Roadem, the newest all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ restaurant, recently opened on Convoy in the plaza right next to Manna BBQ and replacing the former Seoul Korean BBQ.

I was actually quite excited by the idea of a new Korean BBQ spot. As much as I enjoy Manna, I find it to be on the pricey side and hate that they don’t have a cheaper lunch menu. I was hoping Roadem would provide more options.

Sure enough, during lunch Roadem offers both a reduced lunch menu as well as the full dinner menus. The lunch menu is $14.99 per person and includes eight meat options. The meal also includes a cabbage salad, steamed egg, and various banchan dishes.

Similar to Manna, Roaden also offers two dinner options. Dinner A is $19.99 per person. Dinner B is $24.99 per person and includes more seafood and meat options.

Even though the lunch menu seems quite limited in comparison to the dinner menu, we opted for it anyway because we didn’t want to stuff ourselves silly for lunch and not have any room for dinner.

First, we selected the meat choices we wanted to start out with. We were allowed to choose 4 (Manna only allows 2 at a time). The meats were brought out to us and put on the grill for us. I liked that they didn’t give us too much of each one, so that we could try more different items.

Our first selection consisted of spicy pork, beef ribs, brisket and chicken.

Our banchan dishes

I’m so excited to start my holiday cookie baking. So excited that even though I was gone all weekend, I found myself baking this batch Sunday night before bed. Fresh oven baked cookies make a great midnight snack.

I spotted these winter edition Oreos at the grocery store. It’s the regular flavored Oreos but the cream is colored red and there are four holiday designs on the cookies. I had been planning on making my chewy cookies and cream cookies again for my holiday cookie baking and knew Oreos would make the cookies even more festive.

I was especially excited to use my new cookie spatula. Isn’t it adorable? It’s created by OXO. You can buy it at various places like OXO and Amazon and 50% of proceeds go to a charity for pediatric cancer research.

Island’s recently came out with some new holiday items including spiked coffees, secret menu item beer floats and turkey burger substitutes. DH and I previously visited Island’s to try some new menu items and particularly enjoyed their cocktail offerings, so we were just as intrigued to try the new holiday menu items.

First, we had to order the spiked coffees, which are perfect for winter.

We sampled the Irish Coffee and the Cocomo Coffee.

The Irish coffee was quite strong. It pretty much tasted like a regular coffee spiked with whiskey.

I preferred the Cocomo because it was sweeter. Both drinks really hit the spot though and make nice winter beverages.

To start our meal off, we munched on some guacamole, salsa and chips. What is it about salsa and chips that is so appealing when eating it at a restaurant? I can never seem to replicate the appeal on my own at home.