Recently, a few of our friends came down to visit from LA. They requested brunch, breweries, and carne asada fries.

We’ve always been more about the burritos and nachos so we actually haven’t explored carne asada fries too much. We’ve heard that Lolita’s makes the best carne asada fries in San Diego. DH and I had visited once previously and while we had loved the crispy fries, the carne asada had been a salt mine. Looking back, this might have just been a fluke as we had come around closing time.

On this visit, we could definitely understand why people love the carne asada fries here. The fries are thin and crunchy. A lot of other renditions have soggy fries. The carne asada was well seasoned and it had was also served with guacamole and cheese. A lot of places don’t include the guacamole but I think it adds a refreshing relief from just meat and cheese.

I’m not a fan of the cold weather. But the one highlight of cold weather for me is an excuse to drink hot chocolate.

I had a little pumpkin leftover so I thought I’d try experimenting with making a pumpkin hot chocolate. I wasn’t quite sure what would happen if I added pumpkin puree into my hot chocolate, but it works! Pumpkin puree plus a little cinnamon adds a nice Fall spin on the traditional hot chocolate.

For good measure, I also added a cinnamon stick to use for stirring and to add an extra bit of cinnamon into the drink.

I love British-style afternoon tea. When I finally get a chance to visit England, that’s what I’m most excited about. DH recently developed a love for afternoon tea also after getting a small taste of it on our British Airways flight. He loves the idea of having milk in his hot tea.

I first learned that Shakespeare Corner Shoppe serves afternoon tea from posts on CC’s blog. It’s been on my to-do list for over a year and we finally got around to it. I wanted to visit while it was still warm, since it takes place out on the patio.

Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe also sells a lot of British goods and is connected with a pub next door. But we were here for the tea.

Once seated, we were presented with quite a long section of tea choices. Every person gets their individual pot. I loved the set up with the flowery pots, cups, plates, etc. Everything was so cute.

To start off, we were given a piece of wheat toast with cream cheese and beet spread.

After we were served our tea, we were given a tower of treats.