RakiRaki, a new ramen place, recently had its soft opening.

It’s located in the plaza with the horrible parking that also houses restaurants like Red Moon, Tapioca Express and Tofu House.

According to the menu, the restaurant is part of a chain of ramen restaurants from the JYOSUI Group in Nagoya under Chef Takeo Araki. None of that meant anything to me really, though the one thing on the bio that caught my attention was that they use alkaline water to make the soup as well as serving it to customers.

As you may recall, I first noticed the RakiRaki sign while driving home from Apple Korean House. When I took a peek inside, it looked under construction. But Faye emailed me to let me know that it would be opening September 26. So two days later, I was there to check it out. In fact, I was so curious to check it out that we actually came here after dinner. I guess this was like a late night snack? The interior still has some work to be done and the grand opening will be October 25, but they are currently open for dinner with a limited menu.

Inside, there are seats at the bar, a communal table in the middle, along with smaller tables around the edges of the restaurant.

Right away we were impressed with the service. Usually the service is pretty spotty and inconsistent when a restaurant first opens. While there was a little bit of a lack of coordination here, all the staff were very attentive. Each one of them came over several times to check on us, ask us if we had any questions. Even when we got our check at the end, they told us to stay as long as we wished.


I debated between the original, which is their signature ramen, or the premium which is supposed to be richer. I was afraid the premium might be too salty so I opted to try the original. The ramen here is actually made with chicken broth. I really liked the large bowls that the ramen came in, including a plate underneath the bowl as well.

I found the ramen soup to be a tad too salty for my taste. Also the broth flavor was quite light. I couldn’t really taste much beyond a hint of chicken broth and water.

The noodles were served al dente, still a tiny bit hard, just how I like them. One thing I noticed is that they offer oxtail as an additional topping. I will have to try that next time. I did really enjoy the chashu though. Light, tender, not too fatty.

Well it doesn’t feel like October in San Diego, but I tried to get myself in the Fall baking mode this weekend with a few pumpkin recipes including this pumpkin ale bread.

It felt a little strange baking with Fall spices while running the air conditioning given the heat wave in San Diego.

It’s been a while since I’ve eaten at Yakyudori Ramen & Yakitori and I’ve been wanting to revisit. We went for lunch recently and found they even serve a lunch special menu. Yay for lunch specials!

Nagoya Ramen

I’ve never had this type of ramen before so I thought I’d try it out. I couldn’t find much on the internet other than that it usually uses a lot of Chinese ingredients and is sometimes called “Taiwan style ramen.” The chives and ground meat did remind me of Chinese food. The soup base is quite light and was a little bit spicy. What I didn’t like was that the hot pepper oil separated from the broth and kept hitting my throat when I drank it. The noodles were cooked al dente which I liked.