If you love chocolate desserts and don’t have much time, make this. This recipe is easy to prep and churns out a chocolate dessert that is ooey gooey and delicious.

Isn’t this cake pretty? I love the bundt cake shape and wish I owned this pan. Recently I purchased a cake from Rum Cake Lounge. While the company is based in San Diego, they only do orders online.

I had gotten one of those coupon deals from one of the many services out there. I can’t quite remember which one but I think it was Living Social. The website for Rum Cake Lounge has a cute theme and they offer several flavors of rum cakes.  Each of their cakes comes in 43 oz or 2 oz portions, with the 43 oz potion currently priced at $29.95.


Stacked opened its doors this week, located inside Fashion Valley Mall, nearby Cheesecake Factory.

Stacked is a chain of restaurants that puts a tech savvy spin on American classics, by allowing people to customize burgers, pizzas, fries, salads, milkshakes and ice cream sandwiches, with a seemingly endless amount of toppings and sauces.  Each table is equipped with an ipad, which allows you to play around with your customization as well as visually see it. When you are done placing your order, you send it on into the kitchen.

Last week, Stacked did a soft opening which was open to the public as long as a reservation was made ahead of time. Unlike previous soft openings I’ve been to where there is limited food options and disorganization, things ran very smoothly here. To top it off, all meals were free. I thought this was a generous gesture, and a great way to get positive buzz out to others.

Once we were seated, a server appeared to help walk us through the process. It was pretty self-explanatory though and soon we were making our choices. One word of advice is that since your order is made as soon as it is sent to the kitchen, it’s best that you place your drinks first and press “Send to Kitchen” before continuing on with the rest of your ordering. If you’re ordering dessert, you should also wait until you are almost done with your meal before you send that off to the kitchen.

If you choose a burger, there is already a bun and patty placed on it. From there you can add your vegetables, sauces, extra patties, etc.  And you can customize the bread as well. One thing I was impressed with was the number of sauce options. I wanted to try them all.

Here is FH’s burger. He got it on a brioche bun, topped with chili, bacon, cheese (there’s several different cheese options),a fried egg,  and I can’t quite remember what else.