I love Mexican fried ice cream. I get it every year at the County Fair and whenever it’s on the dessert menu at a restaurant. Creamy vanilla ice cream encrusted with a cinnamon crunchy exterior and drizzled with chocolate and whipped cream, what’s not to love?

Making Mexican fried ice cream is actually not that hard but I never thought about making my own until now.

Happy Monday everyone!

First off, a winner has been chosen for my Starbucks giveaway! Congratulations to “Susan,” who left the second to last comment on this post and her number was chosen by random.org

Sorry to all the readers who really wanted to win, but didn’t. But don’t despair, another giveaway opportunity is here! And for this one, there will be three lucky winners!

Earlier this week I saw someone  do a version of Outback Steakhouse’s “blooming onion” using a loaf of sour dough bread. I loved the idea.

One of the most appealing things about a blooming onion, other than its appearance, is the ease of being able to grab onto a stick and pull it out and eat the fried onion piece.  I never thought of trying it with other foods until I saw the post by The Girl Who Ate Everything.

I loved the idea, but I didn’t want to copy it exactly. I spent some time thinking of what other foods would look and taste good when made into a blooming onion form. And then I came up with this “Blooming Onion” pizza bread.