I have a love hate relationship when it comes to making fried doughnuts.

The process goes a little like this: I come across a recipe I want to try and I put it on the list and then put it off for weeks, using the excuse that I don’t have enough time. Eventually I convince myself it’s not that time consuming and make the recipe. As I’m making it, I get frustrated because even though the recipe isn’t hard, it is time consuming to cut-out the doughnuts and fry them and the process always takes longer than I anticipated. By the end, I decide I’m never going to do this again and it’s easier to just drive out to the nearest donut shop and buy some. And then I take a bite… and my vow is suddenly broken. Because the donuts come out so great. Fluffy, chewy, with just the right amount of sweetness.

I’ve been craving castella cake for a while now, and I finally got around to making one this weekend. Castella cake (also called kasutera cake) is a japanese sponge cake which is moist and spongy despite not using any oil. Instead, it is made using a technique by whipping eggs (with the yolks) until they form peaks.

Remember that super soft pumpkin bread I made? I thought it would be perfect for some pumpkin French toast, so I saved a whole loaf just for French toast.

It came out even better than I had hoped. The bread was so soft and full of spices after being heated on the pan and tasted absolutely heavenly encrusted in the custard base. Drizzle it with some pure maple syrup … and sigh.