate dessert menu with quite a few bacon and boozy dessert options.

Pork Belly App

This is probably their most famous dish and I knew I couldn’t come here without trying it. We were served a healthy serving of pork belly topped with a sweet chili glaze. The glaze was more sweet than spicy, but it worked.

Slightly crispy on the outside and melty fat on the inside. I could see why this would be so popular. It’s one of the better versions of pork belly I’ve had. I also enjoyed the apple radish salad.

Shack Carnitas

I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but each soft taco was absolutely stuffed with with moist shredded pork. I would have liked the pork to be slightly more seasoned but still enjoyed these.

Eggnog Bread

I have to confess, I don’t really like eggnog. The taste is a little too strong for me. The one exception is pumpkin eggnog and that’s because it tastes like a pumpkin milkshake.

Though I’m not a fan of the drink, I don’t mind baked goods using eggnog as long as most of the eggnog flavor is hidden and all that is left are the spices. Every year my mom’s company gifts her with eggnog and no one in our house really drinks it. So this year, she gave it to me to bake with.

First up, I tried this eggnog quick bread. It came out just as I had hoped. Similar to other holiday quick breads, it’s tender, light, with just a hint of eggnog. Because eggnog has a lot of holiday spices, you don’t need to add much to the batter. You can drizzle some glaze on top or leave it plain.