I really love easy recipes with very little clean-up. After making the 5 Minute Mug Macaroni and Cheese, I knew I wanted to make another version with avocado and white cheese. I’ve had an avocado mac and cheese bookmarked forever but there was always a reason not to make it.

With avocados on hand, I had no excuse. Rather than using a cup, this time I used a large bowl, hoping to prevent less water spillage while cooking. There was still a lot of water that overflowed, but it’s easy to wipe up.

I’ve really enjoyed using my Popsicle molds to make all sorts of frozen treats like my Nutella fudgsicles. Recently, I thought I’d try makingĀ  Cookies and Cream ice pops.

I wanted something that was creamy, almost like ice cream rather than something very icy.

These came out just as I would have hoped. A little more solid than ice cream, but still very creamy, with chocolate Oreo pieces mixed throughout.

Isola Pizza Bar, which specializes in Neapolitan pizza, recently opened in Little Italy.

Having eaten some delicious Neapolitan pizza while in Italy, DH and I were eager to check this place out. One thing that particularly intrigued me was the fact that they bake all the cooked items in their wood fire oven–not just the pizzas.

When we walked in, the decor definitely reminded us of Italy, from the wine bottle displays to our Italian waiter. We had a seat right in front of the kitchen and it was fun watching them work the wood oven.

Focaccia bread

We started with some complimentary focaccia bread, drizzled in olive oil.

polipo ($12)
charred octopus, kalamata, fingerling potatoes, celery, lemon, salsa verde

The octopus was quite tender and mixed nicely with the crispy celery and lemony sauce.

maialino misto ($15)
assorted artisan salumi, bite of cheese, barbera cugna

We were very surprised with the bountiful quantity of assorted salumi presented to us. It was a nice variety and we enjoyed most of it. I also enjoyed the cranberry walnut sauce accompanying it. My one critique would be that I wished for a little more cheese or maybe some tomatoes or something else to counter the saltiness of the meats.