I love French desserts. I’ve never been to France, but when I go, I’m just going to eat non-stop. French croissants and baguettes for breakfast, macarons and eclairs for snacks; I could go on and on.

French desserts always seem to have such a sophistication to them. So when I came across this apple cake by Marie-Helene, which was published in Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table, I knew I would have to check it out.

Is this cake not the cutest thing? I just had to share this on my blog.

I love bubble buns because they let you pull off chunks at a time with your hands without it seeming uncivilized. The first thing I want to do when I see the bubble bun is to pull off that top piece!

I previously made some cinnamon bubble buns for Easter. While sitting at my desk at work, a thought came to me that it would be fun to create some savory bubble buns, similar to the pull apart pizza bread I recently made.