Island’s recently came out with some new holiday items including spiked coffees, secret menu item beer floats and turkey burger substitutes. DH and I previously visited Island’s to try some new menu items and particularly enjoyed their cocktail offerings, so we were just as intrigued to try the new holiday menu items.

First, we had to order the spiked coffees, which are perfect for winter.

We sampled the Irish Coffee and the Cocomo Coffee.

The Irish coffee was quite strong. It pretty much tasted like a regular coffee spiked with whiskey.

I preferred the Cocomo because it was sweeter. Both drinks really hit the spot though and make nice winter beverages.

To start our meal off, we munched on some guacamole, salsa and chips. What is it about salsa and chips that is so appealing when eating it at a restaurant? I can never seem to replicate the appeal on my own at home.

Happy December everyone! I’m so excited to bake lots of holiday treats this month. Lately, I’ve been craving ginger spice treats. I’ve already made a ginger spice latte.

That immediately made me wan to try making a ginger spice latte mug cake.

Speaking of lattes, have you tried the new Verismo system from Starbucks? It’s their version of the single cup home coffee system that even makes Starbucks lattes by inserting a milk pod. I recently sampled it at Sur La Table and really enjoyed it.

Last month, DH and I had the pleasure of eating and catching up with The Man himself at a great little Colombian restaurant.

It was our first time eating Colombian food and we couldn’t have had a better dining guide to introduce us to the cuisine.


Unlike the thicker pastry dough of Portuguese and Filipino empanadas DH and I are more familiar with, these have a thinner corn flour shell. They are deep fried and filled with ground meat. We really enjoyed these. They arrived piping hot and we were instructed to wrap it in a napkin before eating it.  They reminded me of a deep fried taco. In fact, DH couldn’t stop talking about them on the drive home. He’s never cared much for empanadas but he couldn’t believe how good these were.

Chorizo con Arepa

Kirk ordered this one so we could taste the difference between this chorizo and the one served on the entree DH later ordered. I preferred the taste of this one.

Papa Rellena

A giant fried potato ball stuffed with chicken and saffron. The filling varies from day to day.