I’ve had an image of mini baked donuts with a light blue glaze and white sprinkles.  I was originally going to make them for Mother’s Day, but ran out of time. So I made them this weekend instead even though there was no party I was bringing them to.

I love making baked donuts. They don’t taste like regular yeast donuts, but they taste a little like cake donuts, only much healthier. And they look so cute! For these donuts, I used this Mini Donut Pan and bought myself two, since the batter makes about 3 dozen of these tiny little things.

Castella Cake

I originally wanted to make this post about a matcha flavored castella cake since I’ve already done the originally honey castella cake. But as you can see, this cake is yellow, not green. I completely forgot to add the matcha powder and didn’t realize it until the cake was in the oven baking. Since it came out so pretty, I decided I’d post about it anyway, along with some new things I’ve learned.

Quik Wok is a fast food American Chinese restaurant located in Rancho Bernardo. In addition, on weekends, they offer some traditional chinese dishes, including chinese breakfast items, noodle dishes, and my beloved knife shaved noodles (homemade noodles that are shaved with a knife, creating doughy noodle threads of irregular shape that have a chewy, bouncy texture).

I had received several recommendation to go check out Quik Wok but the out-of-the-way location and a not so great experience by Kirk of  mmm-yoso, left me hesitant to check it out.

This past weekend I was going to be in the RB area anyway, so I thought I might as well go see for myself how the knife shaved noodles are. The night before I had actually tasted the worst knife shaved noodles in my life at another restaurant: dry, hard and not at all chewy. So going into this experience, I feared the worst.