Last month I took my favorite soft cookie recipe and added some chocolate and Nutella to it. They were soft, chocolatey, but the Nutella flavor got a little lost.

So I decided to try again and only put Nutella. Unfortunately, the Nutella flavor still ended up tasting really light. It’s frustrating baking with Nutella sometimes. The flavor often gets lost, especially in cookies.

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

DH and I don’t really do much Halloween celebrating, but a few years ago we started up the pumpkin carving tradition. And by we, I mean DH. I just watch and take pictures of the final result. Three years ago he decided to enter a pumpkin carving contest at work despite never having carved a pumpkin.

Since my pumpkin carving experience from childhood had been limited to carving triangle eyes and jagged teeth into a pumpkin, I was pretty surprised that his first carving was this haunting Red Riding Hood Scene.

Two years ago, the pumpkin carving contest at work required them to draw on the pumpkins, so he came up with this.

Last year there was no carving contest at work. He entered a random one, but we can’t find any pictures.

This year the theme for the carving contest is super heroes, so he did this Batman and Penguin scene. But instead of just regular carving, he decided to take on 3-D carving. Given his lack of tools or drawing template, I thought he did a pretty good job.

He also carved me my “cute” pumpkin, using my favorite character, Donutella from the Tokidoki brand. A character with donut ears and a donut skirt, how could I not fall in love with her?

I fell in love with a pumpkin spice doughnut recipe last year but it takes awhile to make because of the yeast. I plan to get to it eventually before Fall is over, but until then, I’ve been searching for a faster fried doughnut recipe.

I found a yummy looking recipe from Pillsbury. There’s no pumpkin in the actual dough, but it’s glazed with a pumpkin spice that flavors the donuts. I’ve made donut holes many times using Pillsbury dough, but never did traditional donut shapes. I was pleased to see how pretty they fried up, just like regular fried donuts.

Just look how pillowy soft they are once you bite in. Though you can kind of make out the layers since the biscuits are supposed to have flaky layers. It doesn’t taste like biscuits though.