I went back to my parent’s place in the Bay Area a few weekends ago and when they asked me where I wanted to eat, I told them Tomi Seafood Buffet. I still had images of unlimited uni and fresh sashimi from when we visited shortly after the grand opening.

During our first two visits, which you can read about here and here, the lines were really long. Based on reviews on yelp and how popular my previous posts on Tomi have remained, I knew that the lines had not died down much on the weekends even though it’s been a few months  since the restaurant opened.

Of course my parents didn’t believe me. They thought arriving by 5:30 would be early enough. I urged them that we should arrive by 5, or else we’d have to wait an hour. Well we arrived at 5:30, and guess how long our wait was? One hour. It was crazy how busy it was. Even when we left at the end of the night, about half an hour before closing, there was still a line!

Things have gotten crowded inside too. Previously, even though there was a long wait to get in, once we got in, it wasn’t too crowded and we could get all the food we wanted. However, this time, the line to the hot food section was really long. It was so long, that I didn’t bother to go more than once.

To my great disappointment, they didn’t have my uni that night, which is what I was looking forward to most. They did have big clams and monkfish liver though, so I ended up eating a lot of that to make up for it.

I also had quite a few handrolls. I liked that they were freshly made and the seaweed wrapper was still crispy.

I tried to take as many pictures as possible, but I kept forgetting to take pictures of everyone’s food, especially since we’ve been here a few times already.

Here are some of the things we ate:

Seaweed salad, masago sushi, tako (octopus) sushi, vegetable sushi, and noodles.

Lobster. The stir fried lobster was pretty good. However, since the line for the hot food section was so long, we only got the lobster once.

Peanut butter has been on the list of dessert cravings these last few weeks. I recently saw some delicious looking peanut butter snickers cookies on Two Peas and Their Pod. The cookies were peanut butter cookies, mixed with pieces of snickers. The combination sounded yummy.

But then I thought, well why break up the Snickers into small chunks? Why not just stuff the peanut butter cookie with an entire snickers bar, similar to the oreo stuffed chocolate cookies, thin mint stuffed chocolate chip cookies and brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies I’ve previously done.

If you haven’t yet tried or heard of them, Five Guys is a popular burger chain that originated on the East Coast. It is often compared to In-N-Out for those of us on the West Coast.

However, while In-N-Out remains only on the West (to the despair of my Cali friends who have moved to the East Coast), in the last few years Five Guys has expanded across the US, and now has many locations on the West Coast. I’ve seen quite a few pop up in San Diego this year.

This weekend, we noticed the opening of a new one in the Costa Verde plaza, and decided to stop by for lunch.

There are many things about Five Guys which I think make it so appealing and popular. While it is a fast food shop, the burgers are made to order and completely customizable. There are a few basic burgers to select from, and then you are given a list of toppings you can add (all free). With each topping, you also have the option of choosing a light layer, regular, or extra.