Can you believe it’s October already? It really snuck up on me.

I hurried to the supermarket this weekend to buy some pumpkin puree to get started on some fall baking. First up, these mini pumpkin cakes with a Nutella filling.

I always have to save a lot of room in my suitcase for snacks from Taiwan on my trip back. The prohibition on meat and fruits and vegetables limit my options greatly, but I still load up on other snacks.

There are a few staple items I always get for myself and to give as gifts to friends. I thought I’d share a few pictures before I dived in and ate them.

Pineapple cakes

Pineapple cakes are popular in Taiwan and can be found at almost every bakery. Every place makes their own and claims to be the best. A few years ago we really enjoyed the ones from Chia Te. Ever since then, my aunt always gets them for us to take home.

Pineapple cakes have a shortbread-like exterior which crumbles upon touch. The inside is filled with a pineapple jam-like filling. One of these days, I want to try making my own. These are probably the most requested item people ask me to bring from Taiwan. And don’t let the plain appearance fool you. These cakes are usually sold for about $1 a piece.

Wife Cakes

As I settle back into reality, I’ve been trying to take things easy in order to maintain the relaxation glow from vacation for as long as possible.

I originally wanted to make another dessert, but I ended up going with something simpler. Two mugs, minimal clean up, ready in about 5 minutes.