Bubble brioche

Brioche is a french bread rich with butter and eggs.  It’s a great bread for dinner rolls, sandwich bread, hamburger buns and french toast, just to name a few.

I’ve been wanting to make brioche for a while, but it is time consuming. Bread generally is already time consuming because you need to let the bread proof. Brioche requires an additional step of having to let the bread sit in the fridge for a few hours or overnight after proofing. It’s not actually hard to put together, but it is the wait that can be tedious.

This weekend, I set about making some brioche for the first time. Small brioche are often made in brioche pans, which resemble tartlet pans. The pans are quite pricey and hard to find so I decided I didn’t want to spend the money on these pans. I found cute bubble brioche on Cook like a Champion, which uses a muffin pan and opted to try those instead.

Recipe wise, after reading through quite a few recipes, I chose Salad in a Jar’s recipe.

I was happy that my first attempt came out so well. I had a scare when my dough didn’t seem to be proofing after I removed it from the fridge. (I then stuck it in the oven that was still slightly warm and the dough began to rise). The bread came out tender, soft and buttery. I loved these, especially straight out of the oven. I also like the bubble shape and the ability to peel off the little bite-sized chunks.

The smell of the oven when these were baking was incredible as well. I plan on making these again in a loaf form so I can make some french toast. Now that I know how to make brioche I can’t wait to try some different variations.

I used this brioche recipe. And I used this method for the bubble brioche look. I am submitting this post to Yeastspotting.

We haven’t been back to Spicy House since shortly after it first opened. When our original dinner plans fell through, we decided to stop by Spicy House and try some more dishes. You can read about my first trip here.

On our first trip, the place had been packed, but it was a lot emptier on this visit.

We started with some cold appetizers. At the front of the restaurant, they have a selection of cold dishes. You can go up there and choose 3 items for $5.50. We choose seaweed salad, marinated beef tongue and marinated chicken gizzard.

We got the stir fried lamb, which I really enjoyed.

Chef’s special green beans

Crispy rice dish with three flavors.

A broth is poured over rice squares that are previously fried, which creates a sizzling noise. The broth was super salty. I ended up not eating much because it was so salty.

Spicy boiled fish. We almost always get a spicy boiled dish. We usually alternate between fish or beef. Tonight we went with fish.

Sauteed finless eel. Last time I ordered the house special eel and really enjoyed it. So I thought I’d order another eel dish. The sauce was a little too sweet and I didn’t like this eel preparation as much as the previous one we had.

Overall, I was disappointed with the food this time around. I enjoyed our first visit better. The service was friendly and attentive though. You can view the menu on my previous post.

Spicy House
3860 Convoy St, Ste 105
San Diego, CA 92111

I love brownies and I love chocolate chip cookies. So when I saw Picky Palate’s recipe for stuffing a brownie inside a chocolate chip cookie, I couldn’t wait to try them. I could already imagine how good they would taste…a chocolatey fudgy brownie stuffed inside a cookie. Mmmm..

I previously made thin mints stuffed chocolate chip cookies which was inspired by Picky Palate’s oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. For those cookies, I used a different chocolate chip cookie recipe. This time I decided to try out Picky Palate’s exact recipe.

The cookies came out huge…I couldn’t believe how big they were. Now normally I’m not one to worry about calories or desserts being too unhealthy, but one look at these gigantic cookies, and I had to cut mine in half and only allowed myself to eat half in one sitting.

The outside cookie was nice and crispy, the inside was cakey and worked perfectly with the fudgy brownie. My cookies didn’t really flatten like Picky Palate’s, but they still were good. When I gave these cookies to my brother and his girlfriend, their eyes lit up. Brownie stuffed chocolate chip cookies is really an ingenious idea.

I definitely will make these again, though next time I think I’m going to use less brownie so I can make these cookies a little smaller. You can view Picky Palate’s recipe here.