My blog turns 3 today! My life has been really busy ever since the New Year, so the anniversary really snuck up on me. I didn’t have time to do anything special, but I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on the three years.

Time has flown by, but I still enjoy writing my blog as much now as I did in the beginning. It’s really nice to have this thing that is constantly chronicling my life. It’s easy to miss the day to day changes that are always happening in one’s life, but having these posts to look back on help show the changes occurring.

Looking back at this last year, I would summarize the theme as “coming out.” For the first two years, I hid behind a purple avatar and my computer screen, fiercely protecting my privacy. This last year, I’ve slowly let go a little, stepping out from behind the screen and taking the time to meet many bloggers in San Diego and some in LA too. As a result, I’ve met some wonderful people, and transitioned many virtual friendships into real life friendships. I also got a chance to do some freelance writing for San Diego Magazine, and even faced my fear of being in front of a camera.

I’m still constantly amazed by the power of the internet and how it’s allowed me to connect to people I may otherwise have never met. I received Japanese Kit Kats I’ve been wanting to try. I found my long lost blogger twin.

I don’t have any set goals for my blog. It seems like things are constantly changing from month to month. I’m just going to go with the flow for now.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading.  Seeing that people are reading, and receiving thoughtful and nice comments are what keep me motivated to continue.  I hope in a year I’ll still feel as happy about my blog as I do now. If you’re curious, here’s what I had to say on my second year anniversary.

I bought too many chocolate peanut butters because I bought a pack of them on Amazon. So I’ve been trying to find baking uses to use them all up.

I’ve stated before that I love the texture of the peanut butter mug cakes I’ve made. It’s perfectly creamy and fluffy and has the best texture of all the mug cakes I’ve made.

So then I realized I should try making a chocolate peanut butter mug cake with all the chocolate peanut butter I have lying around the house.

Cremolose, an Italian cafe, recently opened in downtown San Diego. It offers 48 flavors of gelato, over 40 cakes made in-house, a full lunch and dinner menu, and a full bar.

I was invited to the grand opening party and was impressed enough with the bites I sampled to want to come back again to try some more items.

Cremolose occupies 5000 square feet of space and can seat 260 customers. The spacious digs are perfect for a gathering, or a place to get dessert and drinks with friends.

My initial interest in the cafe was for the gelato. And I was quite happy with the gelato I sampled. The classic Italian gelato were creamy, thick, and offered in 24 different flavors. The flavors included popular ones and more unique ones I haven’t seen elsewhere like fig, chocolate cake layers, to name a few.

Here’s a shot of FH’s chocolate from the opening party. Still trying to work out camera pics with my new phone. I tried a hazelnut one.

In addition to offering 24 regular gelato flavors, Cremolose also offers 24 flavors of the Italian imported cremolose, a new type of gelato that is fresh-fruit based. While most of the selection were fruit offerings, there were also a few nut ones like pistachio and hazelnut.

The cremolose gelato isn’t as thick as the dairy based Italian gelato we’re used to, but this healthier gelato was equally tasty. I actually preferred the cremolose version of pistachio because of the intense flavor of the pistachio and pieces of pistachio contained in every bite.