My family never gets sick of buffets. On a recent trip home, we went to check out Oriental Buffet, a place that both of my brothers love and have been talking about non-stop.

They both really love it because on their first visit, it was very empty and they got tons of lobster to themselves. They also really like the sushi and the sashimi.

Dinner was $18.95 per person. Given the price, I was very surprised to see a good selection of sashimi, sushi and cooked foods. They also have eight different flavors of ice cream for dessert. The place was still pretty empty though, so I’m not sure how well this restaurant will survive.

Here is some of the food we got:

For the most part, I love the taste of desserts made from scratch. The one exception has been brownies. I’ve always liked the box mix brownies, and I’ve had trouble finding a recipe for brownies that I enjoy more than box mix brownies.

I’ve tried many recipes and been disappointed. I even tried a recipe by Cook’s Illustrated that was supposed to be chewy like box mix brownies, but my attempt failed miserably.

A few months ago, I suddenly thought I should ask the source for all my chocolate recipe needs, Meryl, a reader of my blog, who I’ve mentioned in the past. She recommended I try the recipe from Baked: New Frontiers in Baking.

I hope everyone had a good July 4th weekend.  I had a great time. Lots of relaxation and food.

With the extra time, I also got a chance to bake these cupcakes which have been brewing in the back of my mind ever since I saw rainbow bread at King Hawaiian Bakery in Torrance. I originally thought about making my own rainbow bread, but cupcakes are a lot easier.