San Diegans who have been patiently waiting for good snow ice to arrive, rejoice! Snow/snowflake shaved ice has finally hit San Diego, with a flurry of restaurants and dessert cafes now offering it. After two very mediocre renditions at Liang’s Kitchen and Up 2 You, I had given up on San Diego producing a good version.

Then this weekend, I received a tip from a reader (Thanks Susan!) that Yogurt Swirl now offers snow shaved ice. I was out the door almost immediately.

Sure enough, when I arrived, a large sign was displayed on the exterior stating that they now serve snow ice and Hawaiian shaved ice. Located next to Pho Cow Cali, Yogurt Swirl has always been a favorite of mine. Their cheap prices, good toppings, and adorable hamster mascot keep me coming.

Yogurt Swirl’s snow ice follows in the more popular new trend of what I like to call a fusion of traditional Taiwanese snow ice mixed with a frozen yogurt set-up. They take the Taiwanese-style snow shaved ice concept (water mixed directly with milk is frozen into blocks to create a creamier and fluffier shaved ice that takes longer to melt), but offer more snow ice flavors than the traditional Taiwanese ones and the topping choices are typical frozen yogurt toppings.

When we arrived, we immediately spotted the brand of machines that we’ve seen used at a lot of these new fro-yo-meets-snow-ice shops in Orange County and LA. Definitely a good sign. A small cup is $4.99 and a large is $6.99. There are about 12 flavors of snow ice, and you get to choose two toppings. They also add condensed milk for free.

Because the owner is so nice and they weren’t too busy when we first arrived, he agreed to let us have two flavors in our small (usually you can only ask for two flavors for the large size).

Coconut and Milk Snow Ice with mango and mochi

I am excited to share this recipe with you today! I didn’t think it was possible to make a cookie in the microwave and have it actually have the texture of a real cookie, but it’s possible!

I came across a recipe for chocolate chip cookie in a mug. You know how much I love my mug recipes. I didn’t have too high hopes. I had tried other cookie in a mug recipes before, but they never satisfied my cravings for a real cookie. But I decided to try it out, and I was surprised when a solid cookie popped out.

Not a cakey cookie or a slightly-denser-than-cake-so-we’ll-call-it-a-cookie type of cookie. But a genuine cookie. With crunch and all.

This weekend we did some San Diego beer crawling with friends in honor of San Diego Beer Week. We wanted to have enough food in our stomachs to be able to handle all the beer, so we headed to Hash House.

We don’t visit Hash House much, but we like to take friends who are visiting.

Corned beef, mozzarella cheese, broccoli scramble

This was DH’s choice. I loved how colorful it was. It was accompanied with a healthy serving of crispy potatoes and the trademark biscuit with a sprig of rosemary stuck in the middle.

Andy’s Chicken and Waffles

My friend Limer35 ordered this one, one of the more famous dishes of Hash House. The waffles used to be piled in a high tower, but I guess they’ve changed the display. He seemed to really enjoy the chicken.