It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about blogging about somewhere new in San Diego. But I’ve been eager to introduce this new store since my visit this past weekend.

The Fruit Shop is a store that recently opened on Convoy Street which specializes in providing its customers with fresh tropical fruit that is not available at most markets. Tropical fruits are hard to find since most of them can’t be grown in the US and must be imported. The fruits offered are very fresh and come from several different countries.

I haven’t tried many peanut butter cookie recipes and recently had a craving to find a good one. I found one I liked, but I think these cookies will forever be remembered as the cookies that almost killed the puppy.

After my baby brother’s epic San Gabriel Valley food trip, I wanted to take a food trip too. Then when Danny of Kung Food Panda offered to be my SGV guide, I immediately took him up on the opportunity.

Not only is Danny a SGV chinese food expert, but his recommendations to me have always been spot on. I brought along my two brothers and the Future Husband. Rounding out our group were Rosa of Catty Critic and her unborn baby.

9425 Valley Boulevard
Rosemead, CA 91770

Our first stop of the day was for lunch at JTYH, after I told Danny my love for knife cut noodles.

Knife cut noodles are noodles shaved with a knife. They are usually wide and thick, with uneven edges. I love the chewy texture.

Since it was our first stop and everyone’s stomachs were empty, we ordered a full meal here and only sampled at our other locations. Danny took care of the ordering.

Up first was a complimentary cold appetizer of long beans, diced into small pieces. The crunchy beans had a pickled flavor to them and they were fun to munch on while we waited for the rest of our food.

Spicy wontons. I’ve been having a run of disappointing spicy wonton dishes, but I actually enjoyed the ones here. Despite sitting in the hot chili sauce, they wontons didn’t feel too oily.

Up next were some dumplings. And because I didn’t take notes, I can no longer remember the filling. I do remember liking them though.

Beef rolls. Beef rolls are slices of marinated beef and beef tendon that are wrapped up in a savory chinese pancake. The version here was really big.

The pancakes were stuffed with meat and some shredded lettuce. The inside of the rolls were slathered with a sauce which overpowered the meat. If I hadn’t experienced 101 Noodle Express’ famous beef roll, I think I would have enjoyed this more. I did like the size though and I really enjoyed the fact that the pancake here was not oily. I’ve had so many oily beef rolls that I was starting to think I didn’t like beef rolls.

Next came the Mooshu “Cat Ears” dish, something I was quite curious to try.