I’ve blogged about Oceanaire many times on this blog. And while we no longer visit as much as we used to, we still like to check in every once in a while, especially during Restaurant Week. I think Oceanaire offers one of the best deals for Restaurant Week (which they will be extending an extra week for those interested in checking it out).

Not only are their famous crab cakes (normally $17.95 an order) on the Restaurant Week menu, but they also include a lot of their expensive entrees, whereas many other restaurants will offer cheaper entree choices.  The selection is also more than the standard 3 choices. For those unfamiliar, basically everything in bold is part of the RW menu.

While they offer some steaks, simple broiled or grilled fish and some classics, I would definitely recommend getting something off of their Fresh Fish Specialties menu. The offerings here are very fresh fish, which can be barely cooked a medium rare, and they offer some tasty preparations too.

Vegetable plate and Sourdough bread

The complimentary starter is always crisp vegetables and a chunk of warm sourdough bread. It makes me feel so healthy munching on celery, carrots, and radishes before my meal. The sourdough bread here is pretty good as well .

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

They have quite a few selections of appetizers, including fresh oysters, but we can never give up the crab cake.  Imagine the best pieces of sweet crab meat held together by the barest amount of bread crumbs. It’s the best way to enjoy crab without all the work. The buttermilk sauce is a perfect accompaniment. I’ve had many good crab cake renditions over the years, but Oceanaire still remains my all-time favorite for the best crab cakes.

If you’ve never dined at Oceanaire before, some of their best and most popular fish preparations are the “drunken” and the “kid dynamite.” We love both preparations but since we’ve had them multiple times as well as some of the other preparations, we wanted to try something new.

Horseradish Crusted Steelhead with  saffron and baby summer vegetables

This was DH”s choice and it was perfect for him. He loves horseradish and there was a generous portion of horseradish sitting on top of the fish. The outside of the fish was nice and crispy, the inside very moist and tender. I don’t like horseradish so I only had a small taste.

I made the soft Nutella chocolate cookies last week. And after I finished them, all I could think about was making another variation.

Posts about limited edition Oreos made me think of trying a cookies and cream version. I love my chewy cookies and cream cookies, but I thought a soft one would be delicious too. And these were. They bake up quite thick but are also soft and full of cookies and cream goodness.

Rehearsal Dinner

Since our wedding dinner featured a traditional Chinese banquet, it only seemed right that the rehearsal dinner would feature Filipino cuisine.

We decided to have it at the clubhouse in our townhouse complex, which worked out better than attempting to have it at a restaurant, especially with guests arriving at all different times, and several last minute invites that DH’s parents were making without our knowledge.

DH’s parents took some time off before the wedding to help us with the rehearsal dinner. Since DH’s parents weren’t familiar with the food options in San Diego, I turned to CC of Pink Candles at Ridgemont High for some advice. She helpfully compiled a list of potential places for desserts, lechon, and side dishes.

DH’s parents stopped by a few of the places on CC’s list. But for convenience sake, they opted to get everything in one place: Manila Fast food.

Our guests were really impressed when the lechon was brought in. Everyone had their camera out to snap a picture. A roasted suckling pig, this dish is traditionally served for big celebrations in Filipino culture, including birthdays, wedding, etc. While I’ve tasted leftover lechon before from DH’s family gatherings, this was my very first whole one.

Unfortunately, Manila didn’t do a great job with it. The skin was crispy but the meat was cooked far too long. It was dry and quite bland. I don’t feel bad pointing that out because DH’s parents were even more displeased. They have a family relative that roasts lechon and that’s their usual source. They all thought Manila’s was a poor version. CC had suggested someone her mom recommended, Lucia Toledo’s, who also delivers. I’ll have to keep that person’s name in mind in case I ever have to get a lechon while in San Diego.

For the side dishes, we stuck to the popular items: pancit, lumpia, chicken adobo, pork adobo.