Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and I’ve been excited for weeks. Not because I really care about the game. But because I love all the snacks!

I haven’t quite made up my mind about what we’ll be eating. Today I was thinking of nachos and cheese and thought it would be fun to create an appetizer with a nacho cheese filling. So I came up with these nacho cheese bites.

You knew this was coming right? After discovering a love for Biscoff spread, I immediately had to combine it with my love for mug cakes, and make a Biscoff mug cake.

Light, fluffy, with the spices of Biscoff cookies. This cake came out beautifully.

A few months ago Savory Garden restaurant opened inside Ranch 99 market, replacing the longstanding 168 Restaurant.

The interior has been spruced up a bit. I don’t remember the cityscape designs surrounding the windows before, including an outline of the famous Taipei 101.

Much like its predecessor, Savory Garden offers a mainly Taiwanese cuisine menu. We were initially presented with the menu in Chinese, which caused a slight panic until we found all the translations on the other side of the page.

Several menu items have a “thumbs up” next to indicate and we stuck to ordering mainly from the items they specialize in.

The staff was a bit absent-minded, not even giving us spoons or bowls until we requested them.

House Special Beef Noodle Soup

The broth was actually quite dark and had more richness to it than I expected. Quite a bit better than Liang’s Kitchen, worlds better than 168, though still not nearly as good as some others I’ve had, but a pretty good rendition for San Diego standards. I could taste both the beef flavor and chinese spices.

Unfortunately, the noodles (choice of thick or thin, we chose thick), didn’t soak up any of the broth flavor and were very bland and tasteless. It really detracted from the enjoyment of the noodle soup unfortunately and I hope they change their noodle choice soon.