Mister Donut

When planning my trip to Taiwan last Fall, one place I really wanted to try was Mister Donut, a popular donut shop chain in Taiwan. One of their specialties are these super cute  bear donuts.

Apparently I didn’t have to worry about finding one because it seemed like there was a Mister Donuts chain around every corner, including many of the subway stations.

In addition the cute bear donuts they also offer donuts that look like bracelets, which are mochi donuts.

After successfully making the fudgy chocolate cake using Greek yogurt and fudgy chocolate cookies, I wanted to try making a healthier brownie using Greek yogurt.

This actually is not one of those posts where I excitedly tell you about my new finding. I made a few versions of the brownies, trying to play around with the ratio of ingredients, but unfortunately, I haven’t gotten a version I’m completely satisfied with.

I hope everyone had a good July 4th. The weather wasn’t quite summery in San Diego, but I still served these homemade Nutella Fudgsicles.

Creamy, fudgy, and so easy to make. Lately I’ve seen a million homemade popsicle recipes. I’m more of an ice cream girl and I’ve never had much of a desire to make popsicles, until I saw a recipe for Nutella fudgsicles. I tried it out, but didn’t really like it. I found it to be quite icy.

So I decided to try to make my own. I figured heavy cream would be best for creating a creamy consistency. I had to play around with a few versions before getting the texture I was looking for. FH got to be the taste tester for each version which he didn’t seem to mind at all.¬† I am really happy with how these came out and I’m going to have to keep my fridge stocked with them this summer.