Osteria Mozza is one of the Mozza Group restaurants owned by Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich. After sitting on my to-do list for quite a while, FH and I finally got a chance to visit for the first time a few weeks ago.

Osteria Mozza features a large mozzarella bar at the center of the restaurant where fresh mozzarella, burrata, and other cheeses are prepared daily. Chef Silverton can often be seen working at the mozzarella bar including on the night we visited.

The menu is divided into appetizers, first and second courses and dessert. There is also a five course pasta tasting menu for $69 per person offered.

We started out with some cocktails and some complimentary bread.

Bread slices are served cold and solo, with no butter or other type of dipping sauce. The bread was quite fresh, soft on the outside with a nice chewy crust. I enjoyed the bread even without the butter.

We were then given this complimentary bite: ricotta, black olive tapenade on crostini.

I had done my research prior to our dinner experience and knew that the mozzarella bar items were the star, so we started out with two.

Burrata with bacon, marinated escarole & caramelized shallots

I loved the fresh burrata, but found the seasoning on this dish overpowering. The marinated escarole and caramelized shallots flavor was so strong that I couldn’t even taste the bacon. I ended up giving up and just eating the cheese halfway through.

Every year I look forward to the summer county fair and all the deep fried foods that are offered. One thing we almost always get are fried oreos. It occurred to me the other day that fried oreos aren’t actually very hard to make and I didn’t need to wait until the fair to enjoy them.

During a recent trip to the Fruit Shop, I picked up a Buddha’s hand. One look and I immediately knew what it was because I’ve read about it before on other food blogs.

But this was my first time up close and personal with one and I was pretty excited. The one I got wasn’t as gnarly looking as some I’ve seen on other blogs, but it’s still pretty interesting to look at. Actually the shape reminded me of chicken feet.