I came across a recipe for a condensed milk pound cake that caught my attention. I’ve always liked the flavor of condensed milk.

Condensed milk makes a lot of stuff taste better. Condensed milk on toast, condensed milk drizzled on top of shaved ice, condensed milk in tapioca milk tea.

Apple Korean House

Apple Korean House recently opened and after seeing the grand opening sign and reading positive feedback, I wanted to go check it out. On my first attempt, I was surprised to see it closed for small renovations. Already?

A week later we returned, only to find out it wasn’t open for lunch. Finally on attempt #3, we came and it was open. Open and packed! The restaurant is quite small, but obviously good buzz has gotten around because there was a small line most of the night.

Inside, the booths are set up in sections that resemble bamboo huts. The walls are also completely covered in manga. Dining turnaround time was fairly quick so we didn’t have to wait too long. The menu exterior had bamboo like covers which matched the  setting.

The tables also contained buzzers in case you need the attention of a waiter. It was actually quite helpful because the service left a lot to be desired.

After ordering, we sat around for a long time with a completely empty table. Not even a drink was first presented or any banchan dishes. We saw that the staff was constantly putting new bottles of barley tea into the fridge. Apparently they couldn’t make it fast enough to let cool because when our bottle was finally presented (the same time we were served our first dish), it was still lukewarm despite coming straight from the fridge.

Tong Dak (Spicy Fried Chicken)

We started our with fried chicken wings, which DH wanted. After eating Kyochon, DH always wants to try the fried chicken at other Korean restaurants. The wings were drenched in a very starchy sauce and pepper flakes that caused them to be mildly spicy. The wings had a nice crunch to them, and were quite plump and moist, but I didn’t care for the thick sauce which seemed like an overdose of cornstarch.

Everyone in the restaurant seemed to order the jajangmen and the jampong, so we did the same to make sure we weren’t missing out.

Jajangmen (noodles with stir fried soybean paste)

Ube Chiffon Cake

My mother requested I make a chiffon cake for her a few weeks ago. Since my brother had driven down for the weekend, I was able to make and it and have him bring it back to her.

I decided to play around with a new one and work with ube again, which I haven’t done in a while. Ube is a purple yam used a lot in Filipino desserts.  I love the light pinkish purple color of the cake from the ube.

Appearance-wise, this cake was the best chiffon I’ve made to date. It came out in one piece from the pan without any parts getting stuck. It rose evenly all around.