Recently the Oreo cookie celebrated it’s 100th Anniversary. I had no idea the cookie had been around so long. It’s quite impressive given how popular the cookie still is. Of course my mind has been on oreos and I wanted to make some recipes.

So I made these cookies and cream cookies. Soft and chewy cookies with cream and chocolate in every  bite. These came out exactly how I had hoped.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s some brownies stuffed with mint oreos for the holiday and I’m sharing other recipes as well.

Even though I don’t really do anything to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the few weeks before, I’m always thinking up of various dessert ideas that are green or use Guinness beer or Bailey’s Irish Cream. I had so many ideas this year, as well as finding many more on other food blogs, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to make them all before St. Patrick’s Day.

Anyhow, I thought I’d do a round-up sharing recipes I’ve done for St. Patrick’s Day as well as sharing recipes I’ve bookmarked to try in case people are searching for last minute St. Patrick’s Day inspiration.

Recipes I’ve made:

Green chocolate chip cookies

Guinness beer mug cake

Bailey’s Irish Cream mug cake

Irish Cream Bundt Cake

I had plans to visit a few places for lunch off the main strip, but all the taxi rides were getting expensive, so we decided to stay on the strip for lunch. Since I had to make a visit to Bouchon Bakery inside The Venetian to pick up Thomas Keller’s macarons and other baked goods, we decided to check out Bouchon Bistro.

The lobster watched me as we waited for a table

There was a slight wait time when we arrived, but we were able to munch on complimentary almond tea cakes while we waited. Not a bad deal at all.

After we ordered, we were give some crusty pan d’epi (wheat stalk bread). I was surprised that the bread is placed directly onto the table (which is lined with white paper, with linen underneath). The bread was accompanied with some Bouchon jams.

I loved the bread. Crusty bread is my favorite kind. I liked it so much I bought some home from the bakery section. FH only likes soft breads though since he didn’t like this at all.

Beignets du jour (house made special doughnuts with Bouchon Bakery jam)

You can choose jelly filled beignets or plain ones. I chose plain ones because I’m not a huge jelly fan.

This plate of fluffy beignets lightly rolled in sugar were the softest beignets I’ve ever eaten. Each one was pillowy soft, and melted in my mouth.  I want to dine at Bouchon Bistro again just for the beignets. They were accompanied with Nutella and jam. Heavenly.