For the upcoming bake sale, I also made these soft chocolate chip cookies decorated with some swirl chips. Since starting this blog, I’ve tried out many recipes and collected quite a few favorites. I’ve also outgrown a lot of my old favorite recipes with each new experience.

However, I was making these soft chocolate chip cookies even before I started this blog and it’s still my favorite recipe for soft chocolate chip cookies.  So when I was thinking about what to bake for the bake sale, I immediately though of sharing these cookies. These cookies stay soft forever.

A Reminder…

The National Food Blogger bake sale to raise money for Share Our Strength takes place this Saturday! If you are in San Diego, you should definitely stop by!  If you don’t live in San Diego, you can check out the complete list of cities participating here.

The event for San Diego will take place on May 14th, between 10am-2pm, at the Great News! Discount Cookware and Cooking School, 1788 Garnet Avenue, San Diego CA 92109.

I’m pretty excited for the one being hosted by San Diego bloggers and bakers. I was up late baking last night and made chocolate mochi roses and soft chocolate chip cookies for the sale.

The list of goods being baked by other bloggers is mouth watering. I may have to send a friend down to buy me some. The full list is as follows:

I know Mother’s Day is traditionally celebrated with a brunch, but we did a dinner celebration instead. My mom is far away in the Bay Area, so instead we drove to Future Husband’s (FH) parents’ place to celebrate Mother’s Day with his mom.

FH and his brother had suggested Mimi’s Cafe for dinner because they both claimed it was their mom’s favorite place. Once we arrived, future MIL did not want to go there. They were so confused. It turns out she doesn’t like Mimi’s at all…

We sat around for a while while she decided on a place. I had time to check out her flower garden and play with the adorable dog. Finally off we went to Red Lobster.

I haven’t been to Red Lobster in a really long time so I was actually looking forward to it. They are currently offering several grilled lobster tail platters and shrimp specials. While we waited for a table, we watched the employee take out a lobster for a little boy who really wanted to touch one. Once it was out of the tank, the boy was too afraid to touch it. After it went back in, the boy waved bye to it and said “Goodbye Crab!”