Soft pretzels and nacho cheese dipping sauce seem to go hand in hand. Okay, so I don’t actually think I’ve had the combination before, but I’m sure I’ve seen people dip soft pretzels in a cheese sauce. Maybe at a ball game.

So I decided to stuff nacho cheese into pretzel bites. If you follow my blog, you know I’ve been experimenting with various soft pretzel fillings. I’ve done Nutella, peanut butter, and pepperoni and cheese. And now nacho cheese. Yum.

Can you believe Triscuit hasn’t come out with a new cracker flavor since 2008 ? It’s been four years, but Triscuit has finally introduced a new flavor. And that flavor is Dill, Sea Salt & Olive Oil. And I have to say, I think they chose well.

Triscuits and I have a history. The history dates back to high school. I won’t go into the history as it’s a little embarrassing, but if you ever meet one of my close high school friends, they’ll be sure to tell you the story.

Anyhow, I recently was sent a box of the new dill flavored Triscuits to try. And I really loved them. I ate half the box before FH commented “Aren’t you supposed to review and take photos?” Oh yeah. Oops.

The Book of Jonas

I mentioned previously that I signed up for the Blogher Book Club and will occasionally be presented with opportunities to read and review new books. I initially signed up because I love to read and liked the idea of being introduced to new books not necessarily on my radar.

The Book of Jonas was exactly the kind of experience I hoped for when I signed up for the book club. It’s a book I would not have thought to pick up, but one I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I couldn’t put it down all weekend, especially with the underlining mystery running through the entire book.

The Book of Jonas is the debut novel of Stephen Dau. Jonas is a Muslim war orphan whose family is killed in a US military operation. He is eventually rescued and with the help of a relief organization, he is sent to America, setup with a family, and slowly adapts to American life. Because of his troubled past, he is ordered to see a counselor who is unable to get Jonas to speak about the American soldier credited with saving Jonas’ life. As the book continues, bits and pieces of the story are revealed.