I’ve been continuing to play around with cooking desserts in my waffle maker. The pumpkin waffle cookies were pretty successful, but I like these Nutella waffle cakes even more.

I used the batter previously used to make mini Nutella cakes because it’s so easy to mix together. Only three ingredients! Then I poured the batter into my waffle maker and hoped for the best. These tasted exactly like the mini Nutella cakes. Except in a cool waffle form.

I’ve written about my love for Korean fried chicken from Kyochon a few times now. Kyochon and Bonchon are two  of the most popular Korean fried chicken chains. Until recently, I had not visited Bonchon.

On a recent trip home, I found out that there was a Bonchon Chicken nearby. So one evening, we stopped by for a late night snack.

The prices are similar to Kyochon, about $1 a wing. Unlike Kyochon, an order of wings comes with a free side.  We chose kimchi coleslaw. Complimentary pickled radishes also came with our order.

I enjoyed the kimchi coleslaw. It was a refreshing twist on the classic American coleslaw.

My love affair with Biscoff spread continues with these almost flourless biscoff cookies. There’s no flour added to the batter, though there is some flour product from the cookie spread itself.

Have you tried Biscoff spread yet? If not, I definitely recommend it. It’s made with the European Biscoff spice cookies, and the spread tastes just like the cookies. It can be found at Cost Plus World Market, Walmart and Vons. You can also buy it on Amazonor on the Biscoff website.

What I love about these cookies is that you can really taste the Biscoff. They have a chewy, caramelized texture because there is no flour. The biscoff spread worked a lot better in these cookies than when I tried it with Nutella, which spread too much.