Sausage, cheese, eggs, served on a piece of tortilla and wrapped up in a cute to-go form. I present to you breakfast burrito cups.

It’s been a while since I made a breakfast cup creation. Over the long weekend, I made these breakfast burrito cups. I actually got the idea from one of my readers, Sandy, when she left a comment suggesting I try a burrito cup.

During a few short months every year, The Marine Room offers its High Tide brunch. We went once a few years back and was amazed by the view.

The Marine Room has always had the best dining view in San Diego in my opinion. Its floor to ceiling windows and proximity to the water provides its diners with a breathtaking view of the ocean from anywhere in the restaurant. It’s even lit up at night so that you can still enjoy the view after the sun sets.

During High Tides, this view is even better, as the water actually crashes up against the windows. On this visit, the waves weren’t as high as our first visit. I remember our first visit, the water level was already quite above the bottom of the windows and continued to rise as we dined. While it wasn’t as high this time around, the view is still pretty amazing. While you can enjoy the view from anywhere in the restaurant, definitely request a table next to the window to truly have the best experience.

The brunch is a buffet spread. Our last visit, mimosas were complimentary, but that perk is no longer included. Juice and coffee were included though.

The buffet items are spread throughout the restaurant. Full menu can be found here.

One of the things I liked was the different plates you could choose from to use. They had round plates, wavy plates, rectangle plates, etc.

Eggs Benedict, chicken sausage, mushroom frittata, Charcuterie, Saffron Tabouleh, Almond Raisin Cinnamon French Toast

I’ve had several requests lately on how to change up some of my mug cakes to make them healthier.

Since I don’t want to kill any of my readers with all these rich recipes, I thought I’d work on making some low-fat versions.