A while ago, I saw a recipe for flourless peanut butter cookies. I was very curious after looking at the recipe because I didn’t think a flourless peanut butter cookie recipe could be made with the ingredients stated.

I previously made three ingredient peanut butter cookies, but they needed flour. These cookies use a few more ingredients, but are really easy to put together. No mixer needed. Just a spoon, a bowl, and a cookie sheet. I actually liked these cookies even better than the previous peanut butter cookie recipe I tried.

What is Fluff Ice? Well there’s the description stated by the store. But I personally would describe it as Taiwanese snowflake shaved ice meets frozen yogurt shops.

I am obsessed with Taiwanese snowflake shaved ice. Unlike traditional shaved ice, snowflake ice is made with water and condensed milk frozen into ice blocks, which is then shaved through a special machine. The fine texture of the ice is creamy and soft, and more like ice cream than like ice. The frozen condensed milk ice melts a lot slower than just plain shaved ice so that you can enjoy it longer.

While I have yet to see snow shaved ice come to San Diego, it has gotten quite popular in LA and I’ve seen it popping up on various Taiwanese restaurant and tea shop menus. There are now quite a few locations in the Monterey Park area. Recently, I’ve also noticed a trend to bring the shaved ice into a fro-yo shop setting. So instead of just a few flavors of ice and traditional shaved ice toppings, you have a ton of different shaved ice flavors and traditional frozen yogurt toppings.

For the winter season, I wanted to make some cute looking mashed potatoes shaped like snowmen. I got the idea from Foodilicious, who recently brought snowmen-shaped potatoes to a blogger potluck I attended. I thought they were so adorable.

My family loves mashed potatoes. Though I have to confess, I often use instant packages because I don’t like all the manual labor needed to make my own. So for my “snowmen” mashed potatoes, I used instant ones. I used small pieces of cheese for the nose. And I tried my hardest to find something savory for the eyes, but I couldn’t come up with anything other than black sesame but I wanted big adorable eyes.  So I ended up using some mini chocolate chips. A little bit of chocolate didn’t affect the potatoes in my opinion.

Of course when I finished decorating, my creation looked nothing like snowmen. And with the slightly yellow color from the garlic mashed potatoes, they looked like chicks. So I decided to pass them off as chicks instead.