In other parts of the country it seems summer is definitely over, but here in San Diego, summer weather is still in full blast. Weather forecast is for the upper 90s this Friday so I’m still cranking out the ice pops and using my new Blendtec toy whenever I get a chance.

I’ve already made avocado ice cream, so I thought I’d try my hand at avocado cream pops. Of course you can’t make ice pops as creamy as ice cream or else they never firm up. So these are icier but still really tasty. And I love the bright natural green color created by the pureed avocados.

British Airways Lounge

One of my highlights from my Europe honeymoon was actually the British Airways lounge inside London Heathrow Airport. I had so much fun here that I asked DH if we could just stay in the lounge our whole honeymoon. I’m pretty sure I would have been happy there for quite a while.

Since we were on our honeymoon, we decided to splurge and travel business class. I wanted it to be just like how you see it in the movies. Once we decided on this, I did a lot of research into the different airlines to find the one that would give the most perks for flying business class. My decision to fly British Airways was due in large part to the description of the lounge and I was not disappointed.

Our first lounge stint was actually in the American Airlines lounge, which is what is offered for our flights out of Paris and San Diego. It was small, with a few snacks, light meal, open bar. Nothing much to talk about and I didn’t really take any photos. But when we arrived in Heaththrow for our two hour layover, that is where the magic was.

There are actually several lounges available, I’m not sure if they are all equally as magnificent as we rested in the same one both times, nearest to after exiting the plane. Once inside, it’s ridiculously large. Like a small airport terminal in itself.

There is a fancy coffee machine, waters, little fridges stocked with sodas and beers, a library of wines too many to count. Multiple help yourself wine bars were stationed, each with racks full of different options.

There are snacks like cookies, biscuits, muffins, multiple chip flavors, pretzels. There’s a cold food bar with cereals. And there’s a hot food bar too, with soups, pastas, breads, cake.

From the outside these look like ordinary muffins, but break one open and you’ll find a whole egg inside. The muffin batter has cheddar cheese and anything else you’d like such as bacon and ham. Together, you can have all your breakfast favorites rolled into one.

The muffin batter actually tastes like cheese biscuits because of the cheese and because it’s such a thin layer around the egg. Still tasty though. And I love finding a surprise in the middle.