Blondies are often called brownies without the chocolate. I actually didn’t know much about blondies until I started this blog. In general, I prefer brownies over blondies because I love chocolate.

But I thought blondies would be the perfect base for making a chewy Nutella treat. I’ve tried making Nutella brownies but the chocolate always seems to overwhelm the Nutella. I decided to experiment using a blondie base to solve this problem. Though the question remains, if I add Nutella, which is a chocolate hazelnut spread, to a blondie, can I still call it a blondie or is it now a brownie?

No matter what these are called, they are delicious. These were exactly what I hoped for. Nutella taste and super chewy. Much like the chewy texture of box mix brownies, a texture which I can never seem to achieve when making brownies from scratch.

CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High invited FH and I along for a food crawl of Chula Vista. We were excited to go. Not only was it a day of good company (Pink Candles of Ridgemont High, CAB Cooks, and A Radiused Corner), but it gave me a chance to check out some places in Chula Vista, an area I don’t get down to much and am not very familiar with.

The initial plan was to check out Aqui es Texcoco, a place known for their lamb tacos. They also serve rabbit! It’s always been pretty popular, but even more so now after a visit from Andrew Zimmern. The place was already full and it wasn’t clear how long the wait would be.

Luckily, CC had an alternative plan. We walked about a plaza over and came to Asi es Jalisco, a place that serves goat tacos and had room for us.

The tables were decorated with fresh cilantro plants.

No tap water, so instead FH and I shared a glass of horchata. They also had hibiscus which I was tempted to get. I thought the horchata served here was a little too sweet and watered down.

Asi es Jalisco is known for its birria. So we chose to order a half order of the birria de res (beef).

I’ve never had birria before so I don’t know how to compare it other versions, but I really enjoyed it. The broth was very flavorful and a little bit spicy. I would have loved eating this with a hunk of bread.

I love eating eggs for breakfast. Or any time of the day really. I came across a recipe for mini frittatas on Family Fun. They remind me of mini omelettes because you  have an egg base, and then you fill it with whatever mix-ins you desire. I chose shredded cheese, bell peppers and bacon. Mmm bacon.

These were really easy to whip up and I like how versatile they are with the fillings. They were initially puffy but sank down and became kind of wrinkled and shriveled after they cooled which is too bad. They don’t look so pretty but they taste great.