Like peanut butter cups but filled with cookie butter spread inside!

I previously made Nutella chocolate cups which were delicious. It took me a lot longer before thinking to try the a cookie butterĀ version though. A few weeks ago I was at Trader Joe’s and spotted their chocolate bars filled with speculoos spread. I was excited and bought a couple. But when I ate them, I was disappointed. I thought the chocolate flavor overwhelmed the speculoos spread and really wished they had put more cookie butter in there.

So then I thought, why not just make my own? Like the Nutella chocolate cups I made.

Much like last year, Hello Kitty is once again doing a limited time promotion with Yogurtland.

The promotion started July 10 and runs through August. During the promotion, the Yogurtland cups are decorated with Hello Kitty characters and a featured city, limited edition spoons are launched at different times and there are plush toys, keychains, wallets available for purchase.

A few years ago, chocolate covered bacon was introduced at the Fair. I remember searching everywhere for it.

When we finally purchased it and tried it, we were sorely disappointed. We couldn’t even finish the container we bought. At this year’s fair, my siblings tried the chocolate covered bacon too and also didn’t like it.

But it got me thinking…Why doesn’t it work? Almost everything taste good dipped in chocolate. And bacon makes everything better right? So I decided to try making my own version.