I’m always drawn to recipes with only a few ingredients. I recently found a recipe for biscuits with only three ingredients. Super super easy.

I was a little wary. Yogurt, flour and salt. Could it work?

While making the dough, I was still wary. And when they baked up, they looked a little sad.

But then I tasted them. And I was sold. These aren’t your classic flaky buttery biscuits, but they are nevertheless biscuits and they are tasty. The yogurt adds a tang to them. They are chewy, fluffy but also firm, and remind me of an English muffin. I couldn’t stop eating them. And I can’t believe how ridiculously easy they are to make.

Prepkitchen Little Italy opened a few months ago and has been on my to-do list. I’ve had good dining experiences at sister restaurant Whisknladle and heard good things about Prepkitchen La Jolla.

Prepkitchen Little Italy is the third Prepkitchen restaurant in the Whisknladle/Prepkitchen family (though the Del Mar location is not currently operating due to a fire). Located upstairs, the restaurant has a great view of Little Italy.

We started with some cocktails. I’ve always enjoyed the cocktail selection at Whisknladle.

Honey Cucumber Mimosa and Old Fashioned

Cutting Board
House Cured Meats, Cheese & Accompaniments

What is on the cutting board always varies but I’ve always enjoyed the Whisknladle Cutting Boards. I didn’t really like the selection of meats on the plate we had this night at PK, though I was really happy to see the dried raisins. The grapes are dried with the stems and are so plump and juicy.

Scallop Crudo
Kumquat, Fennel, Celery, Tarragon & Sea Salt Crackers

This was quite good, though I wish there was a little more of it. The kumquat added a nice acidity to the sauce.

I’m not sure why but I had the biggest craving for melted marshmallows and other S’mores-like treats this weekend. This recipe is seriously sweet, gooey, with all the yummy things in a S’more. There’s the chocolate from the brownie, crushed graham crackers mixed into the batter, and melted toasted marshmallows on top.

I really love how the toasted marshmallow looks on each piece of brownie. And when you bite into the marshmallow, it gives this little swish sound. These didn’t last long. FH started in on the plate the second I put down my camera. I had to secretly stash away two for my friend before these were all gone.