Strawberry Cake

I love simple fresh fruit cakes and can never resist trying a new recipe. Recently The Food Librarian made Martha Stewart’s Strawberry Cake and I immediately wanted to make it.

The recipe looked easy and I was intrigued by the pie dish the cake is supposed to be baked in.

We recently paid a visit to Chin’s Convoy. While we’ve previously dined at Chin’s Convoy for lunch and their weekend breakfast, this was our first time here for dinner.

On a previous visit to Chin’s, the owner Chin had spoken to us and carved out a basic dinner menu that highlighted their best dishes. The menu he wrote out also included a “VIP dish,” basically giving us one of their shrimp dishes for $5 instead of the normal $15. He also told us to ask for him when we came to dine again and that he would take care of us.

So with some relatives visiting, I thought I’d take them here for a meal. When we arrived, I asked if Chin was around and was told he was not. I wasn’t too surprised since he does run several restaurants, including ones in Hawaii. I was told that the manager would take good care of us though and would help us select our dishes.

We were seated in a separate dining room that I didn’t even know existed. Inside there are several large tables, perfect for a party setting. Another family was seated in this area too. Unfortunately that family had many little kids who spent most of the night running around and being loud.

I thought it would be nice to have the private space, but I think the service was a lot worse because of it. I had previously always received great service here, but on that night, we rarely saw the servers enter the room. And while I had been assured that the manager would come help us out, she never appeared until halfway through our dinner. And she only appeared briefly to confirm a dish which we weren’t sure was ours and to inquire when Chin had written the menu for us. She told us that the VIP dish he wrote was no longer their VIP dish, but they would honor the price for us tonight. After that we never saw her again.

Here is what we ordered:

Winter melon soup.

Shanghai Eel with chives

Shrimp with snow pea leaves

I recently made nutella crack brownies and when I made the brownie base, I was amazed at how fudgy they were. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a picture before slathering them with the crispy rice.


I wanted to try to recreate the brownie base because the bite I had before adding the crispy rice was so good. It’s been hard to find a good nutella brownie recipe because the addition of chocolate often overpowers the nutella flavor.