For a while now, I’ve been seeing a Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter on other blogs. I finally went out and bought some. The verdict? I liked it. The peanut butter flavor is still strong but the dark chocolate adds a nice addition. It’s a bit like eating Reese’s peanut butter cups, but all blended together.

Of course I immediately had to bake with it. The first thing I wanted to make were flourless chocolate peanut butter cookies. I previously made regular peanut butter flourless cookies and was impressed with the texture and flavor despite the cookies being flourless.

Recently, I was provided with a sample of organicgirl greens. organicgirl is a California based company that provides organic produce. Their salads are washed three times and packaged in clam shells made from 100% recycled plastic.

I was given 3 different products to try: baby spring mix, supergreens, and romaine heart leaves. Even though I initially though the clamshells took up a lot of room in my fridge, I also liked them. It made it easy to open up and take out the portion of the greens I needed without wrestling with a bag. It ensured that for the spring mix I got a good sampling of all the types I wanted since I had full access to everything in the container. Baby Brother was also able to conveniently take one to work to eat.

organicgirl is launching its first-ever SuperGreens Chef Tour in San Diego, beginning January 27th. The SuperGreens Chef Tour will take place at 20 Vons grocery stores around San Diego County, over the course of two weekends, and will be lead by professional chefs, featuring both food demonstrations and sampling of meals made with organicgirl produce. I shop at Vons every weekend so I definitely will be on the lookout for it.

A while back I was very into trying to cook various dessert recipes in my waffle iron after following the Waffleizer. I was recently reminded of the waffled recipes and wanted to continue my venture into cooking things in my waffle iron.

First up were the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I adore so much. Because the batter is pretty cakey to begin with, it was a perfect recipe to cook up in my waffle iron. The waffles were moist, soft, and tasted of pumpkin and cinnamon. They actually could pass for pumpkin waffles.