I felt a little guilty making these. Normally I try to keep muffins and cupcakes separate. Muffins are less sweet, more appropriate for a breakfast food. These muffins, while still muffin-like in texture, definitely cross over to cupcake/dessert territory with their sweetness and indulgence in cookies and cream.

I’ve been obsessed with making oreo/cookies and cream creations lately, and this is my latest recipe.

On a recent trip to Hillcrest, I spotted Chocolat and wanted to check it out. With my penchant for sweet and French desserts, I was immediately drawn towards the store.

I’ve seen two other dessert places occupy this location, and was surprised to see yet another new store occupying the space.

I wasn’t in the mood to take out my camera, so we relied on FH’s iphone for these pictures.

Once inside, I saw the funny cartoon cows and realized that this store must be related to the downtown Chocolat, which I had yet to check out but have been wanting to because people have raved about the gelato.

I’ve been wanting to make a savory version of monkey bread for a while now after seeing several versions on different food blogs.

I decided to make a giant one, using my Nordic Ware Classic Bundt Pan. It’s a little amusing seeing savory monkey bread in the shape of cake. It’s almost like a fake-out.