Alright, one last pumpkin recipe before I put the pumpkin to rest for a little while. I was trying to get this out before Thanksgiving but got too busy and too lazy. This one didn’t quite make the cut, but it’s one of my favorites: Nutella Swirl Pumpkin Bread.

It’s a variation on the classic pumpkin bread I made every year and the Nutella swirl acts almost like a Nutella spread.

In addition to testing a deep fried turkey, we also did some last minute testing of other potential items to bring to our Thanksgiving dinners, including some corn fritters. I also wanted to do a round-up of potential other savory sides in case people are still looking for ideas.

I haven’t had to make too many savory sides for Thanksgiving. My Thanksgivings have always been potluck style. I usually leave the savory stuff to my mom and my aunts and I do a lot of desserts. But there are a few savory ones I’ve made over the years that I would like to share.

Corn Fritters

We made these over the weekend. Actually I can proudly say DH made these over the weekend. We didn’t want that whole vat of oil to go to waste so we decided to try another fried recipe from “Dadgum That’s Good, Too.” One thing I realized right away when I was flipping through the book was how easy the recipes were. Most were very basic recipes, with only a few ingredients and a few steps. It occurred to me that the recipes were easy enough that even the cooking phobic husband could potentially handle a few. So I chose what I thought was the easiest one in the book and asked him to make it.

DH does not enjoy cooking and isn’t very experienced in it. He’ll occasionally help me with something if I ask him, but that’s about it. So this was the first recipe he’s made on his own. The only thing I did was guide him towards the right direction with ingredients. For example, I had to direct him to the granulated sugar. I also had to take away the can of creamed corn he almost opened because he thought it was the same as the whole kernel corn. Other than that though, things went really smoothly and he made the recipe from start to finish.

These were super simple. They are basically fried dough with little kernels of corn mixed in. (Recipe at bottom of the post.)

Other savory side ideas:

DH and I braved the madness this weekend to attend the grand opening of H Mart in San Diego. According to H Mart’s website it was to be the “Greatest Grand Opening of all time!” I found the exaggerated claim to be quite amusing

For those who aren’t familiar, H Mart is a popular Korean grocery chain. I’ve visited some of the locations in LA and love going there.  Like our Zion Market, H Mart offers incredibly cheap prices on produce (often even cheaper deals than Zion), but offers a lot more too. It sells everything from your basic household needs, to prepared foods, to live seafood, high quality meats and fresh produce.

When we arrived, parking was almost impossible to find despite the very large shopping complex it is located in. Once inside, while there were a lot of people, it was still fun to see the new shiny store. And there were so many free samples and sale specials.

Here’s a sample of the prepared food section.

They also have a food court