This is the first Thanksgiving that DH and I will be celebrating together. Not just the first one as a married couple, but the first one ever. Despite being together for 12 years before tying the knot, we actually never did the “split the holidays” thing until now. For Thanksgiving, we’re actually going to visit both families.

So this weekend was filled with a lot of recipe testing, including trying to make out first ever deep fried turkey! Our first deep fried turkey ended up being quite easy, painless and a big success, even for the normally cooking-phobic DH. The turkey was very moist and delicious. And contrary to some of the myths out there, it is possible to do it safely indoors with very little effort needed.

When I text messaged my brothers to tell them I was deep frying a turkey they were convinced I’d burn the house down.  I’m glad I was able to prove them wrong. Our experience frying it was nothing close to the horror stories you hear every year of fires caused by people trying to fry turkeys. I thought I’d document our experience to share with others who might want to try it too.

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I was excited to see so much interest in my last giveaway. With double the prize money this time, hopefully people will enjoy this one as well. This giveaway will be hosted by Blogher and Del Monte, but you have the same chance of winning because they will be choosing one winner from my blog. Details are at the end of this post.

DH and I spend most of the weekend indulging on unhealthy foods. We’re trying new restaurants, snacking on sweets I baked, getting drinks with friends, etc. When Sunday rolls around, I end up feeling quite guilty from everything we’ve consumed. Whenever possible, I try to set Sunday dinner aside for a little bit of cleansing. Nothing too drastic, but I like to cook a healthier dinner, load up on greens, and start the detox from our weekend of indulging. Recently I was chosen to participate in Del Monte’s “Enjoy Life More” program which focuses on healthy living and little things you can do to enjoy life more in a nutritious way. I’ve always enjoyed Del Monte products and since I’m always trying to find ways to eat healthier, I signed up to participate.

Pumpkin Shaped Rolls

Aren’t these cute?

Even though I’ve already decided on a dinner bread roll recipe for Thanksgiving, I thought I’d play around with the presentation by trying to make pumpkin shaped ones. It’s easy to do and they end up looking so festive.

You can do this with almost any bread roll recipe. You could also choose from a variety of items to use as “stems” for the pumpkins. I used these sesame sticks that are found in some of those trail mix packs. You can also use cashews, almonds, certain kinds of crackers, etc.