Chocolate chip? Double chocolate chip? Or peanut butter? Now you don’t have to choose. You get all three cookies in one bar.

I told you I would be introducing more cookie bar recipes to my blog. You didn’t think I’d just leave off with those decadent, calorie crazy Ultimate Cookie Bar cookies did you?

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while now but it’s taken me some time to get my act together.

I like to see different flavors of my favorite snacks available in other countries. One particular obsession I have is with all the different flavors of kitkats in Japan.

Here in the U.S., we get milk chocolate, an occasional dark chocolate, and maybe a white chocolate. Not very inventive. But in Japan, they have many flavors, with each providence having its own unique flavors and certain flavors being produced only during limited holiday times, etc. According to wikipedia, there are close to a hundred flavors in Japan.

Every year hundreds of thousands of people descend upon San Diego to attend Comic Con. The San Diego Comic Con is the largest comic convention in the US. While it was originally created to showcase comic arts, the areas of interests have expanded greatly and so has the popularity.  Tickets for this year’s four day CC passes were actually sold out before the 2010 convention ended.

Future Husband (“FH”) and I attend Comic Con each year. Our reasons for attending our vastly different. He goes to talk to his favorite artists, get critique for his work, purchase art books. I like to run around and spot celebrities, sit in movie panels, and buy more cute-food related shirts than I have time to wear.

Last year, FH urged me to write a blog post about food spots near CC since a lot of people attending are from out of town and want food recommendations.

I agreed to do so, but ended up dragging my feet, and never got around to it. This year I finally got my act together.