I really loved the quick and on-the-go mini chocolate chip pancake muffins I made last week. Since I’ve been on a pumpkin baking spree, I thought I’d try making a pumpkin one too.

You might recall, one of my interests is seeking and trying out different kit kat flavors from Japan. I did a post here, documenting ones I’ve found and tried.

Last week I received an incredibly kind gesture and gift.

A few weeks ago, I was checking my twitter feed, when I saw a tweet by Kaoru of Never Turn Down a Cupcake.  She tweeted that she had just received a package from her mom with kit kat flavors from Japan like wasabi and red bean.

When I saw her tweet, I tweeted back that she was so lucky to receive them, and they are both flavors I hadn’t yet tried. Then a minute later, she tweeted that she had more than enough and was willing to share. I was so surprised and touched by her gesture.

October is National Dessert month. And you know how I feel about desserts.

Recently I was invited to Coco’s Bakery Restaurant to check out some of their offerings for National Dessert Month.

Coco’s is celebrating National Dessert month by offering red velvet pancakes for breakfast and featuring a different pie daily ($6.99 for the whole featured pie or $1.99 per slice).

I’ve always enjoyed the pies at Coco’s, so FH and I went this weekend to check out some of the new seasonal pie offerings. I was provided with a $15 gift card to spend.

FH really loves pies. I let him choose. He wanted to try them all…He finally narrowed it down to four: blueberry, coconut cream, pecan and harvest.

Harvest Pie

This is one of the seasonal pies on the menu and the one we were most interested in trying. It’s a layer of pumpkin pie and a lighter layer of a pumpkin chiffon on top. Sometimes I find regular pumpkin pies to be too overwhelming with all the spices. I like this version better because of the light, airy, mousse-like chiffon layer that blends well with the more dense traditional pumpkin pie filling.