Here they are. My first attempt at making Snowskin Mooncakes (also called ice-skin mooncakes) for Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. Hopefully I can improve on the imperfections next year.

During Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, mooncakes are traditionally enjoyed with a cup of hot tea. Usually right before Moon Festival, you’ll see bakeries and grocery stores carrying mooncakes. People will buy them and give them as gifts to friends and family to enjoy.

There are the traditional mooncakes which have a golden brown pastry skin and there are these snowskin mooncakes, which have a skin that is white in its original form, but can also have other colors and flavors.

These caused more stress and headache than they should have. Now that I know what to do, it’s actually quite easy to make.

Today is the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, which to me, just means I get to eat mooncakes! I’m going to keep this really short. I just wanted to wish those who are celebrating, a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Hope you get to enjoy some mooncakes and tea with your family and friends.

This year I was determined to make my own mooncakes. After much stress and headache, I finally produced these colorful snowskin mooncakes. Snowskin mooncakes, I believe, get their name from the skin, which is white in its original flavor form. They are soft, a little chewy and really pretty. I like them mainly because you can do many different flavors and colors.

They aren’t actually that hard to make, but it was just hard to figure everything out especially when I couldn’t find all the ingredients and instructions from other blogs were quite vague. I’ll be doing a detailed recipe post later for those who want to attempt it and hopefully people won’t make the same mistakes as me.

I’m also currently trying to make traditional mooncakes. So far, I’m finding it easier than the snowskin ones. Unfortunately, they won’t be ready to be consumed tonight because you’re supposed to let them sit 2-3 days. Which I didn’t realize until I finished making my first batch. Oops.

Now that I know how to make them, hopefully I can make them ahead of time next year and give them as gifts. You can read my explanation of the holiday and mooncakes a little more in my old annual posts: here, here and here. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

A few weeks ago I made these really delicious blueberry coffee cake cookies. They were actually inspired by a blueberry coffee k-cup flavor I had just drank. I’ve always loved blueberries but I never thought blueberry would pair so well with coffee.

I also made a few blueberry coffee cake muffins just in case the cookies didn’t work out. The blueberry coffee cake muffins went so well with the coffee too. Because of the sweetness of the cake, I didn’t feel the need to add any sugar into my blueberry coffee, and the blueberry flavor in the coffee was enhanced by the blueberries in the muffins.

We’ve gotten a lot of new toys in the kitchen since our wedding. And one of my favorites has been the Keurig Brewer, a single cup brewing machine, which brews coffees, teas, juices. The Keurig machine actually was not a wedding gift but arrived around the same time so I like to lump it with the wedding toys. I was contacted by Green Mountain Coffee to try out the brewer and be part of their K Cup Ambassador Program.

For months, DH had been telling me how his work was using the Keurig machine. He’d point it out when we were at William Sonoma, or Costco, or anywhere else it was on display. When he explained it to me, I didn’t really understand the appeal at first. But now I’m hooked.

I like having guests over just so I can offer them coffee. And they’ve all enjoyed it as well, oohing and ahhing over my machine. So why do I love my Keurig machine?