These cookies are chocolate heaven.  Soft, chewy, with a fudgy brownie-like interior. It’s a chocoholic’s dream come true.

Last time I visited Golden City restaurant I noticed that a pho restaurant would soon be opening. I don’t usually pass by this area, but I recently drove by and saw that the pho restaurant had opened.

So this weekend, we went to go check out the restaurant. It’s pretty spacious inside, and on the night we went, it was also pretty empty. They have a website, which provides a full menu.

Homemade Naan

I remember the first time I tried Indian food. I fell in love with the naan bread we ordered. The soft, fluffy pancake shaped bread reminded me a lot of chinese breads like green onion/scallion pancakes.

Whenever I go out to eat Indian food, I look forward to ordering naan bread to help soak up any curry dishes we order.  I love how the bread puffs up and bubbles at certain spots. It looks thin and frail, but manages to be soft and chewy and fluffy.