The other day, Future Husband (“FH”) came back from running errands with a big grin on his face and a plastic bag with some food.

“Fish tacos! Just 99 cents! Hurry and photograph them so I can eat them.” (I love that he thought to let me photograph them first for the blog)

He had passed by Big Fish Sea Grill, a fast food seafood mexican restaurant that had a sign for 99 cents fish tacos.

No these are not the nutella chocolate chip cookies that I’ve made several times on this blog. Instead, these are “nutella chip” cookies. The cookies are made with homemade nutella chips to ensure a fudgy nutella flavor throughout the cookies.

I recently finally made a visit to Sushi Ota. It’s a popular sushi place in San Diego that has hundreds of positive yelp reviews and good recommendations from several of my friends.

It was quite crowded when we went, but luckily we had reservations. I had worried about parking in the Pacific Beach area, but Sushi Ota is in a plaza with a parking lot.

We started with an appetizer sample that was on the Special’s Board. I don’t remember what each one was. The one on the left was a type of squid salad. The middle was a grilled fish. The one on the right was a fried fish.