If you aren’t familiar with The Secret Cookie Service, you can read my original post here for a more detailed look at the Secret Cookie Guy. As a quick overview, The Secret Cookie Service is based in San Diego, delivering fresh baked cookies during the day throughout San Diego and into the late hours of the night on the UCSD campus and surrounding areas.

Cookies come in a bag marked “Top Secret” and are delivered by a “secret agent” dressed in a suit and shades. (By the way, for anyone who thinks that shades and a suit isn’t much to keep anonymity, think again. About one week after conducting my interview, I ran into The Secret Cookie Guy dressed in regular clothes at Costco. My initial thought was that it was him, but upon a closer look, I was convinced it wasn’t. I debated the “is he or isn’t he?” for the longest time before he finally saw me and I confirmed it was him.)

Since my original post, I’ve had fans of the Secret Cookie Guy share their stories on attempts to nail down his top secret recipes and their love of the cookies. It’s been a while since I’ve had them, and my memory has become hazy on how they taste. In order to properly respond to comments relating to the cookies, I decided I just had to retaste them. All in the name of the blog of course. ;-)

Since my first post, the Secret Cookie Guy has gained even more fame on various news outlets (segments on NBC, FOX, and various newspapers, just to name a few) and has also come up with even more flavors, including a gluten free chocolate chip cookie.

Cookies and Cream

I was really curious to check this one out. After I posted my cookies and cream recipe, a whole discussion emerged in the comments on how to modify my recipe to be more like the Secret Cookie Guy’s recipe.

These cookies were packed with Oreo flavor. Actually it tasted almost like a bunch of Oreo smashed together. I may be biased, but I prefer my own recipe. Though if you’re looking for a more Oreo taste, you will probably prefer the Secret Cookie ones.

Reese’s Pieces

While my favorite cookie still remains the original chocolate chip, I really liked these and I’m pretty picky about my peanut butter cookies. Soft and chewy peanut butter cookies with reese’s pieces scattered throughout.

For weeks now I’ve had this image in my mind of melted marshmallows mixed with Nutella, oozing out of a cookie. So I made my dreams a reality and made them.

The cookie base has crushed graham crackers mixed in giving them a graham cracker flavor. It’s also studded with chocolate chips for the chocolate layer of S’mores. And each cookie is stuffed with a generous dollop of Nutella and a large marshmallow.

Blondies are often called brownies without the chocolate. I actually didn’t know much about blondies until I started this blog. In general, I prefer brownies over blondies because I love chocolate.

But I thought blondies would be the perfect base for making a chewy Nutella treat. I’ve tried making Nutella brownies but the chocolate always seems to overwhelm the Nutella. I decided to experiment using a blondie base to solve this problem. Though the question remains, if I add Nutella, which is a chocolate hazelnut spread, to a blondie, can I still call it a blondie or is it now a brownie?

No matter what these are called, they are delicious. These were exactly what I hoped for. Nutella taste and super chewy. Much like the chewy texture of box mix brownies, a texture which I can never seem to achieve when making brownies from scratch.