I know these look like the flourless eggless peanut butter cookies I just posted on, but they aren’t the same. Right after I made the yummy healthy flourless eggless cookies using Greek yogurt, I came across this recipe also making an eggless peanut butter cookie using banana as the egg substitute.

E & Drink opened recently in San Diego, located inside the 99 Ranch market plaza. I noticed it right after it opened and wanted to check it out but didn’t get a chance.

The small restaurant offers individual hot pots, Taiwanese tea drinks and some small appetizers/snacks.

The individual hot pots come with rice or noodles. During lunch, they also come with a free green or black tea drink.

Surprisingly, the tea drinks come in enormous beer mugs. Look at the appetizer dish on the side for size comparison.

Complimentary cold appetizers

There are about 10 different hot pots to choose from. I originally had a picture of the menu but I seem to have lost it.

Flourless and eggless? Yes it can be done! I’ve made flourless peanut butter cookies and really liked them.  The recipe is super quick to put together and it’s gluten free. I was looking at the recipe again recently and wondered whether I could make it even healthier by eliminating the egg.

I went to my new favorite baking substitute, nonfat Greek strained yogurt. I mixed it all together and hoped for the best. And was happy with the results. The cookies spread more but they are still delicious.