Oreos, chocolate covered potato chips, caramel and vanilla ice cream. Okay, so this isn’t exactly a healthy after-school snack. But it does sound good doesn’t it?

“After School Special” is actually a flavor offered by Humphrey Slocombe, one of my favorite ice cream shops. DH had it a few months ago when we went to Bitter Sweet in the Bay Area. He really loved this sweet treat so I thought I’d surprised him with a homemade version.

When I looked online, the description was Chocolate-covered Ridge potato chips swirled with caramel in Tahitian Vanilla. I could have sworn I had tasted Oreos in it though. Maybe my memory is wrong. But I decided to add the Oreos anyway because it sounded so yummy.


Katsuya by Starck is a chain of upscale restaurants originally from LA, featuring Japanese food for the American palate. Located inside the Andaz hotel in downtown San Diego, this swanky restaurant space is massive for San Diego standards, though the hostess told me that she actually thought it was quite small.

Here is half of the space:

Katsuya has three kitchens serving raw, hot, and robata grill items.

We were actually invited by the restaurant so rather than only trying a few dishes, the chef prepared smaller sample portions of Katsuya’s more famous items. Chef Adam also took the time to come out personally and explain the dishes as well as get an idea of our preferences for the rest of the night.

Katsuya has an impressive sake selection and we chose to share a small bottle of Tomoju.

They also had some interesting cocktails and we tried a Kiwi Envy, which I really enjoyed. Light, refreshing, with a lot of kiwi pulp.

To my delight, the first thing we were served was an uni platter consisting of uni quail egg shooters with caviar, uni sushi, and fresh uni served in its shell.

Since this was basically uni straight up there’s not much to describe. If you enjoy uni like me, you’ll likely enjoy this sampler. If not, then probably not.

Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna

This is Katsuya’s most famous dish, though I actually was not a fan. I loved how creamy the spicy tuna was, but found the crispy rice to be too hard. I’ve liked crispy rice sushi dishes before, but didn’t particularly like the crispy rice here.

I came across a recipe for BLT guacamole on the California Avocado Commission website. Immediately I thought, Duh, of course bacon would make guacamole taste better.

I love making fresh guacamole. I discovered how easy and delicious it was when we ordered it made tableside at a Mexican restaurant a long time ago. After that, I always made my own, especially for BBQs, Superbowl, etc.

Of course, I always had to plan in advance. Get avocados ahead of time and give them a chance to ripen. Buy fresh cilantro only a few days before so they don’t spoil. It was really fun for a while, but it didn’t really seem like my family appreciated the effort.