This weekend I had to say goodbye to a good friend. She moved to the east coast for a new job venture. We had one last lunch together before she left and I decided to bake up some treats for her, a care package if you will.

With my leftover wedding supplies, I was also able to put it in a nice box and tie a pretty bow. This was my first time making these cookies and I was really pleased with how they look.

Bitter+Sweet opened in Cupertino last year and has become quite the popular cafe, most famous for its red velvet latte and Humphrey Slocombe ice cream. I visited it during a trip home shortly after it opened but didn’t have my camera. Instead I used my camera phone and while I love my phone, the camera really really sucks.

So I never did a post on it. I recently visited again on my latest trip back to the South Bay Area. My main reason for going is that they serve Humphrey Slocombe ice cream. No need for me to drive all the way up to San Francisco, though it does cost more to get it from Bitter+Sweet.

On this occasion, they were out of my favorite: secret breakfast. Instead, I opted for Sweet Summer Corn.

To my delight, the ice cream really tasted just like sweet corn.

DH chose the After School Special (Chocolate-covered Ridge potato chips swirled with caramel in Tahitian Vanilla)

Super sweet, just the way DH likes it. The potato chips stayed crunchy since they were coated in chocolate.

In college, DH and I were introduced to a Vietnamese style avocado smoothie Sinh to Bo. The idea of sweet and avocado was a foreign concept to me at the time but we both really enjoyed it. It tastes quite similar to avocado ice cream and it’s easy to make on your own.

Since then, I make the drink for him often. Unfortunately, our blender at home isn’t very powerful and doesn’t ever crush the ice properly. After much campaigning, I finally convinced DH that we should invest in a Blendtec since we didn’t get it as a gift for our wedding. I’ve promised to make him lots of smoothies. He loves getting fruit smoothies from Jamba Juice and Robek’s and I pointed out that with this, I can make it for him at home. I was going to take some pictures of my beloved new Blentec for this post, but forgot to do so.