Angels & Hearts is a new dessert place that serves Harajuku-style crepes, a popular item in Japan. I noticed Angels & Hearts when I first visited Raki Raki because the two stores are actually connected, but the neon pink sign didn’t really appeal to me. Also, I don’t particularly care for dessert crepes. But after learning that these were Harajuku-style crepes, I was much more interested in trying it out.

Harajuku-style dessert crepes are wrapped up in a cone and filled with fresh fruit,  ice cream and other sweets. There are also savory versions as well.

At Angels & Hearts, you start with a base crepe ($3), then you can choose from various fruits, ice cream, and sauces, with each topping being an additional cost. The final total is around $5.

We chose strawberries, vanilla ice cream and mango sauce.

Alkaline water has been trending in my life these last few weeks. I first looked into it because it was a crucial ingredient in creating the golden skin of homemade mooncakes. This launched a whole discussion between DH and I over why alkaline water is such a big deal and why some people choose to drink it over just regular tap water.

Later on that evening, we went to check out a new Japanese ramen restaurant, from a popular chain in Japan, that serves complimentary alkaline water to customers and cooks its ramen broth with alkaline water.  DH claimed that he felt the broth had a “cleaner” taste from the alkaline water cooking method.

Then I was contacted and offered a few complimentary bottles of Evamor’s natural alkaline water to taste and play with. I was pretty happy with the offer, especially since it came with a giveaway for my readers to try it too.

Based on my internet research, Alkaline water goes through an ionization process. It has a higher pH level than plain water.  There are a lot of claims and studies about the health benefits of alkaline water. For example, it is believed that the high pH level neutralizes the acid in your bloodstream, boosts your metabolisms, increases oxygen, hydrates the body better, prevents many diseases, etc.  It’s one of those things though, where the claims are by independent studies, so you do have to try it for yourself and find out your own results.

Evamor’s water has a pH level of 8.8. One thing I found most intriguing from the product information I received was their studies that it prevents acid reflux and alleviates heart burn. I suffered from acid reflux for quite a few years and wish I had been able to try this solution back then to test it out.

I thought I’d have some fun with the water. First, a blind taste test of Evamor versus regular filtered water. DH and I both played.

I’d never had a problem with filtered tap water, but tasting it side by side with the alkaline water and you could definitely taste a difference. The alkaline water tasted cleaner and more pure and the filtered tap water suddenly became hard to swallow.

I tried again with a bottled spring water versus Alkaline. While the bottled water tasted better than the filtered tap water, it still didn’t taste nearly as clean as the alkaline water and we were both able to distinguish which was which.

I was at Trader Joe’s this weekend loading up on pumpkin themed foods including their pumpkin cream cheese. It’s quite similar to pumpkin cheesecake and it inspired these doughnut holes.

I didn’t have a lot of time on my hand so I used Pillsbury dough for the donut holes.  I was originally going to fill the donut holes with the pumpkin cream cheese but after testing one, I found that it ended up being too salty of a filling.