A few weeks ago, FH and I paid a revisit to Scarpetta’s Sunday Brunch. It’s been a year since we’ve been back and we noticed a few changes.

We originally wanted to dine there for dinner, to get the full Scarpetta experience. But gluttony got the better of us. Why settle for a dinner of a single main entree when brunch offers unlimited refills on Chef Scott Conant’s signature spaghetti, a variety of cheese from The Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, an enormous variety of well executed desserts, and much more.

The buffet-style brunch is only available on Sundays. On our previous visit, the restaurant had been relatively empty. But this time the restaurant was full of customers. Most of the dishes still remain the open kitchen, which is a pretty fun experience to enter.

I think I’ve tried enough stove top macaroni and cheese recipes lately and found two I really liked (here and here). Now I’ve decided to move onto baked macaroni and cheese recipe.

First up I tried the recipe provided to me by Mama Sparkles. I have already done part of this recipe, the stove top portion, and really enjoyed it. But I wanted to do the full version with the baking. I guess it’s not the traditional baked macaroni and cheese recipe since most of it is made on the stove top, but it does have the finished baked look.

Soft pretzels and nacho cheese dipping sauce seem to go hand in hand. Okay, so I don’t actually think I’ve had the combination before, but I’m sure I’ve seen people dip soft pretzels in a cheese sauce. Maybe at a ball game.

So I decided to stuff nacho cheese into pretzel bites. If you follow my blog, you know I’ve been experimenting with various soft pretzel fillings. I’ve done Nutella, peanut butter, and pepperoni and cheese. And now nacho cheese. Yum.