Mini pancake cups filled with sausage bits. Favorite breakfast items wrapped into one. Dip it in some maple syrup and you have yourself a deliciously yummy breakfast/brunch item.

I came up with the idea when my mind wandered off during work. I was thinking back to my bacon pancake egg cups and was wanting something even simpler. I was really craving pancakes and sausages so I came up with this.

Okay so one of the two ingredients is cake mix, but this is still pretty amazing. Who knew that Coca Cola had so many uses? Mix it with chocolate cake mix, and you get this very fluffy and fudgy chocolate cake. So easy and so good.

I’ve made two ingredient chocolate cake before with pumpkin puree. It was fudgy but also dense and a little too plain for me and not something I particularly loved. But this cake I would make again.

I got the idea from a recipe for Dr. Pepper brownies I saw on The Novice Chef. I wanted to make it but with coke because I don’t like Dr. Pepper. I was all set to make it, when I realized I was out of boxed brownie mix. Eeek. So then I thought, what if I tried using cake mix instead?

I thought I would conclude my February Las Vegas trip series with a non-food post about my stay at Encore’s resort suite and seeing Le Reve. My meal posts from this trip included Raku, Wicked Spoon Buffet, Robuchon, and Bouchon.

The reason for our sudden trip to Las Vegas in February was mainly because we got a deal to stay at Encore’s resort suites for a reduced price with complimentary tickets to Le Reve.

Located at the end of the main strip, Encore sits right next to its sister hotel Wynn. Once inside, the decor was a lot of red and butterflies.

The resort suites are quite large at 745 square feet. More than enough space for two people, and a lot of mirrors throughout the room to make it look even bigger. In addition to a large flat screen tv at the foot of the bed, there was also an office area and a couch.

Everything was controlled by a remote control at the bed, including curtains, lights. The system is also automatically set up in your name so when you call the front desk, they know who you are and your name is displayed on the phone system.