Happy Friday! I like to end Friday with something different, like tons of cuteness or a giveaway (latest giveaway can be found here). A few months ago I came across this image of bear in cups. Bear in cups. So simple. Yet so freaking adorable. Ever since, I’ve been trying to recreate it but without much success.

Finally I had some decent success recently that I thought I’d share. Not nearly as cute as the original image, but pretty cute if you haven’t seen the original image. I don’t know the technique for making the original ones I saw, but they are all perfectly shaped. So maybe they were done by a professional bakery?

There’s something about making homemade bread that is so extremely satisfying. I’m not quite sure why. I’ve baked cookies, cakes, and countless other baked goods. But I never have the same feeling of accomplishment for those other baked goods as I do when I successfully make a loaf of bread.

Maybe it’s because I grew up eating homemade cookies and cakes and other baked goodies. But bread was always something that was bought from a store or bakery or served at a restaurant. So being able to actually make a loaf and have it taste as good as the ones I buy, feels really amazing.

Hokkaido toast is a Japanese-style bread which can often be found in Japanese bakeries. It’s soft and fluffy and usually used as toast or sandwiches. One of the key ingredients to create it’s extremely soft texture is the addition of heavy whipping cream.

Eat at Recess is a Food Truck that tries to put the fun back into lunchtime. It’s a callback to our childhood, naming sandwiches after school terms and bringing back some of our favorite school cafeteria foods like tater tots.

The owners of Recess want to remind us how lunch used to be when we were school kids. Cafeteria food, fresh air, playing games or on the playground with our friends.

The truck is one of the largest food trucks I’ve come across and comes equipped with an Xbox Kinect, allowing you to play games while you wait for your food and the motion sensitive kinect means you’ll be getting some exercise while playing too.

The highlight of the menu for me is definitely the tater tots. I didn’t particularly like school cafeteria food, but what I remember most fondly are tater tots. And it’s one of those foods that were readily available while we were in school, but almost impossible to find once I graduated. Other than finding them in the frozen food section of the grocery store, tater tots are pretty non-existent on a restaurant menu.

They offer three types of tater tots. Regular ones, remedial, and AP tots. Remedial tots are topped with a cheese and a spicy sauce. AP tots are topped with feta cheese and drizzled with truffle oil.