I know this doesn’t have much to do with food but I recently signed up to participate in a review of Dove’s new toning body wash. I had a couple of reasons for doing so.

1. I actually use a lot of Dove products so I was curious. Given my upcoming wedding I was also interested in anything that was making claims to make my skin look better on picture day.

2. I received payment for trying and blogging about the product (though all opinions are my own). If you’ve ever planned a wedding, you know how expensive it can get. I needed any extra cash I could get, especially after all those final wedding vendor deposits.

3. I loved the color of the body wash bottle. A pretty green, the same color as my wedding.

So I received a full sized pretty pale green bottle of the body wash.

The smell was light and pleasant. No particular scent, just the scent of soap.

After discovering Sea Harbor and Elite in LA last year, we’ve made several trips back.  I took pictures from a trip our last meal, but completely forgot to blog about it until now.

I already covered Sea Harbor more extensively in my previous post (including menu pictures). It’s a more upscale dim sum place. You order off of a menu, the items that arrive use high quality ingredients, the service is better, etc, compared to your typical dim sum joint.

I’ll keep the descriptions minimal and mainly show the photos of what we ordered.

Shrimp Har Gow

Super plump here, and about 2 times the size of regular dim sum spots.

Scallop and shark fin dumpling

As you may have noticed, this visit was prior to the Shark Fin ban. Actually we came to get one last taste of some of our favorites.

Sticky rice ball with salted egg yolk

After making pepperoni pop tarts, DH requested I also make some bacon ones. Mmm bacon.

Baby brother suggested the combination of gouda and bacon but I didn’t have any gouda in my fridge so I decided to pair the bacon with some cheddar cheese.

I think I liked these even better than the pepperoni ones. And the fact that they are filled with bacon and cheese make them seem more appropriate with the breakfast pop tart theme.