I’ve been wanting to make a savory version of monkey bread for a while now after seeing several versions on different food blogs.

I decided to make a giant one, using my Nordic Ware Classic Bundt Pan. It’s a little amusing seeing savory monkey bread in the shape of cake. It’s almost like a fake-out.

What is better than nutella lava cookies? How about nutella lava brownies.

Imagine fudgy chewy brownies, oozing with nutella.

These came out just as good as I hoped and were a big hit with the family. Being a big brownie lover, I think I may like these even more than the nutella lava cookies I previously made.

I’m not quite sure when it began, but going to the San Diego County Fair has become a yearly tradition that we look forward to every year. And the main reason we go to the fair? To eat the food of course!

You can read my posts from the previous years at the fair here, here, here and here. This year’s theme is “Race to the Fair.”

Every year I look forward to checking out the new fair food offerings. I love that there is a whole map devoted to fair food, who is offering what, new items, and where the food is located.

After checking out the new fair food selection this year though, I was a little underwhelmed. It seemed creativity went out the door and instead the idea was to just deep fry everything or dip it in chocolate.

We started off our eating at Chicken Charlie’s which is one of the most popular vendors for their deep fried creations, with offerings like deep fried oreos, klondike bars, avocados, etc . This year Chicken Charlie’s new offerings were the deep fried brownies, deep fried girl scout cookies and deep fried kool aid.