Mangia Mangia is a San Diego food truck that offers gourmet Italian food. Owner Marko has a passion for Italian food, having worked as a waiter both in Italy and in the US for over 20 years before deciding to start his own food truck.

The truck has been opened just shy of a year and already was featured on Food Network/Cooking Channel’s “Eat St.” program. They were named one of the best San Diego food trucks by San Diego Union Tribune and recently took second place in a San Diego Food Truck Wars.

On Thursday nights, you can even get a 5 course meal for $20 when Mangia Mangia parks in front of the 57 Degrees Wine Shop in Mission Hills.

On FH’s visit, he chose the meatball panini sandwich ($7), and a side of fries.

Continuing on my breakfast cup recipes, I recently tackled Bacon Egg McMuffin cups.  English muffin + bacon + egg = Yum.

The English muffin develops a nice crispy exterior similar to if you had toasted it. The bacon doesn’t quite wrap around the entire muffin, but it does seem to fit right inside the muffin cup. Inside the crispy bacon wrap is the egg.

Do you know Sam the Cooking Guy? If you live in San Diego, you’ve probably heard of him.

Sam Zien, known as Sam the Cooking Guy, has a televised cooking show and several cook books. He’s been so successful because of his down to earth approach to cooking. He doesn’t have any formal culinary training- he’s just an average guy who loves to cook.

Recently, Sam launched The Sam Livecast, which airs three days a week. It’s similar to a podcast, except that it includes high definition video and you can watch it live, unedited, and uncensored. And it really is uncensored.

Photo courtesy of Lynn Chyi from The Sam Livecast Show

About a month ago I was invited to watch one of his Livecast shows. It was a pretty fun experience. The show is filmed in his home, which has a kitchen I am extremely envious of. On each one hour show, Sam will cook a dish from start to finish (On the episode I watched, it was this delicious pumpkin curry soup pictured below). He also will spend time speaking his mind on various subjects, showing cool food-related video clips, and basically addressing whatever else comes up during the show. His camera crew, wife, and marketing intern join in on the discussion.