Crepes Bonaparte, competitor on The Great Food Truck Race and originally from the LA/Orange County area, recently opened a second truck in San Diego. The truck serves French crepes, in breakfast, lunch and dessert varieties.

There’s been a lot of new food trucks opening in San Diego, and I can no longer keep track. Crepes Bonaparte caught my attention because I love trying trucks I saw on Great Food Truck Race and because I haven’t had a decent crepe in San Diego in quite a while.

The truck plays French songs, displays a mustache as its logo, and you’ll be greeted with a “Bonjour!”  The trucks are owned by husband and wife team Christian Murcia and Danielle Law Murcia. While neither of them are French, they do know how to make French crepes. The crepe makers are imported from France. Each truck has a French sounding name too: Gaston (Orange County) and Pierre (San Diego).

I stopped by for lunch the other day in the new downtown food truck spot (3rd and B). Unfortunately there was some snafu with the city so the other trucks had to leave the lot, but luckily Crepes Bonaparte was still around.

There were so many crepes on the menu I wanted to try, but I limited myself to two. I wanted to try one savory and one sweet one to compare.

Caprese sliced tomato, seasoned chicken, mozzarella & garlic pesto ($6.75)

The crepes are made fresh to order so you do have to wait a few minutes, but it’s fun to watch them being made from the glass windows. Though I was mainly distracted by all the jar of Nutella in the truck…

The crepe texture was perfect. Thin, crisp on the outside, slightly chewy and airy on the inside.

A cake with no eggs? It can be done! And it’s delicious. Fluffy, fudgy, chocolatey. This may be one of my favorite mug cake creations yet. It only needs fiveingredients. And unlike the other mug cakes, there’s not gooey outside layer.

After making the two ingredient chocolate coke cake, I realized that it is possible to make a cake without using any eggs. One of the issues I had with the chocolate coke cake was that the crumbs are a little loose making it hard to cut and eat. But if you put it in a mug, you eliminate that problem since you are eating the cake with a spoon.

So I set about making a chocolate coke mug cake. No cake mix this time. Instead I made it from scratch and hoped for the best. And it came out perfect. The cake rose unbelievably high. It almost spilled over my super oversized mug cake and so far any other mug cake I’ve made in this cup usually only rises about halfway. The cake was very fudgy yet also light and airy. It tasted very similar to the chocolate coke cake.

As you can tell, after discovering I can make cake with Coca-Cola, I got a little obsessed with recipes using soda. I came across these 7-Up Biscuits on Extreme Personal Measures.

The biscuits use Bisquick mix, sour cream and 7-Up to create fluffy and soft biscuits.