Sorry for the flurry of recipe posts but I had some deadlines to meet. I’m entering some Halloween recipe contests.

When I read about a recipe contest, I immediately thought about those pumpkin bread cakes with nutella filling I previously made using this pan.

I really wanted to make them look like jack-o’-lanterns rather than just pumpkins, so I set about making jack-o’-lanterns.

Recently, Foodbuzz teamed up with Newman’s Own and offered bloggers a chance to make recipe videos featuring Newman’s Own products.

The recipe had to be easy and made in 30 minutes or less.  Bloggers chosen would be given a free HD flip camera to film the video and provided with various Newman’s Own products like salad dressings, sauces and pizzas. Looking at these products, the first thing I thought of was stuffed pepperoni pizza bites. They are easy to make, taste delicious, and would incorporate some Newman’s products.

So I threw my proposal into the mix and a few weeks later, I was informed that my proposal had been selected! While I was ecstatic about receiving a HD flip camera, now I had to actually film a video. Having filmed and edited them in college, I knew what a long and painful process this could be.

I don’t usually bake a lot of cupcakes. Frosting and decorations take time and since no one in my family really likes all the glazes, frostings, etc, it really makes me lazy about putting in the extra effort. But for the holidays I try to do at least one decorated dessert.

So here they are, my Halloween cupcakes. Pumpkin cupcakes with a chocolate ganache filling and topped with chocolate ganache frosting and ghost meringues.