After a fairly mild San Diego winter, the rain/hail storm this weekend was quite crazy wasn’t it? Saturday FH and I got completely drenched in a horizontal rainstorm which seemed to hit right about the same time we stepped out of our car and calmed down after we were inside again. I found Sunday particularly interesting. The afternoon seemed to fluctuate constantly between minutes of bright sunshine to minutes of darkness, gusty winds and hailing. I think this may be the first time I’ve actually been hit by hail as I’m usually hidden indoors.

The cold weather called for some warm food. After my post about my disappointing chicken pho at Nam An, several readers pointed me in the direction of Bolsa.

The restaurant appears to be family owned. We weren’t treated with the typical staff we usually experience at Vietnamese restaurants. The people serving us and taking our orders were really friendly and welcoming.

Egg rolls

The egg rolls used the traditional rice paper wrappers. I usually prefer the non-traditional chinese thin wrappers (even though I know it’s not authentic), but I actually enjoyed this version. I always think the traditional wrapper is not as visually appealing as it looks like blistered skin once it’s fried. The skin was nice and crispy though and the filling was flavorful.

Chicken pho

I’m not sure where the inspiration came for making this mug cake this week. It wasn’t a suggestion by a reader, it wasn’t some idea that popped into my head that I had jotted down. It just sort of magically appeared into my thoughts while I was in the kitchen. And once it was there, the question became, why hadn’t the thought appeared sooner? After all, I love red velvet cake.

Recently the Oreo cookie celebrated it’s 100th Anniversary. I had no idea the cookie had been around so long. It’s quite impressive given how popular the cookie still is. Of course my mind has been on oreos and I wanted to make some recipes.

So I made these cookies and cream cookies. Soft and chewy cookies with cream and chocolate in every  bite. These came out exactly how I had hoped.