I have a fun post for you today.

Have you heard of the Secret Cookie Guy? If you attend or work at UCSD, live in La Jolla, or watched this Fox 5 feature, you may have heard of him.

The Secret Cookie Service
delivers fresh baked homemade cookies to your door.  But it’s not your average delivery. The delivery agent meets you dressed in shades and a suit, and delivers cookies packaged in a “Top Secret” labeled bag. This fairly new late night delivery service has developed quite a following in a very short time. The Facebook page has more than 2,000 likes, they’ve been featured in La Jolla Light, and on Fox 5.

There’s quite a few things that make this delivery service special. First, cookie prices are quite a bargain. They charge $5 for 4 cookies and currently offer 17 different flavors. Delivery charge is an additional $1 for around La Jolla. (They recently started expanding beyond La Jolla, details at end of post.)

Second, they delivery late into the night, from 7pm to 2am Sunday-Thursday and 9pm to 3am on Saturday. (Day deliveries for outside La Jolla and catering available as well.) You can text in your order any time during the day or during the delivery hours to have fresh cookies delivered to your door.

And of course, there’s the CIA-esque mystery surrounding the company. The creator, known as The Secret Cookie Guy, wishes to remain anonymous and never removes his shades when meeting with customers or being interviewed. Recipes, location, and information about the business are kept very top secret.

Here’s a few things I did learn during my cookie drop-off. The creator is a former UCSD graduate student who was in the PH.D chemistry program.  He decided to leave the program, finishing with a Masters. He then came up with the idea for a cookie service, starting with his mom’s famous chocolate chip cookie recipe which his family had always encouraged she start a business with.

I like desserts made with a little bit of alcohol, so it was only a matter of time before I graduated to making mug cakes with alcohol. First up, Bailey’s Irish Cream mug cake.

I’ve been continuing to play around with cooking desserts in my waffle maker. The pumpkin waffle cookies were pretty successful, but I like these Nutella waffle cakes even more.

I used the batter previously used to make mini Nutella cakes because it’s so easy to mix together. Only three ingredients! Then I poured the batter into my waffle maker and hoped for the best. These tasted exactly like the mini Nutella cakes. Except in a cool waffle form.