Inspiration comes at random moments.

I was in the kitchen with an open jar of peanut butter from the peanut butter cookies I had just finished making. I was cleaning out the freezer because we no longer have room for anything and I know there’s stuff buried inside that needs to be thrown away. While cleaning, I came across a bag of frozen soft pretzel dough which I had completely forgotten about (oops!).

This suddenly brought an image to my mind of one of my favorite childhood snacks, Combos, which are crunchy pretzel nuggets stuffed with various flavors like pizza, nacho cheese, etc.  Since I had the peanut butter out, it made me think of peanut butter flavored combos (I don’t actually remember having peanut butter flavored one, but that is what I was picturing in my mind.)

And I suddenly thought, what about stuffing soft pretzel bites with peanut butter?

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about blogging about somewhere new in San Diego. But I’ve been eager to introduce this new store since my visit this past weekend.

The Fruit Shop is a store that recently opened on Convoy Street which specializes in providing its customers with fresh tropical fruit that is not available at most markets. Tropical fruits are hard to find since most of them can’t be grown in the US and must be imported. The fruits offered are very fresh and come from several different countries.

I haven’t tried many peanut butter cookie recipes and recently had a craving to find a good one. I found one I liked, but I think these cookies will forever be remembered as the cookies that almost killed the puppy.