I woke up with a sudden urge for pound cake. So while I hadn’t planned on baking a pound cake, I found myself in the kitchen rushing to whip one up. Since I’m stuck on this pumpkin theme, I decided to try making a pumpkin pound cake.

I played around with my favorite pound cake recipe to create this one. I think next time I might try going to a mix of cake flour and all purpose flour. I experimented with almost all cake flour for this one, and while it came out good, the crumb was almost a little too light for a pound cake.

My trek of sticking pumpkin in baked goods continued this weekend with these pumpkin popovers. I’ve successfully made pumpkin rolls, pumpkin garlic knots, so why not pumpkin popovers?

The batter was a little more dense and moist as a result of the pumpkin, so the popovers didn’t rise quite as much as some previous ones I’ve made before. You could definitely taste the pumpkin when you bite in and the popovers turned a pretty orange yellow.

I made these pumpkin rolls the other day using a recipe I found on King Arthur Flour and absolutely adore them. They are ever so soft and taste of pumpkin spices.  These are perfect dinner rolls and would be a great addition to Thanksgiving dinner.