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I have one last giveaway for this holiday season. It’s a good one for you if you own a Keurig brewer or a good gift if you have friends or family that own one. You can also still enter my other Holiday giveaways for $100 gift cards here, here and here.

I’ve already talked about how much I like my Keurig brewer. I’ve been pretty obsessed with trying out different K-Cup flavors and there are hundreds out there, so my collection keeps growing faster than I can finish drink them.

I currently display some of mine in an old spice rack, the rest are in a giant basket, but this drawer is perfect to replace my basket. It’s shiny, sleek and stores 24 cups. I especially like that all the cups are on display in the storage drawer because with my basket you can also see the top layer. It also matches the Keurig machine.

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I love the holiday season. The gift giving, seeing family, and of course the food. Our December has been packed with holiday meals with friends and soon we’ll be having our family dinners too.

First, we’ll be having a Christmas meal with DH’s parents. I’ve been wracking my brain for easy menu ideas because we won’t have much time for preparation with work and our schedules.

Normally when I work with various product brands on this blog, I choose ones that I know and use on a daily basis. I confess, I didn’t know of Dietz & Watson when I was presented with the opportunity, but when I saw that they specialize in ham, I knew that this could potentially be the solution to my pre-Christmas dinner dilemma.

My family never did the traditional ham dinner, but DH’s family always does. I never much cared for ham until after I started spending time with DH’s family and now I quite look forward to it during the holidays.

I researched Dietz & Watson’s ham nutrition facts before agreeing to this review. I was most interested in the All Natural Uncured Classic Ham and I liked what I read: gluten free, no MSG, nitrate free and low sodium. DH’s parents have become much more health conscious recently, so this ham looked promising. For my purposes, I’ve always found ham to be too salty so I was happy to see this one was low sodium.

One of the spots I’ve been most looking forward to check out in Los Angeles is Tsujita, a branch from a Tokyo restaurant which is well known for their tsukemen (aka dipping noodles).

Located in Little Osaka of West Los Angeles, Tsujita only offers tsukemen and ramen during lunch, making this place consistently busy with waits often an hour long on weekends, unless you get there before it opens.

I guess the stars were shining upon us when I finally got around to visiting because despite having a group of 5 and arriving right in the middle of the popular lunch hour, we only had to wait a mere 20 minutes. Honestly though, there are so many little shops and restaurants surrounding the area that an hour wait probably can go by quite quickly, unless you choose to just stand outside and wait.

I wanted to get a picture of the outside with the crowd but it’s on a busy street with no cross-walk and didn’t think it was worth getting run over.

There are three variations of tsukemen offered and for the sake of the blog, we got a variety. DH also was the sacrificial lamb and got the tonkotsu ramen for comparison sake. (Don’t worry, I shared half my tsukemen with him!)

For tsukemen you have a choice of just tsukemen, tsukemn + seasoned boiled egg, or tsukemen topped with char siu.


If you enjoy soft boiled eggs, I highly recommend you get the Ajitama tsukemen which comes with their seasoned soft boiled egg. The outside egg white is flavored with the tsukemen broth and the inside has a runny orange yolk.

The concentrated pork broth was extremely flavorful without being overly salty as is often the case with other places that offer tsukemen. It’s also packed with bamboo and strips of pork.  It was raining on the day we visited and this hit the spot perfectly. This is now what I crave every time we have a cold or rainy day, so it looks like I’ll be craving this all winter long.