I’m not too big of a fan of pop tarts. I find them to be too sweet. Savory pop tarts, on the other hand, sounds delicious.

They are easy to make your own and you can personalize with flavors of your choice.

I’m back at the Greek yogurt thing again. This time I successfully created a lightened, healthier peanut butter mug cake using nonfat Greek strained yogurt and eliminating the egg and vegetable oil completely. This also eliminates 424 calories and 45 grams of fat.

The lightened recipe has 645 calories and 24.6 grams of fat if you eat the entire mug cake but I usually cut it into two servings because it’s quite a lot.

Mister Donut

When planning my trip to Taiwan last Fall, one place I really wanted to try was Mister Donut, a popular donut shop chain in Taiwan. One of their specialties are these super cuteĀ  bear donuts.

Apparently I didn’t have to worry about finding one because it seemed like there was a Mister Donuts chain around every corner, including many of the subway stations.

In addition the cute bear donuts they also offer donuts that look like bracelets, which are mochi donuts.