I know my Sultan posts haven’t generated too much interest on the blog, but I really enjoy it and frequent often after first discovering it from mmm-yoso. I love introducing friends to the place and everyone I’ve brought seems to genuinely enjoy it even if they didn’t think they had a taste for Turkish food.

Recently, FH and I ate there with CC from Pink Candles of Ridgemont High and Dennis of A Radiused Corner. We ordered quite a few dishes that everyone enjoyed and our total bill was about $35 if I remember correctly.

I’ve tried a lot of their menu and continue to like almost everything I order. In particular, I always want to order the appetizers/salads which are accompanied with a delicious puffy lavas bread.

Eggplant salad

This was my first time trying this and I really enjoyed the taste of the roasted eggplant puree. You can choose between a small or large order and we chose small but still got a full plate.

Antepezme (onion, hot pepper, tomato, chili powder)

This is probably my favorite of the appetizer selections.

Borek with spinach and cheese

Lots of flaky layers and it was accompanied with a yogurt sauce.

I love soft pretzel bites. Ever since I figured out how easy it is to make homemade soft pretzels, I rarely buy them. The ones I buy are usually stale and not nearly as fluffy and soft as I imagine. The ones I make at home are much better.

I’ve been experimenting with stuffing the soft pretzel bites with various ingredients, and the other day I decided to stuff them with mini pepperonis and mozzarella cheese. This may be my favorite variation yet. Like pizza bites but even better with the soft pretzel dough, especially straight out of the oven. The cheese is stretchy, the pepperoni is addicting, and the soft pretzel dough is fluffy and sturdy.

I recently stopped by Yogurt on the Rocks for some frozen yogurt and also to try out the new LevelUp app which let’s you pay easily with your smartphone and gives you extra savings.

I was a little wary to pay with an app, but the free credit available at each store when you pay with it made me want to try it out. I just love coupons and deals!

The application is free to download on your phone. Once you download it, you link a credit card to it and then a unique code is created. Your app will then provide you with a list of stores participating nearby. There are eight cities currently participating, including San Diego. In San Diego, there are currently more than 40 stores that accept LevelUp for payment and since I’ve signed up, there have been a few more stores added each week.

For each store, there is different amounts of credit available for your first visit which is displayed on your app and also here. Most places offer between $1-$3 for your first visit. There is also an opportunity to earn more savings after you spend over a certain amount, with the different stores offering different deals.

For Yogurt on the Rocks, on you first visit there is $1 credit available.  I can never say no to frozen yogurt, no matter what time of the year it is.

This was my first trip to Yogurt on the Rocks, though I’ve passed by it often. The yogurt is self serve and sold by weight (.39/oz). There were about a dozen flavors, I particularly was happy to see a pineapple sorbet which tasted a lot like Dole Whip.