I don’t usually bake a lot of cupcakes. Frosting and decorations take time and since no one in my family really likes all the glazes, frostings, etc, it really makes me lazy about putting in the extra effort. But for the holidays I try to do at least one decorated dessert.

So here they are, my Halloween cupcakes. Pumpkin cupcakes with a chocolate ganache filling and topped with chocolate ganache frosting and ghost meringues.

Pumpkin cinnamon breads have been on my mind lately. I made some cinnamon pumpkin bubble buns which I absolutely adored.

For another breakfast treat, I made some cinnamon pumpkin monkey breads topped with a rum glaze. Yummy. I baked them in this pumpkin baking pan, hoping that they would look like mini pumpkins, but it’s hard to tell since there are so many separate pieces placed into each mold.

Que Huong

Last week, FH and I were lucky enough to have dinner with Kirk of mmm-yoso, who generously made time in his super busy work schedule to spend an evening with us.

We’ve been to Que Huong once before, but didn’t really know what we were doing on our first visit as our knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine is pretty limited.

Last time we ate with Kirk, we had a wonderful meal at Sushi Yaro which I didn’t document. I’ve regretted it ever since because on subsequent visits I couldn’t remember everything he had ordered. So this time, I made sure to snap a few quick pictures so I can remember what to order next time.

We left the ordering to Kirk since he’s very familiar with Que Huong and their best dishes. Once again, we experienced some wonderful food and Kirk was so knowledgeable about each of the dishes and how to eat them. Hopefully I got the names right on each of the dishes

Seasoned Escargot in coconut juice

I haven’t really eaten snails before still in their shell. Kirk demonstrated the technique for sucking these out of the shell. There really wasn’t much meat in each one but the sauce was really good. It was a coconut curry sauce that I really enjoyed with rice.

Papaya salad

I believe this was a papaya salad though I don’t see it on the menu. The strips of fruit were mixed with a shrimp paste sauce that I really liked. It was also mixed with chili peppers.