I thought I’d take some time to introduce a classic chinese breakfast item. Pronounced youtiao in chinese, these are also commonly referred to as chinese fried crullers. I’m not quite sure why this translation because other than the fact that they are both fried pieces of dough, the chinese youtiao does not really resemble the cruller doughnut.

If you’ve never heard of youtiao, it is a common breakfast item in Taiwan, as well as some parts of China.  Youtaio, literally translates into “oil strip.” The dough is shaped into a long stick and fried.  I’m not quite sure why it is made into such a long shape because usually once you buy it, the first thing you do is cut it in half to make it more manageable to eat.

Since I’ve made honey castella cake several times, I wanted to make some variations.  The other day, I made two castella cakes. Originally, one was supposed to be a matcha one and one was supposed to be a marble one. For the matcha one, I forgot to add the matcha powder. This one is the marble one.

Over the weekend, Future Husband and I had some family obligations to attend to in LA. Since we would be done in the afternoon, I chose a place for us to eat dinner at in Orange County on our way home. After debating over some of our favorites, I recalled a post by Kirk of mmm-yoso regarding a delicious peking duck experience he had at Tri-Village in Irvine.

After some additional research, I chose it as our dining destination. It took a little convincing to get FH to agree because he’s not a fan of duck. He doesn’t like any gamey meats. However, what peking duck is known for (when made right), is an extremely crispy skin. The duck skin is then usually served in wraps, along with some hoisin sauce and green onions. Since the duck skin is carved apart from the meat, I thought that FH would be okay with eating this. I was able to sell it to him by comparing it to lechon (roasted pig often eaten by Filipinos which has a crispy skin), which he loves. Also, I had perused the rest of the menu and saw dumplings and noodle dishes he would like.