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December is usually filled with giveaways on blogs to correspond with the holidays. But I think the new year deserves some celebration as well so I reserved one of my giveaways until January to start off the new year!

Did you know that Coco’s Bakery Restaurant brews their own line of premium organic coffee? I confess, I had no idea. Recently Coco’s sent me this coffee set. It arrived in a really cool wood box. Inside is a coffee travel mug, a bag of Coco’s premium organic coffee, some bars of soap, and a jar of honey. It’s a pretty nice set and I’ve already begun using the travel mug cup for work.

Persimmon Bread

I love quick breads. They are easy to put together and taste so good. It’s too hard for me to pick a favorite quick bread because I like them all.

With all the persimmons I was pureeing last week, I had to make a persimmon quick bread. I made this one here previously, which I really liked. But I wanted to try a few more recipes.

Persimmon Cookies

Every year I get a large wall calendar from my mom courtesy of Ranch 99 supermarket. It always has pictures of pretty fruit, which I love to gaze at. The fruits always vary, but the last few years, the first fruit photograph is always of persimmons.

Technically, persimmon season is about over. I pureed the last of my batch and stuck the puree in the freezer. We also dried quite a few of them. I love eating dried persimmon slices. (For a quick tutorial on the different types of persimmons so you don’t accidentally bite into an astringent one, you can read my post here.)

The last few weeks I was trying new recipes, including these persimmon cookies. I found the recipe on Two Peas and Their Pod.