If a recipe is labeled “best,” “perfect” or “ultimate,” I feel compelled to test it out.

I enjoy chocolate cupcakes and I make them quite often. But so far I haven’t found a favorite chocolate cupcake recipe. I’ve come across Cook’s Illustrated’s Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes many times and all the reviews have been positive.

I love pies, especially pies full of fresh fruit. The rest of my family is weird though. They don’t like pies.

Yes, I know. The horror.

So I don’t bake pies often because I don’t want to be eating an entire pie by myself.  (Well I might want to eat the entire pie but it definitely would not be good for my waistline or health).

While shopping at William Sonoma, I came across this lattice pocket pie mold that was on sale at clearance. Mini lattice pies, how cute is that? And it would solve my pie problem. I could just make individual serving pies for myself. Perfect.


I’ve heard many people raving about Korean fried chicken. The chicken is twice fried to create a very crispy skin. I love chicken wings and so I’ve wanted to try Korean fried chicken for a long time.

A location popped up in San Diego a few months ago, BBQ Chicken, but the reviews have not been very good. I decided to wait and try it from the most buzzed source: Kyochon. Since we had the long weekend, the fiancee and I decided to take a quick impromptu trip to Los Angeles, and before coming home, we stopped by Kyochon.