A few weeks ago I went to Hinotez for dinner. While there, I spotted a sign for their breakfast menu, which seemed interesting with very reasonable prices.

So we made our way back for breakfast. I don’t have much expertise when it comes to traditional Japanese style breakfast. My knowledge is limited to vague memories of a trip to Japan when I was about 5. For a more accurate take, check out A Radiused Corner’s posts here and here.

You start with a base set ($3; rice, tea, pickled cabbage, tofu, miso soup, seaweed snack) and then you can add additional small dishes to your heart’s desire, that range from $1-3.

Coffee Cake Mug Cake seems like a title with a typo but I didn’t know how else to name it, since I wanted to be clear this is meant to be a coffee cake rather than a coffee flavored cake.

Someone suggested I try making a coffee cake. I was pretty hesitant because the texture isn’t the same as other cakes. It’s more dense with a harder crumb. Also I didn’t know how the streusel would cook in the microwave. Turns out the streusel was the easy part.

The streusel. Oh the streusel. It was so good. Microwaving it didn’t hurt it at all. I could just eat streusel all day.

Breakfast in a cookie form? Yes please!

Recently I was given some samples of belVita Breakfast Biscuits to try.

What immediately appealed to me was the form. Crunchy Biscuit cookies. So far all the on-the-go breakfast choices I’ve seen come in some sort of bar form. I’m not much of a fan of breakfast bars, especially the soft ones. But crunchy cookies on the other hand..