After making the ridiculously easy and amazingly delicious two ingredient flourless Nutella cake, I immediately began thinking of other versions I could make. My first thought was to try a peanut butter one.

Well the first attempt was a disaster. I could tell right away the batter was too thick. The cake came out full of small holes and was not sweet at all. It was so bad, even the puppy wouldn’t touch it.

So I regrouped and tried again, reducing the peanut butter amount and adding sugar to the batter. And this time it was a success. It baked up just like the Nutella cake. While I prefer the Nutella cake, I like the peanut butter one too. And it’s almost just as easy to make.

FH and I stopped for a meal at Daphne’s Cafe the other day and were able to check out a few new menu items they recently started offering such as the shrimp pita, and flatbread pizza.

Daphne’s is on our rotation of fast food joints, especially on days we’re looking for healthier fast food. We are both signed up for the Pita Points Club so we get coupons often as well as free entrees on our birthday.  Click here to sign up for the club.  We also like going because the La Jolla location we go to always has a super friendly staff.

It’s been a while since we’ve visited and I had been wanting to try the new grilled shrimp items. Lucky for me, right before I went, I was contacted by Daphne’s and given some Daphne dollars to spend at my leisure on some of their new menu items.

Shrimp Pita

Daphne’s recently added grilled and crispy shrimp dishes to it’s menu. I was most interested in the grilled shrimp as a healthier choice of entree from the menu, so I tried the grilled shrimp pita. There is also a shrimp salad, and shrimp skewers combo served with two sides and pita bread.

There were five plump and juicy shrimp in my pita. I loved the seasoning and was happy the shrimp was not dried out from the grilling.

Rustic Greek Flatbread pizza (flatbread pizza and savory tomato sauce topped with sliced roma tomatoes, cucumbers, tabouli, mozzarella and feta cheeses, bell peppers, red onions and kalamata olives.)

Have I made you jump on the Biscoff bandwagon yet with all my Biscoff posts?

Maybe this double stuffed Biscoff cookie will do the trick. It has both the creamy Biscoff spread in the cookie dough and then a crunchy surprise in the cookie center, which is filled with new Biscoff crunchy spread.

Biscoff spread is made of the popular European speculoos cookie, a crunchy cookie with a hint of spices. While I enjoy the cookies, I love the spread even more because it captures the flavors of the cookies but allows the taste to really linger on your tongue. Also it’s so versatile. You can make milkshakes, other kinds of cookies, cakes, etc.

I guess because I’ve been doing so many posts on Biscoff, the folks at Biscoff contacted me, to introduce their newest product which is hitting the shelves across America: Biscoff crunchy. It takes the creamy Biscoff spread and adds crushed Biscoff cookies (think crunchy peanut butter).