Burgers appear to be the new “it” food for 2011, judging by the expansion of burger chains this year. For example, Five Guys is expected to open two hundred locations in 2011. In addition, I’ve seen the opening of four locations of Smashburgers in San Diego alone over the past year.

Not that I’m complaining. I love burgers.

I love chocolate. I love simple recipes. So when I saw a recipe for a 3 ingredient chocolate cake, of course I had to check it out.

Eggs, butter, and chocolate. That’s all you need.

The preparation was easy. The outcome: decadent chocolate bliss.

If a recipe is labeled “best,” “perfect” or “ultimate,” I feel compelled to test it out.

I enjoy chocolate cupcakes and I make them quite often. But so far I haven’t found a favorite chocolate cupcake recipe. I’ve come across Cook’s Illustrated’s Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes many times and all the reviews have been positive.