Pizza Bread


After I made the pepperoni pizza puffs, I was curious about trying to make a pepperoni pizza quick bread. So I took the pizza puff recipe, doubled it, and poured the batter into a loaf pan.


SD Magazine Sweet tooth

I have another little piece written for San Diego magazine this week, this time for their Sweet Tooth section. You know how much I love my sweets! Please click here to check it out.


Ever since Animal opened its doors a few years ago in Los Angeles, I’ve heard a lot of positive buzz about this little restaurant that serves up unique animal dishes with bold flavors.

We waited a little too long to try to secure a good reservation time, so we tried the walk-in route. We made sure to get there a little before it opened  (which is why the picture above still has the gates up) to make sure we could get one of the seats at the bar for walk-in customers.

The menu changes constantly, here were our options that night:

Our server recommended that we order several plates to share family-style in order to get a taste of everything. While almost everything on the menu looked appealing, we decided to rely on his recommendations for the best dishes to try.

chicken liver toast ($8)

One of the simpler dishes we had that night, but quite tasty. Thick liver pate is spread on a piece of crispy toast.

marrow bone, chimichurri, caramelized onions ($10)