It’s been a while since I baked a bundt. With so many bundt pans sitting in my collection, it’s time to start taking them out again and letting them shine. I know I probably use this one a lot, but it’s my favorite: the heritage bundt. When I thought of making a whipped cream cake, I could only imagine it in this heritage bundt.

I saw a blog post by Dessert First for sugar and spice brioche a few months ago and immediately bookmarked the recipe.  The recipe appealed to me for multiple reasons: I had been wanting to try more brioche recipes, I was curious about Joanne Chang’s Flour book and the recipe is her recipe from the book, and also I had never had sugar and spice brioche and it sounded delicious.

The recipe requires you to make a big batch of brioche bread and then use half of it for the sugar and spice brioche. I had some trouble determining how to arrange the pieces inside the baking pan. I tried to make them look like bubble buns, but some of them came out better look than others.

Future Husband complained I made too many sweets last weekend and not enough savory items.  So this weekend I made him some pizza bites since he really loves pizza.