I recently made nutella crack brownies and when I made the brownie base, I was amazed at how fudgy they were. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a picture before slathering them with the crispy rice.


I wanted to try to recreate the brownie base because the bite I had before adding the crispy rice was so good. It’s been hard to find a good nutella brownie recipe because the addition of chocolate often overpowers the nutella flavor.

Recently I was contacted by a representative for Wheat Thins to see if I wanted to sample the new flavors for Wheat Thin Crunch Stix: Cinnamon Kick and Chipotle Pepper.

Since I am a fan of Wheat Thins and love anything chipotle flavored, I readily agreed. I had not yet tried or seen Wheat Thins Crunch Stix, so it was also my first time experiencing the Crunch Stix product.

I really like the look of the Crunch Stix. While I enjoy regular Wheat Thins, the cracker shape make them look and feel like a healthy snack. The Crunch Stix seem more of a fun snack and the thicker shape provides a very satisfying crunch.

With more cheddar cheese to use up and a bunch of fresh chives courtesy of Baby Bro’s co-worker, I was inspired to make some homemade drop biscuits. The recipe was so easy to follow and quick to put together.