It’s been quite a while since my last post on 85C Bakery even though I’ve been there many times. 85C Bakery is an extremely popular Taiwanese bakery and cafe that comes from a chain from Taiwan. The original location opened in Irvine a few years ago, and recently a second location opened in Hacienda Heights.

I’ve never been to the Hacienda Heights location, but I can’t resist stopping by the Irvine location whenever I’m in the area. With breads literally coming out fresh every 2 minutes, how can one resist? Despite having been opened several years, the popularity only seems to grow. On weekends, lines are out the door until late at night. The line does move fairly fast though, so you usually don’t spend too much time waiting.

What makes the bakery so popular is that it offers dozens upon dozens of different types of bread and they are constantly baking them so the bread you buy is super fresh and soft.  These bakeries are actually quite common in Taiwan, though since there aren’t many here, it remains very popular. Ironically, in Taiwan the chain is more known for their coffee (hence the name which is supposed to be the perfect temperature for serving coffee) than their bread. We saw them all over the place during our trip and my cousins were surprised to hear they even sell bread.

The bakery cafe offers fresh baked breads, pastries, cakes, and coffee and tea drinks.

There is quite a huge selection of Taiwanese-style breads which have a super soft and fluffy texture. Every time I go, it seems they’ve come out with a new item. So I thought since it’s been a while, I would do an updated post with some of the new breads.


This is the most popular item at 85C. They make quite a few but they also sell out quite quickly. Usually they will have extras still cooling near the front of the register which you can request to add it to your stash. It’s unlike the French brioche. This bread has a much softer texture and is sweeter, but also still buttery.

Have you ever made a recipe that comes out looking like crap but tastes really good? I had that experience with these cookies. After making flourless peanut butter cookies, I wondered if I could apply the same easy recipe with Nutella.

Well my first batch was a complete mess. Nutella spreads a lot more than peanut butter and the cookies all blended together into one giant sheet. They were an ugly mess. Yet addicting when I broke off a piece. The outside was super thin and crispy. The inside was chewy, almost like a hardened caramel. Not quite the texture of your average cookie. But they tasted really yummy.

I had some cheese leftover from all the mac and cheese recipes I was checking out. I thought it’d be fun to try making my own cheddar crackers.

I saw several recipes that looked really easy to make. And they were. Especially if you have a food processor because you just throw everything in and you end up with cheddar cracker dough in minutes.

I wasn’t really sure what sort of shapes I wanted to make. And then I remembered these Hello Kitty vegetable cutters I recently got. They were the perfect size.