Wintertime makes me think of fireplaces. Fireplaces make me think of making smores. I got the idea for a Smores Monkey Bread when browsing through a Pillsbury email.

So this weekend, I set about making Smores Monkey Bread.  I wanted to make a Monkey bread that was a little less sticky  than a traditional monkey bread so I didn’t follow the Pillsbury recipe.

Two for the Road is a food truck that focuses on American comfort food with a twist. With choices on the menu like lobster roll and Cap n’ Crunch crab cakes, I was definitely intrigued. As an added bonus, they also carry The Cravory cookies for dessert.

When FH told me that they were visiting his work I was pretty excited. The menu changes often though and unfortunately at the time they came to his work, none of the foods I had wanted to try were on the list. Here is the menu for that day:

Persimmon Bread

My mom and aunt both have persimmon trees, so in the late fall there are a lot of persimmons around our house. Too many to possibly eat. So I do a lot of baking with them.

Most persimmon recipes are similar to pumpkin, using the same spices. The texture is slightly different, with the persimmon baked goods coming out a little bit stickier and sweeter. I made a persimmon bread last year I really liked, so I tried it again. I hadn’t been able to get the top crust persimmon filling right last year, but I got it this time around.