I know the fair has left San Diego, but I didn’t get a chance to post about this until now. I guess if you missed the fair, it is still useful for notes for next year, or if you want to follow the fair to other parts of California like LA and Orange County.

I actually couldn’t go to the fair this year. It’s been something I look forward to every summer, but I just couldn’t fit it in my super busy schedule. I held on to the hope I could and even bought tickets, but in the end, I realized I couldn’t make it work. So I gave the tickets to my siblings and instructed them to take pictures and bring me back some food.

Here’s some of the foods they had:

Bacon wrapped gouda stuffed mushrooms

The former Heart Attack Cafe came out with a new slew of bacon foods and a new name. Amongst the items included bacon wrapped turkey leg, bacon wrapped mushroom stuffed with gouda, bacon wrapped burgers, etc.

They didn’t try the bacon wrapped turkey leg, but here is a picture:

I’m not too big of a fan of pop tarts. I find them to be too sweet. Savory pop tarts, on the other hand, sounds delicious.

They are easy to make your own and you can personalize with flavors of your choice.

I’m back at the Greek yogurt thing again. This time I successfully created a lightened, healthier peanut butter mug cake using nonfat Greek strained yogurt and eliminating the egg and vegetable oil completely. This also eliminates 424 calories and 45 grams of fat.

The lightened recipe has 645 calories and 24.6 grams of fat if you eat the entire mug cake but I usually cut it into two servings because it’s quite a lot.