The pepperoni garlic knots I previously made were a big hit so I made them again but played around with the shape. On my last attempt I tried to emulate the shape from the restaurant I had eaten the knots at. This time, I tried making them more like traditional garlic knots.

Rather than stuffing the garlic knots with mini pepperoni, the pepperoni is sprinkled across the top of the knots.  I’m not quite sure which shape I like better, but this one was easier to make.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market in San Francisco is one of the most well known farmers markets in the US and I’ve been wanting to visit for a very long time.

Last month when I was in SF with the FH, we finally got a chance to visit. The market is open three days a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) but Saturday is the best day to go because that is when the most vendors are in attendance. The market covers most of the front of the Ferry Plaza Building and then also runs in the rear of the building too. The rear area is also where most of the prepared food can be found.

I loved seeing all the fruits, vegetables and herbs.

I love mug cakes. They are so easy to make and require very little clean-up.  It takes a few minutes to put together and only about 1 minute of cooking time. Whenever I’m craving a sweet treat for one, I turn to a mug cake.

The other day I experimented with some other flavor mug cakes. So far I’ve made nutella chocolate mug cake and chocolate mug cake. I set about trying to make a peanut butter chocolate one.