We’ve had Indian food cravings for a while so a few weeks ago we paid a visit to Ashoka. The lunch buffet is a pretty good deal and offers quite a few different items. Ashoka isn’t necessarily our favorite place to eat Indian food, but it’s nearby and lunch is served until 4pm.

There are quite a few Indian restaurants nearby, including several in the same plaza. In fact our car was covered in flyers after we got out. Next time we have Indian food cravings, I’m determined to explore some other restaurant offerings in the area. If you have any good suggestions let me know.

A few weeks ago I made some Brazilian cheese puffs, also known as Pão de Queijo. I commented that while they tasted great, they didn’t seem to follow the recipes of the ones I’ve eaten because the recipe I used was a liquid batter that required the balls to be made in mini muffin cups, whereas the ones I’ve seen are usually round balls.

I got quite a few responses, suggestions and recipes for the type of bread balls I was looking for. Horray for the internet.

Bubble Buns

I love bubble breads. I like that they pull apart into small pieces and I like the bubble top shape. I saw several recipes for bubble buns right before Easter and decided to try one of them out.