Time is running out on my pumpkin baking season. While I could bake pumpkin year-round, for the sake of sanity for my family, I limit my pumpkin baking craze from October 1st through Thanksgiving. Then I put down the cans of pumpkins and move on to winter/holiday treats.

I have a few more recipes I want to try out before pumpkin baking season is over though. One I tried recently were these pumpkin biscuits.

Are you sick of cupcakes yet? I know some people wish the trend was over, but I still love them. I created some pumpkin spice latte cupcakes that I absolutely adored. And it was inspired by some of FH’s experimenting in the kitchen.

My first  batch of fried pumpkin donuts went so fast that I made another batch recently. Rather than take the time to cut out the donuts, re-roll the scraps, and cut some more, I decided to make all donut balls. I also decided to do a sugar cinnamon coating rather than a glaze since the glaze takes longer.