I’m usually not much of a mint person. You may have noticed a lack of any mint or peppermint flavored desserts on this blog. My one exception to the rule are Andes mints.

I don’t know what it is about them but I really enjoy them and get so excited when hotels put it on the pillow or restaurants offer it as an after dinner mint. And these cookies taste just like the mints chocolate candies but in a cookie form. DH absolutely loved these. He hoarded the entire batch and has been slowly eating them.

I knew Andes had come out with baking chips so I was in search for them everywhere.

Uptown Tavern

Recently DH and I have been exploring San Diego beers and breweries a lot more thanks to a few beer crawls with good friends. It’s made us also want to check out more bar restaurants. Out of the ones we’ve been to so far, Uptown Tavern is definitely one of our favorites.

One of the problems with bar restaurants is that the food often suffers. This is not the case with Uptown Tavern, as two of our favorite dishes are made at this restaurant.

Charred Brussel Sprouts

This is one of their most popular appetizers and it’s our favorite too. It’s the best restaurant prepared brussel sprouts I’ve had to date. The sprouts are heavily dosed in vinaigrette and chili flakes. DH rarely raves about a vegetable dish but he loves this one.

Chorizo Jalapeno Mac n’ Cheese

This was the macaroni special of the day. DH loves his macaroni and cheese and loved the spicy flavor of the jalapenos and the savory chorizo.

Yup, I made this.

After thinking constantly of the dazzled up brick toast I ate at Cafe LaTTea, I decided that I couldn’t wait until my next trip home to eat it again, so I decided to make my own.

For those unfamiliar with Brick Toast, it’s often served in boba tea cafes.  It’s usually a thick slice of toast that is slathered with either a sugar butter mixture, condensed milk or honey. It’s then toasted in the toaster oven before being served. It’s sweet, crunchy and perfect with tea or coffee. You can view my recipe for the original ones here.

The last few years, boba cafes have done various things to evolve the basic brick toast. I’ve seen ones topped high with toppings and syrup.

Then last year, I saw a trend in Taiwan where they took it to a whole new level and present you with an actual brick. It’s a huge brick of toast. The inside is hollowed out and cut into smaller bricks, which are sweetened, toasted and then put back in and layered to resemble a brick wall. The outside bread is toasted as well. It’s then topped with fresh fruit, ice cream and other toppings.