The other day my brother told me he is sick of my mug cake posts. I’m not tired of them yet though. Hopefully you aren’t either. I love that they are fast, especially since I haven’t had time to do a lot of baking. And the one serving size is perfect because nothing gets wasted.

I’ve made a flourless nutella mug cake and a flourless chocolate cake. So the other day I decided to try making a flourless peanut butter mug cake.

Surprisingly, the flourless peanut butter mug cake rose quite high when cooking in the microwave. The other flourless cakes were much more dense. It almost looks like a regular peanut butter mug cake, except there’s no flour.

When Nam An first opened, it was a refreshing new Vietnamese restaurant offering. I was enamored with the weekend special appetizers, bouncy noodles, late hours, and complimentary dessert.

It’s been a while since we’ve been back but I’ve heard that the quality has gone downhill. We went in for dinner on a Saturday night, as I was craving something nourishing, and Nam An offers a free range chicken pho. We were surprised to find the place absolutely deserted, with only one other table occupied.

Surf Clam Salad

I loved the spicy kick and the acidity of the dish. I just wish there were more surf clam pieces. Instead, the dish was littered with too much cilantro.

Filet Mignon Shaking Beef

This was much better. The beef cubes were extremely tender.

Free Range Chicken Pho

This comes with all the chicken organs, unless you request for them not to be included. My mom made us eat all the organs as a kid so I don’t mind eating them.

There were quite a few chicken pieces in the pho. The chicken was light with a hint of subtle sweetness. A ginger sauce accompanied the soup to dip the chicken pieces in for additional flavor, though the ginger sauce was a little weak.

That’s where the good ended for my bowl of soup though. The chicken broth was too light, and tasted overly sweet once it had cooled. The once fresh house made noodles were overcooked and mushy.

It’s like banana bread wrapped into a cookie.

The idea to make these suddenly hit me after a weekend of watching girls munch on fresh bananas for energy. Of course instead of thinking healthy, my mind went to cookies…