One of the many things I was most looking forward to eating in Paris were French macarons. While French macarons can be found in virtually every pastry shop in Paris, the two most famous stores are Laduree and Pierre Hermé (not to be confused with Hermes clothing, which DH kept mistaking one for the other).

I was most excited about trying Pierre Herme’s macarons and we made out first visit within 24 hours of landing in Paris. We would be back multiple times during our trip.

On our first visit, we went to the Patisserie on Bonaparte, which is a much bigger location than some of the boutiques which only carry macarons and chocolates. There was a small line outside the door and I knew I was in the right place.

Right away, I could see what all the fuss was about. Rows upon rows of brightly colored macarons filled the display case. It felt like Christmas. I was originally thinking of getting some chocolates or other goods, but it seemed every single person was in line for the macarons only, so I soon followed suit.

I really love easy recipes with very little clean-up. After making the 5 Minute Mug Macaroni and Cheese, I knew I wanted to make another version with avocado and white cheese. I’ve had an avocado mac and cheese bookmarked forever but there was always a reason not to make it.

With avocados on hand, I had no excuse. Rather than using a cup, this time I used a large bowl, hoping to prevent less water spillage while cooking. There was still a lot of water that overflowed, but it’s easy to wipe up.

I’ve really enjoyed using my Popsicle molds to make all sorts of frozen treats like my Nutella fudgsicles. Recently, I thought I’d try making  Cookies and Cream ice pops.

I wanted something that was creamy, almost like ice cream rather than something very icy.

These came out just as I would have hoped. A little more solid than ice cream, but still very creamy, with chocolate Oreo pieces mixed throughout.