It’s been a rough couple of weeks at work, with no end in sight. As a result, not much baking has been happening.

Deadlines and a ton of work, while unpleasant, I can still handle. What I can’t stand is the yelling. Lots of yelling and unfair blame for anything and everything that goes wrong during the stressful period. The Boss yells. Because he can I guess. He yells for things out of our control, for things we should have anticipated even though he didn’t, for mistakes made on things we were never taught, etc. All the yelling has led to a really really tense environment.

When I’m in these stressful moments, I crave sweets like crazy. Chocolate, brownies, cookies, cake, anything. So even though I’ve been too exhausted for baking, I’ve been able to make these simple mug cakes to de-stress when I come home. A few minutes of mixing, and 2 minutes of microwave cooking and these are ready to be eaten.

After successfully making biscoff mug cake, I realized that I could apply the same recipe to a peanut butter mug cake. I have to say, even though peanut butter may not be my favorite flavor, the texture of this case came out so perfect, one of the best ones in my mug cake series.  Moist, fluffy, I couldn’t stop eating this.

Super Bowl Sunday is almost here and I’ve been excited for weeks. Not because I really care about the game. But because I love all the snacks!

I haven’t quite made up my mind about what we’ll be eating. Today I was thinking of nachos and cheese and thought it would be fun to create an appetizer with a nacho cheese filling. So I came up with these nacho cheese bites.

You knew this was coming right? After discovering a love for Biscoff spread, I immediately had to combine it with my love for mug cakes, and make a Biscoff mug cake.

Light, fluffy, with the spices of Biscoff cookies. This cake came out beautifully.