My first collage with pic monkey!

I wasn’t planning on blogging about Scarpetta’s brunch again since I’ve already done so twice (here and here) and the last time was only about two months ago. But on this last visit, there was a big enough new change that I thought it needed another post.

We also hadn’t planned on dining at Scarpetta again anytime soon. While we enjoy the brunch, it’s more of a once or twice a year type of thing. But there was a deal on Bloomspot for the brunch and we got invited to eat with a large group of food bloggers and food enthusiasts and I’m really happy we went.

Because we had such a large group, they sat us in the corner of the restaurant which was also unfortunately the dimmest area too. Absolutely no natural light. Not so great for photos…

The Sunday brunch buffet menu always does vary a little bit on each visit, but when we dined a few weeks ago, they also added an additional menu of made-to-order breakfast sides, what they call “something extra from the kitchen.” These sides ended up tasting amazing, making the brunch even more worth it. Because we had a party of 10, we started off getting three orders of each of the sides, letting everyone have at least a taste. We then proceeded to order additional ones of our favorites.

It was hard adding more room in my stomach for these tasty sides. I had to cut down on the cheese station and pastries. Let’s start with the new sides:

Scarpetta Eggs Benedict
english muffin, prosciutto, truffle fonduta

Hello gorgeous!

The key to what made this so delicious was the truffle fonduta, a gravy-like cheese sauce. This was my second favorite side of the day. I may have scraped all the sauce off of one plate I was finishing off.

Slow poached egg
creamy polenta

This was hands down, my absolute favorite side. After having quite a few bites of the ones we shared, FH and I even had our own order before moving onto dessert. (This after my four servings of pasta, and his seven. Yes seven! More on that later.) Normally my mind glazes over when a waiter starts describing polenta in a dish because I’ve never been a fan. I’ve found it dry, grainy and generally blah. So when I saw polenta in this dish, I almost passed. But one member of our party raved about the polenta here so I decided to take a bite… and was in absolute heaven.

This was the creamiest polenta I’ve ever had. It tasted almost like mashed potatoes, but with cornmeal instead of potatoes. And if that wasn’t enough, on top of the bed of the creamiest polenta sat a beautiful poached egg. I want to eat this again just describing it. It’s one of the dishes I missed most the moment I left Scarpetta.

You’ll often see Chinese cucumber salad offered as an appetizer at chinese restaurants. The salad consists of crisp, raw cucumber pieces that have been marinated in a blend of soy sauce, wine, vinegar and chilies.

It’s a tasty and addicting appetizer and something my family never ceases to get sick of and continue to get at restaurants even though we also make it at home often. It’s also really easy to make.

Despite the strange name, DeDe’s is actually a chinese restaurant tucked into one of the many Convoy plazas, and serves spicy¬†Szechuan style food.

It’s been a long time since I visited DeDe’s. I had previously dined there a few times when it was under different ownership. I had found the food to be just average and my least favorite of the spicy Szechuan-style chinese food places in the area. The previous DeDe owners are now one of the owners of the very popular Spicy House and A Cafe.

We recently decided to pay DeDe’s a visit and I’m really happy we did. I was pretty sad with the changing of ownership and chef at Ba Ren, which was my go to place.

The owner was really nice, despite how busy the place was. Because it’s such a small restaurant, there are not many tables and we had to wait a little bit for a table to free up.

There  is a station of cold appetizers at the front and you an select three for around $5.55 and they make up a plate for you and bring it over.

Seaweed salad, spicy intestines, spicy beef

The appetizers were all pretty good. We haven’t seen the spicy intestines at the other spots in San Diego.

As usual, everyone in the group chose one dish:

Braised green beans

Recently my brother has been ordering this dish at every restaurant we go to. We’ve been disappointed with all the versions, but we actually really enjoyed this one. The quantity was pretty plentiful, the beans were still tender and not overfried and mushy, and the ground beef mixture was not too salty. Ironically my brother was not with us this night. I had ordered it instead as my dish choice.